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Jessica Rabbit blew my mind, how about yours?

I am not Jessica, but rather an admirer. A friend who has had years to get to know her and respect her. Who would have known that this 4’11” girl from the sunny Southeast had another, darker side with an incredible sexual appetite and a desire to please her lucky partner by doing anything, yes anything I asked. I was not her first conquest, and I know I will not be her last. That leaves you, the reader, an opportunity. Do you have the balance of sincerity and energy that it takes to get to know this curvy little fireball? Here’s how my story goes:

Jess called me one day to let me know that she had a leak on her car. I arrived that afternoon and walked to the door of her house. Jess welcomed me with a giant smile and a warm hug. Quite normal for friends of a few years, but I was still cautious about these hugs if our respective partners might catch wind of them and wonder. I toted my toolbox through the house and into the garage to find the source of this leak. I opened the hood to the car and began the routine checks. The conversation was light as we discussed local happenings in our small military town, mutual friends, and job woes. I have always enjoyed talking to her and how easily we connect in conversation, whether it be simple or fairly philosophical. We have always been in relationships with other people and therefore limited only to a friendship between the two of us. This was the current topic, which led us into a never before discussed topic of a mutual lack of sexual activity. For me, I was in a new relationship and I am not one to get sexually involved without a long “getting to know you” period. For her, she has grown weary of her partner’s lack of passion, care, and attention to anything except his predictable whining each night for her to satisfy him. After months of that, she had had enough and has essentially shut him off for good.

Something about her talking so nonchalantly to me about her intimate life had started a certain arousal in my pants. It did not help that at this point, my torso is completely under the car and the part of me she is focused on while talking is the very part that is becoming a hard bulge. Jess says that her only release in multiple months has been 3 vibrators that she keeps safely hidden from everyone. She says mommys girl porno that they are better than Nate, but that she still misses having a body on the other end.

“I want a real man to take me, to rip my clothes off, to use my body for its greatest physical purpose, to fuck me.”

I felt Jess’s fingers loosely trail across the front of my jeans, judging the effects that her words had on me. I tried hard to keep my focus on the work at hand, not on the girl who belonged to someone else whose hands were now taking my belt off and finding their way into my pants. No longer able to focus on the wrenches, I laid my head back and gave in as her tiny fingers daftly pulled off my jeans and let my raging erection bounce free. I glanced down to affirm what I already knew, that my cock was swollen far harder than my usual erection, stretched to the brink of capacity in both length and girth as veins stood out that I had never seen before. I embraced being helpless in this position while I watched her fingers struggle to make a full circle around my cock. To say it felt good would be an understatement. Jess has an amazing touch. She slowly stroked the length of my shaft with one hand while the other cupped my balls as she expertly teased me beyond any sense of reason, with only raw instinct remaining.

She suddenly stopped and let go. My eyes opened and I saw her stand back to her feet. Her shorts suddenly fell around her ankles, and I knew it was time to get out from under this car. I made it out just in time to see her tight little ass, perfectly accented by a black thong, walking through the door and back into the house. I shook my feet free of the jeans and ran after her, my cock wagging and balls bouncing with each step. I turned the corner just in time to see her shirt flying at me.

She was standing in her bedroom doorway in a black, lace bra and matching thong. I had truly never noticed that her petite frame was holding D or DD boobs, spilling out of that bra. Her red hair was pulled back and her eyes taunted me to come and take what I wanted. I realized I had stopped running and was probably gawking. As I started moving forward again, she turned away from me and let the bra fall to the ground. Her massive natural tits were visible even behind her, and each of her moves sent quivers momsbangteens porno through her rack, and chills through my mind.

My cock was already starting to drip with semen as I approached her from behind, reach around her and grabbing those soft, smooth, early 20’s age breasts. Her hands went behind her and wrapped around my balls. She seemed so interested, as if this was her first time to truly analyze what a scrotum held. I dropped one hand from her rack and found my way under the rim of the thong, where a perfectly manicured landing strip greeted me. I brought the other hand down, reluctantly leaving the best boobs I have encountered yet, but hooked my thumbs in the thong and dropped it to the floor.

In her dresser mirror I saw the perfect trim job of her little bush and the complete satisfaction on her face as I spread her labia with one hand and found her clit with my other. I dipped my fingers lower to bring up the sweet honey she was already starting to churn out. I brought two soaked fingers back up the clit and started methodically working my fingers in tiny circles with increasing pressure each pass. It seemed this was taking us to close to orgasm to quickly, so she turned around and stood toe to toe with me, my 6 ft build in contrast to her tiny sub 5 ft one. I grabbed her taut little ass and picked her up. She willingly complied and worked her legs around my face, until her pussy covered my mouth and I had only two options: suck her clit and labia or lick that clit. I alternated both while she held tightly onto my head, resting those bountiful boobs on my forehead. When the grip lessened and I knew the orgasm was close, I slid her back down my torso and onto her feet.

My cock stood proudly in front of her, daring her to attempt fitting it into her tight little cunt. She dropped to her knees and carefully placed each testicle in her mouth while her fingers revived that familiar motion. When my balls were sufficiently soaked, she placed her tongue under my cock, right below the head and created a masterful pattern of unimaginable pleasure. She aggressively flicked her tongue up as she buried my cock in her mouth. Her eyes looked up into mine as she took me inch by inch, finished with her tongue out of her mouth and on those drenched balls. Drenched must have been monsters of cock porno her goal, because she then ran her hands over them and traced my shaft through my scrotum and back to the protected asshole. New territory for me, but at his point, I was admittedly blown away with her treatment of me, as if she knew more about my body than myself and all previous partners combined. Her finger slid into my ass and soon found what must be my prostate.

I still cannot tell you what she did, but it caused an amazing tingle of pleasure with a twinge of pain, but an overabundance of pressure immediately loaded itself into my cock and created an additional level of pressure which was beyond any experience I have ever had. She could sense it too, as her bobbing head and swirling tongue somehow knew exactly where the pressure was growing greatest as she worked her magic on my prostate.

I simply could not take this anymore and had to rip her off of me, throw her onto the bed, pin both her hands over her head with one of mine, and ram the largest, most sensitive erection in my life into her tight pussy. Her pussy is tight, so tight, and she has the nice, young labia that girls in their 20s have that swell enough to increase the sensitivity, but are not so thick that they take away from penetration depth. She let out the most amazing cry of pleasure as I rhythmically penetrated her dripping wet pleasure cave, and continued her erotic opera until she had come at least twice and I was seconds away from spilling my sperm directly onto this cervix that belonged not to me, but another man, whether she loved him or not.

The look in her eyes matched the words that she screamed as she told me she wanted it, she wanted all of it. She rolled me over and wrapped the forefinger and thumb of one hand into a ring that she placed around the base of my cock, with her other fingers resting on my testicles, which had drawn tightly up against me in anticipation of the orgasm that had been building for months now. The other hand put her finger back up my ass while her mouth lovingly sucked the most powerful orgasm I have ever had directly down her willing throat.

That was the first time, there were more times. She has told me of her actions before our encounters, and even about a few after our encounters, as well as ideas she wants to try on future encounters. She recently purchased a feeldoe product and is curious if she can talk one of her girlfriends into being a guinea pig. We no longer live in the same town, and can no longer fill each other’s fantasies. Someone has to be the one. Would she choose you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32