Jessica’s First Day

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“This is Jessica. She’s starting today. I want her to listen to the conference call so I told her that she could sit with you.” I usually did not bother to look up when my boss would burst into my office with some new rant or order, but the mention of a girl’s name caused me to at least look up from my computer screen. Jessica was a big, tall pretty girl with blonde hair. The first thing I zeroed in on was her 44DD chest. She was wearing a low-cut purple top that showed everyone plenty of cleavage. She gave me a big beaming smile.

I gave her tits a good stare before saying, “Sure. I don’t have an extra chair so you’ll have to bring one in.” They both left and Jessica returned, rolling in a chair. She rolled it right next to me. I gave her a brief smile and began to dial in. She nervously tapped her pen on the notepad that she had brought with her.

“You probably won’t need that. These calls are usually pretty boring and you don’t learn much,” I told her.

“Okay,” she said, putting the pen and pad down on my desk. “I’m just pretty tense because this is my first day and all.” The call began and I resigned myself to not getting any work done with the new girl hanging on every word that was said. I settled back in my chair and tuned out the droning reports. I looked over at Jessica. Her hands were fidgeting a mile a minute Sivas Escort since I told her she did not need to take notes.

“You can relax,” I said, “Consider this a break.”

“I really need something to do with my hands. I’m just so nervous,” she replied. With that she reached over and put her hand on my leg. I stiffened and felt a twinge in my pants. She began running her hand up and down my leg. She edged ever closer to my hardening dick. Her widening passes finally brushed up against it. I think she found what she was aiming for. She began to unbuckle my belt and take my pants down.

I did not resist. I did begin looking for hidden cameras, as I could not believe this was truly happening. I lifted my butt up as she tugged at my briefs. Now I sat exposed from the waist down. Jessica’s eyes looked a little glazed over. She looked like she was still intently listening to the conference. She seemed to be staring into space but she looked very content. Her movements felt like they were on autopilot as if this was something she did everyday.

At that moment, I did not really care. Jessica began stroking my cock moving from the base slowly up to the head. Each bump on my dick felt like it was receiving it’s own personal massage. I noticed that her nipples were growing with each pass of her hand. Sivas Escort Bayan They poked out of the tight material. They looked to be a half inch long. I reached over and gave one a little pinch. She barely reacted to my touch except to push her chest into my hand, filling it with her breast.

I took the opportunity to bring my other hand to squeeze both of her beautiful breasts. They were much bigger than any other boobs that I had been able to hold. I decided to go for all I could. I stood up in front of her. She never let go of my cock as I
repositioned myself in front of her. I bent down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. I pulled it up over her head. She was forced to briefly let go of my cock to get the shirt off but her hand returned immediately as if magnetized to my cock.

Jessica now sat in front of me and stared at the cock in her hand. She continued her stroking with no apparent end in sight. Her other hand cupped my balls and she slowly played with my sack like two ben-wa balls. I stood over the huge cleavage that was formed by her bra. I stared at the two huge mounds of flesh in front of me before slipping my hand in her bra. I immediately went to grab her protruding nipples. Her eyes closed as I rubbed her nipples between my fingers.

I felt my orgasm building quickly. Escort Sivas Releasing one hand from groping her tits, I pried her fingers off my cock. She looked disappointed. I scooped her tits out of her bra. Their size caused them to fall out heavily. I kneeled in front of her and shoved the two breasts together around my face. Engulfing my face in her tits, I licked and sucked as much as I could before standing again. I took two handfuls of her breast and slid my dick between them.

Jessica helped by sliding out of the chair. She now knelt and held up her breasts as I humped her chest. I looked around for something to shoot into. I attempted to reach a box of kleenex that was just out of my reach. Seeing what I was trying to do, Jessica had a solution of her own. She grabbed my cock again and placed it in her mouth. She sped up her jerking. Between her rapid stroking and the wetness of her tongue, I began spewing down her throat. She swallowed every drop. Nothing spilled out as she milked the rest of my cum into her mouth.

I pulled up my pants. Jessica tucked her breasts back in her bra and put her shirt back on. She did not say anything and just smiled. The phone call had been over for some time. Just as we had returned to our chairs, my boss came in.

“How was the conference call?” she asked. “Did you understand everything, Jessica?”

“I think she’s going to catch on just fine,” I said.

“Yeah, I think Tom will be a good teacher for me. Do you think he could train me?” Jessica asked.

“Sure, I guess. Is that okay with you, Tom?”

Was it okay? I couldn’t wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32