Jessie Ch. 12

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I heard footsteps on the stairs and looked up from the sink full of dishes to see Sienna emerge into the kitchen. She smiled shyly when she saw me looking at her. “Finally got Jane down for bed. I think Mike fed her enough sugar to keep her awake for a month.”

Jessie chuckled. “That sounds like Mike.”

“What do you guys need me to help with?”

“Nothing, just finishing up dishes,” I replied. I finished scrubbing the last of the plates, started fishing around underwater for the silverware.

Sienna approached, almost hesitantly, and hugged Jessie from behind, startling her. Realizing what was happening, Jessie snuggled back after a moment, and the blonde leaned down to kiss her friend’s neck.

“We’re gonna watch some TV after this,” I said. “You want to join us?”


Dishes finished, I checked the kitchen for anything else to clean or put away, then turned out the lights and headed for the living room, sitting down on the couch and turning on the TV. Maybe there’d be news of a thousand Brotherhood arrests…

Jessie settled down onto the sofa in a lotus pose, then reconsidered and lowered herself to rest her head on my lap. I absent-mindedly stroked her hair and cheek as I flipped through the channels.

I heard the bathroom door open and Sienna moved through the darkened dining room to the TV-lit living room, taking a seat on the couch conspicuously distant from me. She still had a bit of a phobia, a mental block about initiating closeness with us when she could see Jessie and I were together.

I reached out my arm. “Come here.”

Sienna snuggled against my left side, and I pulled her close as she set her head on my shoulder. Jessie looked up from my lap and smiled. “This is nice.”

“It is,” I agreed.

The news ended and Friends came on, and Jessie once more cast her eyes upward at me. “Daddy, can Sienna play with us tonight?”

Beside me, Sienna stiffened slightly, very obviously surprised. I stroked Jessie’s hair. “It’s ok by me. If you want her to join us in bed tonight, why don’t you ask her.”

Jessie craned her head up to look at the blonde resting against my shoulder. “Would you like to have kinky sex with us tonight?”

“Um, sure?”

My gothic lover laughed. “You could sound happier. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”

“I want to.”

“Ok.” Jessie snuggled back down so I could resume…petting…her. I sighed quietly and let myself relax. This felt good. Closeness with my woman, and Siena curled up on my side. Nothing to worry about, just happy and safe.

Jessie turned her head upwards again. “See?”

Sienna stirred on my shoulder. “Yeah?”

“Why don’t you suck Gary’s cock?”

“Right now?”

“Yeah. I’d like to watch, and I’m sure Gary would enjoy it too.”

See straightened, looked at me, excitement and nervousness in her eyes. “Would you?”

“I would.”

“Ok.” She leaned in, closing her eyes and sighing, relaxing as our lips met and I felt fierce possessiveness and hot desire spike in my blood. I WANTED these women. I wanted to pleasure them, to hear their cries of climax. I wanted to enjoy their bodies, to use them for my own desires.

I wanted to FUCK them both.

Sienna pulled away and kissed my cheek lightly, planting another on my collarbone, hand trailing over my groin and then pushing up my shirt as she made out with my shoulder.

Another kiss planted on my sternum, lips dragging across my skin, down to her navel. Her fingers worked at my belt and my shorts and then wrapped around my hardening dick, angling it out. I slouched lower on the couch, and Jessie shifted her head to my abs, silky black hair tickling my bare skin. Sienna looked up at her, then up at me as she took my prick in her hand, slowly pumping out, priming me for her mouth. “This is what you want?”

“Yeah, I wanna watch…” Jessie whispered.

Sienna’s pink tongue trailed tantalizingly over my flesh, and I groaned at the exquisite sensation. Lips parted and then engulfed me, and I closed my eyes, tilted my head back against the head ready and I savored the feeling of wet suction sliding up and down my sensitive shaft.

Dammit, that felt amazing.

Cool air tickled my wet skin as Sienna took a breath, and then I felt another mouth on me, fellating me from a different angle, motion against my torso. I love down to see Jessie bobbing her head in my lap, her blonde girlfriend smirking up at me. One slim finger stroked black hair away from her mouth and then she pulled away slowly. “See, play with his nuts for a minute and then I’ll turn this back over to you.”

“You got it.” The blonde tugged my shorts and boxers down further, craning her neck to work her face in between my thighs, soft, tentative licks against my scrotum contrasting with the forceful bobbing of my lover’s mouth around my meat, long wet pulls at my sensitive shaft.

“Fuuuuuck…” I moaned at the ceiling.

Jessie slid off my erection, straightening, xslot unbuttoning her shorts, turning her head to kiss my neck.

I reached down to run my fingers through Sienna’s soft hair, guiding her back to my rod. Her mouth covered me once more, and I let my hand rest on her head as she bobbed her head in my lap. Slurping off after a minute, she sighed and looked up happily at us. “Good?”

“Oh yeah.”

Back down she went, a little harder, a little deeper, and this time I could feel her gag on my cock sliding into her constricting throat. She coughed, holding still with my erection choking her, sucked her way up, began pumping me with a fistful of slimy saliva. “Where do you want to cum?”

“Where do you want me to?” I was so hard, so stimulated, I could barely process the question.

“Not my choice,” Sienna told me, voice and eyes sultry. “How do you want me to take your cum?”

“Mouth,” I said. My control was barely holding with her lubricated pumping.

“Yes, sir.” The blonde swirled her tongue electrically around the crown of my cock, kissed it gently, then lowered her mouth around it once again, began sucking even as she jacked me with a twisting motion.

I could feel myself stiffen, and I arched off the couch as my dick twitched and erupted semen with every pulse of muscle-tightening pleasure.

Sienna moaned happily as the first blast of jizz hit the back of her throat, and she kept pumping, kept drawing out my orgasm, kept sucking more and more from me until the feel of her wet mouth and hands on my super-sensitive member was torturous. A dribble of white leaked from the corner of her lip as I motioned her off, and she arched her head back, opened her mouth to show me the pool of my spending she’d collected.

“Come here,” Jessie said softly, gesturing towards the couch on the other side of me. The blonde sat, and my lover leaned across my chest to kiss her, sighing as she shared in my taste. I watched the two gorgeous women snowball my cum back and forth for a few seconds then tilted my head back against the couch to stare at the ceiling. Dammit, that had been intense.

Fast movement exploded across my lap and both women laughed as Jessie tackled Sienna back onto the couch, and I rose, getting out of their way as they stretched out. Jessie kissed her friend forcefully as their bodies ground together, and the blonde surrendered as she grabbed her wrists and positioned them in her grip above her head.

That was a little odd. Jessie wasn’t usually sexually dominant, even with other women.

Rising up, the brunette shifted her hips, grinning as she ground her pelvis against the other girl’s. Sienna just licked her lips and waited.

Supporting herself by her grip on Sienna’s wrists, Jessie reached down with one hand, fumbling the button on her friend’s jean shorts before reaching under the waistband. The blonde closed her eyes and arched her head back against the couch cushion, writhing her hips as whatever was happening in her panties drove her towards the edge of pleasure.

Jessie just kept grinning as she masturbated her friend. Withdrawing her hand, she licked one finger, then extended the middle for See. She closed her lips around it moving her head back and forth in a manner reminiscent of when she was kneeling in front of me.

“That’s how wet you got just from sucking daddy’s cock,” my vampiric lover stated. It sounds like she was proud of her girlfriend.

Finger free of Sienna’s lips, she reached down and pulled the hem of her shirt past the blonde’s breasts, then pushed her bra up too. “Nice tits.” She stroked a saliva-wet finger around one engorged nipple before closing her eyes and lowering her head to the turgid nub with an erotic sigh.

See shifted and twitched on the couch, frantic energy building inside her as Jessie sucked and licked and nipped at each breast in turn, leaving no centimeter of skin untouched. Hands pinned above her head, the blonde could only grind her hips or arch her back to push her mammaries up for her lover’s attention.

Jessie licked slowly away from a nipple, then lowered her mouth to See’s for a searing kiss. “Let’s get upstairs,” she said breathily. “I think we both need to get fucked.”


Sienna smirked at me when we stopped at the second-floor door. I smirked back, waited.

She bit her lip and looked at the floor, then pulled her shirt over her head. She kicked her sandals off as she unclasped her bra, and then unzipped her shorts and pushed them and her panties down.

I gathered up her clothes, folding them in front of her as she stood there fidgeting. “Yes?”

Another smirk, and the blonde lowered herself precisely to her hands and knees on the landing.

“Good girl.” Jessie opened the door and Sienna crawled through, slow and sensual. I watched her butt twitch side to side, and then she knelt at the foot of the bed, eyes downcast, legs open, hands clasped behind her.

“I’m gonna run us a shower,” I announced. xslot Giriş “It’s hot out and I want to cool down.”

I ran the water, adjust it to the warm side of cool, and stuck my head out into the bedroom. “C’mon and join me.”

Jessie – now as naked as Sienna dashed past me with a laugh, stepped into the shower and shrieked. “COLD!”

Sienna chuckled to herself as she crawled across the floor, looking up me with a grin. “You just want us crowded together in there.”

I shrugged. “Not a bad idea, but no, not what I had in mind.”

Jessie had turned the heat up a bit by the time I’d disrobed and stepped in, and the two women were making out under the shower spray, hands gliding over backs and asses, sliding up a glistening side to lift a breast, mouths moving softly together. I watched appreciatively, my pulse quickening and blood throbbing towards my steadily rising erection.

Dammit, they were hot.

I lathered up and washed, watching jiggling girl-flesh on display as they separated and began scrubbing themselves. Stepping over, I roughly pulled Jessie to me and forced a kiss on her, one hand on the back of her head, the other spread over the warm curve of her butt.

“I love you,” I whispered when I pulled away.

She bit her lip, looked down embarrassedly. “I love you too, daddy.”

“And you, young lady…” I didn’t even finish the sentence, just dragged Sienna to me with a hand on her hip. My kiss was pressing and forceful, and she melted against me, moaning softly as my tongue sought and fought hers.

I spun the blonde and pushed her against the tile wall of the shower. She arched her bottom out and wiggled her feet to the sides obediently, expecting to be mounted and opening herself for me. “Good girl,” I said and reached over to turned Jessie against the wall.

She offered me a saucy smile and pushed her bum out too, presenting herself for fucking.

Not what I had in mind.

Not yet.

I knelt and nibbled at Sienna’s cheeks and inner thighs before posting my face against her asscrack and beginning to tongue at her leaking pussy. I felt water and warmth and yielding flesh, tasted a hint of soap and the tang of feminine juices, and I had to reach up to hold her in place with my hands on her buttocks to keep her from violently humping her ass back into my face. I kept licking, fluttering, flicking my tongue over her open snatch, occasionally stiffening my tongue to dive it into that font of girlcum, making her scream as I probed into sensitive flesh.

The humping attempts intensified when I raised my face to circle and press her anus with my tongue. Her noises of pleasure softened, deepened, going from shrieks to low groans, but she kept bucking her ass back against me more and more.

I moved and repeated my actions, this time on my raven-haired love, and the reaction I got was far more laughter and less movement. Her piercing cries of enjoyment invariably broke to peals of hysterical laughing, whether my tongue was in her juicing cunt or squirming against her rosebud, but she held still as I ate her out.

I stood, satisfied that I’d tongue-fucked her to climax, as evidenced by her trembling legs. Jessie pushed her ass out farther when I put my hand on her hip, and she sighed as I fisted my erection and slid it into her in one slow push. I took her wrists in my hands, pinned them to the wall above her head in one grip, then let my hand wander down her water-slicked body, over tiny, flat beasts and achingly sensitive nipples, pinching and rolling them between fingers, down the planes of her torso, parting her labia further and rubbing her clit as I deliberately thrust deep up into her.

Beside us, Sienna placed her hands on the wall in a similar manner, awaiting her turn. I took a few more moments with my gothic lover, stepping away when she seemed on to be closing in on a second climax, and positioned myself behind the blonde identically. I marveled at the difference between them – Sienna’s body was just softer, her ass a little bigger and yielding as I pressed against it, her tits heavier in my hands, the tips shot through with metal barbells. I gave that rounder, softer ass a slap and she groaned, looked over her shoulder at me with a pitiful look.

I pulled back and stepped over to shut off the water. “Time to get out.”

Jessie mock-glared at me. “Asshole.”

I just grinned. “That’ll cost you.”

We toweled off and brushed our teeth, and I asked the girls to position themselves on the bed as I wanted — asses on the edge, legs up and spread. I ate each one of them out in turn, lips locked over clitorises, tongue sliding over and between slick, smooth lips to drive them each to the edge of climax before pulling away.

Jessie’s laugh as I licked and sucked at her privates was music to my ears, as was her frustrated while when I pulled away. “Daddy…I was SO close…”

I looked over at the brunette before kneeling and lowering my face between Sienna’s thighs. “I xslot Güncel Giriş want you cumming on my cock instead of my tongue.”

She moaned and clutched at her breasts, arching the back of her head into the bed.

I drove Sienna to a writhing shrieking mess with my mouth on her snatch before rising and surveying my handiwork. Jessie was keeping herself on the edge, playing with her tits with one hand, slowly sliding her legs back and forth pressed together, friction and movement standing in for my attention. Sienna was sweating and flushed, left hand holding Jessie’s, their fingers intertwined and knuckles white.

“Cute.” I reached down and guided the head of my raging erection to the blonde’s slit.

She raised her head as I teased her lips with the crown. “Fuck her first. She needs it more.”

I smirked at Sienna, moves over to stand between Jessie’s upraised legs. I impaled her in one smooth slide, reveling in the feel of her cunt stretching as I filled her. She raised her head from the bed to catch my eyes, mouth opening in a look of shock as o seized her legs together, holding them against my shoulder as I thrust. “Oh wow. Oh FUCK….” He exclamation of amazement turned into a screech which turned into a laugh, and she bit down on a finger to silence herself.

See rolled to her left, looked up at me for approval, then lowered her mouth to her girlfriend’s breast, tracing her tongue delicately around the aureola before seizing the nipple in her mouth and sucking, licking, driving the brunette crazy. Jessie came with another shriek, grinding her head on the sheets and her ass into me, trying to take my meat deeper into her clenching core.

“Sienna, straddle Jessie’s face so she can eat you.”

The blonde smiled up at me and slowly moved up my lover, settling her knees on the and lowering her glistening pink box to Jessie’s lips. I watched as tongue darted against labia, and Sienna arched her back. Supporting herself with one hand, she reached between her legs to spread her pussy even more open for the other woman. “You like watching us today, don’t you, Gary?” See’s voice was low and dark between whimpers of pleasure.

“Duh. Of course.”

She looked back over her shoulder and gave me a naughty smile. “You just like this cuz you get to look at my ass.”

I leaned forward and gave one round glute a slap. “That’s a bonus, yes.”

I amped up my pounding against Jessie, reaching down to rub her clit firm and quick, and she cried out another climax against Sienna’s pussy, the sound satisfying my need for domination.


I withdrew, leaned down to plant a kiss on her smooth feminine mound, then climbed up on the bed and knee-walked around the sapphic coupling to kneel in front of See. “Time to suck me again, schoolgirl.”

“Yes SIR.”

She lowered herself further and opened her mouth, and I tangled my fingers in her silky blonde hair as I thrust into her mouth. Lips open, Sienna let me move at my preferred speed, sucking as I essentially masturbated myself with her throat. The warmth and wetness and friction would make me pop soon, and I withdrew, stroked her pretty face. “How does Jessie’s cunt taste on me?”


I rearranged the girls, Jessie on top of me back arched to show off her lean torso and tiny breasts, a great view of her pussy swallowing my cock as I thrust up against her, my hands on her hips. Sienna knelt at her side, one hand between her own thighs, leaning over to lave her friend’s nipples with her tongue. I strained upward one final time, holding myself up off the bed as my dick pulsed pleasure through me and semen up into my love, hard clenches of climax wracking my body with each spurt.

I groaned at the full-body strain, and Jessie leaned forward to kiss me with an appreciative “fuuuuck…”

I relaxed under her slight weight for a while, reveling in the sweaty, warm, skin-on-skin closeness, her breathing slowing against me as mine did, her hair soft on my cheek. Dammit, I loved holding this woman.

Eventually, I eased her off of me, and she flopped down beside Sienna, who raised herself up and looked down the brunettes pale body expectantly. “May I?”

Jessie stretched luxuriously. “Absolutely.”

I watched as the blonde positioned herself between my lover’s legs, and then Jessie was stretching and groaning again as See licked and sucked up every drop of the creampie I’d spunked up inside her. She closed her eyes and stretched, ground her head back against the bed. “Thank you for taking her up on that… Daddy… I… Oh, SHIT! FUCK! WOW, that feels amazing, See, don’t stop! Oh WOW…I…I needed that…”

Sienna lifted her head from between Jessie’s thighs. “Should I keep going?”

Jessie reached down to push See back down onto her vulva, reached across with her other hand to squeeze and pump my hardening member. “I wanna watch you fuck her, Gary. I wanna see your big cock stretch her out, hear her scream in ecstasy. I wanna watch her cunt leak down your rock hard shaft as you pound her over and over and over…UHHHNNNNN…”

I climbed off the bed and found a set of neoprene and Velcro restraints in the dresser, tossed them next to Jessie. “Hands behind her back. Do you have a gag anywhere?”

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