Jimmy , Karen #11 – Her First Visit

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The next few days, after that memorable night in ‘My Room,’ were busy for both me and my sister. I had two evening lectures on campus and Karen went out with Kevin one night and her girlfriends on the second night.

I was just finishing up my homework when I heard her come in. Being out with ‘the girls’ usually left her a little ‘randy’ and I was hoping to capitalize on that tonight. I heard the shower start and figured that it would be a good half-hour before she was done with her evening ritual scrubbing. I wondered what was actually going to happen. If she doesn’t come in here to sit on my face I will go into her room and give her a good loving fuck. Decisions — decisions!

I stowed my laptop and turned off the light when I heard the shower stop. I wasn’t really sleepy so I just waited to see what developed. What ‘developed’ first was a bit of a ‘stiffy’ as my cock was already anticipating a little action. I was looking at the light coming under the bathroom door and saw it go out. Which way is she going? I decided to give her ten minutes or so to get herself into bed and then I would pounce.

Just as I was about to get up I heard my bathroom door open. She made very little sound entering my room. I could see by the feeble little night light that she was naked. Yay! Karen crept over to my bed and looked down on me for a moment. I had my eyes almost closed so I was hoping that she would think that I was asleep. It apparently worked.

Karen slid my covers down to the foot of the bed. I was, of course, sleeping naked. Without saying a word, and much slower than I had expected, she put her one knee onto the bed next to my shoulder and swung her body over me putting her other knee next to my neck. I could smell the arousal already. She shifted her position a little before lowing herself down until her sweet pussy touched my chin.

At that point pretending to be asleep seemed unnecessary. I moved my face down and planted a big kiss directly onto her pussy lips. Karen let out a long sigh as she lowered a little more of her weight onto my chest and put her hands down onto the bed on either side of my head. I started to run my tongue up and down her lips gradually separating them. I searched for, and immediately found, her already engorged clit. My first lick was met with a tiny hip thrust and a soft and sexy moan.

I teased her clit for a few minutes before drawing it between my lips for the next treat. As soon as I started to apply a little suction, her hips started rocking and I knew that she was having a good time. Her breathing became a little heavier and the frequent soft moans gave me incentive to continue. I reached for her fine ass with both hands happy to find her soft globes. I ran one finger down her crack and discovered something new.

She had applied lubricant to her asshole. I could feel it! It was completely covered and really slick. Taking a chance, I pushed against her opening with my pinky only to be encouraged by another longer and slightly louder moan. My pinky went in followed by a little more vigorous thrusting of her hips. Apparently she wanted a little anal attention so I was going to give it to her.

I started to slide my finger in, as far as the second knuckle, and out a few times. She kept thrusting and encouraging me with a little ass wiggle. I was finger fucking her ass, with my pinky finger, while I was going down on her. This was both new and exciting. My rigid cock was calling out for attention.

Getting a little daring, I switched to my ring finger. grup seks yapan gaziantep escort I don’t know if she noticed or not. My ring finger isn’t that much bigger than my pinky. I was still only going as far as the second knuckle; the angle didn’t let me straighten out my hand. We both seemed happy with the ring finger so I continued for a little while. Karen’s breathing was changing from deep to medium and then to short gasps. Her thrusting was more and more insistent and all the signs were there for an imminent release. She was, by this time, bent over on her elbows while cradling my head between her hands.

I felt the first throbbing with the finger that I had in her ass. It started off faint but soon started to build. Karen made her usual lunge against my face while squeezing her thighs together. Her hands pressed on the sides of my head as she began to orgasm. I plunged my ring finger as deep into her ass as I could reach but, it was not likely much more than the second knuckle. I experienced her cumming on all sides of her; she was throbbing and rocking and pushing and moaning. I was impressed.

I withdrew my finger as soon as she started to calm down. She made a little sound had let me think that she missed it being in there. So, I slid it back in for another minute or so. Eventually, she decided that it was my turn and started to lift herself up. I withdrew my finger again. She rose up and put herself face down on the bed next to me; she was really close to the edge of the bed.

I slid down and off the foot of the bed giving her room to move herself nearer to the center. She, once again, pulled my pillow down under her hips to elevate her ass in a most inviting manner. I waited for her to spread her legs a little before kneeling between her calves. I lowered myself down making first contact with my cock head. I avoided putting my cock into her ass crack knowing that there might be a little contamination there from her bowels. She lifted her hips a little more allowing me to center myself on her vagina before pushing in. She felt glorious. A few strokes and I was fully seated. A few more strokes and I was really happy. A few more strokes and I felt my own orgasm approaching.

Karen sensed my condition and, breaking the ‘no talking’ rule, whispered: “Cum in my ass.”

That did it! At the first sign of my own orgasm, a little tingling and throbbing, I pulled out and up. I grabbed my cock and slid it into her crack seeking her well lubricated opening. I found it and pressed forward as gently as I thought prudent. As the throbbing got more intense, Karen pushed herself back against me driving the head of my cock into her now slightly dilated asshole. I began to cum full bore and felt myself deliver my load into my sister’s bowels. I put my weight onto my elbows and let gravity pull us both back down onto the bed.

After a minute or so, Karen started to flex her Kegel muscles which felt strangely pleasant. I kissed her neck and then her cheek. She turned her head so that I could kiss her lips but the angle was difficult. I realized that the head of my cock was still in her asshole but was slowly being ejected as she continued to flex her muscles. ‘Plop’ I was out. I lifted myself up going to the side to lay down.

Karen kissed me deeply and then got herself up. She slid my pillow back up near my head and then pulled the covers back up over me. One more quick kiss and she was gone back into the bathroom. I saw the light come on for grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan a few moments and then go back out. I was asleep very quickly.

The next day, Thursday, had my classes starting at ten — so I slept in a little. Karen was long gone to work by the time that I drifted down for a quick bite before leaving for campus. The school day dragged on and by four I was on my way back home. I arrived just before my sister. She found me bent over on my usual rummage in the fridge: “If that was me you’d probably grab my ass.”

“That’s not all that I might do to your ass.”

She taunted me: “You’re always saying that; when am I going to see some real action?”

I told her to check the calendar: “See if there isn’t a little ‘x’ on Christmas Eve.”

“I was just checking to see if you remembered.”

I put my hand onto her ass: “Are you sure that last night didn’t count as anal?”

She thought about it for a few moments before: “No, it doesn’t count. Only the head was in and we didn’t really fuck with you in there.”

“So did you go and ‘push it out’ after we got done like she did in that video?”

“No, I decided to keep you with me for a while. In fact, I took you to work with me today; you didn’t return with me though.”

“No — I stayed at your job?”

“No, I flushed you down the toilet after I pooped. Are you happier knowing that?”

I was actually happy knowing that ‘things’ were still working properly for her and that I hadn’t injured her: “There’s lots more where that came from.”

With a little giggle: “That’s what I’m counting on.”

Karen went up to her room while I had a little errand to run. I jumped on my bike after deciding that I needed a little exercise. I pedaled my butt the few blocks to downtown with a quick stop at the florist. I talked the lady into selling me just one red rose. After a brief discussion about her not usually selling just one, she asked if it was for my girlfriend. I told her the truth: “No, it’s for my sister, she needs a little cheering up.” The lady relented and let me have a single rose for a dollar. I brought it back sneaking it into the house before stashing it in my room. We were soon all sitting at the dinner table.

We were then at our routine chores out in the kitchen. It was my turn to wash while my sister loaded the dishwasher. I asked her how things were going with her and Kevin. She told me that he was about the same. He had a shit job and was going nowhere. He was seriously considering going into the military to get some training and a marketable skill. I asked her if she would be the faithful girlfriend waiting at home? “No Fucking Way.” I let that part of the conversation drop.

I tried another tack: “So, no ill effects from carrying a load of semen in your butt then?”

“Surprisingly no. Everything seemed normal.”

“Could you see it on your poop?”

“I didn’t look.”

We were just about done. I checked to make sure that we were alone before: “Listen, I really want to thank you for last night; I really enjoyed myself and hope that I didn’t cause you any discomfort.”

“Don’t be silly. It was me who got the most out of last night.”

“You? I got to fuck you and cum in your ass!”

“How many times did you cum?”

How many times? How many? “Once, you felt it, right?”

“Well, it was twice for me; once when you had your mouth on me and the second time when you were squirting up my butt. So, I got grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort more out of last night than you did. I won!”

I didn’t know that it was a contest nor did I know how to compete with someone who is multiorgasmic. I gave her butt one more fond rub before we both headed into the family room. I was first to excuse myself citing school work as an excuse. I heard Karen in her room about an hour later but she stayed in there with both bathroom doors shut.

I worked for about two hours before calling it a night. A quick email check, a couple of porn videos and one quick check on the weather before shutting down my laptop and getting ready for my shower. Just as I was stripping off, I heard the shower start. Damn, she beat me to it. I sat on the bed waiting for her to finish. I remembered the rose and retrieved it from the pocket of my suit coat (in the closet). It was still fresh and smelled good. I would give it to her tonight, later.

The shower finally stopped and after waiting, what felt like an hour, the bathroom light went off. My turn! I went in and did my normal shower routine including a nice shave. After drying off I applied my deodorant and some aftershave (still a little stingy). I wrapped a towel around my waist, picked up the rose and shut off the bathroom light. I could still see by the light coming in from my room. I looked under her door and the room looked dark. I hoped that she hadn’t fallen asleep yet; or worse, I hoped that she hadn’t ‘jilled’ herself off and then fallen asleep.

I took a deep breath and slowly opened her door. She was laying on her bed. A thin sheet covered her body. I could just make out the swell of her breasts but was happy to see her smiling as she looked my way. I went over to the bed and sat down facing her: “I got this for you” as I handed her the rose. Karen took it and brought it to her face. She was still smiling but, as she put her nose into the heart of the bloom, I could see a small tear well up in her eyes.

Karen slid the sheet down showing me her naked body. Still holding the rose, she lifted her arms inviting me to join her on the bed. I stood, dropped the towel and put myself down next to her putting my arms around her. She hugged me close for a few moments: “Thank You, the rose is beautiful and just what I needed.”

She felt so good pressed up against me: “I’m happy that you like it. I like doing things for you.”

She seemed to pull me even closer. I kissed her again and started to rub my hand up and down softly on her back. Her arms held me tight until I started to extend my gentle rubbing to include her arm and the edge of her breast. She relaxed a little giving me access to her chest which I immediately exploited. Her nipples were already stiff and she started to react as soon as I started to rub them.

Almost reluctantly, Karen relaxed her grip on me. I guessed that she preferred a little attention to her boobs over a warm hug. I began my now more focused pleasuring of her sensitive tits with a circular rubbing around her areola with the occasional tweak on her nipples. She started the occasional low moan which let me know that my efforts were being appreciated.

Time to step it up. I kissed my way down her neck and onto her chest. I kissed, then licked and finally sucked on each nipple in turn. I spent a few minutes on one and then switched to the other and then back. Karen held my head to her chest and encouraged me with deep breathing and soft low moans.

I eventually worked my hand down to her pussy only to find it more moist than I had seen previously. Karen was already rocking her hips. The rocking was subtle but noticeable. I started to kiss my way down from her boobs heading for her beautiful pussy. She stopped me.

Karen moved her hands to both sides of my face and pulled me up to herself: “I want you inside me.”

I protested: “Don’t you want me to make you cum?”

“Not tonight. I want you inside me, now please. I promise to cum with you, just do it.”

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