John – The Early Years

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This is one of a series of stories relating the exploits of John Moxton.

All persons and events described here are based on real-life but with the names and locations altered to prevent too much embarrassment to the guilty. All persons were aged 18 or greater at the time of these events.

John Moxton was brought up in an affluent middle-class home in a relatively small but prosperous village in the heart of the Cotswolds. The house had been in his mother Margaret’s family since her great-grandfather (with several greats) purchased the property in the mid-nineteenth century. He had been a doctor who moved to the, then, hundred and fifty-acre site from the port city of Bristol. Death duties, various debts, and a series of unspecified payments had reduced the property down to a little under twenty acres of formal and vegetable garden with some mixed woodland.

Margaret’s family was well established in the village with several cousins dotted around the area. Some were more accepted as being true cousins than others.

John’s parents, Margaret and Andrew, were senior university lecturers and anticipated that both of the children would go into further education and then into a profession of some kind. They had recently remarried following amical divorces from their previous spouses. There were two children in the new family group, John and Sylvine. Margaret was John’s birth mother and Andrew was Sylvine’s biological father.

The two original couples had known each other from university. They had remained close friends for many years prior to the children arriving on the scene and had regularly holidayed together. There had been occasional drunken swinging sessions that became more frequent and intense over time. Eventually the pairings became more permanent and mutually agreed divorces took place. The swinging sessions continued fairly regularly after the remarriages between the original couples. All very confusing.

The two children got on together very well indeed and had done since their birth. They had played together as toddlers and could often be found together. The new family had been living together as a fully integrated unit for five years.

John was a well-built young man with dark brown hair. His appearance was athletic, and he did in fact play rugby and tennis regularly. He was also fond of long distance running and competed in half marathons.

Sylvine was a little more than a month younger than John but looked considerably older than her years. She was more science oriented than John with a bent towards physics whereas John tended more to philosophy.

Sylvine was a natural brunette, which she usually wore short. She had an almost pixie like face, slightly upturned nose, and deep brown eyes. Her small mouth gave an expression that appeared to show some distain, but this was just unfortunate as her demeanour was anything but that. Her body was slim with a slight waist and elegant hips. Her breasts were still forming but were now full and firm enough to be cupped by an average sized hand. Her skin was soft and very pale though not quite alabaster. It did not respond to any attempt at tanning. Her legs were long, well-formed without too much muscle development. They looked remarkably interesting indeed when she wore a pair of tight shorts or skirt and heels.

Sylvine could not be described as a beauty but was more than attractive enough to have caught the attention of several boys in her year group and the members of the Young Farmers. She had been groped on several occasions at various social events. This was not something to which she normally objected. She was a sensual person who appreciated her body and how it looked. Paul, the brother of one of her friends, Mary, regularly grabbed hold of her when she visited. She usually let him have a good feel for a minute or so before eventually wagging her finger and batting him away. Nothing much else happened at that time but she certainly appreciated his enthusiasm and put him in a pigeonhole, marked as a possible stocking filler for later.

The family had moved into Margaret’s house following the remarriage. The property had four bedrooms, each with En Suite bathroom, a plethora of rooms on the ground floor and an extensive attic. The building was set in a very rural environment. It was located on the very outskirts of the village along a narrow lane that ended in field access just beyond the property. The nearest neighbour was several hundred metres down the lane towards the village proper, although the village was directly accessible by footpaths passing by the property. Various outbuildings had been converted to a workshop and studio by Margaret’s father. A large self-contained summer house nestled discreetly in the woodland close to the boundary beech hedge overlooking fields. A tennis court and small pavilion with changing room completed the establishment.

The Den

The summer house had been set aside by their parents as the den and as a result they rarely visited. They had checked otele gelen gaziantep escort in on their offspring at the start, but the visits dropped off to virtually nothing once it became apparent that the children were coping well. An intercom extension along with broadband link ensured contact with the main house in case of emergency.

It was a hundred metres or so from the main house and surrounded on three sides by dense bushes. This offered a reasonable degree of privacy and early visibility of anyone approaching. One of Sylvine’s hobbies was electronics and she had produced several radio-linked devices that monitored the approaches to the den. The house and den were surrounded by movement sensitive lighting so the occupants would normally have plenty of warning of potential ingress. Sylvine had also fitted some of her electronic toys in the approaches to the den. These provided a combination of audible alarms and video streams. There was the occasional false alarm when the lights were triggered by a passing fox or hedgehog but those just served as practice runs and proved the system worked.

The wooden building was made from twin walls embedded with full thermal and sound insulation. All windows were double glazed. It consisted of two fully carpeted rooms and walk in store cupboard that was equipped with blankets, duvets and various other items that may be required for occasional overnight sleeping. A bathroom suite provided a shower and usual amenities. There was a mini kitchen area equipped with small fridge, microwave, and kettle along with a few rudimentary pieces of cutlery and crockery.

The main room had a large wood burning stove and full height sliding windows on the south side of the building. These were fitted with thick remote controlled velvet curtains which acted as additional thermal and acoustic insulators. Two sturdy polished wooden pillars supported the vaulted roof. The furnishings consisted of a large high-backed chaise longue, a couple of comfortable armchairs, a sturdy coffee table and top of the range media system with the latest audio-visual equipment. The lighting was discrete and fully dimmable by remote control. Walls were covered with an eclectic collection of ethnic rugs and artwork that their parents had obtained during their many trips to the more exotic parts of the world. A long desk fitted to one wall was equipped with two laptops, wide-angle screens, and a printer to allow college work to be completed.

The smaller room had a full-length window and a large fabric chaise longue that doubled up as a bed against the wall opposite the window. This had been deliberately positioned there by John and Sylvine to allow a good view from outside the window which was covered by a slatted blind. This was usually pulled all the way down with the slats partially open giving a decent view into the room from outside. The summer house had a movable sunscreen outside which could be positioned to eliminate the possibility of any observer’s silhouette being visible inside the room, especially during daylight hours. The room was later referred to as the viewing room by the siblings.

The siblings

John got on very well with his stepsister and had done since they first became a family. The two of them often played together and soon became inseparable, which was a considerable relief to both sets of parents. They had common interests in science and nature and would often be seen exploring the grounds and surrounding area observing the abundant and diverse wildlife.

The relative isolation of the house made them very close and following their eighteenth birthdays, began to indulge in far more physical activities. They both finished with the mainstream school system at eighteen and decided to take a year off before going on to university.

Sylvine was developing physically quite rapidly, and John took immense pleasure in grabbing her from behind having caught her. Her breasts were beginning to fill and he, accidentally at first, began to explore them. After initial token resistance Sylvine acquiesced and soon was quite happy to let John’s hands wander wherever they wanted. She actually quite liked the sensation of his hands and fingers kneading her soft flesh. The tingling feeling as he lightly touched her nipples was particularly interesting. She began to notice the bulge in her stepbrother’s trousers pressing firmly against her backside and it didn’t take long for her to start gently wriggling back against it.

It was around this time that John wondered whether Sylvine was becoming more friendly towards him when he was wearing his pheromone scent around the house. This had been recommended by one of his friends. His parents were farmers and kept a specialist pig unit for breeding. The spray was used to bring the sows into season but was also reputed to have an effect on some females of the human species. John had found a supply of the scent on one of the sex shop gaziantep otele gelen escort web sites and used it several times. He was not totally convinced that it did work. It may have been his natural charm that did the trick. He was not bothered either way and as the spray was inexpensive, seemed to work and had reasonably pleasant scent, he used it quite regularly.

John had never found it difficult to find young ladies willing to go out with him and he usually had a choice. His mother often said that he could charm the birds out of the trees. She did not realise how true that was. It was not unheard of for him to have two or more on the hook at the same time. Each of them knew about the others but diplomatically ignored the fact. They were, indeed, all very good friends and remained so. John’s male friends looked on in total disbelief waiting for the fall that never seemed to come.

Sylvine and John had always been close but lately she had spent a lot more time with him in the Den and seemed to be deliberately getting physically close to him, particularly when he was preparing to meet or was with his current screwing partner. She would usually leave them to it until John guided his partner into the playroom. Depending on the weather Sylvine would listen at the door or quietly go round to the window to observe.

His current favourite was Veronica. She was a tall girl with long blonde hair and a very athletic build. The two became close friends at the after-school gym and mutually decided to continue with their exercise regime in a slightly more comfortable environment after she visited the den. She was not just athletic when in the gym. They soon both agreed that they had little need for exercise sessions other than those at the den. Veronica was the village vicar’s daughter, living well within walking distance of the Moxton house. Her parents somehow got the impression that she was visiting Sylvine, and she went to great pains not to disavow them of that belief. Sylvine and Veronica did actually get on very well and regularly went shopping together in the nearby market town. They were almost like sisters.

John decided to start wearing the scent more frequently when in the Den, just to see what happened.

John began to pay much closer attention to his, no longer little, stepsister. She was growing fast into quite a tasty young lady with rather interesting legs and breasts that moved in a very expressive way when she walked. Even more so when she ran. As she grew her taste of clothing also changed from baggy sweaters, tatty jeans, and sneakers to somewhat better tailored tops worn with shortish skirts or short pants. Veronica had particularly good clothes sense and helped Sylvine choose from the somewhat restricted fashionable items available locally. John encouraged Veronica to be more adventurous with her choice, both for herself and Sylvine. This was duly noted, and Veronica would often arrive at the den braless, much to John’s approval.

Sylvine had increasingly been drawn to her stepbrother recently in the sense that she liked to be physically close to him. She had always enjoyed being in his presence but now she felt much more comfortable and at ease. She liked the basic smell he exuded. She felt warm and safe when he was close. She could understand why he had little trouble in finding willing partners. She didn’t realise that there might be an artificial chemical component to this attraction.

She began to pay more attention to her appearance and noticed John seemed to look at her more often when she was wearing more feminine clothes. She was growing out of the baggy teenage look anyway and all of her friends were now paying far more attention to the latest styles. She experimented with makeup and often asked John what he thought about her appearance. He was totally honest and told her what did and did not work as far as he was concerned. She accepted his comments without demurring as all of her friends fancied him like fuck, so he obviously was in the know when it came to women.

Sylvine stopped wearing a bra when down in the Den and sometimes wore heels. The latter helped accentuate the outline of her legs which John rather appreciated. In general, he rather liked the change in style and often complimented her on her appearance which produced a demure smile and occasionally a peck on the cheek. He had made a particular point of complimenting her when she was not wearing her bra. Gradually the wearing of underwear inside the den became the exception rather than the rule and eventually completely stopped.

John certainly liked this new Sylvine and encouraged her to wear the styles that turned him on. He wasn’t bothered what she wore outside but was truthful as to whether he thought something looked Ok on her. In the Den was a different matter and he was careful to nudge her in the direction that suited his tastes and that was basically anything that accentuated her body lines. gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan The tighter and skimpier the better, with no underwear. At his suggestion she had her hair cut into a shorter and more layered style. This change was met with general approval from all those who knew her.

Their parents did comment on Sylvine’s clothing once or twice, but John simply assured them that she was growing up and this was the current fashion. This was mainly true; she was growing up, but it was his choice of fashion.

The post catch fumbling had now become a regular feature even when there was no chase involved. John would stand behind her and lightly rub his fingers across the soft flesh of Sylvine’s breasts as she sat working on the laptop. This started initially when John leaned over her shoulder to help her with work while whispering softly into her ear. John noticed the little shiver in her neck. He rested his hands on her shoulders and began to subtly massage her upper arms. His hands made their way down and then across to her breasts. She shivered at the touch but made only a token attempt to stop him. By the time his fingers reached her nipples she was breathing heavily and shivering slightly. It did not take long for the nipples to become hard lumps that John worked skilfully. The shivering turned into low moans as her head moved back to rest on her stepbrother’s chest.

John appreciated the blouses as they provided full access at the front. Sylvine would stand leaning back against one of the pillars. John stood back and watched her as she began to slowly undo the buttons on her blouse and let the front fall open. John spent a few moments looking at her with his arms folded and licking his lips. Sylvine would wriggle slightly making her growing breasts sway from side to side while she kept her eyes firmly on her stepbrother’s. Eventually he could take no more and would advance to her and begin his exploration. Sylvine would drop her hand to his crotch and start tentative explorations of her own.

John found himself being aroused by her uneducated fumbling and he soon used his own fingers to guide hers. John kept hold of her for longer and his hands explored all of her body at will. After only very token resistance she first accepted and then enjoyed the contact. His hands regularly went inside whatever top she was wearing and played with her breasts and nipples at will. It was only a small step from there for him to slide his hands down across her taut belly and inside her shorts or pulling up her skirt to explore her more private regions. After an initial surprise she fully accepted his caresses and allowed him full and unfettered access.

Variants of this were enacted most evening, apart from when Sylvine’s periods arrived.

John became increasingly enthusiastic about the possibility of having an in-house fuck playmate at his beck and call. He would certainly be nudging things in that direction.

Some evenings John would come up behind her and push her front first over the sofa. This gave him perfect access to her nether regions and his fingers soon began to explore the rapidly dampening hole.

One of their favourite positions was standing out on the veranda facing the fields with John leaning back against the wall and Sylvine pulled close to him, side on. Her shorts, if she had been wearing them, would inevitably be laying on the ground next to her ankles. John’s right hand would be down her front playing with her pussy while his left was down her back and sliding across her arse. Held firmly, she would be pulled into him while he frigged her and ran his finger round her tight little ass hole. Her hand moved round to his crotch and entered in through the opening to play with the hardening shaft hidden in the dark. Sylvine’s enthusiasm increased as John’s cock hardened. She loved the feel of the hot meat in her hand, and it was not long before she felt the pulse as John shot his load out over her hand and onto the floor.

John decided that he would prefer a shaven sister. He had been shaving around his balls for months and liked the smooth feel. One evening after a pussy groping session John went to the bathroom and returned with a bowl of warm water, scissors, and his razor. Sylvine looked at him in total amazement and wanted to know what the hell he was up to.

He explained and after a few minutes gentle persuasion she found herself laying back on a towel on the table, legs splayed, while her stepbrother lathered up her pubic hair and proceeded to skilfully remove it with the safety razor. He had no need for the scissors as her hair was naturally short enough to be taken off with the razor. Sylvine was initially worried about having a blade that close to her very sensitive flesh but soon relaxed as he worked with no slips. Once complete he went down on her and checked for complete smoothness with his tongue. Sylvine was surprised to say the least.

Suitably encouraged he explored the now smooth pussy and made up his mind that dear Veronica would soon be getting the same treatment. He suggested to Sylvine that she should mention the fact that she shaved to Veronica, but probably best not to mention who had shaved her. Sylvine casually dropped the fact into conversation while they were out shopping one Saturday and it was not long before John’s razor, with scissors this time, was in action again. Shaving became a regular event for both girls.

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