Josh , Savannah…The First Time

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I couldn’t believe the night had finally arrived. I had waited for this date; seemed like years I had waited for this man. I looked in the mirror one last time…..checked my hair and makeup. I had to admit, Naomi’s suggestion of wearing the black leather mini combined with the oversized man’s dress shirt was right on the mark! That, and the sheer black stockings and needle thin high heels were making me feel very sexy! Just running my hands over the leather skirt made my pussy wet… thinking of his wide palmed hands touching me, cupping my ass while he drew me to his mouth and seeking tongue.

At 9:00 on the dot the doorbell rang….and my pulse sped up with the same erratic beating it had done every time I had heard his name in the last 2 weeks. Trying not to rush I walked to the door and eased it open, propping my hip against the doorjamb….allowing the light from the hallway to illuminate my nipples as they pressed against the sheer white fabric of my shirt. Now, at 6’4″, dark hair, dark eyes, a body to scream over; Josh was a devilishly sexy man at my door. Looking at me, he raked his eyes from head to toe, obviously liking what he saw, as I could see his cock begin to grow against the zipper of his jeans.

Hooking my finger in the waistband of his pants, I dragged him into my apartment, went up on toes and outlined his beautiful mouth with my tongue, all the while looking him in the eye. He opened his mouth and my tongue gained entry, seeking to twine around his as our lips met. Drawing slightly apart, I sucked his lower lip into my mouth and bit it, not so lightly. He groaned, as his eyes shuddered closed and he drew a bracing breath. “Damn, Savannah, you get me so hard, so fast. No other woman has almost made me cum in my shorts, just by kissing me!” I grinned up at him, knowing the night was just beginning, knowing also that he had the same effect on me. As I turned to grab my purse, the fleeting thought ran through my mind, that probably not another two people on this planet were as sexually compatible as Josh and I. I was going to enjoy this night!

We agreed that a movie was out….not enough adrenaline involved for the mood we were both in, and agreed that the sports bar down the street to shoot some pool was going to work for us. Josh led me to his truck and as I climbed into the cab, he ran his palm up the inside of my thigh; realizing only then that I was wearing stockings and a garter belt with not a stitch of panties in sight. I watched his face as he swallowed audibly and the air shuddered from his lungs. “Jesus, babe, you expect me to be able to shoot Sivas Escort pool knowing your pussy is naked and waiting for me? I’m not going to be able to walk from the hard-on.…”

“Josh, don’t disappoint me, lover. I want the opportunity to bend over that table, knowing your cock is straining inside your pants. I want your hands to be itching to touch, your tongue dying to taste. Because I’m going to be watching you watch the other guys checking me out, knowing that the next time we get together, I’m going to let you watch some other guy slide his cock inside me. And, then, before the night is through, I’m going to be on my knees swallowing every last drop of cum inside your gorgeous cock.”

I wasn’t sure if Josh was going to be able to climb into his truck; the outline of his hard cock was huge and I could see it straining and thrusting against the front of his jeans. The thought of that hard cock, pumping away inside me, thrusting into me, making me cum, set off an uncontrollable wave of desire inside my womb, making my skin heat and my pussy pulse.

Walking into the bar, I could feel other men’s eyes on me. Looking back at Josh I could see he was enjoying having me there, knowing other men were looking at me and wanting to fuck me. We got a pool table and I selected my cue and chalked it while Josh ordered the first of many shots of Tequila for us both. As he came back from the bar, carrying shot glasses and mixers, I spread my legs, bent from the waist and executed a clean break, claiming solids as my own. I could feel the juice from my cunt beginning to run down the inside of my thighs, knowing that at any moment, other patrons would be able to see its pearly glistening from the edge of my mini.

Josh walked up behind me, placed his hand on my neck and bent me over the pool table while thrusting his hard cock against my ass. I could feel his heat, I could smell his sweat, I could taste the anticipation pumping off of both of us. He reached his hands around and cupped my big tits, plucking at my nipples, sending waves of heat and longing through me. “Oh….. ummmmm….. yes,” I whimpered, looking back at him. Josh had the look on his face that I had waited to see; the uncontrolled “I’ve got to have you now” look, the one where the thought of fucking me had wiped everything else from his mind.

We barely made it through 2 games of pool… neither one of us cared about the score, we spent our time thinking about fucking each other. Finally, after the last game, I came up behind Josh, wrapped my arms around his waist, pressed my luscious Sivas Escort Bayan tits into his back, slid my hands down to his cock and said “That’s it, lover! I want you in me, on me, over me, and I don’t want to wait any longer. I’ve waited too long and the thought of your hard cock pumping inside me is making me sweat with anticipation.” Josh hurriedly paid for our drinks and ushered me out to his waiting truck. The drive back to my place was bittersweet longing and lust all rolled into one, creating an atmosphere of sexual tension that could have burnt down a barn.

We made it into my apartment, I locked the door and turned to find Josh waiting, with a gleam in his eye. He framed my face in his big hands, bent down and kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, licking my lips, teeth and tongue; devouring my mouth with unrestrained passion; letting me know with his mouth and tongue that he had waited long enough to have me. I moaned feeling his tongue thrusting in my mouth; an imitation of the dance I needed our bodies to create. I was up on tiptoe to reach Josh’s mouth, when I felt his hands slide under my skirt and cup my ass, kneading it and dragging me forward so his cock was thrusting against the heart of me….my cunt, soaking wet with anticipation, throbbing with need.

Josh and I both knew that we weren’t going to make it to the bedroom for this first time. The dimly lit hallway with its narrow opening, wide enough for me to brace my legs against either side, was going to do. I reached back and unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the ground while I stepped out of it. Josh had already begun to unbutton my shirt, licking his way down my chest, groaning when he caught sight of my tits, “Ohmigod, Savannah, your tits are incredible! I can’t wait to taste them. I want to watch your face when I lick and suck on your nipples.” He reared back and in the light from the hallway I could see the lust on his face as his thumbs stroked across my nipples. I could feel that gentle caress all the way to my toes and I wanted it harder and rougher. I pressed his face into my chest, and Josh licked and sucked all around my nipples, using his fingers to stroke and squeeze them into hard, upthrust nubs just begging for the feel of his tongue and lips.

Ever so slowly Josh licked across my right nipple, “OH….ummmmm….god, Josh! Suck my nipples, please,” I moaned as at long last I could feel his lips enclosing my nipple and sucking strongly. I could feel the vibrations from his sucking all the way to my womb. My pussy was so hot and wet, the juice Escort Sivas was running down my thighs, anticipating the feel of his hard cock sliding into my depths. I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait much longer and I unbuttoned his shirt, nearly coming when I discovered the incredibly sexy wedge of thick, black chest hair that covered his muscular torso. I quickly pushed the shirt off and began unbuttoning his jeans. Josh had already divested me of my shirt and skirt and was now licking and sucking his way down to my cunt, breathing hotly against my skin as I shivered in anticipation.

As I unbuttoned his jeans, his cock began to poke through the opening revealed and it was all I could do to just barely graze my fingers across the huge, hard length of him. His cock was long, about 8″ and thick, nearly 2″ wide and a pearly drop of pre-cum had slid from the top and was beginning to roll down the length of him. I couldn’t wait, so I bent at the waist and slowly, oh so slowly, slid my lips down the whole length until my nose was buried in the crisp, curling hair at the base. Curling my tongue around his prick, I slowly sucked, beginning at the base and making my way to the tip and then starting all over again. “Fuck, Baby, I’m not going to make it much longer. Oh, yeah… suck my cock! Jesus, Savannah, stop… you’re going to make me cum… oh god, yeah, ummmmm” Josh whimpered to me through eyes closed with lust.

I pulled my mouth away from his cock, Josh slowly opened his eyes and dropped to his knees. Before I could react, he had slid my leg around onto his shoulder and had placed his full, wet mouth directly on my cunt, looking up at me through his beautiful eyes. I could feel his hot breath and the tip of his tongue as he slid it around my clit. I shuddered uncontrollably knowing that at any moment my knees were going to give out and I would end up in a heap on the floor. At that point, Josh sucked my pussy into his mouth and I lost it “Babe, ohmigod, I’m going to cum…. I can’t stand any longer”

I felt my knees beginning to tremble and I sank slowly to the floor, straddling Josh’s lap and his big prick. He slid his cock home and we both groaned simultaneously at the feel of him pulsating inside me, the walls of my cunt gripping him so tightly. I began to slowly ride him loving the feel of his cock inside me, his hot breath on my neck, his mouth reaching for mine to kiss. I knew that we weren’t going to last long. “Oh, oh, oh, ummm, hmmmm….oh, yeah, babe” I groaned as I sped up my hips, pistoning his cock in and out of me. I could feel the explosion welling up inside of me as I moaned, “Josh, babe, I’m going to cum.”

“Honey, oh god, you’re not the only one… I’m going to cum. Oh man, here it comes”

“Yeah, baby, I’m coming… oh god, YES!”

“Savannah, shit…. Here I come! Oh man… fuck, uh, uh, yeah, hot pussy… oh yeah!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32