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I knock at the door then back away on the pavement, looking up and down the terraced street. It is nearly half past ten on a weekday evening, and would be dark if not for the relentless glow from the street light, falling in pools along the road.

The door opens – the woman who stands just inside has a slightly tipsy look on her face. ‘Jones?’ I say, and she nods.

‘Come in,’ she motions us in.

I stand back and let Josie pass first; she is, after all, the one they really want to see – being the beautiful young woman they were expecting from the social media site, rather than me.

The woman giggles awkwardly as we edge past her, then closes the front door. ‘Go through, second door on the left.’

The passageway is dark, lit by a low powered bulb hidden by a dusty dark brown shade, hanging from the ceiling about half way down the corridor. Josie reaches the door and goes through.

‘Uh, hello,’ I hear her say, nervously, which is understandable, to me if no one else – she is only twenty years old and not yet accustomed to meeting strangers like this, let alone with the knowledge of what she has come here to do.

There is a chorus of shy hellos before I go into the room; I get a few nods of acknowledgement that I am present on my entrance, but I am well aware that the people present are not going to be interested in me – I am almost an embarrassment to them, a reminder of how fake the situation is. The room is cosy, moodily lit by two up-lights on one wall and a lamp standard on the opposite side of the room. It is quite plain that the occupants have been drinking, from the number of empty wine bottles left lying around on various surfaces.

Josie is speaking.

She introduces herself and lays down the rules. ‘Guys, please understand that while I am happy for you to move about to get a better position I will not pause as you do so. I will not take any notice of you if you try to talk to me, so no requests or demands please. And, very importantly, no one is to touch or make like they are going to touch me: that is very important and the reason why I am accompanied.’ She indicated me with a wave of her hand. ‘If anyone looks like they are going to touch me, or if someone does grab me, or stroke me, or grope me then the whole deal is off. There might possibly be some unpleasantness, konyaaltı üniversiteli escort but there will definitely be shouting, pushing and shoving as he protects me and gets me safely out of here.’

Josie looked around the room, at each of the people present. ‘I cannot stress that too heavily. I am doing this for you and in return you all promise that you will not make any contact with me. Is that understood?’ She looked at each of them in turn, getting a mumbled ‘yes’ or an uncomfortable nod from each one.

I stare at the people in the room as well, asserting my authority. There are seven of them in all: three men and four women. The men all look to be around the late twenties, early thirties range but the spread of the females appeared to be from early twenties through to possible fifty-ish.

I nodded to the youngest woman. ‘How old are you?’

She blushed. ‘I-I’m nineteen.’

Jones, the woman who had opened the front door to us, moved in close to her young friend. ‘Is that a problem?’ I shrugged and looked across to Josie.

‘No, not a problem,’ she reassured them. ‘We just like to be careful, that is all. You can never be too careful.’

I caught the eye of the woman Jones again. ‘Is that the table?’ It was about knee height, appearing to be a firm surface with good, solid legs.

‘Yes,’ she nodded. ‘Is that ok?’

‘It looks alright,’ I agreed. ‘I’ll check it is stable, but other than that I’m happy.’

‘And I have a tray, as you requested.’ She held a roasting tin and also a roll of kitchen towel, presumably to line it with.

I checked the coffee table and it appeared sturdy enough; there was no rocking and it didn’t feel loose.

Josie saw my nod and decided to make a start. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please sit down and make yourselves comfortable…’

When we had arrived Josie had been wearing a green bomber jacket over a little black dress, which had come down to her mid thigh, with dark tan translucent, hold up stockings and dark red pixie boots; now the jacket was dumped on the back of a chair and she was barefoot.

She glanced at me and, with a nervous little smile, climbed onto the table.

The seven were all watching her, all sat around this end of the table as kurtköy escort she stood with her back to me; two were perched on a footstool directly behind Josie, right in front of me, with the others gathered on either side of them.

‘Don’t forget, no touching,’ Josie ordered before inching up the hem of her skirt by bunching it at her waist. I reached over and pushed the roasting tin between her feet as she parted her legs.

All eyes were on Josie’s backside as the hem rose up over the top of her thighs and her buttocks were revealed; no panties hid the globes of her posterior, the bunched skirt being tucked under itself to hold it in place and prevent it from dropping back and hiding the view.

All were concentrating intently as, quite naked below the waist (except for her stockings), she bent forward a little before settling down to squat over the tin tray. It now occurred to me that I hadn’t lined the tray with the kitchen towel, but nobody appeared particularly bothered at my forgetfulness. When she lent forward, displaying her anus nestled between her spread cheeks, there was some distinct heavy breathing from some of those present.

I pulled my phone from my pocket and started to film the performance.

We all watched as Josie’s anus puckered as she exerted her muscles; twice there were little hisses as she broke wind, then the aperture was blocked from inside. Her ring began to expand and excrement became visible for the first time, gently sliding out of her arse, a bar of around five or six centimetres in length, and possibly three in width, that broke free and thudded onto the tray with a clatter.

Ripping my eyes from the exhibition I noticed that one of the men was surreptitiously rubbing his crotch, and the oldest woman was sniffing in Josie’s scent quite openly, although with her eyes closed and a gentle smile on her face.

Another lump dropped from Josie’s butt as the aroma of her first deposit gently filled the room. Residue tainted the lips of her arsehole, mainly from the action of the ring closing and nipping the excrement free. She strained again and the opening revealed more of the dark chocolate-brown ordure inching out before breaking off onto the tray, being joined moments later by the next lump.

The ankara kurtuluş escort youngest woman was staring at the scene, utterly fascinated but with fingers pinching her nose closed. The older woman was still taking the scent in through her nostrils, but her eyes were now open again, if a little unfocused. The rubbing man was still rubbing, now joined by his neighbour, although I imagined that neither knew what the other was doing: the third man had a look of disgust on his face, as though he had not understood what was supposed to take place even though there had been much discussion when the proposal had been made.

As I recognised the last bits parping out of Josie’s arse I made ready to assist the girl. I tore off a section of kitchen towel for her to wipe herself clean and re-acquainted myself with the location of her jacket. Josie lent back, her body now vertical again and I reached across to hand her the paper towel, which she took and wiped herself clean before dropping the crumpled ball into the tray beneath her.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, please can you let Josie out?’

She staggered to her feet unsteadily, straightening her body up before stepping down, backwards, and only turning around when she was down. I held out my hand and assisted her between the seated viewers to the door, where we both turned to take in the room and its occupants one last time.

The woman Jones was the only one to take any real notice of our leaving, and she did look slightly sad, maybe because the display was over and we were going. Josie waved her hand as a farewell and Jones nodded. We silently slipped out and I closed the door behind us, and gently closed the front door too, trying not to break the mood in the room we had left.

It was only when we were outside that Josie remembered her nudity, smoothing down the skirt to make herself decent again. In moments we were in our car, and it was only now that we spoke.

‘That was…intense.’ Josie breathed out, as though she had been holding it in since we first arrived.

‘Very intense,’ I agreed.

‘And arousing,’ she grinned, coyly. ‘You’ve got it on your phone?’

‘Oh yes,’ I nodded. I showed her the beginning, her squatting with the audience all watching.

‘Wow.’ I knew she couldn’t believe it had really taken place, that she wasn’t associating herself with what was happening on the small screen. Maybe tomorrow she would wake up filled with dread and fear as the realisation of what had happened finally sank in. ‘Wow.’

I started the car and wound my window down a little, letting the cool night air in to dilute memories of the experience. ‘Come on little sister, let’s go home…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32