Journal Extracts Ch. 14

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Arriving at Joe’s I was dismayed to see the short ladder propped against a wall of his lounge, the way it had been three months ago. I hadn’t forgotten what happened then! I also saw clothes pegs on the desk next to which stood a grinning Jim.

I haven’t met him since the first ‘pegs’ incident but am aware from Joe’s taunts that the fat man has fucked my wife, both vaginally and anally a number of times since then.

Despite a sense of foreboding I pacify allowed myself to be secured to the ladder, wrists attached to a rung above my head, legs tied firmly apart as before. Perhaps inevitably it was the loathsome Jim who began attaching the pegs, starting with my nipples this time, while to my dismay Joe took photos. The pain increased proportionately to the number of pegs being attached to my body.

Pausing in his photography Joe fixed a gag in my mouth to stifle the cries, my testicles feeling on fire by this time with the cluster of pegs which Jim gleefully attached to them, a couple pinning my foreskin for good measure.

If that wasn’t bad enough he then took up the plastic ruler to hit the pegs from my body very slowly, thus drawing out the agony of anticipation, while continuously taunting me.

I’ve known for some time that Joe takes photos of my wife, both alone and in action with either Clive or George. He also has a collection of photographs of himself in action with Marie, taken using a tripod and timer, but this is the first time he’s turned the camera on me.

Released from the ladder I literally fell to my knees on the carpet, bathed in sweat. It was only then that I noticed my wife’s absence and felt relieved that she’d left the room and hadn’t witnessed my torment. However it was unusually quiet above, although admittedly the new bed is quieter than the old, but wondering where she’d gone I tentatively asked Joe.

“Marie’s enjoying herself. I’ll show you,” Joe smiled.

Taking me by the ear he pulled me upright and across to the window, Jim encouraging my progress with strokes of the ruler across my buttocks. The window overlooks the stretch of lawn which passes for Joe’s garden, a lawn I’ve been ordered to cut many times.

Marie was laying on a recliner wearing nothing but a short skirt. There were three men clustered around my wife, none of whom I recognised. Two of the men were running their hands up and down Marie’s thighs while the third played with her breasts.

Seeing my astonished expression Joe said, “These guys are old mates of mine who turned up out of the blue from Scotland so I’ve given them your wife to play with. As long as she’s got a cock inside her Marie doesn’t care who it belongs to, just so long as it’s not your shrivelled up little thing. Your wife’s already been fucked by me and Jim today but she still wants more as you can see.”

Indeed Marie was now sucking on a guy’s penis while down below the other two were simultaneously fingering her vagina!

“Your wife’s knickers were off within seconds of being introduced to the guys. She took them off herself,” he taunted. “It’s the more the merrier with the hot arsed bitch, as you can see.”

Marie certainly looked to be in her element, with a penis now in her mouth and two more in her hands.

“Right you’ve seen enough. While the guys take turns with your missus we’ll have some more fun with you. Let’s get the wimp up on the desk Jim.”

There was no point in resistance as they lifted me on to the desk and tied me down to it. On my back with legs forced apart, I experienced a delicious feeling of helplessness while wondering what they had in store for me. However my feelings quickly turned to ones of dismay when Jim again began attaching pegs to my testicles. Joe lowered trousers and underpants to rub his penis across my face.

“You can probably still smell your wife’s cunt on my cock as it’s a regular visitor there. I’ve fucked her hundreds of times,” he jeered.

With Jim continuing to torment my testicles with the pegs I was ordered to lick Joe’s balls and then his penis, finally taking it into my mouth. By this time we could hear Marie’s excited cries mingled with shouts xslot from the men.

“That’s it wimp, suck my cock while the lads outside give it to your missus. Three more cocks added to her tally.”

At times Joe seems decidedly malicious in his dealings with me and today was one of those days.

“Whack the pegs off nice and slow Jim, then put ’em back on again.”

My yelp on the first peg being hit from my testicles was stifled by Joe’s penis in my mouth.

“When the lads have finished with Marie you will of course lick all three cocks clean, your role in life these days,” he hissed, before removing his own from my mouth to enjoy the yells of pain I uttered as each peg was hit from my testicles.

When the last one had gone however Jim simply reattached them and it seemed to me that he put more on this time.

With Joe now at the window giving a running commentary about his friends taking turns to fuck my wife Jim again hit the pegs off, this time with even longer pauses between each one, really building up the tension. I was in agony, both mentally and physically, but also knew deep down inside that I loved it; as did my tormentors because I sported an erection throughout their abuse of me.

It was while I was being released from the desk that the three guys came in from the garden.

“You’re the only one with a hard on. The rest of us relieved ours in your wife’s cunt,” Joe taunted, provoking their laughter.

Then there came the final indignity when I was ordered not only to lick, but also suck, each of his friend’s cocks. I then had to thank them, which I found myself doing profusely, for the pleasure they’d given my wife. Perhaps inevitably Jim decided to get in on the act at this point and I was ordered to lick and suck his balls.

Finally I was sent home alone Marie of course staying the night at Joe’s, as were his three friends. I was left in no doubt that they would be having a lot more fun with her in my absence.


Dropped Marie off at Joe’s before returning for the District Council meeting as usual. This time I was instructed to collect them from the pub afterwards.

I always find visiting the pub a highly embarrassing and humiliating experience with many of the regulars aware that my wife is Joe’s mistress and some of whom, according to him, have also had sex with her, and so I entered in some trepidation. Marie was sitting at a table flanked by a couple of Joe’s friends while he chatted at the bar. He called me over and ‘suggested’ that I settle his bar bill, a regular occurrence. Of course I did so before following him to a table with my sparkling water. Using me as chauffeur suits Joe as it means he can drink without the hassle of driving.

Sitting down at a table just about opposite the one where Marie sat, Joe knocked a beer mat to the floor. Bending to pick it up, he paused and said,” Here you pick it up, you might enjoy the view.”

Puzzled as to what he meant I did so. Glancing upwards I found my eyes level with the underside of the table opposite; the table where Marie sat flanked by the two guys.

Well, under cover of the table her skirt had been pushed high, in fact the hem was out of sight, and the guys each had a hand on her knees. Glancing up I saw the two men smirking at me. Compulsively bending for another look I found myself staring at the thin strip of black material between Marie’s thighs, aware that both hands were now travelling up them.

“Unusual to see your wife wearing knickers isn’t it. She spends more time without them these days,” Joe remarked.

Humiliatingly I was unable to straighten up; I just had to keep watching. Both hands were at the top of my wife’s thighs now and one set of fingers hooked her knickers to the side for the other to stroke and probe her slit. After a minute or two they swapped over. I was sweating profusely as I watched the two guys taking turns to finger Marie, chiefly because it was apparent that most of the customers were also aware of what was going on under cover of the table. Despite the humiliation though I had a compulsion to continue watching, particularly as the men were xslot Giriş now fingering my wife simultaneously, four fingers probing her vagina.

Eventuall I heard Marie say she needed the loo and the fingers were removed. I straightened up to see her standing and smoothing her skirt down. She flashed me a smile on her way to the loo.

Silence followed her departure until Joe said to the two guys, “Go and see if the lady wants any help lads.”

“You might as well get yourself another drink,” Joe commented when I drained my glass thirstily. “I think your wife will be occupied for some time.”

The remaining customers laughed, knowing what he meant by that as well as I did.

Thursday is the landlady’s night off otherwise the events of the evening wouldn’t have occurred. The landlord on the other hand is an old friend of Joe’s and with him anything goes, although I only discovered this evening that he too has fucked my wife a few times.

Perhaps half an hour went by and the bar was almost empty when Joe said quietly, “You might have noticed I referred to your wife as a lady but we both know the truth’s a bit different, don’t we?”

I remained silent and he went on, “In reality your wife’s nothing but a slut, a whore who’ll open her legs for anything in trousers.”

Again I was silent and he urged, “I’m right aren’t I. Admit it wimp.” My mouth feeling dry I croaked, “Yes,” and he beamed his triumph.

“By the time I’ve finished with you two hundreds of men will have fucked your wife; like my mates are doing in the ladies loo right now,” he taunted.

We were almost the only ones left by this time and the landlord suggested hurrying things up a bit as his wife would soon be home.

Telling me to follow Joe led the way along the corridor to the toilets, coming to a halt outside the ladies from where we could hear Marie’s ecstatic cries.

“Another two cocks added to the tally,” Joe grinned as her cries reached a crescendo.

Soon after, the guys emerged from the ladies loo, the second of who was still doing his jeans up, and saying they were late hurried away. Joe led me inside where we found my near naked wife still laying on the tiled floor where they’d left her. The sight plainly excited Joe because he started unzipping while telling me to close the door. Marie smiled up at him as he mounted her, legs automatically moving further apart.

“You’re only happy when you’ve got a cock inside you, aren’t you Marie?” he said, driving into her.

Marie’s gasped response sounded very much like an affirmation to me as I quickly released my own erection. Watching the very familiar sight of Joe’s backside jerking up and down between my wife’s thighs I soon came in my hand, despite the embarrassing presence of the landlord. He’d entered almost unnoticed and was watching both the couple fucking on the floor and me masturbating.

When a heavily breathing Joe rose to his feet and saw the landlord, he said, “Do you want to take a turn Henry?”

“Love to Joe, but another time. The wife will be back soon,” replied the landlord, staring between Marie’s legs.

I was glad we had to leave the pub hurriedly, feeling thoroughly humiliated to have been caught masturbating while watching Joe fucking my wife. It was during the drive to his farm that Joe told me that the landlord, Henry, has fucked her four or five times.

“I like to share her with my mates and we both know your wife likes a wide variety of cocks,” he smirked.

Back at the farm Joe spanked both of us. Me first, then Marie, but noticeably lighter, before telling us to clear off.


Yet another shocking episode. In fact tonight’s activities almost beggars belief.

The landlord and his wife are away on holiday and as it’s a quiet time on the farm Joe is looking after the pub in their absence. He told us to join him there so I could be put to work washing glasses and wiping tables while Marie helped out behind the bar. Of course, with most if not all of the regulars knowing my wife is Joe’s mistress and sex slave; I envisaged a highly embarrassing evening. In the event it turned out far xslot Güncel Giriş more humiliating, not to say disturbing, than I could have imagined.

It was a cold, frosty evening and Marie wore high leg boots, although the cold didn’t deter her from wearing a particularly short skirt and stockings. Inevitably she received many a lascivious look while working behind the bar, most of the guys trying to be served by her in preference to Joe.

Getting towards closing time I noticed an air of growing excitement about my wife. The pub was thinning out when Joe told me to go and lock up. I pointed out that it still wanted ten minutes to closing time but he told me to get on with it.

On my return to the bar I was shocked to see Marie sitting on a chair surrounded by males. There were six of them and she was barely visible until Joe told me to join him, standing on the bar. Looking down from our vantage point I saw my wife held a penis in each hand with a third in her mouth. Her top had been pulled up to expose Marie’s breasts which a couple of guys were groping. Down below her skirt had also been pulled up and my wife sat with legs apart and a bald headed guys hand between them.

“Tonight’s your wife’s lucky night, but perhaps not yours as you’re going to watch these six guys fuck her one after the other. Same number that had her in the woods back in July if I remember right,” Joe said.

Up to that point the guys had been fully dressed but now some of them stepped back from the action to strip off.

“Let’s strip her and get on with it, my missus will wonder where I’ve got to,” a guy in white shirt said impatiently.

Within seconds Marie had been stripped naked, although she insisted on putting the boots back on once her stockings had been removed complaining that the pub floor was cold to her feet. A rug was draped over the end of one of the tables before she was lifted onto it.

“See how eagerly your wife spreads her legs for another half dozen cocks,” Joe teased.

Indeed with her legs wide apart, fully exposed to the laughing guys, Marie waited impatiently while white top dropped his trousers and underpants. From our position on the bar I had a clear view of his penis when it drove into my wife.

“Ah yes, yes,” Marie’s cry seemed almost one of relief while her hands searched for, and quickly found, cocks to hold.

A naked guy climbed onto the table to squat over Marie’s face and feed his penis into her mouth, fingers pinching her nipples. The guy fucking her grasped my wife’s hips as he drove in and out rapidly, the rest of the guys waiting their turn erections in hand.

“Your wife’s a slut,” Joe sneered, the way he as many times before and seeming to delight in telling me so. “Ever since those guys had her in the wood Marie’s been begging me for a repeat.”

All I could do was stare in awe and amazement at Marie’s very obvious excitement with all the guys manhandling her, and ponder the changes that have come over her in recent years. It’s a sobering thought that Joe’s taunts about my wife being willing and eager to open her legs for anything in trousers is sadly all to true nowadays.

When white top had finished and was fastening his trousers Joe told me to climb down and let the guy out, making sure to thank him properly for his services. To my shame I did so but with face burning when he laughingly said, “No problem, your wife’s a damn good screw.”

On my return to the bar I found the bald guy was fucking Marie while numerous hands played with her body. Inevitably, she held an erection in each hand.

“As its Halloween I’ve fixed up a really wild weekend for her and believe me Marie’s really looking forward to it. I’ve got another set of guys lined up for tomorrow and more on Sunday. You’re going to watch something like twenty guys fucking your wife, twenty different cocks to open up her cunt and give her what she needs,” Joe informed me with a smirk.

The evening continued with the rest of the guys fucking Marie one after the other. When it was over I was again ordered to thank the guys while showing them out.

Returning to the bar I found Marie still lying on the table, her body glowing and face radiant. I didn’t need Joe to point out how much she’d enjoyed it, but of course he did anyway.

While she went for a long soak in the bath I had all the clearing up and cleaning to do, Joe just sitting reading the paper.

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