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Chapter Four — A Word With Charlie

Emma had a special dinner ready when Charlie returned. How should she tell him that she had slept with her best girlfriend in his absence.

“Not only that,” Emma said out loud, “not only that, dear, but… it was… wonderful.”

That was the only word for the experience. It didn’t change anything about her love for Charlie, but it was lovely and a delicious feeling which she could easily bring back into her mind and feel the sensations all over again. Also, she knew that she would want to feel that way again. So, what to say to Charlie? She knew she couldn’t, not tell him.

What would he think? How would he react? Jealous? No. Curious. Angry?

“Well, he has always fantasized about me doing it with another woman; he’s said that often enough,” she smiled. “Maybe it’s making me talk to myself, too. That’s not too good.” She was interrupted by Charlie’s hail from the front door.

“Hallo, m’darlin’ where are you?”

“Just getting the frosted martini glasses, lord and master!”

“Oh, oh; What did you buy that I can’t afford now?” he retorted, feigning horror. He kissed her, tentatively, pending an answer.

“Oh, come now, I don’t do this just when I want something, do I?” Emma wheedled and smiled up at him.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Boeff Borgnogne!”

“Oh, Jesus, it’s worse than I thought! My favorite, and a Martini. Lord, lord, what have we bought now?”

“Well, something you always talk about. But, come on, let’s have dinner! It’s all ready.”

He kissed her again in spite of himself, slipping his hand down to cup her bottom, letting his hand enjoy the silky skirt slipping over her bum.

“MMMnnnn, no panties, either!” He whispered into her ear. “Mmmmnnnh!” His hand whispered back and forth across both cheeks, loving the feel of her, teasing one of her favorite erogenous zones. At the same time, his hand was doing an inventory.

“And a garter belt! Now I know I’m in trouble!”

“Wonderbra, too.” She confessed, giggling.

They sat next to each other on one side of the long table, looking out over the city lights as they sipped the cold, dry martinis and fondled each other gently in the way they enjoyed before dinner. Emma felt his big hand slip up her thigh, and shivered a little in anticipation. He fondled the nylon of her stockings as he pushed her skirt higher, exposing the dark contrasty tops of her stockings. The contrast always drove him wild, and she knew it.

She parted her thighs, allowing his big hand to find the milky white of her thigh, then graze the tuft of curls at her mound. Emma’s hand found his thigh now, sliding up to find the reassuring size of him beginning to swell under his pants.

Charlie looked down at the low cut neckline of her black dress. Her simple gold chain with a long pearl pendant pointed down to the lovely valley between her breasts. Her roundness was pushed up, looking beautiful, good enough to eat, he thought to himself. Her breasts were wonderfully alluring, displayed, yet still hidden, rising and falling with her breathing. A dark shadow promising more loveliness and warmth below.

They ate quietly, continuing the soft fondling. Emma was very wet now and she loved the feeling of the side of his hand, his little finger splitting her pussy lips. She took his hand, licked some of her juices from it, then offered her tongue to him between bites of the simple but rich dish he loved so well. He liked the taste of her body as an casino şirketleri extra sauce; she knew that too. His tongue sampled hers and she returned his hand to where it had been, squeezing it between her thighs. Her hand smoothed up and down his swollen cock.

“Mmmmmnnn, delicious, sweetheart! Just delicious!”

Charlie slipped out of his chair, under the table and then slipped between her legs, his head bumping the table as his tongue trailed along the path to her. First the nylon, then the creamy white thigh. She felt his face pushing her skirt out of the way and parted her legs more, slipped forward to meet his questing tongue. She squirmed against him, letting him have her open pussy, enjoying the feel of a half-day’s growth of whiskers, then the sensation of his tongue lifting her clitoris, teasing it, sucking. His tongue slipped down her slit to find her vagina, waiting to be loved.

“Oh, Charlie,… that is so… yummmm.” She murmured. “Ohhhh!”

Emma slipped off her shoe and reached to fondle his cock with her toes. She felt him respond, moving under her touch and pressing his tongue deeper into her vagina, wiggling it deep inside the dark warm tunnel, then returning to circle her clit. She felt her clitoris stiffen as he warmed it with wetness.

Charlie got up, cursing as he bumped his head and then sat beside her once more. He shared her taste with her, his tongue, lips and cheeks now glistening with her thick creams.

“Coffee, tea,… or ME?” she murmured.

“Mmmnnnnh… Do you think I’ll be able to keep it up wondering about the horror story you’re waiting to tell me?”

“Doesn’t seem to be bothering you much, sweetheart, near as I can tell.” Her tongue hardly left his mouth as she said it. Emma’s hand squeezed his huge erection, now pressing against his belt. Emma loosened his belt, slipped his zipper, and unsnapped his pants. His dick sprang forward, free at last. Her hand circled it lightly, then cupped his balls, squeezing firmly.

Emma slipped the dress over her head as he watched the dark, triangular patch appear above her stockings, the garters taut against her pretty legs. The Fuchsia-colored Wonder bra was a startling color shock, but made her breasts mouthwateringly stunning.

She led him to the living room, slipped to the floor, then watched as he lay before her. Her mouth found his monster of a cock.

“Not too much, dear,” he cautioned, “feels… wonderful, though.

She loosed her bra, and her breasts sprung free into his waiting hands.

Her nipples were like little diamonds against his palms, he thought, loving the round fullness of her breasts. He felt her leave his cock, the cool air chilling him, as she turned to face him astride.

Because he was so long, they always said it was their only incompatibility as a couple. Emma’s vagina was too short to take all of him comfortably. He felt her hand reach between their bodies, grasping his cock and leading it to the entry. She moistened his cock head in the wetness of her pussy, then held him firmly and slowly pressed her body around his shaft.

Charlie felt her tight hot sheath slip over his cock, the muscle at her entrance yielding slowly to the blunt helmet parting her lips.

“Ahhhhhhh… ” he sighed with pleasure, as she moved again, her warmth taking more of him inside. It was best with her on top, so she could control how deeply he penetrated. Her pussy was a delight, he felt himself sliding along like an explorer, touching all casino firmaları the warm, wet, folds of her inner spaces.

Emma moved her hips in tight little circles, enjoying the huge cock, squeezing it, making it move in little circles inside her.

“Yessss,… Mmmm…you are so big, so hard,… Oh, sweetheart you feel so good in me! Fuck me, sweet. Move with me, sweetheart.” Emma shivered with pleasure and her voice sounded hoarse with the fullness of his cock now buried deep within her vagina.

She felt his thrusting. Rode it. She loved the feeling of this wild, live, hot, spear-like part of him thrusting down the length of her, touching her cervix now, filling her completely. She spread her legs even wider, taking as much as she could stand. She felt between them and found about three fingers of him that she could not get inside her. She reached further to squeeze his balls. She smiled as he gasped in pleasure.

He was thrusting hard into her, she parried his thrusting by moving her hips to meet him, feeling the fullness, She rode him hard, rode his hardness, felt his balls swelling under her hands, felt his cock still gaining stiffness. She felt his body go rigid under her, and knew he was going to fill her with his sperm. She tightened on his balls, now, urging them to deliver the warm sticky fluid unto her waiting pussy.

She felt her orgasm beginning too. She felt the great, wide, warmth starting from the burning sensation his huge cock was causing in the depth of her clinging tunnel. She gulped as she felt him touch the bulge of her cervix. Emma wished she could see his fluids come spurting into her, as she felt the first hard, hot stream seem to fill her, her hips flailed again, wanting more. The second spurt came quickly behind the first, then a third; she pulled on him, wanting more, still. A fourth, then a relaxed little fifth one.

She lay on top of his totally relaxed body. Charlie’s juices seeped from her pussy, mingled with her own. His big cock still felt thick inside her. It was nice lying like this, Charlie still inside her, her softness against his firm muscular body.

“Charlie?” Emma whispered in his ear.

“Yes, darling.” He was scratching his head now. Funny how his head always itched after sex.

“Charlie, I do have something to tell you.. Not sure what you will think.”

“Yes.? Go on. I’ m too limp to put up much of a fight now.” He laughed in her ear.

“Well,.. you know how you have always said.. Sort of fantasized about… “

“Yes, go ahead; about what? ” She felt his body tense slightly.

“Well, you know, you’ve said.. it would be nice if… I had sex with another girl…?”

Charlie was silent in that pondering mode that he slipped into sometimes.

“Yes,… uh,… are you… considering it?” he said quietly.

“Not exactly,” Emma replied.


“Well, not exactly thinking about it… There was a storm while you were gone and Francesca and I slept together. I hope you don’t mind, darling, tell me it is OK, will you.”

They lay quietly for a few moments. Emma felt his cock softening inside her, still comforting and warm. Charlie felt her lovely breasts teasing his chest.

“Charlie? Say something… please? It doesn’t change anything with us, you know.”

Uhnn huhh,… gosh, that’s something, sweetheart.”

“Charlie. Darling. Are you alright? You know we both love Francesca! This is just something.. well, delicious. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Well, güvenilir casino you know, I really think it is. Special, that is. A few years ago, I probably couldn’t have handled it. But, you know, I can’t find anything about it that I can’t understand. I know that you and Francesca love each other as best friends, that’s obvious. You sure it doesn’t affect how you feel about me?”

“I’ve really thought about it, Charlie. I’m sure it doesn’t. It’s another love, a different love. It is so delicious to be with Francesca. But making love to you is something I couldn’t live without,.. either.” She emphasized the last word, then wished she could take it back.

“Wow, this is something, you know? We, that is, I used to talk about it. Now here it is. And you know, I think I can understand it. It’s amazing. I can imagine it, I can see it.” Charlie was warming to the idea, but still it was a something to think about. Emma, knew when he rattled on like that, he was actually still examining the issue. Just talking to cover up his thinking. She waited, loving the way their bodies felt pressed together against the wetness between them. It was now feeling sticky.

.. Charlie’s mind drew a picture of the two of them. He saw Francesca tenderly lifting Emma’s breast to her lips, pulling on the nipple with her lips, then her teeth gently nibbling on the long hard nub extending from his lovely wife’s perky tits. He could imagine his wife’s little hands lifting Francesca’s breast out of her bra. Then both her breasts would have been out, swaying as she moved from one of Emma’s nipples to the other. He recalled the light sprinkling of freckles he had noticed on the comfortable curves of Francesca’s breasts at the neckline of her blouse.

His mind switched to the thought of their next move, reversing their position so that they could taste each other. He could imagine them kissing first, their breasts brushing against each other. He imagined Francesca’s hair spreading on the pillow as Emma’s pressed closer, pressed her pussy closer, offering it to Francesca. His mind turned to Emma, lying on top of Francesca, kissing the auburn hair at her apex, then slipping her tongue into the split of Francesca’s body.

Emma felt his cock swell and extend inside her again. She looked into his eyes, prying herself up to see him.

“Hey what’s that?”

Charlie kissed her and smiled into her eyes.

“I guess I can’t hide anything from you! Yes, I find it arousing. The vision is erotic… Can I be involved sometime, do you suppose? I’d like it, I think.”

“Mmmmm. Francesca is awfully private, dear, I’m not sure…but I think I could. Hhhmmmmmmm, maybe! Are you going to fuck me again, or are you just toying with me, dear Charlie?”

Charlie rolled over on top of her; he nibbled each nipple hard, one time, and then lifted Emma’s legs to his shoulders. They stared smilingly into each other’s eyes for a moment, feeling his cock shared between them. Charlie thrust hard into her tight pussy. She didn’t mind that he was too long. They were so excited by their discovery; she pushed back against his wild thrusting now. His balls slapping against her bottom was erotic and animalistic. He thrust in and out, loving her clasping pussy so tightly hanging on to him.

Emma pulled on him until again his sperm was driven up the length of his shaft, filling her yet again, emptying him into her. Emma hummed her pleasure into his ear as she savored the warmth of his cock spreading her pussy. She shivered and then squirmed as Charlie lightly brushed his hand across the expanse of her ass.

Charlie, spent at last, pressed her legs to the floor, pressing them tight together between his own, keeping her tight on his cock.

End of Chapter Four

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