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Hi let me introduce myself, I am a 32 year old woman. I am 5 foot 4 in. Admittedly I am a little over weight but in no means fat. My hair is red and is shoulder length. I can be a very dirty girl when I want or prim and proper. I was horny, possibly more horny than I ever had been. I thought about showering and dressing up to the “nines” and making a booty call to my boyfriend but cock was not going to satisfy my needs. I stripped off my jeans and T-shirt and though about a woman I know.

All we have ever done is kiss but I think about her in different positions with me and I am able to have a satisfying cum. This is just such a dream of mine and I hope if timing is correct it will be a reality some day soon.

I got my faithful blue vibe from its box under my bed and imagined kissing my sweet Jess. Kissing her lips my mouth parting to let her tongue slid in my mouth. Our nipples touching and straining through our shirts, I can feel her piercing rubbing against my left breast. We kiss and caress each other slowly getting hotter for each other. I remove my shirt and she follows with removing her own. bursa eskort bayan We are bra-less, We continue to kiss and our hard nipples press against each other. I reach down and grab her left tit in my hand. I lightly pull her nipple ring, she moans into my mouth. I begin to tug on her ring getting her more hot and more excited. She whispers my name.

She breaks away from the kiss to remove the rest of her clothes and tugs my hand to join her on the floor. I lay down next to her and kiss her neck and caress her tits. I use one hand to caress her face. I tell her how much I want her and how long I have wanted her. She response in kind and tells me she is so happy we are finally together. I move slowly down her body kissing each part of skin I can. I suck on her nipples and bite her playfully; she moans and asks for more. More I give her. I move slowly down her beautiful body kissing her belly the top of her mound, her thighs and down her legs to her petite little feet. All the while telling my sweet Jess how lovely, sexy and hot she is. She looks at me with her bright blue eyes with bursa merkez escort lust and love. She runs her fingers over her nipples, pulling and pinching them making them hard. More she says to me, Make love to me Katrina, please make love to me. I rub her feet in my hands and lovingly kiss and suck her toes.

Slowly I move back up her legs. Her beautiful sexy shaped legs. I am so happy to finally have her naked before me. I slowly kiss up her legs till I get to her pussy, wet and sweet smelling. Jess spreads her legs for me and whimpers in delight. I spread her sweet lips and take a deep breath of her sweet nectar. I dip my face into her opening and stick out my tongue. I slowly lick her from her anus to her clit. Slick are her juices on my face and in my mouth. I lick her and suck her clit into my mouth. Her little clitty grows in my mouth. She withers on the floor.

As I suck her clit I begin to finger her pussy. I start with one finger, reaching into her going for her G-Spot. I find it and apply the slightest bit of pressure as I suck onto her clit. bursa sınırsız escort bayan I look up to her face and such a look of pleasure is on her features. Her eyes are closed, and she is tugging, twisting, and pulling at her nipples. I slowly remove my finger from her pussy, she whimpers asks for more. I continue to suck her clit and push one finger towards her ass. She says to me ” oh yes baby” I slide one finger in her ass and another back into her pussy and suck harder on her clit. She cums in an explosive orgasm is covering my face with her juices.

She lies on the floor shaking after her orgasm. She looks at me sees that I still have my jeans on and tells me I am over dressed. I take off my jeans and she dives right to my pussy and works magic on my clit. She wants me to cum and cum fast and hard. She actually gets a little rough with me and I like it! She sucks my clit into her mouth and places one then two fingers into my quim. Pushing her fingers in and out and nibbling lightly on my clit. I have a quick and explosive cum. She slithers up my body and we begin to kiss. Tasting our juices together.

Just imaging Jess and I making love for the first time sends spasms of delight to my pussy. My blue vibe working overtime to make me cum. As I reach orgasm and my juices spill forth, I cover my fingers with my cum and lick it off my fingers thinking it’s her I am tasting.

And someday I will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32