Just a Dream

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This (very) short story came to me like a train of thought leaving its station. I just managed to board it and let it take me to its destination. It was one of those rare, satisfying moments where you manage to catch the inspiration as it comes.

And yes, I was procrastinating on university research to write this.

She was tied in a strict spread-eagle pose, each limb spread taunt towards the four posts at each corner of the bed. In her mouth, a ball gag. It was not too big and manageable to keep in her for a decent period of time without making her jaw ache. Masa knew that she was still relatively new to this, hence the size. Hylda kept her eyes closed as she inhaled and exhaled deeply, feeling the heated sensations that pulsed throughout her body as the egg vibrator danced its dance; slowly, languidly. It brought her to a steady, consistent edge, but never enough to push her fully over.

On that edge, the blonde woman teetered but never fell. Circling her like a predator, Masa watched her struggle, pulling at the ropes that restricted her movements xslot and bucking her hips involuntarily to try and find any other kind of friction to help bring her closer to an orgasm. Hylda’s moans were but music to the younger girls ears, and she told her so, sliding the riding crop up the older woman’s right thigh, tracing her inner muscles and coming to a stop just at the edge of her entrance. There, she slowly brought it up and down along her lips; tracing it.

At that, Hylda tensed up, body reacting to the crop as she lets out another moan, this one deeper. She felt her entrance opening up and offering her vagina; lips stretching desperately to try and grab the crop. Anything right now, inserted into her, would have been better than the nothingness she currently felt. In her voice, her moans were pleading. Masa pulled away, the contact leaving, much to Hylda’s dismay, only to come back sharply; stinging, as the younger girl whipped her once, very close to her vagina. Through the gag, Hylda yelled, toes curling and body tensing to the sudden, abrupt pain. xslot Giriş And yet, after the initial sting, a full-wave of pleasure tided over her body.

It may have been painful, but that pain brought her, if just for a moment, closer. And at that, as the sting subsided and pleasure once again took over, Hylda found herself wanting more. Hearing herself whimper, she opened her eyes, looking towards the blue-haired girl. She was smirking, a devilish gleam in her pupils as she stared down at her sweating, heated and spread out form.

Tilting her head, she asked if the older woman liked that. Cheeks flushing even more, Hylda found herself nodding slowly after a brief hesitation. Masa’s eyes softened. She caressed Hylda’s cheek, coming in to kiss her other as her mouth found herself next to the blonde woman’s ear. Gently, she whispers that there was nothing to be ashamed of. “No one will know”, she assures her as she straightened herself, once again bearing down on Hylda as she grinned. Raising the riding corp just above her spread legs, Masa looked back xslot Güncel Giriş once more, eyes locking with her prey, her final sentence of “So just enjoy it.” uttered sadistically before she brought it down.

Jolting awake, Hylda could feel her face warm with a blush as she gasped, opening her eyes abruptly. Bringing herself up to her elbows, she looked around, the cool midnight air wafted throughout her apartment. Spring was coming and the season was warming up, but a chill still lingered in the early mornings before dawn. Next to her on her futon, Masa slept soundly, curled up on her side, her breathing regular and soft.

Just a dream.

Slowly, she rubbed her thighs together, checking something. She was moist. Hylda exhaled, partly in bewilderment, as her memories recalled the last moments just before she re-entered the waking world. Looking back to her right, she gazed at her partner, her short electric blue hair haphazardly spread about the pillow. The girl looked so innocent and sweet compared to the one that bore down on her, eyes malicious and smirk sadistic. She scoffed, bringing a hand up to comb her bangs back as she mused at her own lewd ridiculousness. Of course it was a dream, she found herself thinking, the corners of her lips tilting up slightly, Masa doesn’t own a riding crop.

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