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Big Tits

I sit silently in the dimly lit room, looking around at the room I shared last night of wild sex with the nameless stranger who lay in the bed beside me.

It was really great sex that I have to admit, I remember the erotic music the band played at the lounge and the tall dark stranger who asked me to dance. He was so handsome with his milk chocolate skin against my skin of ivory, His white suit, with the red silk shirt made him look even darker as his large hands caressed my back under the black silk dress that I wore that was cut low over my breast.

His body moved in a slow sensual movement against mine, our breathing was becoming as if it were one. I felt that same tingling sensation run through my body like the call of the wild wanting to mate. My pussy was becoming wet between my thighs, I tried to fight these urges before and tonight isn’t any different I am giving into the lust of this stranger.

He kisses my neck as he holds me close to his body, his hands roam up and down my back rubbing my ass as we danced. He turns me so my back is fake hospital porno against him, running his hands down my sides slowly, down the sides of my thigh and back up almost exposing my body by lifting the side of my dress half way. His full lips were so soft on my neck, my nipples were erect and his finger tips gave me goose bumps on my flesh and before I knew it we were leaving and checked into a motel where he used his tie to restrain my hands to the head board, he then removed my thong and roughly he parted my legs and confined them with the sheets so I was his sexual prisoner.

He sat cross my hips and began to pinch and twist my nipples that were erect and hard. The burning sensation in my nipple made my pussy ache more for him, he began to tease me by standing beside the bed and he removed his clothing slowly, twisting my nipple every once in awhile after sucking on them and he would smack my ass cheek every so often. He then sat across my chest now his large cock teased my lips as it softly slid across my fake taxi porno lips as my tongue darted out to taste the salty clear liquid that began to ooze from its tip. I began to suck on his hard cock like a lolly pop twirling the head in my mouth wanting to feel his hot cum shoot down my throat.

Instead he stopped and stood across the room lighting a candle. I was breathing heavy wanting to feel his massive cock inside of me, my skin tingling from the hot lust that is flowing through me. I wanted to fuck him in the worse way. He stood over me dripping the hot candle wax on my nipples and down my stomach, the burning sensation felt so good on my hot skin, I wanted him and this pain he inflicted upon me was driving me crazy, I felt his thumb on my clit as he dripped more wax on my flesh, my hips were grinding up against his thumb, my pussy was throbbing with desire and then I felt his huge cock enter my pussy hard and he moaned as he entered my wet pussy as my juices welcomed him. He grinded his hard cock deep with in me, he family stroke porno untied one of my hands and I slowly dripped the candle wax down his back and on his ass checks, he pinned my hands down onto the bed.

“You want to cum on my cock slut?” he asked as he fucked me harder.

“Oh yes, I want to cum all over your cock.” I told him as he bit my nipple a little harder each time.

He moved up on his knees moving me up on his lap taking me deeper onto his large cock as my hips grinded against him to achieve the orgasm I was ready to beg for. He twisted my nipples with his one hand when I felt his finger slide into my ass and he fingered me bringing me into the most explosive orgasm anyone had ever given me. I felt him shoot his hot cum deep inside of my pussy from his throbbing hard cock. We both laid quietly on the bed side by side not speaking just listening to our breathing in the dim lit room.

He looked at me smiling as his fingers moved my hair from my face. He ran his finger down my nude body smiling at me.

“So what is your name?” he asked me.

I looked at him as I sat on the side of the bed shaking my head. He looked at me confused with my sudden distance. I touched his chin softly with my finger tips.

“No names, it will only ruin it.” I told him dressing and leaving him still a stranger as I did to everyone of my lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32