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**Kali’s Room**

“It’s been about a week or so since then…,” Kali thought to herself, her mind wandering back to her first day at her new job, “but it feels like about 2 years. I still can’t believe all that happened.” The memories of what exactly happened that day sending a shiver down her spine and a slight moistening of her naughty nether regions.

Kali’s new job working under Kristina, the young entrepreneur of a men’s clothing shop, had started out pretty normally,… for the better part of a day at least. That is, until one of Kali’s numerous hidden kinks found a convenient target by the name of Peter, or rather, Peter’s large dangling balls. One thing led to another and poor horny but inexperienced Kali found herself fully enjoying those full balls, getting covered in man cum, wandering the store naked, and eventually had her tight booty finger fucked to a crazy orgasm while right in front of a customer no less, by her new boss, Kristina.

It all seemed kind of surreal to Kali, especially with the fact that after such a ridiculously unlikely scenario had played out that day, nothing even close to noteworthy had happened since. Like it or not, Kristina was still a very professional business woman and she had a shop to run. A shop that, it turns out, was a lot busier and more popular than Kali had realized on her first day.

“Jeez, I can’t believe how busy that place can get.” Kali ruminated. “I’ve barely had a chance to take my breaks during the work day in the last week. I’m always getting worn out at work,” then with a smirk, “One way or another!”

Kali rolled over on her bed, throwing her dainty feet off the side and sat up. Today was her day off and she had been relaxing on the bed after she had gotten back from getting some groceries, (more like snacks), when her mind had wandered, and not for the first time, back to that crazy first day. “Damn, Peter had some huge balls. They were so heavy and juicy, and when he came I could feel all that cum rushing out of them. It was so fuckin’ hot,… OH!” She gasped a little. Without realizing it Kali had started to circle her hand down her taught tummy dipping lower and lower while she remembered that day until she had unconsciously slipped her hand all the way down below the loose waist band of her comfy pajama bottoms. She only realized it when her wandering hand brushed right across the top of her rapidly wetting pussy, sending a pleasant jolt through her.

Kali bit her bottom lip in contemplation as she gently slipped her middle finger between her sweet pussy lips. “Oh!” She gasped again. Her fingers found her pussy slick and hot. She could feel her wetness coating the invading digits and a warm heady feeling starting to creep from her neglected little pussy. Kali continued to slowly tease her finger in and out of her hole, her breath starting to come in short little gasps. That’s when she looked up and saw herself in her full length closet mirror. Lounging on her bed, sitting near the edge with her hand buried under the loose cloth of her bottoms, her eyes half closed. She stared at herself for a second, then stopped moving her hand. She stood up, still keeping her fingers buried in her pussy for a moment before turning to the side looking in the mirror. She used her other hand to pull her pajama pants down a little until they rested just below the delicious curve of her young tight ass cheeks. While she did this she started slowly rubbing herself again. Alternating between fingering her wet folds and pulling her soaked fingers out to tease around her now engorged little clit.

Kali thought to herself, “I wonder if,…would it be the same if I did it?” Walking closer to the mirror she turned, still rubbing herself, to look at her ass. Kali had never tried anything like what Kristina had done at the shop to her tender young bottom, and now she was getting curious. Especially having had very little stimulation lately.

With these new thoughts going through her head, Kali dropped her pants down around her ankles and spread her legs so she could try to sneak a peek between her own cheeks. It was kind of hard to see though like this so instead she bent over at the waist, keeping her legs spread so she could see between her own legs in the mirror. She giggled a little thinking of what it looked like. Standing there legs spread, pants down, fingers going to work on her pussy while trying to look at her own asshole upside down. She quickly pushed these distracting thoughts away though and moved her already wet fingers towards her puckered little hole.

Kali slid her free hand along her smooth tummy and continued towards her ample chest until she had captured one of her perky breasts that swayed and jiggled beneath her as she continued the exploration of her heated flesh. She cupped her heavy titty, giving her taught nipple a quick tug that elicited an exasperated moan from her open lips as she began massaging her dangling breast. Her creamy casino şirketleri white titties were only held in check by and old, worn out grey tank top that was very nearly see through. You could almost see the color of Kali’s hard little nips through the fabric, and it looked like the aching tips were trying their hardest to break free of the confining cloth.

“Mmmmm…” Kali Moaned again, “I have such Naughty boobies. This feels so good!” With only the thread bare garment between her greedy hand and her titty she wasted no time caressing and kneading her hungry flesh. Once again reminded of how Kristina had abused her naughty tits recently. She gripped the fabric pulling it tight across her breasts, forcing her nipples to strain even harder against the fabric. She pulled the cloth back and forth over her little nubs, causing even more stimulation to the tender peaks as the cloth was dragged roughly over them. This brought up more memories of how Kristina had playfully toyed with Kali’s, previously unmolested, breasts right in the middle of the store.

Kristina had roughly squeezed Kali’s breasts, she had kneaded them and toyed with them. Almost as if Kristina had been milking Kali’s sweet swollen breasts like she was a dairy cow. She’d tugged on Kali’s young teets, working her over. Sliding her hands down towards her turgid nipples roughly. “If I could actually make milk Kristina would have had me squirting it all over that day!” Kali’s wicked thoughts coming faster. “I kind of wish I could be milked like that,…”

Kali continued to try to emulate what Kristina had done to her while she continued to work the wet fingers of her other hand all around her twitching little butthole. She twirled them around her cute little asshole, gently teasing the opening with her wet digits. “Mmmmm that feels pretty good. Jeez, I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before now!” She exclaimed as quietly as she could as she continued to play with her sexy upturned bottom. “It’s not the same though,” Kali lamented thinking of how thoroughly Kristina had violated her virgin ass, “I need something else.” Pausing briefly, Kali reached to her dresser from where she stood and managed to grab the little Neon Orange vibrator she had tucked away in the top drawer. “Here we go!” She said, turning the tiny wonder toy on.

The vibrator buzzed to life in her small hands and she maneuvered it under her to tease the entrance of her almost dripping pussy. A few circles around her sensitive clit and she slowly inserted it into her cunt as far as she could. “Ahh,.. just need to Mmmm… get a little, lubrication, OH… first…mmmm. No problems there.” Kali moaned as she got her toy ready for its’ first foray into uncharted territory. Kali’s hot, wet, pussy was now making some naughty, squishy sounds as she pumped her Neon friend in and out of herself.

When she finally decided it was good and ready she slid the now soaked toy, still buzzing, from her cunny and moved it to her tight anal entrance. She let the vibrations carry through her flesh from where it pressed against her asshole. She could swear that the sensations radiated from where it sat against her bottom all the way into her dripping pussy driving her need higher and higher. “Well, here goes nothinggggnnnmmMMMMMMM…” Kali moaned out loud as she slowly inserted the toy, well lubricated with her own pussy juice, past her anal sphincter and deep into her ass.

Kali’s eyes rolled back and she started to gasp as the vibrator went all the way up to the base in her sweet ass. The vibrations coursed through her, making her squirm and her butt cheeks involuntarily clenched trying to trap the toy where it buzzed away deep inside her shaking bottom. Her belly began to tremble and tighten up, and her nipples became painfully hard. Her trembling legs caused her breasts to sway and bounce as they hung off her chest below her. Kali’s shirt was getting bunched up, catching on her erect nipples as her breasts wobbled, tugging at the material. With her pants still around her ankles, bent over as she was with her legs trembling from the vibrations assaulting the depths of her tender ass Kali was having trouble maintaining her balance as the sensations welled up within her and she fought to stay standing. The stimulation seemed to force her to try to stick her ass out farther as if it couldn’t get enough of this violation putting her even more off balance. Kali felt her pussy quivering from what she was doing to her backdoor. She knew she was already very close to cumming and she shut her eyes tight and let it start to overtake her.

It was at that moment that there was a loud knock on her bedroom door and it started to open.

“Hey Kali! You in your room?” Kali’s roommate Sarah, called loudly as she began opening the door. The door hadn’t been locked so she thought she might as well check in to see if Kali was here.

Kali, nearly in the midst of her orgasm, suddenly stood straight casino firmaları up at the noise in a blind panic. The sudden orthostatic change, going to playing with herself upside down to standing straight almost made her pass out. Instead she lost her balance with her pants still around her ankle, and her legs still trembling as her vibe worked its’ magic with her booty. She lurched sideways and fell. Luckily she fell back straight into the computer chair with her favorite chair pillow she used while gaming that was sitting next to her by her gaming PC. Unluckily, she still had her vibrator lodged deep in her ass, and as she came down in the chair, her legs still tangled, the chair spun around and Kali found herself facing her Computer screen away from the door. The young girl yelped in surprise, both at the door opening and at the sudden unescapable deep vibrations of her little friend up her rear.

“Oh, hey! There you are! If you were in here you should have said something.” Kali’s roomy was saying behind her as she entered. Still unaware of what was happening. “So, what ya doing? I heard you yell when I opened the door. Everything ok?”

Kali had grabbed onto the computer desk when the chair spun around to face the monitor. Sitting facing away from her Roomy, her lack of pants was hidden by her seated position. More troublesome was that the deep impact she just experienced set off a small orgasm, tempered by the sudden visitation of her roommate Sarah. Kali managed to keep her wits, just barely as the microgasm coursed through her.

“Was just… Oh, Uh… Playing a game,… yeahhhhhhh…oh fuck!” Kali tried to blurt out an excuse but she could barely concentrate. Her vibrator was going full force deep in her ass and her pussy was quivering between her clamped legs. Her juices quickly made her thighs wet and sticky as she came silently while her roommate Sarah stood there unaware that Kali was creaming herself right in front of her. Kali was on the verge of losing all composure and she couldn’t think straight. The Pillow on the chair was muffling the buzzing of her little helper but the position she was in was making the vibrations even more intense. They spread straight through her like a jackhammer from back to front and her body was starting to shake.

“Oh? What kinda game are you playing with nothing running? It’s just the desktop?” Sarah observed.

Kali’s pussy was throbbing as she fought to keep the orgasmic bliss at bay, and her ass was burning, her leg muscles held tight trying to keep herself from trembling visibly with the sensations below her waist. Kali tried to turn a bit to answer Sarah, and accidentally brushed her over sensitized nipples against the table. The jolt of pleasure through her nips made her start to whimper, but she managed to cover up the noise by blurting out, ” CRASHED! Yeah, uh.. it crashed. Right as you walked in, Yup.”

Kali tried to maintain her breathing as steadily as she could as the waves of embarrassment continued washing over in time with the small but building orgasm she was having. Kali felt her girl cum oozing out of her twitching pussy, wetting her thighs and starting to dampen her pillow, all while her friend Sarah watched.Kali tried to adjust her hips slightly forward to take the pressure off her bottom, but only succeeded in grinding her now engorged clit into the pillow. Kali had to quickly bite her lip to keep from screaming right then. She managed to at least hold the exclamation in as she felt her pussy contract hard and she felt herself squirt a little on the pillow. Kali changed tactics and tried to clamp her legs together tighter leaning back away from her clit. This also increased the stimulation in her ass but at this point she knew she was going to cum full force soon and she was going to try to hold it off as hard as she could.

“Well, I’ll let you get back to it then.” Her roomy said. “I know how serious you are about your gaming.” Sarah turned to walk out of the room, then stopped and said “Speaking of didn’t you mention some raid or something tonight?”

Kali couldn’t hold it anymore. Her pussy ached and throbbed leaking her juices into her seat, her hard nipples threatened to tear through her cheap tank top and her head was getting foggy. As her roomy asked her question Kali’s last vestige of control left her and she gasped out, “Oh, fuck!”

Her roommate mistook the crashing wave of her orgasm for a reply. “Ahh, you forgot didn’t you? Well, you better fix your rig so you can play tonight then. You made it sound important.”

Kali couldn’t even hear the girl anymore the torrent of pleasure ripping through her right then was too much for her to care. With all the strength Kali could muster she managed to hold herself steady in the chair as her pussy started creaming in earnest, her hot juices spreading below her and coating her bottom as the pillow soaked it all up. She managed to shout out, “Oh, fuck Yes!”

Sarah had already güvenilir casino turned to leave again with a final yell, “Yeah! You go get’em nerd girl!” Then she left closing the door behind her. “Well, it’s good to be passionate about something.” She whispered to herself in the hall and headed downstairs.

As soon as the door closed Kali devolved into a sexual mess and with the vibrator in her ass doing excellent work Kali’s hands were free. They immediately shot up to her breasts which had begun to jiggle on her chest as tremors wracked her nubile body after having to hold in her orgasm for so long. Her entire lithe frame shook as the tension of the orgasm she’d been slowly riding was given free reign.

Kali’s pussy spasmed hard over and over as she continued creaming herself making a sopping mess out of the pillow on the chair, soaking it right through. She was grinding her pussy into it, humping against it, rocking her lust swollen nether lips down on the pillow when she thrust her quaking hips forward and pressing the vibrator in her ass deeper when she rocked backwards. As her tight clenching asshole clamped down on the Neon orange pleasure device it would be squeezed by the tight muscles of her toned ass pushing it part way out of her clutching sphincter just in time to be jammed deep, back into her asshole while she moved. Kali’s wild movements were allowing her to effectively fuck herself up the ass.

While Kali continued to force herself to cum with her naughty little anus, her shaking hands had grabbed ahold of both her tits, cupping them both, squeezing and kneading them through the thin tank top before pulling on her stiff nipples. She gasped out once realizing she needed to be able to touch her pink, sex flushed skin directly and she couldn’t stand having this damn shirt between her hands and her sensitive tits.

Grabbing the shirt in the middle with both hands, Kali gave a hard yank quickly tearing the old thread bare tank top open in the middle. Kalis’s breasts bounced free of their confines with the violent motion and heaved with the girls ragged breathing. She slipped the ragged edges of the cloth, only held by the shoulder straps, beneath each breast allowing the remains of the tank top to help thrust her breasts upward. Proudly displaying her glorious feminine charms her taut nipples reaching for the sky. Kali’s chest now exposed to the open air, she slid her hands beneath them bouncing their weight in her hands. They bounced unrestrained on her still shaking frame, held aloft by her torn shirt her groping hands, and the natural ability of her firm, young tits while she rode out the orgasms cascading through her supple form.

Kali could hear herself making whimpering sounds and she was vaguely aware she didn’t want Sarah to hear the screams that would likely soon follow. Tearing a hand away from one tender teet she managed to jam some of the torn shirt near the neckline into her own mouth to muffle the sounds she was making. This had the effect of pulling the material tighter around her boobs pressing them together and pushing them farther up. All the while Kali was squeezing her breasts hard, now trying to match the same milking motion Kristina had used, tugging her engorged nipples upright on her chest.

Kali pictured herself being milked by Kristina then. The other girl tugging aggresively on her bare breasts her nipples between Kristina’s manicured fingers, being rolled around and teased until, in her orgasm induced fantasy, Kali’s nipples start to leak milk. She pictured Kristina squeezing her breasts from the base all the way to her nipples causing a veritable torrent of pearly white, warm milk to flow from Kali’s shaking breasts. This random fantasy caused Kali’s naughty bits to convulse again harder than before and she bit down on the shirt as she continued to cum her brains out. Her orgasm showed no signs of stopping while and the pleasure drew a vicious guttural groan from her throat that was drowned out by the shirt, “Grrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooohhhhh…” ,it continued on for several seconds. It was a low growl, quite surprising for such a petite girl like Kali.

The vibrator jammed deep in Kali’s tightly clamped asshole kept her peaking and unable to come down off her orgasmic high. It had been a couple minutes now at least of near constant orgasmic torture. Kali’s soft breasts, swollen from arousal and abuse, now had her hand prints on them where she had been vigorously groping herself. It wasn’t until the vibrator began to die off, its’ batteries apparently spent, that Kali was finally able to regain her senses.

Now completely drained and without the sexual charge to keep her going she slipped slowly out of the chair and onto the floor. First to her knees then falling forward to land on her hands. She knelt on all fours for a few moments panting, the after shocks making her tremble slightly. Too tired to hold herself up for long, her arms gave out to leave her laying face down, ass still in the air with the vibrator now dead having given its’ all valiantly, still poking out of her rear. Before she closed her eyes and passed out Kali thought to herself, “I think I have a thing for anal…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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