Kamana Ch. 05

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Owner Cyril

Cyril was a gruff man. He hated the world and what it was. Technology, people, congestion. He worked at a job for a hateful woman that he wanted to strangle on a daily basis. He wanted a new job but with the economy he couldn’t leave. She threatened to fire him almost every day, and criticized everything he did.

He hated politics too, and hated Rebecca even more. He didn’t like her holier-than-thou attitude. He especially didn’t like that she commanded the military. He had served his country in the Syrian war, and came home in good physical shape, but yet changed in a way that no one could see. He didn’t think a woman should be in charge of that much weaponry, and that men shouldn’t have to take orders from a woman like her. She had no military experience, no strategic knowledge, but still thought she could rule the world. He couldn’t wait until she was gone and a man would take over.

Cyril would come home every day to his empty house, happy for the solitude most days. He kept to himself, not talking to his neighbors, and enjoying the quiet. He didn’t socialize much, and he didn’t have many friends. He had a small house on a large piece of property. He kept everything simple and clean, not buying a lot of material things and saving his money.

On the days he didn’t want to be alone, he would take a little piece of paper from his wallet and call the phone number that was hand written on it. He knew a guy. And that guy made sure Cyril was always satisfied.

“Hi it’s Cyril. Yeah, send a girl. The usual.”

About 30 minutes after his phone call, there would be a knock on his door.

“Just what Cyril ordered.”

He wanted the same thing every time; petite, shy, willing, submissive pain sluts. He especially liked the ones that looked like his boss. He didn’t know their names, and he didn’t want to. To him they were playthings, objects for his entertainment. Sometimes his guy would send a new girl, but sometimes he’d send a girl he had used before. He wasn’t interested in small talk or getting to know one another; if he wanted that he’d get a girlfriend. In fact, as soon as he opened the door, he would pull her in the house and gag her immediately so he wouldn’t even hear her voice. He’d order her to strip for him, as female clothing was not allowed in his home. He would enjoy watching the girl as she takes off her clothes, looking like a deer in headlights, not sure what she’s gotten herself into. And he’d laugh, knowing it’s just the beginning, he likes his fun, and he pays his friend very well for it.

As the girl gets naked in his entry way, his belt comes off in the same way your daddy’s used to when it was time for a spanking. Hearing the whoosh of the end leaving the belt loops, the girl would let out a whimper as he got ready to wield it. She would feel the sting of his belt many times that night, and Cyril would feel his manliness enter back into him after dealing with his bitch boss for too long. This girl couldn’t get away. And if she tried, he had ways of making her stay. Since his neighbors weren’t close, he didn’t mind some noise, and they would end up in the basement anyway. His basement was nice and dark, quiet yet somewhat stale. At the bottom of the stairs, one can see the whole room. Ropes and pulleys hung from the ceiling above a small table in the middle of the room. A small bed was nestled in the corner with shelves on the wall next to it. The shelves were lined with implements such as dildos and cuffs, whips and floggers. The girl always ended up in here, so her moans and screams couldn’t be heard. She’d get tied up and hung from the ceiling on the table at the perfect height from the floor that Cyril could put his cock anywhere he wanted.

He would tie the knots slowly, watching her eyes to see the fear. Some girls wouldn’t be afraid, and he loved that too, seeing how they got wet with every knot. His favorite is to beat the girl’s tits with the belt as he fucks her in the ass, watching her eyes get big and teary as she screams into the gag. With every thrust of his cock and stroke of his belt he felt just a little better, relieving the stress that built up. He would imagine that she was his boss, and he was giving her every bit that she deserved. After having an orgasm, he would lay on the bed and rest for a few minutes as he watched the girl struggle against the ropes. Then he would start again. He loved to tear the girls up, making the whore beg for mercy as he belts her and fucks her through the night. He didn’t care if he made her cum in the process. This was never about the girl, and he paid a lot of money to make sure she was a good whore and got plenty of his cum. He would fuck for hours until he was so exhausted that his cock couldn’t get hard and his muscles ached. Then he’d take the girl down and watch her stagger upstairs and struggle to get dressed as she walked out the door.

He didn’t get to indulge as often as he’d like, since the girls that were willing to take his beatings were expensive and the depression made things harder xslot to afford at the time. When he could, we would order a fuck whore once a week, but now he could only get one once a month. He blamed Rebecca for that too, and his hatred for her grew. His urge to use a girl would grow worse every day until he’d finally make the call.

His boss became even more demanding of him at work, and she threatened to lay him off if he didn’t step it up. He felt like she was always looking over his shoulder, criticizing everything he did and emasculating him. She would pull him into her office almost every day, lecturing him, insulting his work and making him re-do what she would find unacceptable. He hated having to listen to her voice. He hated that she had this power over him. He would bite his tongue and imagine her in his basement degrading her and putting her where she belonged just to get through each day. He longed to put her under his belt. She was petite, and nothing would give him more pleasure than to gag her and make her shy and submissive just like he liked it. He would imagine bending her over her table in the office, locking the door and lifting up her skirt to show her bare ass. He could almost see the red marks across her ass cheeks from his belt and feel his cock yearn to make her scream as he used her. He could hear her moan as he spread her ass with his hard cock, filling her up with his cum and calling her his dirty cum whore. He would dream of a day when he would go into her office and she would beg for his cum instead of degrading him.

On top of his boss all day, Rebecca was constantly on the TV or in the news making demands. Her cabinet was all women, and they were like mini-Rebeccas, demanding and bossy. It seemed everywhere he went there were women commanding and demanding. He felt surrounded by women who needed to be put in their place. He would grit his teeth and cuss at the TV at night, wishing someone would do something. He couldn’t believe Rebecca had so much power. Every moment he had to watch her his hatred grew. Cyril had about had enough of the world on the day Rebecca surrendered to the 3FU. He was about to call his guy to send a girl. He was at home in his chair, drinking a glass of scotch when the news conference started. He watched, dumbfounded and stunned as he saw Rebecca naked, collared, on a pillow. He thought he was dreaming. He changed channels only to see the same thing on every one. A big smile came across his face as he watched her grovel. He was glued to the TV the rest of the night, watching the news channel to find out as much as he could about this quiet revolution. He soaked in every story, every word, imagining what those men were doing to Rebecca, wishing he was part of it. He could tell that she had been broken, like they had fucked her into submission. He couldn’t sleep that night. He kept thinking about the three men on the TV fucking Rebecca and smiling. His thoughts turned to his boss. He wondered what would happen to her. He wondered if he could have her. He wanted to give her what he’d been dreaming of for so long. He decided to go immediately the next morning to a processing center and talk with someone about her. He was giddy.

The next morning, Cyril came out of his house with a spring in his step that he had not had in decades. He met an Enforcer on his block that said he was happy to take him to the processing center. He went with the man to the processing center and waited in line to speak with an Administrator. Cyril watched as women came in and women left, seeing the transformation from women to slaves. He looked around at all the people and became more excited to talk about his boss. When it was his turn, a naked woman led him to a room where another man came in and introduced himself as an Administrator. He talked with Cyril and completed all of the paperwork and profile, determining that he would be a fine Owner, and provided him with the Owner’s handbook and offered to answer any questions he had. Cyril jumped at the opportunity.

“I do want to know something. My boss at work is female, so it sounds like she will no longer be my boss, right?”

“That’s correct.”

“That also means she will be a slave?”

“Yes. If she is married she will have an Owner. If she is single, she will be a beta slave.”

“She is single, so what will happen to her?”

“We will process her, and she will become property of the 3FU and be for sale.”

“I would like to buy her.”

“Ah, yes, I think something could be worked out. Give me her name and I’ll see what I can do for you. I will call you as soon as she is inventoried.”

Cyril wrote down her information and his phone number and went home to wait for a call. He continued to watch the news, then read the handbook and got online, learning all he could like a kid with a new toy.


Welcome, sir, to the new world as an Owner. If you are married, your marriage license has been officially transferred by 3FU into a certificate of Ownership. You are now the Owner xslot Giriş of an Alpha slave and you may buy beta slaves as you wish. If you are single, you will have the ability to take an Alpha slave if you wish, along with as many beta slaves as well. This booklet contains a few basic rules that must be learned and followed. With the receipt of this book you have been registered with 3FU. Your Administrator is available to help you with anything you need.

The following rules are the minimum, and are subject to change at any time.

Every Alpha slave must be nude at all times, wearing only a neck collar with attached name tag, and breast collars in public. Beta slaves do not have neck collars. If they are Owned, then they will have a chain between the breast collars with an attached name tag. Shoes are allowed outside. Owners may deviate from this dress code with a proper waiver.

The Owner makes the rules of his home and for his property (all slaves in your home).

Owners may choose to alter the appearance of your slave. If you choose, any alterations will be completed at the health assessment center as needed.

Every slave must be registered with 3FU through the processing center in her area and must be reassessed once a year.

Every slave must have a health assessment at the local health assessment center every three months.

Every slave is to be respectful of all Owners, speaking only when spoken to or with permission. All men are to be addressed as “Sir”.

Every slave must complete all training assigned to her through the 3FU website.


Although you own your slaves, 3FU has laid out specific rules to ensure that all slaves are treated humanely. Enforcers are available to speak with any slave regarding any issue that she may have by calling the local processing center or logging on to 3FU.gov. All conversations with Enforcers and Administrators are confidential.

Abuse, neglect, or sexual exploitation of a child is forbidden

Cruelty to slaves is forbidden

Withholding any 3FU services from a slave is forbidden including access to 3FU.gov, processing centers, and health assessment centers

Every slave has access to any health assessment center at any time for any health issues or questions.

You have been registered for web-based training that you are required to complete. This training is available on 3FU.gov after you register. Owners are responsible for ensuring this training is completed by his slaves and up to date at all times.

Administrators are available at the local processing center to help with any issues regarding training, accessing the website, or questions about the administration of the 3FU governing structure.

As an Owner, you are responsible for the health, well-being, and behavior of your slaves at all times. You must properly feed and provide them with appropriate shelter. You will be taxed for your slaves, so we encourage you to make them work outside the home, as their income is yours. With your tax dollars, the 3FU provides all education and health care that may be needed. More information is available online or at your local processing center. We hope you enjoy your newfound freedom and power as an Owner.

Cyril knew this was it for him. This is where he belonged and he couldn’t wait to hear about his “former” boss, now slave. He got online and went through the information and prepared for his new life as an Owner. It was all he could think about.

Two days later he got a call from the local Administrator.

“Sir, the slave you inquired about was just inventoried and is available for sale.”

They gave him the information on the price and how he could buy her.

“Great, I will be there within the hour to pay for her.”

“I will put a hold in the computer for her for you sir. She will be on hold for one business day.”

He thanked the man and hung up the phone. He was elated. Everything felt right for him. This was the way the world was supposed to be. It was perfect.

He immediately went to the assessment center where the Administrator was waiting. He took him into his office.

“The slave is here in the center. I didn’t send her anywhere since I knew you were coming in right away. As soon as the paperwork is done, you can take her. A full inventory of her belongings that are now yours, and her complete profile will be sent to you electronically. She seems a bit feisty on the outside, but in reality, she is very submissive, and will be very happy with a firm hand. She got used to being in charge, but she doesn’t want to be. Her profile shows little experience with men, but I think she will learn quickly. You may consider sending her to training.”

“Is she a pain slut?”

“I think, deep down, she is. Since she doesn’t have much experience, it’s hard to say, but based on her profile, xslot Güncel Giriş I think she is.”

“Great, thank you.”

“Now, do you want to take her as your Alpha, or just as a beta? You can convert Ownership to Alpha later if you’d like.”

“Let’s just keep her beta for now.”

“Perfect. Now, would you like to give her a new name? And you may also change anything about her appearance as well.”

“Yes, I want her name to be Lara. Can you also change her hair? I want it shorter. And can you increase her tit size? I want them DD.”

“Absolutely sir, we can do all of that at her first appointment in the Health Assessment Center. One more thing, do you want her to breed, or give her birth control?”

“Birth control for now.”

“Great! I’ll be back in just a few moments.”

For Cyril, it seemed an eternity before the Administrator returned with his new slave. As he led her in the door, she saw him sitting there and her face seemed to lose all color, and she began to tremble. She kneeled at his feet as the Administrator handed him the leash

“She’s all yours!” and shook his hand.

She looked up at him and said shakily “I’m so glad that you’re someone I know. I was so afraid I was going to a stranger.”

Cyril looked down at her and smiled.

“You won’t be glad at first, slut, but you will learn.”

Seeing her naked for the first time was a rush for Cyril. She will be perfect with bigger tits and her ass was exquisite in his mind. He could see the fear in her eyes, and he got an instant hard on. He was ready to take her home.

He stood up and pulled her to her feet then proudly led her out of the center. He seemed to glide out of the door and down the street to his home, with his new toy in tow. He could barely hold in his joy as he tried to decide what to do with her first. He was in control now, calling the shots, and the object of his distaste was now his property to do as he pleased.

Lara was very apprehensive, knowing she hadn’t been the nicest person to Cyril. But, she also felt calm at the same time. She didn’t have to decide anymore. She didn’t have to fight to stay at the top. She tried to speak to him as they walked, but Cyril just ignored her. He couldn’t wait to get the gag in her mouth so he didn’t have to listen to her voice.

As they reached his home, he immediately put the gag in her mouth and took her to the basement. He tied her up in his favorite way and examined every inch of her. She seemed worried, watching him, whimpering a bit here and there, and lightly fighting the ropes. She had no idea what to expect, since she had never seen this side of Cyril. She always thought he was just a quiet, ignorant, lazy employee and didn’t realize he had a dominant side. She looked around the basement at the chains and ropes, toys and accessories, and wondered what happened down there over the years. She tried not to think about this man that was inspecting her. As he looked her over, she could feel his hot breath on her skin, his fingers touching her. She had not been touched by any man in many years, so she closed her eyes and imagined she was somewhere else. She could hear him mumbling under his breath and breathing harder as he neared the completion of his inspection. Cyril then stood up and got between her legs, his growing cock brushing against her through his slacks.

He looked her right in the eyes as he unzipped his pants, grabbed her tits and slid himself into her. He couldn’t control his urge to make this first time special. He made her look at him and he kept her gaze as his cock explored and used her wet pussy. He fucked her long and hard, but did not belt her. He wanted to wait for that. She was slightly disgusted as she was forced to look at him and feel his hard cock inside of her. She hoped she was only dreaming and that she would wake up any moment. But then she was caught by surprise when her body began to tremble and she started to climax. He brought her to orgasm as he unloaded inside of her, then left her tied up as he went upstairs. She closed her eyes as he left, tears streaming down her face. She felt dirty and ashamed as she could feel his cum slowly dripping down her pussy. Her mind was spinning and she felt slightly ill. She never really liked Cyril, and to be forced to look at him as he fucked her was humiliating and gross. She could hear his footsteps upstairs and took the opportunity to breathe and relax in her solitude.

Cyril went upstairs quickly, realizing that he was a bit dizzy. He didn’t want Lara to see him that way. He was overwhelmed from the day, and it hit him that he now owned this woman and he had her as long as he wanted. He was euphoric and went over everything again in his mind, making sure he wasn’t dreaming. He sat in his chair and worked to calm himself down as he thought about what he should do next. He opened his laptop and logged in. Her profile had been sent. He carefully read it, learning more than he would have ever known about his new slave. He looked over her finances and her (now his) property and assets. He closed his eyes for a moment as he thought about all of the information he had absorbed over the last few days. He studied her information again before feeling calm enough to go back down to his basement where she was waiting.

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