Karen’s Confession Pt. 02

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This is an evolving story, and all is not what it seems in this series. THERE ARE TWISTS!

I truly hope you enjoy this developing story of a forbidden triad.


As soon as the words left Charles’ lips Sydnee began to chuckle. I didn’t know what to say. My husband had just told me he was going to kick me out of our marital bed for the next few weeks, replacing me with this hot 19 year old he had brought home from the bar, with my permission I might add! The thought of sleeping in the guest room alone while he and Sydnee cuddled and slept in my own bed without me gave me chills, and it oddly aroused me even more. I had wanted this for him for so long, that I had grown to want it for myself, as well.

But just as I got my hopes up, Charles took it back by saying, “You know I’m just kidding about that, right, Babe? I could never do that.”

My heart sank. His powerful words had gotten my hopes up and now he backtracked. I was disappointed but hopeful.

He continued, “What I mean is I’m NOT kidding about Sydnee staying here for a while, I was kidding about you having to stay in another room. I don’t see why we can’t all stay in here until the kids get home from college if that’s ok with the both of you.”

The thought of snuggling with them like this for the next few weeks was very appealing.

Sydnee spoke up and softly said, “Charles, you don’t have to do that. I can stay in the guest room. It’s nice in there and I’m not trying to replace Karen.” She reached over and caressed my hair softly trying to reassure me and continued, “Besides, I kind of like my own space, ya know?”

Charles made the decision by saying, “Tonight we can sleep right here and see if we like it, and figure out the room arrangements later.” He pried himself from between us and crawled over me and out of bed. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to get something to drink, Babe. You want something?” he asked me as he kissed me.

“No. I’m fine, dear,” I replied, expecting him to ask Sydnee if she wanted anything, but he didn’t. He just walked out of the room.

While it didn’t seem to bother Sydnee that Charles had ignored her before he left the room, I was a little upset at the fact he hadn’t asked her if she wanted anything, and even more upset that he didn’t kiss her before leaving the room as he had done to me. I took it as a sign that he was still committed to me, and while that gave me some comfort, I really wanted to make sure his new girlfriend was taken care of emotionally and not just physically.

As soon as Charles disappeared through the doorway, Sydnee leaned over and gave me a peck before getting out of bed herself and saying, “I’m got to run to the bathroom. I’ll be right back, Mrs. Hastings.”

I stared at the ceiling as I laid there alone still wrapped in my sexiest robe that barely covered my sexiest lace bras and tiny panties. There was an uneasy emptiness I felt as the bed’s vacancy felt so cold to me. I suddenly became conscious of the taste of their sex lingering in my mouth and it reminded me of how far I had come. My fantasy had finally become our reality, and I wanted more. It was truly intoxicating.

Charles made his way Tokat Escort back into the room with a whisky in hand, his half hard cock swinging from side to side with each sexy step as he walked toward me, stopping at the edge of the bed in front of me.

“Where’s Sydnee?” He asked as he stood in front of me. His masculine stature and broad shoulders took my breath away as usual.

“Bathroom,” I replied just as we heard the toilet flush, followed by then the sink as Sydnee washed her hands. She was humming a tune softly, and sounded quite at ease and happy. Charles and I smiled at each other, realizing what we had in the other room.

Charles said, “Why don’t you take that robe off and get comfortable, babe. You never know what could happen in the middle of the night.”

I stood up and peeled my robe off, tossing it in the corner. I pulled my panties down, kicking them in the same direction while reaching around behind my back and unhooking my lace bra. I let it fall to the floor as I laid back on the bed, crawling under the covers to hide myself.

Charles heading towards the bathroom saying, “I think I’ll take a quick shower before bed. That always helps me sleep.” He head tilted back as he took a big gulp from his glass. The fact that he didn’t mention the gravity of what had just happened between the three of us surprised me and reassured me of his commitment to me. Just last week I was terrified to even tell him of my fantasy and now he was helping me fulfil it. In my mind, things couldn’t have been more perfect at that moment. I felt lucky to have such an understanding man as my husband.

Charles bent down and kissed me again as he headed to the bathroom, pausing at the doorway to let Sydnee by him. As she sauntered passed him he gave her a firm slap on her ass to keep her ego in check. She let out an innocent squeak from the surprise, smiling at me. She took two steps and dove into the bed and crawled under the covers next to me.

I laid on my back with my head propped up on a pillow as Sydnee snuggled up next to me and put her head on my chest.

“We’ll be waiting right here for you when you get back to us, baby,” Sydnee said.

We both looked at Charles, our eyes drinking in his large muscular physique as he leaned against the doorway, partially silhouetted by the bright light coming from the bathroom cutting through the dim bedroom. He stood there and grinned his approval for a moment before turning away and disappearing through the bathroom doorway. I soon heard the shower start.

There was a silence between Sydnee and I for a few moments before she finally said the first words. “Mrs. Hastings, I have to ask you something.”

I could hear the uncertainty in her soft voice.

She continued, “Did you really enjoy yourself? I mean, it seems a bit odd to me that you would enjoy that as much as it seems you did. I really didn’t think that Charles was telling me the truth about your fantasy until I heard it straight from your mouth tonight. I just thought he was making up a story to get in my pants,” she said.

I caressed her hair as her head rested on my chest. “I enjoyed it immensely, my dear. It’s all my fantasy. Like I told you before, I want this. This was MY idea. I actually enjoyed it even more than I thought I would.”

She Tokat Escort Bayan raised her head and looked me straight in the eye and whispered, “I want this, too. I have never been so turned on as I was tonight. And I still am,” Her eyes locked on mine as I felt her hand move over my thigh and caressed my soaking pussy. Feeling my wetness, a devilish grin grew on her face as she said, “and I see you are still tingling, as well, Mrs. Hastings.”

My head was swimming and my vision started to go blurry as I gasped, my body responding to her touch automatically.

Her fingers caressed my clit, sending a shockwave up my spine, causing my back to arch. My pussy ached for the attention, but I immediately thought of Charles. I wasn’t sure he would want us together without him. I reached down and put my hand on hers stopping her motion and said, “Wait. Do you think Charles will mind? I don’t want to ruin this new thing we all have by him walking in on us doing this. I need his approval.”

Sydnee momentarily froze. Still Grinning she said, “I’ve never heard of a man getting upset because he saw his girlfriend eating his wife’s pussy, Mrs. Hastings.”

In a flash, her head disappeared under the covers, ignoring my feeble attempt to protest. My hand betrayed me, and instinctively moved aside allowing her face to take its place as she crawled between my legs. I couldn’t fight it. I didn’t want to. What she said had made enough sense and convinced me to allow her to continue. Besides, by Sydnee calling me Mrs. Hastings, it sent a deeper lust into my stomach. My soaking pussy throbbed for attention from something other than my own fingers and I needed release. I spread my legs further as I felt her hot breath on my cunt. I pulled the covers down and I saw her blue eyes looking up at me as her tongue teased me. Her mouth sank down and I felt her tongue enter me deeply.

I gasped, “Oh, wow,” as her tongue found all the right places. I had never had my pussy licked like that. Sydnee gave my pussy the attention it desperately needed. Her mouth moved up and down as her tongue darted in and out of my pussy. Her rhythm quickened as she read my face with her eyes, finding my hot spots. I felt her arms slide around my side and up to my tits, her fingers finding my erect nipples. She simultaneously pinched them sending an electric pulse straight to my pussy as she sucked. Her tongue found its way to my clit, and it began lightly flicking it. The sensation drove me wild. Her mouth paused for a second and said, “You taste so fucking good, Mrs. Hastings,” as she looked into my wanting eyes.

Her gaze was powerful and she somehow had taken control of me with the pleasure she was giving me. I gladly surrendered myself to her.

One of Sydnee’s hands retreated downward and she slipped a finger inside me as her mouth returned to my swollen clit. She began fingerfucking me as she sucked my clit, driving me into a frenzy. Another finger joined her first one as her palm turned upwards allowing both to expertly massage my g-spot. Her mouth rose again and she said, “I want you to cum for me, Mrs. Hastings, you naughty girl. Cum for your husband’s girlfriend.”

Her quick fingers and raunchy words pushed me over the edge the instant her mouth returned to my throbbing clit. Escort Tokat My back arched and my body convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. Sydnee’s eyes never left my face, and she eagerly watched me as she made me cum harder than I had ever cum before.

As my orgasm subsided, she slowly slithered up next to me and kissed me deeply. I could taste myself on her lips, and she brought her hand up to our mouths and fed me more of my juices from her fingers. We shared the remnants of my orgasm together before she put her head on my shoulder and sank into me, her arm falling to my side. Her fingers danced on my torso along my side down to my thighs and back up to my neck. I laid there and heard myself panting.

“You have a very tasty pussy, Mrs. Hastings. I get the feeling you are a very naughty lady deep down inside. We will have to let her out,” Sydnee said softly as if to tease me with her naughty innocence. “I don’t know which I enjoyed most, your pussy or your husband’s cock.” She paused, enjoying the shock on my face. She pushed the limits further and continued, “You know what? Maybe my favorite wasn’t your pussy OR your husbands huge cock. Maybe it was your mouth. Oh, it did such a good job eating Charles’ cum from inside me, I almost came.” She giggled as she continued, “I’ll have to try each of them again to decide which is my favorite.”

I was speechless. The taboo of our age difference was an added dynamic I hadn’t previously considered in this scenario. It was abundantly clear that it added extra heat to our newfound situation. The fact that this teenager was referring to us as ‘Mr. and Mrs. Hastings’ after having just fucked and sucked the both of us was so delicious and dirty. I loved it. The twinge of her dominance was palpable and it pushed my passion further.

As I laid there with Sydnee, we both seemed quite at ease with each other. I felt a bit guilty about allowing her to go down on me without getting approval from Charles beforehand, but my guilt was overshadowed by the afterglow of our forbidden lovemaking, and I was so relaxed that I drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened by the motion of the bed as Charles crawled in like a bull in a china shop, taking his rightful place in the center of the bed between Sydnee and me.

“So, what have you two been up to while I was away?” he asked.

I spoke up in an effort to keep what had just happened between Sydnee and me quiet and said, “Not much, Dear. Sydnee and I have been cuddling and I fell asleep.”

Sydnee must have had other plans and said, “Yea, Mrs. Hastings fell asleep right after I ate her delicious snatch. She came all over my face and I loved it. She’s delicious.”

I could feel the heat in my face as she said it and I silently winced, uncertain of his inevitable response. I was terrified to think what Charles thought. Would he be angry? Would he be jealous? Would he kick our new girlfriend out? I truly didn’t know what to expect and the few seconds of waiting was excruciating.

Charles didn’t keep me waiting long before he chuckled as he said, “Good. I was really hoping you two would be able to get along. This could be the beginning of a very long, beautiful thing. Our secret triad. Now, let’s get some sleep you two troublemakers. It’s late.”

My strong, wonderful husband leaned over and kissed Sydnee goodnight, and then he turned to me and after kissing me he whispered in my ear, “Relax, babe. I could hear you all the way in the bathroom. Sydnee must really be good. Goodnight, Love.”


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