Kathy , Me Ch. 8

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When last heard from, Marge and her husband Tim had attended the wedding and of Kathy and Steve. As we join them once more they have arrived at the Porter Mansion for the special celebration Malcolm Porter and his wife Silvia have arranged for Steve and his new bride.

* * * * *

The theme for the weekend wedding party was a Roman orgy. The huge marble tiled living room of the Porter home was emptied of its furniture and refurnished with nothing but a plush shag rug, low tables, and stacks of pillows that covered the floor. Numerous, servants, both male and female, sparsely dressed as Roman slaves served the guests with food and drink.., and any sexual service a guest might request of them. I later learned that a few of the servants were rich friends of the Porter’s who enjoyed the kinky life, but the rest were regulars of the Porter staff, experienced in this kind of party and totally trustworthy.

I could not take my eyes off the Porter’s senior man servant, a big black buck dressed in the short kilt skirt of Roman tradition. Peeking out from under its hem was the object of my fascination…, the head of a huge ebony cock that even soft must have been a good fifteen or sixteen inches long. God, what would it be like to be impaled on such a monster dick?

The guests disrobed upon arrival, and all were given loose silken togas to wear, but without buttons or a sash to keep them closed. The women’s garments were almost transparent, and with the way they were always falling open, we might as well have flaunted ourselves naked. I could see that my pussy would be well used his weekend.

Our hosts, Malcolm Porter and his wife Silvia greeted us as a pair of Caesar’s royal prisoners from Gaul, naked except for gold collars and sterling silver chain shackles at writs and ankle. The rings through Sheila’s nipples were connected to her pussy ring by a gold Y shaped chain intended to insure that she would obediently follow wherever the slightest tug might lead her. A leather thong was tightly tied around the base of Malcolm’s cock and balls. Somehow, despite its restraint, or perhaps because of it, Malcolm’s cock was rock hard and standing straight out from his crotch like the jib on a sailing ship. Our hosts were playing the role of Roman prisoner slaves as a signal to their guests that they were fair game for the abuse one would expect such slaves to receive.

There would be no shortage of those ready and willing to take cruel advantage of the rich masochistic couple. The first of these was a weightlifter from Steve’s gym, Big Joe, and his slut for the weekend, a hard looking red headed whore with enormous tits that were clearly the work of a talented plastic surgeon. Big Joe and his trashy red head stood Malcolm at attention with his arms straight up over his head, and took turns beating his erect penis with a small multi-thonged whip.

Tiring of that sport, Big Joe then turned Malcolm around and made him spread his legs and lean on his hands face forward against the wall like a police prisoner about to be searched. Joe grabbed Sheila by her nipple and pussy chain, and forced her to her knees where he stuck his prick in her mouth to lubricate it with her saliva. Once his prick was wet and slick, Joe slapped the poor Sheila twice hard across her face, and then twice more across her heavy tits, before forcing her to crawl between her husband’s legs to sit with her back against the wall, her own legs spread wide.

As dutiful as the Roman slave she was supposed to be, Sheila reached up and yanked Malcolm’s hips toward her face, forcing his still hard but abused and flaming red cock down her throat. At the same time, the strong tug of her hands on her husbands ass pried open his cheeks and exposed the puckered hole of his anus.

Malcolm’s eyes became as big as saucers as it dawned on him what was about to happen behind him, and he screamed in agony and humiliation as Big Joe’s cock first slid up his rectum. The stimulation across his prostrate quickly overwhelmed him. The rich masochist ejaculated almost immediately, and then once more, in his wife’s mouth as Joe fucked his bowel.

While he was buggering Malcolm, Big Joe’s red headed bitch crawled between Sheila’s legs, and began to fuck her cunt with a huge plastic vibrator shaped like a cock, while her fingers and tongue she worked over Sheila’s cunt, and by now, fully exposed clit. Her mouth full of xslot cock and cum, Sheila moans told of her orgasm, but thus distracted, she allowed her husband’s jism to escape from the corners of her mouth, and then to dribble down onto her tits.

Except for Kathy who had a special role as the bride, all the men with wives or regular girl friends had agreed beforehand to swap their women during the wedding feast. Since I was Kathy’s Bride’s Maid, I was given to Steve’s eighteen year old brother, Jack, who had been his Best Man.

Lately, with more pussy available than he could handle, Steve had pretty much permanently turned Vicky over to his brother. Vickie, the whining and pouty teen aged tramp that she is, hadn’t been happy with the exchange of Jack in place of Steve. She didn’t mind in the least being assigned to Steve’s buddy Sam for this weekend. As Sam was leading her away on a leash, Vicky could hardly hide her glee to again have a mature cock to play with.

Tim in turn had chosen Sam’s wife, a tall trashy looking brunet with big surgically enhanced tits to be his weekend concubine. I was a little jealous over how eager Tim was put his leash on this whore. We were barely in the door before he started to look around for her, and even before we had our first drink he handed me over to Jack and told him to “enjoy! Have a fun time.” He didn’t say, “and good riddance” as he left me, but he might as well have.

Damn him anyway! I decided I didn’t care! I knew Jack would use every hole in my body to pleasure his cock, so who needed Tim Simthers. I had never been fucked by teen age meat even when I was that age, and I was curious about what a younger man would be like. It wouldn’t be long before Jack would show me.

When Tim and I found him, Jack was laying on a pile of pillows, his robe open, legs splayed, idly stroking himself. I could see that his cock was every bit the equal of his brother’s in size if not experience. Steve must have told him how horny it made me to be humiliated because right away Jack took my leash and led me over to the Porter’s Negro man servant, you know, the one with the unbelievable dick.

Jack made me get on my knees and beg for permission to suck that incredible coal black fifteen inch cock. The big black buck said not a word, but nodded ‘yes’ as if he understood completely. Clearly, I was not the first middle class white yuppie slut to ask him for a taste of that thing. Without a word he pulled his kilt up and fed the huge bulb end into my mouth.

I pulled the foreskin pulled back, and ran my tongue around the ridge behind it, but he was too big for me. I couldn’t stuff much more than the glans in my mouth. As I struggled with more prick than any woman could possibly take, Jack knelt behind me, playing with my tits and talking dirty to me in my ear. With that encouragement, I worked my mouth and tongue for all I was worth over as much of that black root as I could take.

It was enough. That big black tube swelled with blood, and surpassingly soon I had him ready to shoot. I could feel him throbbing on my tongue, but just as he started to ejaculate, Jack yanked me way from my prize, and made me finish him off by jacking his cum into my face. Jizm splattered my forehead, nose, and cheeks, with just enough in my open mouth to give me a taste to remember him by…, as if I will ever forget the biggest cock I have ever sucked. On Jack’s orders I licked the black servant clean, and thanked him for the cum load he had given me.

Sucking an oversize black prick was only the beginning of my weekend of sex. God, I can’t imagine what Vickie had to complain about. Jack may have been just a kid, but could that kid ever fuck! I had not anticipated how incredible the stamina of a teenager can be. That first evening that ‘kid’ must have taken my cunt or my ass hole, four times, and when he wasn’t using me he kept me busy sucking his or someone else’s cock.

Of course tradition had to be observed, even at an orgy. A reception line formed to greet Steve and the new Mrs. Hamilton. The congratulations were a little unusual here, however. At the end of the reception line Kathy was on her knees naked except for bridal train and vail, and Steve was lying nude on a low couch. As the well wishers went by, Kathy gave each man’s penis a thank you kiss and suck, and each woman sat on Steve’s face to have her pussy licked as she xslot Giriş congratulated him.

The men were all pleased as punch with the prospect of having Kathy’s lips around their dicks, but with their husbands and boyfriends watching and making lewd remarks, some of the women were embarrassed about being eaten in public. However, even those who were reluctant relented when they were told that the alternative being eaten was to be hung by the great fireplace and whipped.

Knowing Steve’s talented tongue as I do, I am certain that none of them were disappointed with what Steve did to their pussies. One woman who had said at first she wouldn’t let a stranger lick her cunt in public certainly changed her mind. She was so pleased wirth Steve’s tongue that she refused to leave him, and while Steve did his thing, she bent forward for a reciprocal suck on his exposed cock. Nor would she quit her 69 either until Steve had gotten her off and he had cum in her mouth.

It was a party I will never forget for many reasons, not the least of which was the way I was fucked by Rosy, the black prize fighter. Jack had just finished making me give him a particularly slutty blow job when he called Rosy over and handed him my leash. I had been aching for his long black dong ever since he ate me on the night of Tim’s poker party, and Rosy remembered me too. He said I was a prick teasing tramp and that he meant to make me pay for not letting him fuck me on the night of the card party

I told him I would have gladly fucked him if only Tim had allowed me to. Rosy said that was no excuse, and without any further debate he stripped me of my robe, and tied my forearms tightly together behind me. With my shoulders pulled back like that, my breasts were pushed forward for his pleasure. It was all so like my fantasy when my Magyar tied my arms back and tortured my tits for no reasy other than to see me in pain. For long minutes I just stood there facing Rosy while he punished and teased my poor defenseless boobs. First he spanked them, slapping them hard, asking me if his blows hurt me.

The memory of my imaginary Magyar seemed so real, so erotic, and now this black man was repeating what I had only dreamed about. Each time Rosy would slap a breast, he would ask if he had hurt me. Of course he hurt me, but the pain was so mixed with my fantasy so that I could not find words to answer. Tears rolled down my face, but I could only grit my teeth and whimper in response.

Next, Rosy played with first one aching flame red tit, and then the other, squeezing them hard between strong black fingers and palms. My legs were trembling so that I was afraid they would give way and let me fall. That was when he opened his mouth wide and tried to swallow an entire breast. A sharp pain shot thru one of my blood engorged teats. He had bitten down on it…, hard. “Oh God,” I thought, “don’t let me fall now. His teath will tear off my nipple.”

I was truly grateful when at long last the pressure of his hands on my shoulders told me the time had come for me to pay my homage to his black dick. Dropping to my knees, I opened wide and sealed his long love rod between my tight lips. I pulled my head back and then drove it back forward, repeatedly raking his hard-on with tongue and lips, and taking it as far down my throat as I could manage.

The sound of him beating my breasts, and my whimpered response, must have attracted a lot of attention because even with my head between his thighs I could hear people all around me talking about us. I knew how it must look…, a blonde woman on her knees, her arms tightly bound behind her back, sucking a black man’s cock while her abused tits jiggled and bounced with every bob of her head. Not everyone approved. I heard one woman say it was a disgraceful that a white woman would give a blow job to a nigger.

As I sucked his black root, Rosy told me the woman was right. I must be white trash, because only white trash would suck ‘nigger cock.’ ‘Nigger,’ that was the word he used, stressing it with a bitter irony in his tone. There had been a time when the white mistress of the plantation could tease her black slaves and make them beg to pleasure her with tongue and black cock.

How the tables had turned! Now it was the sex crazed white suburban housewife who was on her knees begging to for black meat. Rosy, the descendant of African slaves, xslot Güncel Giriş was taking revenge, and he wanted me to know it. He meant to humble me and make me pay before he would give me the ebony phallus I wanted so badly. Would I degrade myself, suck him off, swallow his jism, and then beg him to fuck me? Of course I would! Was there ever any doubt?

It was then, at the peak of my submission, that his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed all that I could, allowing only a little to drip down my chin. I leaned back, letting his member slip from my mouth. He said that now I must beg him to fuck me. What is a white woman who sucks a black man’s cock and then begs him to fuck her with it?

Whatever she is, I am. Openly and loudly, in order that all those watching us could hear, my husband included, I begged Rosy to stick me with his great dick. He did not answer but he untied my arms as he stood looming over me like a great lord of the jungle. He told me to return his meaty black root to my mouth. He was soft after his ejaculation, and he demanded that I suck him hard again. I squatted before him on my haunches, my knees spread, and as I sucked him, my right hand was in my crotch masturbating my clit. Unable to speak with my mouth full of his cock, I looked up at him adoringly, pleading silently with my eyes for him to fuck me.

“Lick my balls you white honky whore,” he ordered. Reluctantly, I let his still flaccid prick slip from my lips, and used its long foreskin to lift it out of the way of my mouth. I lovingly licked the coal black rod all along its underside before turning my attentions to licking a huge gonad. I took each of his orbs into my mouth and gently sucked. The minutes flew by while I serviced the crotch my black Adonis with tongue and lips, licking him, kissing him, caressing him from thigh to ass hole.

“Suck my dick again now bitch,” he snarls at me. “Make me hard again and I may fuck you…, or I may not.”

“God yes, please, please,” I silently prayed, “let me make him hard…, and please God, let him fuck me.”

I sucked with all my might on the ink colored tube that filled my mouth. My tongue worked feverishly around the ridge of the glans. My head bobbed with vigor as my lips worked his long foreskin back and forth over the cock head. Thank God! My prize began to stiffen once more. I knew I had won. The iron in his erection gave him away. He was every bit as hot and horny as I was, and he needed my cunt and badly as I needed his wonderful prick.

“Turn around, whore,” is his order. “On your hands and knees, like the bitch your are.”

He is going to dog fuck me. Somehow I knew that would be his way. Of course, He wants the white slut to take his black meat like a dog bitch in heat. It shames me that I am so desperate for black cock…, something I have always been taught was forbidden to a white woman. Damn it, I just don’t care. For days and weeks I have dreamed of having Rosy fuck me, and now finally, from behind me his hard-on slips smoothly into my cunt.

He is pounding me now, and my arms have collapsed under the force of his thrusts dropping my head and shoulders to the floor. With every forward stroke, he drives my face forward along the carpet, burning my cheek. Every time his long piston buries itself to the hilt inside me, I can feel his balls bounce against the cheeks of my ass. With every sudden jolt of my cunt the breasts dangling under me jerk back and forth.

I was cuming for the third time when without warning he withdrew from my pussy and jammed his black meat into my ass hole instead. I screamed from the unexpected fire in my rectum, and then I heard myself scream out for all in the room to hear, “More…, please more! Fuck my ass! Please fuck my ass!”

Butt fucked by the forbidden black penis…, coming with every thrust…, and pleading with my ebony to give me more! What has Steve Hamilton done to me?

(To be continued???? — There have been so few readers who chose to vote on Chapters 6 and 7 of KATHY & ME that I had about decided that there wasn’t enough interest to be worth continuing the story. Lately, however I have had e-mail requests for more, and I decided I owed it to those folks to give them at least one more chapter. Whether the adventures of Kathy and Marge continue beyond Ch 8, however, will depend on the reaction of you the readers.

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