Kathy Reborn

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The Iverson Corporation had employed Kathy Brandon for twelve years, since just after her husband Jack had died in the auto crash, on her 32nd birthday. She had been quite fortunate that the mortgage on her house was paid off, upon Jack’s death, and, that he had been reasonably well insured, leaving her in a comfortable financial position.

She had taken the position, mainly to fill her empty days, and to try and give her life some meaning. A basically shy lady, Kathy tried to keep herself to herself, successfully fending off the offers of sex fro men she hardly knew, predators she referred to them as. She missed sex, missed Jack, and his tender ways with her. Relying instead upon her small selection of toys for self-gratification. Admittedly, it wasn’t the same, but she was very wary of men who propositioned her, especially as she was in a stable position regarding money.

She only really had one person she could call a friend in the office, and that was Chris Warren, who himself had suffered in the past few years. His life had seemed perfect, a beautiful wife, nice home, good job, until he discovered that his wife was the town slut, taking on all comers, anyplace, anywhere. “Poor Chris” she often thought, he had been devastated, and she had never seen a man change so quickly, so completely. One day he was the happy go lucky colleague, whom nothing ever fazed, the next, a broken man, hardly speaking, except when required to do so.

Kathy felt so sorry for him, she would secretly look at him in the office, watching him, wishing that she had the courage to go to him, take him into her arms, and tell him that everything was OK, because she, Kathy, was here for him. But that would never do, such an outward show of emotion and caring, she would just die. That was one reason that she was so happy that Chris had gone to the seminar in Philly. A chance for him to meet new people, and break out of the shell, the self inflicted shell, which now seemed to surround him. Little did Chris Warren know, that almost every night Kathy Brandon lay alone in her bed, eyes closed, thinking of him. Wishing that he were there, lying beside her.

She would often have her toys on the bedside table, and use them as she thought of Chris, taking herself to orgasm, eyes closed visualising him, pretending that it was he that was entering her, not a few inches of jelly material. But Saturday nights, they were her special nights, “Chris Nights” as she called them, when she would shower around 9pm. A long leisurely shower, starting by leaning back against the wall, letting the jets of hot water massage her body, one hand on her breast, playing with her nipple, the other caressing her sex. With her eyes closed, she would try to see him, naked before her, his cock tumescent, just starting to swell and harden as he watched her. It would not take her long to start shaking, as her whole body tensed, and the first orgasm of the evening hit her, taking her over the edge, as she imagined falling to her knees, to suck on his hard thick cock, taking it as deep as she could.

Then, she would relax, and start to pamper herself, always shaving the sparse pubic hair that had re-appeared during the week. She wanted to be smooth and silky, ready for his mouth, and his tongue, to play across her mound, licking, kissing and sucking at her soft skin. After showering, she would sit at her dressing table, in her robe, while she applied her make up, it had to be perfect, as he was, and nothing less would do. Only then would she put on the red satin nightdress, with the deep cleavage down to her waist, the thin strip pf material barely hiding her hard swollen nipples, as she tied the straps on each shoulder, laces would have been a better term for them. The splits up each side to her waist, showing of her long tanned legs to their best advantage.

Next she would go to the bedroom, and light the four rose scented candles, before dousing the lights. This was the moment she loved, soft glittering candlelight, flickering around the walls, as she removed her special toy form the drawer. The one with the beads in the shaft, that she could make spin, as the ears played on her clit, taking her to heaven, as she called out His name, again and again.

And here she was now, just before 8am on the Friday morning. Awaiting him, wondering, “Had the Seminar been a success for him? Had he met knew people, or was he going to be the same sad morose man who had left the office the previous Friday evening?”

She sat there, watching the door, wondering if he had any idea at all how she cared for him? How she wanted to wrap him up, and keep him, yet, was afraid to speak her mind, for fear of rejection? The door opened, and she saw that it was him, he looked at Kathy, and a big smile erupted on his face, as he dropped his brief case on the floor. He didn’t walk towards her, he bounded across the room almost, lifting her from the chair, and giving her a long hard hug. Breaking free, he held her hands in his, Trabzon Escort and then spoke to her.

“Kathy, dear sweet Kathy, how can I ever thank you? Without your urging, and pushing, I would never have gone. It truly was what I needed, the best thing that I have done in years, thank you so much.”

Then he kissed her on the cheek, and hugged her once more. Poor Kathy was blushing, very bright red by now, and for a second or so, she was speechless at this unusual show of emotion from Chris. Upon her release from his hug, she smiled at him,

“Oh Chris, I am so happy for you, I mean, I knew it would do you good, but Wow, this is amazing, what happened there, did you win a lottery or something?”

He smiled back at her, “Not quite Kathy, but now I realise that there is a world out there, and that it is time that I, Chris Warren, joined it again. It would never have happened without you Kathy, and I must repay your kindness and concern for me. So tonight, at 7.30, I will pick you up at your place, and take you to dinner. No arguments Kathy, you are coming out with me tonight, OK?”

Kathy was stunned; she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, never in her wildest dreams had she imagined this would happen. She looked at him, tears beginning to form in her eyes, and whispered to him,

“Thank you Chris, of course I will come to dinner with you.”

Chris could see the tears now, slowly seeping from her eyes, and took hold of her, gently kissing the tears, and speaking softly.

“Hey sweet lady, please don’t cry, surely I am not that frightening” and he chuckled slightly.

” She smiled wanly, trying to compose herself, “No Chris, you do not frighten me at all, exactly the opposite, of the truth be known.” Again blushing, then saying quickly,

” But now I have a client to meet, so I will see you this evening then?”

“You bet you will,” said Chris, grinning as Kathy left the office.

Kathy sat in her car for a good ten minutes in the car park, still unable to believe what had happened. Chris had asked her out, and she had said yes! Not only that, but she had given him a hint as to her true feelings. She wondered how she was ever going to get through the day, as she drove away, wearing a smile that would outshine Times Square

Kathy was ecstatic, almost in a daze as she drove away from the office. What should she wear, something demure and plain, or would he think she was forward if she chose something real sexy? What would she do if he made a pass at her? She chuckled at that one, knowing how aroused she was, feeling the wetness spreading, hell, that was what she wanted, him, inside her. And then the doubts started; maybe he had met someone, the love of his life even.

Was he going to thank her, for making him go, and find someone else? She came down to earth with a bump, now unsure what to do, what to wear. The day seemed interminable to Kathy, one meeting after another, and her mind not really on her work. All that she could think of was the coming evening, and all the possibilities promised.

At 5pm she rushed home, wanting as much time as possible to prepare, for what she wasn’t sure, but she would be ready for anything he threw at her.

“Hopefully his clothes” she thought, grinning wickedly.

She took a long hot perfumed bath, soaking in the water, eyes closed and dreaming of him, her hand slipping under the water, to caress her sex. Stroking her pussy, finger slipping inside, as she imagined it was Chris’s, the orgasm coming quickly, her arousal at such a pitch that she could not hold back, calling out his name as she erupted. Then she relaxed, not quite in the afterglow, that required real sex, lovemaking even, she knew that. Stepping from the bath, and putting on her robe, she checked her mound, it was not bad, but she wanted it as smooth as silk for him. Carefully she shaved, removing every trace of pubic hair, not satisfied until her skin was perfectly smooth.

Watching the time, and determined to be ready by the appointed hour, she did first her hair, and then her make up. Not too heavy, but enough to hopefully, make her desirable to him. She had decided what to wear in mid afternoon, a combination of the demure, and the sexy. It would only become apparent to Chris, if events progressed as Kathy wished. She smiled to her self in the mirror, quite proud of this almost little deception.

7:30 seemed to take forever to come around, and she felt as nervous as a teenager, awaiting her first date. It had been so long since Kathy had had a date like this, one that she could not wait for, her mind and body expectant, on edge, and it felt delicious she thought.

The doorbell chimed, which made her jump, as she had been deep in erotic thoughts, and dreams. Quickly she opened the door, inviting Chris inside while she got her wrap. He kissed her on the cheek when she returned he said

” The cab is waiting, shall we go dear Kathy?”

They went to “Le Trabzon Escort Bayan Café Bar,” a smart new French restaurant downtown, with intimate little tables, for candlelit dinners. The food was delicious, and they just chatted genially as they ate. He dressed in casual pants and a sports coat, Kathy in her not too short black dress, with the zipper up her back. Little did Chris know what lay underneath?

After eating, they sat, smiling at each other as they finished the bottle of wine. Suddenly, Chris covered Kathy’s hand with his, and spoke softly to her.

“Do you know something Kathy? You are the only person in the office, who has ever been really kind to me, shown me respect, and not laughed at me behind my back. I cannot begin to tell you what that means to me Kathy. And it was you, and you alone who persuaded me to go the seminar this week.”

She smiled at him, looking into his eyes, unsure how to respond.

“It worked Kathy, I found myself, I realised that there is a life out there, apart from just working away, and trying to pretend that all is well.”

He did not see the sigh of relief that came from Kathy, her fears about him meeting someone, evaporating in a single moment.

I did it because I care Chris, you are such a nice man, and it was painful for me, watching you suffer. I wanted you to live again also, I always have Chris.” She whispered to him, her face now bright red.

“Well sweet dear Kathy, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Kathy hardly noticed as he called the waiter over for the bill, and asked him to get them a cab, her mid was swimming now, for she realised, that just maybe, there was a chance for her. He helped her on wit her wrap, and they left the restaurant, as soon as the cab arrived, sitting side by side in the back, in silence. Suddenly she almost jumped, as Chris’s hand covered hers, she turned to smile at him. He kissed her, not a sexual kiss, more a soft brushing of her lips with his, and then he whispered, “Thank you Kathy, for being you.” As he squeezed her hand gently.

She sat there, almost shaking, thinking to herself,

“Come on Kathy, it is now or never.” And she placed her mouth close to his ear, whispering back.

We are almost there Chris, would you like to come in for a nightcap?”

Kathy opened the door, and let Chris in, before entering behind him, and then she closed the door, leaning back against it, and smiling at him. Chris walked towards her, and she held her arms out, a welcoming look in her eyes. He kissed her again, but this time it was different. He used his tongue, to lick her lips, and then to lick under hers as it peeked out at him. He drew back a little, as they both flicked their tongue at each other. Then he took hold of her, pulling Kathy close, and kissing her deeply. She responded, moaning into his mouth, as the pleasure went straight to her sex.

Kathy pushed her hand between their bodies, feeling for his manhood, grasping the swelling member, and squeezing it, as Chris now moaned. Gently she pushed him away, whispering to him.

“Please Chris, sit on the couch for a moment, I have a surprise for you.”

He looked puzzled at first, until he saw the grin on Kathy’s face, and quickly took his seat on the couch. She stood in front of him, just out of reach, licking her lips seductively, as she reached for the back of her dress. Slowly pulling the zipper down, moving her hand to take hold of it from underneath, and pulling it all the way down. She started to slip the dress off her shoulders, watching his eyes, and seeing his cock bulging in his pants now. She slowly lowered the dress to her waist, letting him see the red and black lacy bra she wore. Her full breasts pushing against it, hard nipples prominently stretching the lace, he gasped in admiration. His hand against his cock now, rubbing slowly.

Kathy slid the dress over her hips, watching him again, as her matching garter belt came into view, then her thong, and finally, the sheer black stockings, before letting the dress fall to the floor, and kicking it aside.

“It is yours Chris, all yours, to do with as you will. It always has been, but you didn’t know it.”

Chris did not speak, instead he stood, removed his jacket, tossing it aside, followed by his shirt, and stepped towards Kathy. He took her head in his hands, and kissed the top of it, then each eyelid, he kissed her lips very softly, a lovers kiss. Then he kissed her neck, licking Kathy’s throat, as she arched her back in pleasure. Kissing a little lower, he pushed his fingers onto the cup of her bra, lifting out her right breast, kissing the top of it, before licking slowly around her nipple. Rolling his tongue over the swelling there. Kathy’s hand came to the back of his head, trying to pull him closer, as his mouth opened, and he covered the hard rigid nipple.

Kathy was moaning in delight, and moved her hand to try to get his zipper, Chris shifted slightly, Escort Trabzon to help her. Within seconds her fingers were wrapped around him, rubbing his cock up and down though his boxers. Chris sucked hard on her nipple, his tongue lashing her, licking, flicking, as she stroked him, faster and faster. His hands went to her bra fastening, undoing it, and she released him, to let him slip it free. Chris turned her, pushing her back onto the couch, and cupping both breasts, kissing, licking, sucking, and then biting on her swollen nipples. Pulling his head as close as she could now, Kathy rubbed at his cock, and whispered in a croaky voice.

“I want to taste you Chris, to lick and suck that wonderful cock.”

He eased back, and stood before her, removing his pants, and dropping his shorts. Kathy started to slip off her thong, but he stopped her, saying, “No, that is my job, I will do that soon Kathy.”

Kathy smiled, falling to her knees in front of the couch, and reaching up to take hold of his hard throbbing cock.

She held it gently gingerly at first, it had been so long. She looked at it, marvelling at the thickness, how the veins stood out, and watched as precum slowly oozed from the tip. She could not contain herself any longer, moving forward to lap at the tip, tasting the sweetness of his precum. Then she licked him, down to the base, and back up to the tip.

Taking her time, savouring this beast that was in her hands, she bounced his full heavy balls in her palm, then licked on then also. Before returning to the head, and swirling her tongue around it, then covering it. Fingers wrapped around his cock, pumping it as she sucked. Harder and harder, her pussy beginning to throb with the primeval excitement that ran through her now. She took him deep, feeling the head in her throat, gagging slightly, but controlling it, as pleasure took over. Wanting him to cum in her mouth, humming against this hard cock, then sucking, hard, fiercely even. She could feel his body begin to tense, but then he stopped her, his hands on her shoulders, easing her away, whispering;

“Not yet Kathy, later, now it is my turn.”

Reluctantly she released him, and heard him telling her to lie back on the couch. She lay back, legs apart, waiting for him, hands on her breasts, massaging, the anticipation almost something that you could touch. He knelt before her, taking hold of her stockinged foot, and slowly running his hand up to the top of her thigh, then the other one, saying to her, “How did you know Kathy, stockings, Oh my God I love them, the feel of them, smooth and silky against hot flesh. He moved closer, kissing her thigh through the stocking, sucking a little at her flesh, as she quivered beneath him.

He kissed her creamy white thigh, where the stocking ended, as his fingertips caressed her sex, through her silk thong. Feeling the damp patch, or should that be the wet patch, for Kathy was soaking now.

He kissed the thong, right over her pussy, pulling the silk tight against her labia, and licking between them. Using his tongue, pushing, opening her sex with it, and pushing the silk into her. Kathy was pulling at her nipples, as her head rocked from side to side, crying out,

“Oh God Chris, you are going to make me cum”

He smiled up at her, nodding, then moving back to the thong, started to suck it, pulling from inside her, tasting her juices as she squirmed again and again. Then he took the waistband in his teeth, lifting Kathy’s hips, as he pulled the thong from her, using his hands as well as his teeth, and letting it fall to the floor. He licked her smooth mound, drawing circles with his tongue, and then sucked gently. He smiled once more, and used his thumb to peel away the loose fold of skin from her clit, flicking his tongue at the tip, wiggling it, then licking it slowly, sensually.

” Fuck me Chris, please, fuck me before I explode.”

“He shook his head, muttering almost inaudibly,

“Not yet Kathy, patience my dear.”

He kissed her rosebud, then started to suck, alternating soft and hard, as she trembled beneath him. Then his finger caressed her, sliding up and down her wet slit, each time a little firmer, opening her up, and sliding inside her, as she gasped, her muscle immediately clenching on it. He pushed deep, stroking her inner wall, looking for her spot. He knew the moment that he touched it, for she cried out,


He pulled away slightly; watching her, looking into her lust filled and glazed eyes, as he pushed two fingers inside her, and started to work them, in and out. Building in intensity, taking her to the very edge. Then she screamed, as her body started to tremble, spasms of pleasure coursing through her entire body. Chris quickly withdrew his fingers, and spread Kathy’s pussy wide, so that he could lick, and suck as she came. Tasting her, drinking in the nectar, lapping at Kathy’s sex, licking and tonguing her love hole. As she cried out in pleasure once more, the orgasm just keeping on and on.

He backed off a little, letting her calm, and her breathing slow down, sucking on his fingers, tasting her as she tried to relax. He took hold of his cock, stroking it slowly, and looked into her eyes, and then at her pussy.

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