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Daniel was asleep but she had only put him down less than an hour ago and she was afraid he would wake up. She was pacing in her room, holding her cellphone in one hand and chewing on the thumb of the other. This was a bad idea. This was a great idea. This was what she needed. But what if…

No. It was fine. Daniel was a good sleeper, shockingly regular in his hours. He napped in the afternoon and then when she put him down at night he tended to stay asleep until almost seven in the morning. She would be fine. She would have plenty of time.

But what if tonight was the one night he didn’t?

Her phone buzzed. She lifted it up, licking her lips. The text was from Michael. The preview on her home screen said “Almost there…” and she could tell it was a picture. Her whole body shook. He had been sending her pictures all night. She had told him he couldn’t come over at first, that she lived with her mom and her son and there was no way they could do it while her mom was home. But her protestations had only been half-hearted from the beginning and then he had started sending her the pictures.

The first one was simple. Just a picture of his face. He was handsome. His short dreads framing his face perfectly, his high cheekbones and chin cutting such a manly face. His big, almond eyes as pretty as a woman’s and his lips…god she remembered what he could do with those lips.

She had sent him back something flirty, though she had felt dumb saying it. He made her feel so little, like she was just playing at being sexy when he really knew how to do it.

He had responded immediately after with another image. This time it was him shirtless, tugging his shorts down to just the base of his cock. She could see the curly hairs and the v-shaped muscle trailing directly down to that bulge. She had quickly shut the screen off and put the phone between her legs, snapping her head to her mom who had been right beside her. She hadn’t noticed anything.

Kat turned her body slightly away so that she could hide the screen from her mom but then Michael sent another text and it buzzed right against her pussy. She almost shrieked but managed to choke it down.

She brought the phone up and, shooting quick glances at her mom to make sure she still didn’t suspect anything, she looked at the message. It was a picture of Michael’s gorgeous black dick, one hand gripped firmly around the base, the rest dangling forward, inches of thick black meat just teasing her. The message said, “What do you say I come over tonight.”

And that’s how it had started.

They went back and forth, her resistance fading fast with each picture until, finally, she had told him when she would put Daniel to bed. After that he had sent her a picture he’d taken of her face, twisted in pure ecstasy as she was impaled on his cock. “Can’t wait baby.” It had said. And that was it. She knew there was no stopping it, no resisting. She needed his cock tonight.



She was on her bed, staring at the picture he had just sent her. It was a top down view of his dick draped over his steering wheel. She knew how big he was but still marvelled at how much of the surface area his cock covered. She spread her legs, her hand sliding between her thighs and rubbing herself over her panties. She was already soaked and her ass was quivering, anticipating having that huge thing buried inside so very soon.

She rubbed pussy with four fingers, the cloth of her panties sinking into the loose, meaty lips. She had already soaked them through and her clit was engorged, making her gasp every time her fingers brushed against it. She arched her head back, the muscles of her neck growing taut as she breathed heavily. Her body was full of fire, the friction of her fingers making it burn hotter with each second. Here eyes were shut tight and her thoughts were full of nothing but Michael’s cock. All over her. Inside her. Filling her. She whispered his name and it sent shivers down her spine. She was addicted to him, she knew that, just as she knew that she would be helpless to resist whenever he asked to come over from now on; or to meet her in an alley, or a public bathroom, or in the middle of the fucking road for all she cared. She would be at his beck and call. And knowing that only made her hotter.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door.

She almost fell off the bed and her phone flew out of her hand, clattering against the floor, the screen still on, Michael’s dick plain as day. She tried to call out to wait but it was all she could manage to scramble off the bed and hide the wet spot on her pants before her mom opened the door.

She could feel the sweat coating her face and the disarray her hair must be in. But if her mom noticed anything off she didn’t mention it. She poked her head into the door and smiled at her.

“Just urla escort bayan wanted to say good night, sweety. I might have the TV on but I’m pretty bushed. See you in the morning ‘kay? Love you.”

Kat was panting, words failing her. Finally she was able to get herself together enough to say, “Night mom. Love you.”

And that was almost it. She really thought she would be off without anything weird but then her mom’s eyes swept across the floor and settled on her phone. Kat saw them go wide for just a second and then settle. And then her mom’s eyes were on her and she had a strange look on her face. Something almost…mischievous. Like they had just shared a secret together.

“Good night,” she said again and closed the door gently. Kat heard her walk to her room and shut the door. Their rooms shared a wall and she could hear her mom in there, moving around. But then her phone buzzed again.

Michael was here.


When she opened the door she was surprised to see both Michael and Eric. Michael was smiling at her knowingly, he had probably seen the shock on her face. Her heart raced, her pussy throbbed. She didn’t have time to stand there gawking. Her mom was just in the other room. If she decided she wanted a drink or needed to go to the bathroom she would see them. She would know. Kat ushered them inside. She took one of their hands each and pulled them toward her bedroom. Michael’s hand was so big. It swallowed her small fingers. And Eric’s was strong. He gripped her hand delicately but she knew that if he wanted he could squeeze and break her.

Their hands made her remember their cocks, the way they felt inside, how they stretched her. So different but equally pleasurable. Her body was trembling as she dragged them down the hall. She was still sweating from before and she wondered if Michael could feel the slick juice from her pussy still on her fingers. Finally she got them into the room and shut the door behind them. Immediately their hands were on her. Michael was kissing her mouth, his thick, soft lips overtaking hers and controlling them. The way he kissed was irresistible. And Eric. His mouth was on her neck, sucking at the delicate flesh. She would have a hickey tomorrow. It felt so good to be controlled by these two men. Michael especially.

Michael slipped his hand down her shorts and his fingers found her loose pussy lips, teasing them before plunging three inside. “Don’t leave her waiting,” he said, and suddenly Eric was pulling her shorts down. his cock was hard against her ass and she wanted so bad to pull his pants down. But no, they were in charge. She would let them control the pace because she knew that they would use her body just how she needed. She moaned, making her throat tight so very little sound would escape. And then Eric had his fingers between her cheeks and he was teasing her pink puckering hole and oh god it was so hard not to make a sound.

Their fingers were electric. Each of her holes was packed now, four fingers each. They moved like a machine, when Michael pushed his fingers inside, Eric pulled his back, almost taking them out but not quite. And then when Eric pushed his in, Michael would take his out and rub her clit. She didn’t understand how they could be in such perfect sync like this. How they could use her body so masterfully. She opened her mouth letting out a breathy, quivery moan. It was very soft but still she forced her mouth shut, her teeth clicking together. There was no telling what her mom would be able to hear. Michael grinned as if he knew exactly what was happening.

“Let’s get this slut onto the bed,” he said.

With their fingers still inside her they pushed her body across the room. Only when her body tumbled down onto her sheets did their fingers slip out. Michael sucked on his and smiled.

But Eric turned away. He took his phone out of his pocket and then started taking his clothes off. Soon his muscular, hairy body was revealed, his huge, fat dick standing at full attention. But he moved to the side of the bed and just waited.

Her eyes must have betrayed her curiosity because Michael grinned as he pulled down his shorts. She was almost too distracted by his cock springing out to hear what he said.

“My man and I made an arrangement. I get first dibs. Now let’s get you ready.”


Michael was behind her, his body pressed tight against hers, pinning her face against the wall. He had an arm around her waist, holding her against his crotch, his thick dick between her ass cheeks. He was grinding his hips back and forth, the shaft sliding against her loose puckered hole. At the apex of each thrust his balls slapped against her wet cunt, making her quiver. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. She could hear mom’s tv through the wall and her mom coughed and it was like she escort urla was sitting right next to her.

She was looking at Eric. He stood at the side of the bed with his phone out. The light illuminated his features softly. He had his cock in his other hand stroking it slowly while he filmed them. Michael leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Better not make too much noise baby. Don’t want mama to hear.” He pulled her back from the wall and his free hand slipped over her mouth. He pulled his hips back, that sweet rod slipping down between her ass until the head was poking against her hole. It slipped inside effortlessly, filling her ass the way it needed. He opened his fingers slightly, just enough for her to open her mouth with a soft, needy ‘mwahhnnn,’ and slip her tongue between his fingers.

His hips moved against her, his cock stirring her up. Her body moved with his, completely under his control. Her eyes rolled and she made her throat tight to bite back the moan that rose inside her. His cock was a fucking machine. He moved her, guided her, swirled his shaft in circles to make her loose. She could see Eric grinning in the dark, stroking himself, the phone sweeping up and down her body. She liked the idea of being filmed, of a record of her sluttiness being captured. She wanted to watch it. She wanted to see herself surrender to Michael’s huge, perfect dick.

She was sweating now. She gasped as Michael sped up, hitting her faster. His heavy balls swayed back and forth, slapping against her, teasing her. They must be so full of cum. So ready to burst and fill her. She pushed her hips back, trying to take the cock even deeper. Her ass was too loose to really clench against it but she could massage it with the speed of her thrusts.

“Fuuuck,” Michael said. “This ass is hungry.”

“That’s right baby,” she whispered, “feed it that fucking dick.”

Michael wrapped his fingers through her hair and wrenched her head back. “I’ll give you all you fucking need slut.” His thrusts came faster. He kept himself buried as deep inside her as he could while pounding against her. She could feel his thrusts in her feet. He was hitting some kind of nerve cluster and she could feel it tingling in her extremities. She clutched the blankets, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Ah…ahh…ahhhhh…” all she could manage was little choked gasps. She heard her mom in her bedroom laugh suddenly and the shock of it forced a much louder moan out of her. It rang through the room and everyone froze. The volume of her mom’s tv lowered and she held her breath.

“Kat,” her mom said through the wall. They all heard as she stood up and walked across the floor; her door opened; her footsteps walked down the hall and she wrapped on the door. “Kat honey? Are you okay?”

Kat couldn’t talk. Michael was still buried deep inside her, his cock throbbing. Every time it pulsed it made her twitch. Somehow his cock buried inside her and motionless drove her even more wild than his thrusts.

Michael leaned forward and pressed against her ear. “Better say something baby. Don’t want mommy walking in on us. Or do you?” He started thrusting again, moving very slowly, sliding that cock back and forth. He dragged it all the way to the head almost pulling out of her completely and then slowly pushing it back inside. Her pussy was on fire, dripping her cunt juices down her thighs.

“Y…ngghhhh…Yeah mom,” she managed to choke out. “Just…ahhhh…just had a…dream is all.”

Her mom didn’t answer. They could all see the shadow of her feet under the door and she had her eyes on the doorknob, waiting for it to turn, for mom to open the door and see her. See her daughter for the anal slut she truly was.

“Okay sweety,” she said. “Well I’m going to bed. Good night!”

“Night…mom,” she said, her voice barely loud enough to carry through the door as Michael pumped into her.

“Night mom,” he said. “Maybe I’ll see you later.”

He and Eric laughed but she barely noticed. Her mind was focused on that cock and the sweet cream inside.


She was sitting on Michael’s lap, facing away from him. He had her legs in his big hands, spreading them wide. Eric was standing in front of them. She could feel the camera’s eye sweeping over her. Her face, her tits, her dripping, thick pussy lips, and finally Michael’s dick pushing up and down with her pink skin stretched around it.

“Tell the people what you like, baby,” Michael said.

Her mind was gone. She could barely think. Her tongue lolled. But her man gave her a command and she had to obey. “Cock,” she croaked out. “I like cock.”

“Good girl,” he said with a smile, “but be more specific.”

“Black cock. I love black cock. BIg fat black cock buried in my ass. I need it. I love it. I’m addicted.” It wasn’t the first time urla escort he had made her say it and every time she did she felt him pulse inside her. Eric was watching them, stroking fast. Evidently he enjoyed this too. She wondered, not for the first time, what exactly their relationship was. But the thought passed very suddenly as Michael reached around and pinched her clit between two fingers.

“That’s right bitch,” he said, the smile never leaving his face. “You’re a slut for black cock.” His fingers were stroking her clit now as he massaged the inside of her ass. Her body was building to its climax. She was ready to pop.

Michael lifted his free hand and motioned at Eric. Eric got on his knees, holding the camera so it was pointed right at her cunt. Oh fuck. She knew what they wanted and it made her body break out in gooseflesh. Michael was relentless. Ass and clit and cunt, he manipulated them all, one by one and together. She arched her back, pressing herself against his firm, muscular body. The smell of their sex filled her head. His fingers were rubbing her clit just right and…and…and…

The world turned upside down.

Her blood rushed to her head. The room spun.

Her every muscle tensed.

Oh fuck.

She didn’t moan or scream or cry out. Instead she made a guttural, deep “Unnnghhhh,” as her body let loose.

She squirted. A torrent of thick, clear, girl cum spraying out of her, splashing against Eric’s legs and feet. He filmed the whole thing.

Her eyes rolled and her tongue lolled. Her face was hot, her hair plastered to her with sweat. Her hands were numb. Her climax roiled her. Her every muscle tensed and she came again and again, two more in quick succession. Holy fuck! Her mind was miles away, her entire being was pure pleasure emanating from her ass and spreading through her like fire.

And then Michael was lifting her, spinning her around onto her hands and knees and he was moaning. Her ass was being filled with warm liquid lust. It sprayed into her in thick, gushing waves, more and more and more and more. She could feel it filling her stomach, bulging her insides before gushing backward. That hot cum leaked out around his cock and onto her pussy and thighs. It kept coming. And so did she.

Her world was filled with cum and cock and perfect, exquisite need.

They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity. And then he was finished. And her thoughts slowly came back to her. She was on her stomach, her ass raised in the air. And Michael pulled out of her, a rush of cold air filling her gaped hole as he pulled out. She could feel how open it was; that strange displacement that came whenever her ass had been stretched beyond its limit.

“Fuck look at that,” Eric said and moved the camera close to her ass.

“She gapes like a fucking star,” Michael said. “What do you think, brotha,” he said, “think that’s enough cum?”

“Not even close,” Eric said.

Michael took the phone and Eric moved close to her. She expected to feel his cock slide inside but instead she just felt a sudden change in the air. Eric was behind her, one knee on the bed, his cock pointed at her gape as he furiously stroked. It didn’t take long. He grabbed her ass with his free hand as his cock erupted. His cum was thick and her ass was gaped enough for the hot ropes to pour inside her, adding to the pooled cum already inside. So much of it flowed freely from her now, coating her pussy lips in warm, sticky fluid.

“Goddamn I wish I coulda felt it,” he said.

Michael clapped him on the back. “Get better at basketball and maybe next time it will be your turn. Or, you could always just pay me.”

Pay him? Basketball? So that’s how they had decided who got to fuck her. Maybe she really was a slut. She found the thought not unappealing. In fact…it made her kind of hot. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the luxurious feeling of her gaping ass and the two boy’s warm, dripping love.


They didn’t stay long after that. She had remained in her prone position, showing off her red hole as it slowly went back to normal. The boys talked to her about nothing, their hands feeling her body. She felt a tingle every time Michael touched her ass. He promised she would be seeing them again and that their little video would be put to good use.

She told him she loved it.

They took turns kissing her. She could have gone on longer but it was already nearly four in the morning. She had to get some sleep before Daniel woke up.

Before they left Michael told her he knew a few people that would really appreciate her little show. And that he had someone to introduce her to. He would say no more than that.

They snuck out of her room and out of the house. She thought she heard something in her mom’s room but she pressed her ear against the wall there was nothing else. It was fine. Life was good.

She fell asleep with her ass sore and full of cum, and the promise of more to come; she wore a sweet, satisfied smile.

Next Time: Michael introduces Kat to someone special; Kat tries pussy for the first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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