Kerin On The Boardwalk Ch. 02

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Kerin and I walked hand in hand and side by side. As we were walking towards the boardwalk I reached into the front of the backpack and pulled out a new black leather leash with a studded handle that she recently bought for me as a gift. I showed the leash to Kerin as we walked. She had an immediate look of concern in her eyes as she raised her brows and then looked downwards. I grinned and told her not to worry, I was not going to put the leash on her right away. We were going to enjoy the sights and sounds of the boardwalk first. She looked back up and smiled then said, “Thank you Master although you know that I am honored to wear your collar and just as honored to have your leash attached to it.”

I stopped at her words and looked deep into her beautiful blue eyes. As she gazed back I reached up and clipped the leash to her collar. She did not move her gaze nor did she pull away as she heard the clip snap shut. She merely smiled broadly and reached up to kiss me. Her kiss lingered for several moments, the electricity flowed through our lips and into our bodies. She knew what she was doing, she is not only my submissive and lover, she is also my loving wife and best friend. She knows that true love is reinforced by the kiss and only lovers know the true meaning of a kiss. I told her that I love her and I will until the end of time and beyond. She replied, “I love you too baby, you will always be my Master and I will do whatever you wish.”

I grinned and held the leash loosely between us. It draped down in front of her and between her breasts as we walked side by side. Our hands held together, we entered the boardwalk opening.

At first, nobody paid us any attention. We were just another couple walking the boardwalk. We stopped at an open point and leaned on the rail to look over the beach and the rest of the park. While Kerin looked around at the scenery, I was busy scoping a place that was very public, but yet not very noticeable. I found such a place just a few hundred feet away and just off the boardwalk. There was a little area with a few posts around it. It looked like an old section of the boardwalk that has not been used for awhile. I decided I was going to get Kerin there in a little while. I couldn’t go straight to it because she would figure out what I was up to, so I decided to take her there in a round about way and act impromptu when we arrived there.

We walked around hand in hand. Some people noticing us and grinning as they saw the leash attached to Kerin. Others looking in shock and giving us disapproving looks. Kerin just ignored them and carried on. And yet others not paying us any mind at all. We watched as people enjoyed the nice weather and their time on the boardwalk.

After about 30 minutes of walking around and people watching. I finally got Kerin to the place I had spotted. There was a set of steps that led to the area but they were chained off. I picked Kerin up in my arms and lifted her completely off the ground. I caught her completely by surprise and she let out a startled little scream and then giggled. She threw her arms around my neck and held on as I carefully stepped over the chain with her in my arms. I carried her down the steps and set her back on her feet when we got to the bottom. She held onto me until she got her balance back on her heels and then looked at me with a hint of question in her eyes. “May I ask why you brought me here Master?”, she asked.

I grinned at her and took the back pack off my shoulder. I led her over to a bush that was partially surrounding one of the wooden posts and looked at it. I saw that the bush left enough room around the pole to allow me some movement but yet was still partially hiding the wooden post from the main boardwalk view. I knew people would be able to see us down here but they wouldn’t be able to see everything going on, especially if I was knelt down in front of her.

I set the pack down on the ground and looked back to Kerin. “Babe, you have done everything I have told you to do today without question or hesitation. You gave me the best blowjob you have ever given me before and made me cum in less than two minutes. Now, it is time for you to receive some pleasure.” I continued on, “I want you to remove your dress now and step over here behind the bush.”

Without hesitation, Kerin pulled her dress up over her head. She then folded the dress neatly as she walked over to the bush. I took the dress from her and placed it in the back pack and removed her wrist and ankle bracelets from the pack. I turned to look as she noticed the bracelets and a smile grew across her face. She didn’t say a word but I could tell she was ready for whatever I was going to do.

I snapped her bracelets in place and made sure they were locked securely. I then reached down and cupped my hand over her pussy. Her pussy hair was already damp from excitement xslot and I could feel the heat emanating from her. I let my forefinger slide in between her labia and then I moved it up and down in her slit and over her clit. I felt her knees begin to buckle a little bit at my touch. She bit her lip and didn’t utter a sound. I removed my hand from her pussy and then cupped her right breast with it. I squeezed her boob and let her nipple go in between my fingers. I then let go of her boob and rolled her nipple in my fingers. It was already rock hard with excitement. I kissed her deeply and passionately.

I told Kerin to stand in front of the post as I reached into the pack and dug for the rope I had brought along. Kerin positioned herself in front of the post. I went behind her and placed the end of the rope through the eyelet on her left wrist bracelet then gently pulled her closer to the post. I wrapped the rope around the post several times ensuring that there was a few inches of play between her wrist and the post. I put a half hitch knot on the post and then took the end of the rope through the eyelet on her right bracelet. I left the same amount of slack between the post and her wrist then wrapped another half hitch knot around the post making sure she was nice and secure.

I returned to stand in front of Kerin and she was looking down. She knew everyone could see her naked and tied to this post. I reached into the back pack and found the blindfold I had grabbed with the other things off the nightstand. Kerin had an immediate look of concern when she saw the blindfold. I kissed her and told her not to worry then I placed the blindfold over her eyes and tied it securely around her head.

“Kneel My Love, rest on your knees and lean forward letting the rope take your weight.” I told her. She immediately complied and knelt down. She then leaned forward a bit to let her arms fall back behind her and the rope took up the few inches of slack and was taut. After I was satisfied that she could not break free of her bonds, I took the two part spreader bar and put it together. I attached one end of the bar to her left ankle bracelet and then helped her spread her legs so I could attach the other end to her right bracelet. If anyone were to come down and see us now, they would see Kerin on full display with her tight little blonde pussy spread open. She was leaning slightly forward and her nipples were pointing at a downward angle towards the ground. I went back to the front of her and got down on one knee.

I spoke to her in a soft and reassuring voice. “Baby, you are blindfolded and on full display to anyone who should come down here. I am going to be close by and will not let anything happen to you that I don’t want to happen. For now you shall be displayed for anyone to see.” I then kissed her lips softly and whispered to her, “I love you baby!”

I reached my hand down to her pussy and cupped it. I gave her pussy a gentle squeeze that caused her to gasp and let out a slight moan. I rubbed her pussy and down in my hand applying a little more pressure every few strokes. She was wet and her pussy was starting to throb. “Oh no my Love” I said, “you are not to cum yet. In fact you will hold your orgasm back until I tell you to cum. Is that clear?”

She gasped and moaned, then nodded as she said “Yes Master, I will not cum until you allow me to do so. It will be hard if you keep that up Master, you already have my pussy flowing and throbbing.”

“Yes my little slut, I can feel that.” I slid a finger inside her pussy and she gasped. I felt her pussy grip around my finger in a spasm and I knew she was close to having an orgasm. “You are starting to cum now my little slut, do not allow it to happen” I said as I started to finger fuck her pussy.

Kerin concentrated on my finger in her pussy and it was obvious that she was trying very hard to follow my instructions by not allowing her orgasm to take her. She usually fails about 50% of the time because I usually set her up for that. This time I decided not to let her fail and quickly pulled my finger out of her pussy. I told her to stick out her tongue. She complied immediately as she let out a long exhale of relief. I placed my finger on her tongue then into her mouth. Her tongue followed my finger into her mouth. As she tasted herself on my finger I told her to suck it clean of her wet, sticky and slutty juices. She sucked my finger hard. When she was finished I pulled my finger out of her mouth and kissed her.

I quietly stood up and walked a few steps away from her. “I will be right back my Love. Don’t worry, you will always be in my sight and I won’t let anything happen to you that I do not want to happen.” She nodded nervously. I could tell she was uncomfortable that I was leaving her alone, but I also knew that she was not afraid as she knows I xslot Giriş will protect her no matter what.

I went back up to the boardwalk and spotted three college aged guys. They were studying some books as they sat on the rail. Without leaving Kerin out of sight, I was able to motion the three guys over to me.

“You three gentlemen are just what I need right now.” I told them. They looked at me and asked what they could do.

I said to them, “I want you to look over the rail here next to me onto the lower section of the old boardwalk and tell me what you see.” They all looked and one of them replied with very surprised “Holy Shit!”

Before they could rush down to her I stepped in front of the chain over the steps. “I want to let you know that it is my wife down there. This is the first time she is on public display here. You may go down and check her out, but you are not allowed to touch her in any way, nor under any circumstances are you to speak to her. You can go down one at time. I will be watching from up here. You are each allowed one picture on your cell phone if you wish. Do you agree to these terms?”

All three of them nodded excitedly. The biggest one said he was first and headed down the steps. I watched as he approached Kerin. He started to rub his crotch as he looked her over. I thought he was going to pull out his cock and wank right then and there, but instead he took out his phone and snapped a picture. He returned and I let the second guy and subsequently, the third guy go down to see her. I thanked them for being respectful to my wishes and told them to have fun with the pictures. I wasn’t worried as Kerin’s face was partially covered by the blindfold so nobody would recognize her should they decide to post the pictures on the Internet. They shook my hand and thanked me for showing them my lovely wife then left. I thought they probably wanted to brag about it as soon as possible.

I walked back down to Kerin. She heard my foot steps and looked up. “Master, is that you?” she asked. “Oh please, be my Master” she whimpered as I delayed my answer to her. Finally I placed my hand on her cheek and stroked it softly.

“Do not worry Baby, it is me” I finally replied. I could see the look of relief on her face as she recognized my voice.

“Master” she said, “did you allow someone to come down and photograph me? I heard a camera click and at least three people.”

I grinned and answered her, “Aye my Love! I did allow three people to come down and view you. I will not tell you who they were or whether they were male or female.”

“Oh Master, this is so embarrassing” she squealed as her skin turned a crimson color. “I am glad you didn’t allow them to touch me.”

“I told you I would never allow anything to happen that I didn’t want to happen my Love. I hope your trust in me is not fading Baby.”

“Oh no Master! I trust you explicitly. I know you would not allow anything to happen to me.”

I smiled and stepped closer then knelt on one knee in front of her. I looked at her soft skin. Her nipples were hard as bullets. Her pussy was glistening in the sun with moisture. She was so turned on by all of this that she probably would cum the moment I touched her. I decided to test her and gently pinched one of her nipples in between my fingers. This action caused her to moan deeply and take a sharp breath in. I then reached up with my other hand and pinched her other nipple. She writhed in my grasp, her hips pushing outwards as she looked down and kept control of her breathing.

I released one of her nipples and slid my hand down her tummy to her the top of her pussy. I ran my finger through her blond pussy hair and then over her clit. Her hips buckled as I touched her clit with my finger. She was still on the verge of orgasm and I was sure she would not be able to take my teasing much longer. I then slid my finger inside her as I continued to pinch her nipple with my other hand. I kissed her lips as I began to finger fuck her again. Her pussy was starting to drip she was so excited.

I took my finger out of her pussy long enough to raise it up and taste her sweetness. I licked my finger and immediately slid it right back up into her pussy. She was breathing heavier now. I could feel her pussy throb around my finger every now and then and I felt her tense up trying not to orgasm. I started my finger fucking again this time turning my hand slightly so my thumb could rub her clit at the same time. Kerin started to moan louder as I fucked her pussy and rubbed her clit. Her breathing was fast and deep. I could tell she wanted to cum but she kept denying herself the pleasure. I smiled as I pushed my finger deeper into her. I knew she couldn’t hold out much longer but I kept going. I stopped after a few seconds and pulled my finger out of her. I reached over xslot Güncel Giriş for the back pack and dug out her favorite little black toy. Kerin was trying hard to catch her breath.

“You want me to let you cum now, don’t you slut?” I asked.

“MMMMMMM YES MASTER!” she cried out. “Please let me cum now Master, I need to cum Master. Please don’t drag it out much longer. PLEASE Master!”

I took the vibrator and placed it against her pussy. I moved it back and forth over her pussy and clit. She knew immediately what it was and she let out a sigh of fear. I turned the base of the vibe on and let it rest right on her clit. Kerin began to moan uncontrollably as she fought of the urge to cum. I turned the vibe upright and then slid it deep into her pussy in one smooth stroke. Her hips pressed towards me and I felt her body start to shake. She was starting to orgasm and I felt it.

I decided to let her off easy today and said, “Okay Babe, you may cum when you feel like it.” I pressed the vibrator into her pussy as far as it would go. He pussy convulsed and she moaned loudly. Her hips pressed towards my hand as the vibe sank into her. I could feel her pussy lock onto the vibe in spasms like she was milking my cock.

“Oh MASTER!” she yelled, “I AM CUMMING, OH GOD MASTER!!!!” Her pussy flooded with sweet cum and flowed out onto my hand. I held the vibrator still and pinched her nipple as her orgasm peaked then started to subside. I let her relax onto my hand and I used my other hand to support her. Her tits jiggled as she moved her upper body against her binds. Her pussy continued to throb and gush sticky sweetness into my hand. I removed the vibrator from her pussy and set it near the back pack. As Kerin started to come her senses and her breathing started to slow and become more normal, I reached over and took a bottle of water out of the pack. I set the water on the ground near us and then reached up and pulled the blindfold off. She squinted her eyes until she could adjust to the light again. I finally looked into her gorgeous blue eyes and saw they were still glazed over from her orgasm. She smiled and closed her eyes as she said, “Thank you Master! Thank you for that wonderful orgasm. I Love you Master!”

“I love you too my sexy little slut” I replied. “Now let’s get those binds undone so you can clean up and get dressed. I think you have had enough exposure for today.” I reached over and behind her to unclasp the spreader bar from both of her ankles. I also unlocked and removed her ankle bracelets. I then began to untie the half hitches on the post and release the rope from her wrist bracelets. Once they were loose, I took the bracelets off of her and helped her to stand.

Kerin grabbed onto me as I stood her up. Her legs were still shaky from being in the kneel position for that period of time. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and let her body fall against me. I dropped the bracelets on the ground and held her close to me for several minutes. She then let go of me and asked for some water. I bent down and picked up the bottle to hand it to her. She took it and opened it then took a long drink. I finished wrapping the rope up and put it, the bracelets and the spreader bar back into the pack. I grabbed her little toy and cleaned it off with the water then dried it with a towel.

I handed Kerin the towel and let her wipe herself dry with it. Afterwards, she handed the towel back to me as I dug in the pack and gave her the dress back. She unfolded and put it on then made sure she was presentable.

The last thing I did before we started back up for the boardwalk was remove Kerin’s collar. She looked at me quizzically as I did so. “Master….” she started to say as I waved her words off by putting a finger over her lips.

“No more Master today my Love, but there is one more thing I want you to do today as we walk back to the truck. I want you to pay attention to the people looking at you. See if you can pick out those who saw you.

She asked if her hair was okay. I ran my hands through her silky blond hair and kissed her lips. “You look wonderful Baby and you get more and more beautiful with each passing day.” She smiled as we headed up the steps to the boardwalk.

Once we were back on the boardwalk. She paid very close attention to everyone watching us. She noticed some smiling, some laughing and some with no concern at all. She then said to me “Babe, I do not wish to know who it was that saw me, and frankly, I don’t care who it was. You kept me safe and didn’t let them touch me just as you had promised. I know that you love me and will always stand by me just as I will stand by you.”

I smiled at her new confidence and kissed her lips. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close to me as we walked the rest of the way to the truck.


Kerin and I hope you enjoyed this story. We are going to be sharing more stories starting from the time we met, how I collared her, and how we fell in love and married. She is a wonderful woman and the love of my life. We are proof that romance works well in a D/s — BDSM relationship.

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