Kim Submits Ch. 03

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Kim, naked but for hold up stockings and high heels, is lying on her back pinned to the floor by the two domineering black men. One has hoisted her legs into the air and is fucking her ass. The second straddles her face and holds her wrists to the floor as he fucks her mouth.

Kim is in ecstasy. She loves to feel used like this. Especially by such big black men with such long, thick cocks. Thank goodness her husband is out of town!

The repair man has finished undressing and he sits back down on the sofa. He watches the performance with a satisfied grin as his dick becomes fully erect.

“Let her up,” the repair man tells his friends. “It’s time for her to come over here and get some more of this dick.”

The two guys climb off Kim and stand over her as she rolls on to her front. She lifts herself on to all fours and starts to crawl over to the repair man. The guy who was fucking her ass pushes the side of her hip softly with his foot. Losing her balance, Kim tips over to the side and bumps down to the floor.

The three guys all laugh at Kim as she gets back onto her hands and knees and continues to crawl over to the repair man. She climbs up in between his legs and rests her upper arms over his thighs. His dick is now rock hard and she begins to blow him as his two friends move up behind her.

Kim feels the large dick of one of his friends slide into her ass. He fucks her hard and fast for a little while, then pulls out. He holds her ass cheeks apart and says “Look at that well fucked ass gaping open like that. This whore sure knows how to take a dick.”

He stands and he friend ümraniye escort moves in to take his place fucking her ass. The two take turns on her as Kim tries to take the repair man’s big black cock as far as she can into her throat.

The repair man tells Kim to climb up onto his lap. The guy in her ass pulls out and steps up on to the sofa as Kim stands up and straddles the repair man. She reaches behind her to grab hold of his cock and guides it into her ass as she lowers herself down onto it.

The guy who is now standing on the sofa pushes his dick towards her face and Kim sucks on it dutifully. The remaining guy moves into position behind her. He pushes his cock against her ass and his dick slips inside her.

The repair man and his friend double penetrate her ass as Kim sucks on the other stranger’s cock. She rolls her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy against he repair man’s muscular stomach. Her movements become frantic and she starts to groan over the dick in her mouth.

Kim orgasms strongly and has to pull her mouth off the dick she was sucking in order to catch her breath. The repair man’s two friends switch places and, with her composure recovered, Kim takes the new dick presented to her into her mouth. At the same time, she feels the other stranger’s cock being stuffed into her ass hole.

They all fuck Kim’s holes with abandon. Thrusting their large black dicks into her. After a few minutes more, the two guys go to switch places again. Before they can reposition themselves though, the repair man stands up, holding Kim in his strong arms as she grips his waist with pendik escort her thighs.

Kim bounces herself up and down over his dick as he penetrates her ass. Another of the guy’s comes up behind her and holds her still as he pushes his cock back into her ass. Suspended between them, Kim wraps her arms around the repair man’s broad shoulders as the two guys use her ass.

The guy behind her takes hold of her under her thighs and lifts her off the repair man’s cock. He grabs her arms and moves them from around him and, holding her wrists tightly, crosses them over her breasts.

The guy holding her up thrusts into her ass hole, lifting her up and down as he does. After a while he lets go of her legs, one at a time, letting her stand on the floor. With one hand on her hip and another on her back, he doubles her over and fucks her from behind as another cock is thrust into her mouth.

Suddenly a strong hand on her shoulder pulls her upright and, as he withdraws from her ass, the guy behind her turns her around and tips her backwards. He lowers her all the way down until she is lying on the floor. He climbs over her and hooks his legs over her arms as he kneels over her. He leans forward and tilts his cock into her open, waiting mouth.

As he does this, the other stranger lifts Kim’s legs and pushes his cock into her ass. One again she is restrained on the floor as she is fucked at both ends. Finally the guy in her mouth pulls out and deposits a large load of his sperm onto Kim’s pretty face.

He stands up and goes over to sit down on the sofa as the guy in Kim’s ass fucks her ever bostancı escort more frantically. Soon he gets up and stands over her as he drops his cum onto her face from three foot above her. It lands all over her face and in her hair in a series of splats.

The repair man kneels by her and immediately puts himself deep into her ass and starts to fuck her. Kim moves her hand to wipe some of the copious amounts of sperm from her face, but the repair man intercepts it and holds it still against the floor.

“You’ll keep all of that on your face until after we’ve gone. That’s when you can start to clean yourself up.” he commands.

He continues to fuck Kim’s ass as the sperm runs down her cheeks and onto the carpet. Withdrawing, he stands over her and cums. His sperm falling down messily on top of her face.

Kim lies there with her face covered in spunk and her hands by her sides as the three guys crowd around her. The repair man is displeased with her. “Look at all that sloppy mess on the carpet. You’d better get on your hands and knees and lick that up.”

Kim obliges as the three stand around watching and putting their clothes back on. They laugh and taunt her on the occasions that some more sperm drips from her face and she has to move to slurp it up from the carpet too.

With the floor clean and the men dressed, Kim kneels in front of them as her face slowly dribbles the remainder of their spunk onto her bare chest.

“Well, we’re finished with you. Are you going to show us to the door like a proper hostess should?” questions the repair man.

Kim gets to her feet and walks past them to the front door. Hiding herself behind it, she opens the door and the the three of them file out.

“So have you really finished with me?” Kim asks.

“For now, at least.” says the repair man as he hands her his business card and leaves.

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