Kit’s Stories – Katie’s Man Ch. 02

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I hate these disclaimers, but if you haven’t read Katie’s Man, some of this story may not make much sense to you. The response to the first part has been very gratifying. Thank you and happy New Year to all.


As Kit drove home from his Tuesday classes, he pondered the possibility that he would never be able to understand or hold on to the women in his life. It seemed that they washed over him like a rock on the shore and then receded out of his reach. He was beginning to think there was some personality defect or character flaw in him that caused the problem.

This last weekend, Halloween, was a perfect example. Against his better judgment, he had escorted a young widow, Sandy Rhoades, and her five year old daughter to the country fair and carnival that happened to fall on the spookiest holiday of the year. He had actually had a great time culminating in being charmed by a five year old, and sharing a sexual partner, the widow, with her husband’s spirit. Later, the sex had been interrupted by Sandy’s mother-in-law’s unscheduled early return, but Kit was young, and the embarrassment had faded since Saturday morning.

Kit had called Sandy on Saturday night to check that things were OK for her at home, but she only replied briefly and he understood that she could not talk freely at that time. He had ordered flowers on Monday sent to her at work, the placement office. When he went by before classes this morning, the yellow roses sat on Sandy’s desk, but the room was full of people and she thanked him briefly and said they were so busy that she couldn’t stop to talk at that time. Sandy’s boss and Kit’s friend, Theda, looked out of her office with an enigmatic smile that threatened to turn into a snicker before she ducked back into her office. Kit left confused and bewildered again.

Kit pulled into the garage at the Cliff House and pushed the button to lower the door. He carried his books into the upper level of the house and made his way down the three levels to the lake where he lived in a small apartment above the boat house. He reflected again that perhaps it was time to move into the main house. It sat empty with his father in west Texas and his mother who knows where. It would be more convenient, especially this winter.

As he crossed the dock and climbed the ladder to his apartment, he noticed the wind was switching to the north. The forecast was for a quick cool-off and the end of the unseasonably warm weather. He placed his books on the table that he used as a desk and kicking off his shoes and shirt, he slouched outside into a sling chair to enjoy the afternoon rays. He didn’t know what, if anything, to do about Sandy. He had enjoyed her company and the enthusiastic sex, but she didn’t seem eager to talk with him now.

Perhaps she was just embarrassed over being discovered in the act on her mother-in-law’s sofa. Kit sighed. Perhaps he should just give her some time and then try calling again. The phone rang. Kit moved quickly inside and picked up the phone.

“Hello, Morgan residence. This is Kit speaking.”

“Oh, good, I caught you…I mean you are just who I wanted to talk to…This is Eva Rhoades. I have been trying to call you all morning, but now I’ve caught you…again…caught you…” A most unladylike snort came through the phone line.

“I didn’t mean that I had caught you again…you know…” The silence on the line grew for a moment as Kit did not know how to respond. From the line came a giggle. “I am Sandy’s mother-in-law, and I need…” The giggling grew to a chuckle and then to a full fledged belly-laugh.

“This conversation is not going like I fantasized…er…imagined.” Eva broke up in uncontrollable laughter leaving Kit more confused. “Sorry, young man, I’ll call you back when I get control of myself.”

The phone went dead in Kit’s hand. His memory showed him a picture of a well-preserved fifty-something wearing tailored slacks and a flowered silk sleeveless blouse.

She had apparently just entered her front entry door as he was finishing in Sandy’s rear door. Sandy’s knees were on the arm of the overstuffed sofa with one arm braced against the back. The other arm had alternately clutched backward at Kit’s butt or pulled her ass cheek open for his easier penetration. He knew both of them had been noisy because they had thought the house was empty.

Their backs were to the entry door, so Eva’s throat clearing just after Kit had coated Sandy’s bowels with a full load came as a surprise. Kit’s cock had softened and slipped out of Sandy’s butt, and he was leaned over her holding her while they caught their breath when Eva spoke. She had stood there holding a small overnight bag and did not seem angry. Sandy’s embarrassment forced her to flee naked down the hall leaving Kit to face Mrs. Rhoades alone.

She enquired first about Katie, her granddaughter, and when she was satisfied that Katie was taken care of, she suggested that perhaps Kit might remove himself and perhaps come back some day for a swim. He took gaziantep escort bayan haberleri that to be a slightly snide shot as his lack of clothing. He pulled on his shorts and in an effort to make some reply said she might come swim with him at the Cliff House.

He wished now that he had not felt it necessary to respond at all. He had no intention of swimming with Eva Rhoades, and could not imagine what on earth she was calling him about except to make clear that his behavior in her house was atrocious. He decided that if what she wanted was to chew him out, he would simply agree and apologize.

Meanwhile, Eva had been collecting herself after that unfortunate beginning to the phone call. Her memory also returned to Saturday morning when she had returned home early after a plumbing failure brought her church retreat to an early and stinky ending. She had told Sandy to expect her at twilight, so Eva was about eight hours early. A green convertible was parked on her side of the driveway, so she parked in the street in front and carried her bag to unlock the front door.

As Eva had opened the door, she heard Sandy’s voice shriek out in a shrill cry. Immediately, Eva stepped through the foyer to rescue Sandy if she was in trouble. She was frozen by the scene that met her eyes. A large naked man stood behind a naked Sandy who was perched on her knees on the arm of Eva’s living room sofa. His left hand covered Sandy’s left breast and his right hand was fisted in her hair. Sandy’s left arm was grasping the man’s butt cheek and her right arm steadied her on the couch. He was thrusting vigorously at Sandy’s rear and she was dipping her shoulders and pushing backwards to meet his thrusts.

“Oooh! Fuck meee!” Sandy cried in her excitement. Eva looked around the room at the clothes the two had strewn all over. Sandy’s tiny bikini panties shone as they hung from the chandelier. Eva realized that Sandy was not in need of her aid and stepped back into the foyer before she was seen.

Eva had never witnessed the sex act and Sandy’s cries along with Kit’s grunts enticed her into peeping around the entryway to watch the drama. Sandy seemed to be overcome by some sort of spasms and she shook uncontrollably while Kit held her with both arms. She soon stopped shaking long enough to call out to her lover, “Fuck my ass, Kit.” Sandy reached with her left hand and pulled her cheek to the side.

Eva was shocked into immobility as the man withdrew an immense shaft from Sandy’s vagina and began working it into Sandy’s anus. He reached underneath to jiggle Sandy’s clit and gather her fluids to lubricate his entry. As he began slowly working deeper, Sandy began rocking back. Eva’s nipples rose to stiffness inside her light bra and she felt a tickle in her lower belly. Her loins began to feel heavy and full as she watched Kit achieve full entry. He began long slow strokes while Sandy murmured her approval. Eva hips began to unconsciously mimic Sandy’s motions as she arched her back and spread her feet.

Kit reached again for Sandy’s breast and with his right hand began to vigorously diddle Sandy’s clitoris. His thrusts gained speed and Sandy began to howl again from his clitoral stimulation. His grunts exploded until he thrust deeply into Sandy and fell forward to cover and hold her tiny body.

Eva had been told all her life that the sexual act was ugly, but as she stood there amazed, she found nothing unseemly about it. The young man murmured, “Sandy, you are amazing,” just as his penis slipped from Sandy’s bottom. The fluid residues began to drip from his appendage and a milky fluid seeped from Sandy’s swollen bottom down her leg.

As Eva remembered the occasion, she regretted only the precipitous way in which she had handled the next few minutes. In her mind she was reacting to the body fluids all over her sofa, but her body knew differently. Eva did not recognize her own arousal as the key that had caused her to inject herself into the room.

“Really,” she thought, “sofas can be cleaned and I had told Sandy that I would not return until much later. She had every expectation of privacy and the young man was just collateral damage. He was obviously not at fault.”

Eva reached for the phone again only slightly aware of the slight flush on her neck and face, her hardened nipples, and the swollen labia she squeezed between her crossed thighs. If asked, she would have said they were due to being embarrassed. Her raised foot pumped in imitation of Kit’s thrusts. She dialed the number again.

Expecting the call, Kit answered after the first ring. In a less than cheerful voice, he prepared to take his medicine. “Kit Morgan.”

“This is Eva Rhoades, Mr. Morgan. I will try to control myself this time.. I am sure you are wondering what type of a madcap Katie has for a grandmother and why she is calling in the middle of the day.”

“Mrs. Rhoades, I admit I am a bit confused, but I want to apologize again gaziantep escort hikayeleri for the scene on Saturday. It is your home and you should not have been exposed to such behavior in your own living room.”

“Nonsense, Mr. Morgan, it is Sandy’s home as well as mine and I had told her I would return much later, and anyway I was not exposed, you and Sandy were exposed…” Eva could not contain herself any longer and burst into laughter. Kit grinned ruefully into his end of the line and then joined her in full-hearted chuckles.

“Mrs. Rhoades…”

“Please call me Eve instead of Mrs. Rhoades; we have had at least the equivalent of a social introduction.”

Kit broke up in laughter and stopped only long enough to respond, “I will, Eva, but only if you call me Kit and promise that Sandy is well. She seems unwilling to talk to me.”

“Yes, Kit, she is fine. She is just embarrassed….bare assed…indeed she was and you too…bare assed…” Off Eva went in gales of hilarity which Kit could not help but join.

“Kit, this conversation is going no where over the phone. I called to ask you to return to the scene of the deed to have lunch with me. I wanted to talk about the situation when Sandy was at work and we were alone. Would that be possible?”

“Tomorrow I get out of class at 11:00, but Thursday I have a language lab from 2:00 till 4:00 in the afternoon. I am free again at 11:00 on Friday. Would any of those times suit your schedule?”

“I think sooner is better than later. What about tomorrow? A light lunch, very casual, soup, maybe chicken and dumplings, and deli sandwiches, then we can have our talk, then maybe a swim if the weatherman permits.”

“Sounds great! I never turn down a free meal, but can I bring something?”

“Nope, just an appetite and some information that I want to get from you. About 11:30?”

“That sounds fine, Eva. I will see you tomorrow.”

As they hung up, both were thinking of what the next day would bring. Kit expected Eva to quiz him about his intentions toward Sandy and Katie in the mode of a protective mother. He kept getting mixed signals. Eva really did nave reasons for serious concern, but her behavior was not angry or serious, but more happy and even flirty.

Eva did not know why she kept saying the things that slipped out of her mouth. They were much more frivolous than she intended and seemed to claim a familiarity with Kit that she had not earned. She was confused by her own actions, but had to admit that she had enjoyed talking to the young man who was coming to eat tomorrow.

The wind swirled heavier from the north. The leaves in Katie’s sandbox swirled into a column that was almost man-like. A faint chuckle sounded through the breeze.


Kit arrived at 11:20 with the convertible buttoned up against the chilly breeze and cloudy skies of the front that had pushed in overnight. He opened the trunk and from an ice chest took a bottle of wine. He unwrapped the wet towel that had cushioned the bottle during his trip and walked briskly to the front door. As he reached for the door bell, the entry door swung open, Eva had been watching and waiting for his arrival.

As the door swung open, they both got their first objective look at each other. Eva saw a tall, slender young man standing in run over boat shoes. His long legs were covered in faded, but clean jeans, and he was wearing a yellow long-sleeved tee-shirt with Ocean Pacific in script across the chest. Beneath a longish mop of blonde hair, his eyes were studying her from head to toe. Eva unconsciously straightened her back and squared her shoulders. Then she noticed the wine bottle he was holding out to her in both hands.

“Oh, wine! How thoughtful!” she beamed at him as she took the bottle. “A very nice California chardonnay to go with the chicken soup and you have even chilled it. Are you a wine connoisseur along with your other talents?”

“Not really,” Kit responded as he was checking out his hostess. Eva was probably half a foot taller than Sandy and a dark as Sandy was fair. Her dark hair curved in neatly below her chin and had golden and auburn streaks which hid the encroaching grey. Her most arresting features were her large dark eyes beneath thick eyebrows over a wide and sensuous mouth. She would have been a Sophia Loren look alike without the angular bone structure which changed her from beautiful to striking.

She was wearing a tan loose weave sweater that was almost bulky enough to hide the jutting cone-shaped breasts that seemingly defied age and gravity. Beneath the sweater, Kit recognized black ballet tights at Capri length showing slim ankles above grungy once white ballet slippers on her feet. Her wide lips were curved in a welcoming smile. “If you are not a sophisticate, how did you know what wine would be perfect?”

“Just a lucky guess from my parents’ wine cellar. I’m glad you like it.”

“I am sure I will. Come on in gaziantep escort bayan ilanları out of the wind. I just put this sweater on to go outside and start the hot tub. I am afraid it may be too cold for a long swim, but perhaps we can warm up in the spa.” As Eva turned away, she said over her shoulder, “I thought we could eat in the kitchen, it’s more cozy and friendly. Follow me.”

As she walked away, Kit’s eyes did indeed follow her, particularly her ass. Beneath the black tights, her substantial mature buns flexed in her stride. There was no extraneous shake or wiggle; she was obviously well-toned for a woman of her age. Kit had figured that Eva must be in her fifties, but she moved with lightness more common in women half her age. Kit stayed just far enough behind to take in the view.

Eva led Kit into a spacious kitchen on the back corner of the house. The décor was inviting with light colored oak cabinets with dark reddish granite countertops. The glass-fronted upper cabinets sparkled in front of colorful dishes. A breakfast nook at the end of the counter had an L-shaped bench seat against the counter and wall and two oak dining chairs on the open side. A door opened onto a small patio with a table and chairs for warmer days. Through the glass, Kit could see the back yard with Katie’s play area and the large pool. The hot tub was steaming merrily at the near end of the pool. An array of odors met Kit—chicken soup, baked bread, coffee—his stomach growled loudly.

“Oh excuse me. I’m sorry, but it smells so delicious. I love chicken and dumplings. My grandmother in Ft. Davis fixes me a huge pot when I visit. I always make a pig of myself.”

“I am so glad your appetite is in place. But now you are going to think of me as a grandmotherly person. I am, of course, Katie’s grandmother, but…”

“Eva, you are not grandmotherly at all. You look to be in wonderful shape for a woman in her middle-forties.” The last was said with a slight grin. Kit knew no woman of Eva’s age would be offended by being thought ten years younger than she was.

Eva leaned against a kitchen island holding the wine as she snorted the same amused sound Kit had heard on the phone. “Oh, you charmer. You are trying to get on my good side. Mid-forty’s indeed, I would have had to have started really early to make that true. Kit, I’m fifty-seven.”

Kit feigned mock astonishment. “I can’t believe it; you must have had Dusty when you were a child bride. Anyway I can’t tell which is your good side. All of your sides look very good to me.” Kit reached to take Eva’s forearms and pull her first one way and then the other as he studied her from head to toe. “Nope, all sides look good to me.”

Eva allowed herself to be posed for Kit’s scrutiny. She felt a flush spread from between her breasts up her neck, and chill bumps spread from where his hands rested on her forearms on to the backs of her upper arms. The tickle returned to her lower belly.

As Eva looked up into Kit’s eyes, he realized that he was becoming aroused. The whole setting appealed to him—the sensory overload of the warm welcoming kitchen, the responsiveness and good humor of Eva to his playfulness, the memory of last Saturday. Kit did not release Eva’s arms. He stroked the tops of Eva’s arms with his thumbs and pressed her backward gently. As she leaned back against the island, Kit stepped closer until his toes were almost touching hers. It was a blatant invasion of Eva’s space and both could feel the other’s body heat.

“Could I help you with anything?’ Kit asked as he stared down into the brown pools of Eva’s eyes. He saw the wrinkles running away from the corners of her eyes and the slight roughness of her untended lips.

Eva shivered as if awakening. She raised the wine bottle between them and said, “You can open this while I lay out…lay out…the food. I will lay out the food.” She handed him the wine and whirled quickly away to open a drawer and hand a corkscrew to Kit. As he opened the bottle and set it on the island, she walked over to the glass front cabinet and opening it reached for the wine goblets on a top shelf.

When Eva stretched up, on her toes, Kit got an even better look at her tight ass. He quickly stepped up behind her and placed his left hand on her shoulder. Holding her still, he reached over Eva to take down two glasses. He pressed against Eva’s back as he reached around her with his right hand to offer her the glasses. The result was almost an embrace.

Eva remained very still as Kit held the glasses in front of her. Her hands were resting on the counter top and when he lowered the glasses, his forearm brushed across the tips of Eva’s breasts. With a quick intake of breath, Eva pushed her chest forward to increase the pressure through the thick sweater. She arched her back pushing the thin tights against Kit’s upper thigh in unconscious imitation of what she had seen Sandy do on Saturday. She felt Kit lean down so that his warm breath caressed her neck and ear.

“Here are the glasses. Do you have any more tasks that a tall guy could be good at?” Kit did not know where this was going, but if Eva wanted to flirt and feed him, he was willing to participate fully. He was surprised when Eva quickly picked the glasses from his hand and whirled away from him to march around the island and pour two half glasses of the chardonnay. She slid one across the granite countertop toward him.

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