Kitten’s Ride Home

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After a long phone call, I get down to the car and Kitten is already waiting for me. I get in, apologizing, and tell her about the call that delayed me. While biting her bottom lip, she says, “It’s okay. I’m really happy to see you.” It was Friday, and we always like to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

“I’m so ready to be home!” she exclaims while looking over and giving that naughty smile. I flash a big grin in agreement and continue to drive.

That smile. Now, I’m starting to daydream. Kitten is full of energy and gorgeous. She’s 5 3 and thick in all the right places. She has a great round ass, and nice size tits. She has a very youthful-looking face with a wonderful smile and perfect teeth. She has the sort of lips that you just want to kiss and bite and lick.

While my heads are in the clouds, she begins telling me about her day. I’m focusing on the road, and I start hearing a bag rustling and the sounds of chains clinking. I don’t think anything of it and continue to drive. A little bit down the road I noticed that she is shuffling at her feet and moving her hands under her shirt. I assume she is just scratching an itch.

About 40 seconds later, she takes off her shirt, and her bra exposing her melon size tits to the world for anyone to see. Glancing past her brown areolas, Kitten’s fully erect nipples are holding 2 nipple clamps. It’s silver chain was attached to a ball gag. She reaches down and grabs the leather straps pulling the ball into her mouth, and clasping the links behind her head.

My jaw drops, and all I can muster is, “Wow!” My naughty little Kitten looks over and gives a devilish grin xslot and just winks. As we drive down the road, at least 3 cars pass on her side. One of them does a double take and almost missed a parked car.

She grabs my hand and places it on her firm breasts. I squeeze feeling the wonderful weight in my hand. I slowly move my fingers to her nipples and squeeze the clamp a little tighter. Escaping past the ball gag, the sound of a small moan fills the car. Kittens’ head rolls back a little.

I continue pleasuring her, and I ask, “Do you like that Kitten?” She nods slowly and in approval. A few moments later, I notice she is shuffling in her seat. Her hands start moving slowly down her stomach, tracing the outline of her jeans. She moves a little lower, begins rubbing her clit through the thin fabric. About a minute later she grabs my hand and moves it down on top of her swollen pussy. I begin to rub her clit, feeling her wetness through her jeans. My little pet lets out a louder moan.

About halfway through our ride, my head is spinning. This is absolutely the hottest thing I have ever seen. I think to myself, “Nothing can top this.” All of a sudden, she undoes her jeans, slowly pulling them off her sexy smooth legs, followed by her black lace panties. She brings her panties up to my face and I inhale her sweet aroma. I cannot wait to taste Kitten’s wet pussy, and stick my tongue as deep as I can and her wet hole.

She begins her rubbing herself a little harder and faster, and after a few minutes I can see a pool of wetness on the leather seats. She brings a little bit of the wetness from her fingers to my xslot Giriş mouth, and I taste it. Sweet. It tastes so fucking good. She brings a finger to her mouth and slides it behind the ball gag, tasting her own juice. She then reaches into her bag again pulling out one of her favorite pink bumpy butt plugs.

She takes it, and traces it along her gagged lips. Then pushes the tip of the toy past the plug, and stuffs it into her eager mouth. Kitten then brings it to my lips and I happily apply my saliva. “Woah, is she going to…” I’m thinking. Like a good pet, she slowly slides the moistened toy into her wet slit. She slowly pushes the knobs into her waiting hole. She lets out a deeper moan. Her inner freak has really taken over. After fully inserting the toy, she pulls it out and nods in approval how wet it is.

While rubbing her engorged clit, she positions the glistening butt plug at the entrance of her other hole. Taking her other hand, she makes sure some of her juice is covering her asshole and then begins to slowly part it with her favorite toy. After the first knob goes in she lets out a small shriek of pleasure. She takes a deep breath, and reaches up to her nipples to give a squeeze. She pulls the toy out and then reinserts it. Kitten then continues her quest and after a quick minute has the whole 5-inch toy inside of her.

Now, she is breathing deeper and I can tell she is really hot. She sits up straight in her seat, forcing the butt plug deeper inside of her. She starts grinding her ass on the slick leather seats. My pet is loving the feeling of it stretching her ass. She grabs my hand again, placing xslot Güncel Giriş back on her hot, wet sex. I slip some of my fingers inside of her pussy, loving the silky way that it feels. Once inside, I curl them up to feel her G-spot. I push against the small area, and her pussy tightens around my fingers.

When we are closer to home, Kitten reaches in her bag for one more surprise. She pulls out her leash. Like a good pet, she fastens it around her neck making sure it’s tight enough for Daddy to give orders. When we pull into the driveway, I asked, “Uh, are you going to put your clothes back on?” She looks over and gives another sexy smile. I say, “Okay” walking to her side of the car opening the door.

Kitten places her leash into her master’s hand. “Wow! You want daddy to walk you from the car, through the yard, to the front door? All with no clothes on? But, people…” She looks up at me and gives me the sexiest look I have ever seen. My little Kitten wants to be controlled. She wants to be dominated.

She reaches over and feels my cock through my jeans. I am so hard. She then brings her ball gag stuffed mouth closer to my dick and releases her hot breath. I can feel the heat and wetness through the denim, and I cannot wait to be inside every hole. “I have to get you inside.” I say. I pull on her collar and like a good pet she gets down on all fours on the concrete.

There’s a car driving down the road, and old man, but I don’t think he notices what’s going on. The thought that someone else may see her, drives me wild. I think it does for her as well. I slowly walk her over the yard and up to the front door. When we get to the front door she rubs on my legs like a good little Kitten waiting to be let in.

Once we get in the house I pull off the ball gag while pinching her nipple. She moans in excitement and ask to be walked to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32