Kneading More

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This story is based on a fantasy inspired by a real mobile app that my cousin installed on her tablet. Even though it’s not in the story, in my twisted brain I’m the boss and my cousin is the babysitter. Maybe my next story will be about how the massage app helped me fulfill my cousin fantasies. Enjoy!

Harry and Sylvia clearly needed to hire a nanny. Sylvia had a successful psychotherapy practice and Harry was a writer, and neither had the time, energy or inclination to care for their two year old child.

The well-to-do couple asked around, and their friends Mr. and Mrs. Sherman raved about a young woman they’d recently had babysit their own child. To describe this girl they used adjectives like “bright”, “tactful”, “friendly” and “responsible”. But on a rainy Thursday morning one October, when Harry answered the doorbell and saw the new nanny standing there, those were not the adjectives that came to mind. “Gorgeous”, “Sexy” and “scintillating” leapt to his mind.

She was obviously of mixed ethnicity, one of which was certainly Asian, but she was not petite. She was tall, with broad shoulders, a dark tan, very athletic figure, and, as Harry noticed immediately, giant, firm breasts. She had the kind of body that defies the odds, thin, fit, and yet with a large, tight, full ass and bosom. She had long thick black hair, and her delicate Asian features looked intently at Harry, who stood stunned in the doorway.

“Hi, I’m Rosa… I’m the new Nanny,” she announced, an adorable smile lighting up her baby-face. It took a moment for Harry to pull himself together and invite her in.

The next few weeks were not productive for Harry. Normally he’d kiss Sylvia goodbye as she left for her office, and then take a seat in front of his laptop to work on his novel, occasionally getting up to pace and think. But since the arrival of the tan, fit, part Asian nanny, he had found it difficult to concentrate.

She obsessed him. Every time he made love to his wife, an image of Rosa, bending over to pick up toys, her breasts dangling, popped into his head. He found that after having his morning chat with Rosa, he’d have to close his study door, lie back on the couch and masturbate furiously, thinking of her soft brown skin, imagining fucking the living shit out of her.

One day, while chatting with the young statuesque Nanny, Harry Uşak Escort happened to stretch his arm behind his back and winced a little, as he often did.

“What’s wrong? back pain?” Rosa asked. She wore a loose white tank top, a black bra just visible beneath it, and tight denim shorts, short enough to stop traffic.

“Yeah, it’s my damn posture” Harry said. “All day long sitting at that laptop hunched over… it’s terrible for my back.”

“You should get a massage!” Rosa said, playing with her ponytail.

“Oh, I don’t know… I feel weird about having a stranger squeezing and rubbing me…” Harry joked.

Rosa giggled. “Then get your wife to give you a massage!” she suggested.

Harry blushed. “She’s pretty busy…” he trailed off, his eyes taking in Rosa’s long bare legs.

“I’ll give you one if you want!” Rosa offered, in a perky voice.

“Are you any good?” Harry asked, smiling. He didn’t care if she was the worst masseuse ever- the idea of her hands on him made his cock twitch.

“Well, I’m no expert.” she answered, “But I have a fun game on my phone. It’s called ‘Knead Me’, and it’s like an interactive massage guide, but with all these fun little challenges and stuff. My roommate and I play it all the time.”

“Need me?” Harry repeated, lifting one eyebrow.

“Knead me! Like kneading someone’s back.” She said, and as she said it, she firmly pressed her hand to Harry’s back to illustrate. Harry’s balls rose and he felt himself becoming erect.

“That… that sounds like fun…” Harry said, his marriage vows passing briefly through his conscience.

“Let’s try it!” Rosa said excitedly. “Oh wait…” she paused. “Well, actually it’s a two person game, so you’d need to massage me too.” She laughed. “I guess it’s not quite what you’re looking for.”

“Hey,” Harry said, “If you massage me, the least I can do is return the pleasure”. Inwardly Harry winced at his choice of words. “Let’s try this game of yours out! Here, we can use the couch…”

Harry and his Nanny had a seat on the edge of the backless leather couch, and Harry watched her fish her mobile phone out of her handbag. She opened an app called “Knead Me”, and broke into a smile.

“So, how do you play?” Harry asked, noticing his hands slightly shaking with nervous anticipation.

“Ok, well first it asks you Uşak Escort Bayan to put in what you’re wearing” Rosa said. “So, for me, I’m checking off ‘short sleeve’ for shirt, ‘shorts”, and then…” she trailed off.

“Then?” asked Harry, sitting close enough to smell the perfume in her long raven hair.

“Well, it asks about underwear,” she laughed nervously, “So I’m putting in… um… panties and a bra. And socks.”

Harry noticed her blushing. He was rock hard.

“Ok, then what?” Harry asked.

“Then you um… you select which items of clothing you are willing to have removed during the massage.” Rosa said, shyly.

Harry moved closer to her on the couch and said, “Which will you select?”

“Well, I shouldn’t go too far…” whispered the blushing nanny, “You’re my boss and all,” she giggled, “So I’ll just put… my shirt.”

Harry was too aroused to form complete thoughts. “Okay” was all he could manage to say.

“Now it’s your turn.” Rosa said, turning to him and offering the phone. “You want to enter your details?”

“No, it’s okay. You can enter it for me.”

“So for you I’ll select that you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks… and… um…” she blushed again.

“Briefs” whispered Harry. From beside her he could see down the front of her tanktop. Two perfect tan orbs, looking so soft and so firm, beckoned to be free.

“Okay, good, and which would you be willing to… um…” She giggled again.

“My shirt.” Harry said.


“And…” Harry hesitated. “And my pants.” Rosa looked at him. “What the heck, right?”

Rosa nodded, smiling, entering his choices into her phone.

“Then” she continued, “You enter which body parts you are willing to massage, and which you are willing to HAVE massaged. Head and shoulders are automatic. So for instance,” she cleared her throat, “I’m going to select that I will also massage stomach, legs and feet, and that I’m willing to have massaged my stomach, legs, feet… and… my buttocks.”

Harry leaned in to peer at her phone, squinting. He took his glasses from his pocket and the screen came into focus. “I’ll massage stomach and feet.” He decided. “And allow my stomach, legs, and buttocks massaged. …My feet are ticklish” he laughed.

“Okay,” Rosa said, making the selections. “Now you put Escort Uşak in the massage time.”

Harry looked at the clock above the door of the room where his child was sleeping. Sylvia would be home at four… but sometimes she came back for lunch unexpectedly. He decided on 30 minutes.

“Thirty minutes. And now,” Rosa continued, “You select which type of massage you’d like, Shiatsu, Esalan, Swedish or Sensual.”

“I’m not much of an expert,” Harry admitted. But I like the sound of “sensual.”

“Ok, you first, lie down on your stomach.”

Rosa stood, allowing Harry to position himself face down on the sofa, his erection pressing against the leather cushioning. Then she delicately descended, sitting beside him and leaning forward, her strong arms stretched out and her hands seizing Harry’s head. On her phone was an avatar, and it’s head was glowing, indicating the area she was to begin massaging.

“So now I could ask the game for some massage instructions about your head, but I’ve already read all of the instructions, playing with my roommate. Isn’t this great?”

“It’s fabulous. I’m glad you thought of it.” Harry’s voice undulated each time Rosa pressed her hands to his skin.

Rosa went to work on Harry’s head, softly rubbing his temples and running her fingers through his hair.

After an ecstatic head massage that sent endorphins swimming through Harry’s brain, the game prompted Rosa to switch to Harry’s shoulders. She began kneading and caressing them. releasing the built up tension in his bones. His back followed. Harry let out an occasional moan, feeling the younger woman’s hands on his spine, through his shirt.

“Is that okay?” she asked.

“God, yes, it feels great” he sighed.

When the game instructed her to switch, he next felt the young babysitter’s hands on his buttocks, grasping the flesh and squeezing, pressing down so that his hardness rubbed against the leather. Was it his imagination, or was she purposefully pushing his butt with a certain rhythm, causing him to dry-hump the couch?

Harry’s erection swelled. On the game’s cue Rosa moved to his legs, fondling his calves through his pants. He wished he could see her, above and behind him, leaning over him. His wish was soon granted, for the avatar on Rosa’s phone eventually flipped over onto its back.

“Now, turn face up.” Rosa commanded, a little breathless. Harry knew his erection would be obvious, but was beyond the point of caring. He turned onto his back, and Rosa leaned over him, doing a double take when she observed his hard-on, but trying to pretend she hadn’t noticed.

To be continued…

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