Krystina Sterling

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Krystina Sterling is a full time soccer mom. Busy with her motherly chores most of the time, that she sometimes forget to take care of her own self. She is the mother of two spoiled boys and married to corporate slash preacher, John Sterling. They live in a very financially comfortable life. Their home is located in an upscale neighborhood, just outside the Orlando area.

Deon Williams cursed into his early morning shift; he hated waking-up very early to go to work. He was recently promoted as a new grocery manager at a local Walgreens. Many of his co-workers considered him as favorite employee by their female store manager, reason they believed was that there is a preferential treatment to blacks like him and that’s why he got the job and promotion. Age 18, all he wanted was to make money to buy more dope. His girlfriend is Lashica; he met her from school.

“What the fuck baby?” complained Deon. Frustrated over Lashica’s refusal to suck his donkey size cock.

“I can’t, I just brushed my teeth.” counter Lashica. She was afraid that his black cock could hurt her jaw again and that the pain might stop her from singing Saturday night with her friends in a local Karaoke bar. Deon was beginning to think that his girlfriend is just scared shitless with size of his black cock. His cock constantly needed to cum or he can’t do anything, sometimes he thinks its size of 12 inches is a curse.

Krystina parked her Land Rover in front of their house after dropping her kids to school. The house was empty and she immediately felt a she sense of boredom for she have to spend her day alone. She cannot quite make her mind what to do, whether she is going to tend the garden or go shopping. Walking into the living room she noticed that her husband left his laptop.

“That can’t be.” She said. Her husband priced his laptop so much that he probably spent more time with it than her. She picked it up and went to hide it inside their master bedroom. Kyrstina noticed the swimming pool and it looks inviting; she changed into her two piece bikini and noticed her still lovely figure in the mirror. Her long dark hair may need some fixing and maybe in a few days she will visit her favorite salon.

“Not bad.” she said.As she marbled at her body. her tits may have sag a little but they surely add up to her overall appeal, giving her more curves.

The Florida sun was beaming at her and hot enough to burn her in just a few minutes. While lounging at the pool she is wondering what she will do next and she was afraid that she would do the same thing that she had done many times before. she was tired of just staying in the house to watch soap opera, doing her motherly chores or go out shopping.

She is beginning to hate this routine in her life but she doesn’t know what to do about it. After an hour she Noticed her complexion is burnt enough, Kristina got up and proceeded into their master bedroom to take a shower. she again noticed her husband’s laptop and cannot believed that he had left it, picking up the machine with her soft hands and opening the lid. She turned it on and in no time it came to life. There is nothing unusual about this laptop but Krystina decided to check the history and see if what websites his husband had been to. She heard many stories about couples divorcing because of their spouse cheating on them over the internet. However, that is not her real concern; she knew that John will not do such a thing to destroy their lovely family. She was just a bored but curious housewife. A curiosity and decision that she will never forget, perhaps even regret.

“oh my god!” was all Kyrstina could say. She was shocked to find that his husband, the father of her kids, the preacher, and active citizen of their community has been going to pornographic websites. Websites after websites, pages after pages all featured obscene depiction of carnal lust. Right before her eyes she is witnessing men and women engaging in sexual acts that only animals can do.

Her hands were shaking, her stomach turning and her mind spinning from her discovery. Then there is one thing that she noticed about all these website and pictures, all showing white women having sex with black men, huge black men at that. All of the Negroes, as his husband like to address them, are sporting penises that were bigger than her forearm. She could not quite define what was happening or even understand why her husband is interested in black and white sex.

“Interracial sex.” She mumbled to herself. That’s what it was she realized. Then she noticed that she was getting hot and aroused by the pure lust she had just seen. Her pussy was wet, wet like never before and very sensitive to the touch.

“Is it been that long?” she asked to herself. Yes, its been that long since John made love to her. She tried to suppress it many times by busying herself with shopping and the kids. She was unable to control herself, she unwittingly touched her clit that sent shivers through her spine and the görükle escort sensation almost felt like alien to her body.

“it’s been so long.” she finally admitted. Her pussy juiced so much that it left a wet mark on her bed. She kept fingering her clit with her left hand while her right one continued to browse pictures of nude black men. But one of the pictures got her to the brink of collapse, it showed a white female sandwiched between two huge black cocks. It appears that the woman is being doubly penetrated, one in her cunt and the other in her ass.

“Ohhhhh God!”Krystina came like never before, though she felt a little guilty but she was convinced that it was a very satisfying orgasm. Krystina felt like a new person; a new woman.

After Deon finished his shift early than usual, he went straight to his cousins house, hoping to just hang-out with him. Deon knocked to his cousin Tyrell’s front door but to no avail.

“Damn,” cursed to himself.

“I need some weed!” He tried to call Tyrell’s cell phone hoping to get some weed from him, but he didn’t answer. Deon hop inside his car not knowing where to go, then he noticed an adult video store to his right side, he doesn’t normally go to this type of establishments, but why not, he said to himself. Maybe he can spot a nice DVD and show it to her girlfriend and maybe they could have a goodtime together. His big black cock is definitely doing all the thinking for him. His momma warned him long time ago that no decent man should enter these kinds of places because they not only degraded women in general but the whole community as well.

As soon as he stepped inside he immediately went looking for a DVD that might interest him, he disregard his environment as if he went autopilot and his black dick was the one doing the thingking for him, he was determined to get what it wanted no matter what.

Krystina could not sleep last night, she seem to be in trance. Her discovery seem to have released long pent up desire, a lustful desire she never knew exist. Before John came home late last night she copied all what she saw into her micro drive so that she can view them again in their desktop computer. She did not mention anything about it, she was afraid that her husband might get mad at her for snooping at his laptop. However, she can’t stop herself from wondering, why her husband was looking at those kind of pictures? Does he imagine her, the mother of his kids and his wife for 10 years having sex with black men? Krystina just kept her mouth shut. Just like yesterday she went on routine mode, John went to work after she fed him his breakfast, dropped the kids in school and she found herself alone again in the house, but this time however, she breaking out from the boring routine.

In just a few minutes after she arrived from her sons school, Krystina found herself sitting in front of the computer rubbing her over sensitive clit furiously and imagining she’s the woman in the picture stuffed full of black cock. She sees a black hairbrush in front her, spitting on it and grabbing it to the other end and stabbing her pussy with it. However, her frustrations grew when she felt that it wasn’t as big as her husband. She badly needed to come. Fucking herself faster and faster did do the trick.

“ahhhh fuck me….. Black…cock” Krystina came violently and just like yesterday she saw stars with black cock hanging on them. A vision that will be forever embedded in her mind.

After taking a shower Krystina put on her tight jeans that fits her perfectly well. She often get a lot of attention when she wears something sexy, but she only wears them when John is not around.

On her way to the mall she was bogged down in traffic, checking her navigation system for alternate route, it suggested her to take OBT. She did not like this suggestion but she also did not want to spend more time in traffic because that could cut her shopping time plus she still have to pick-up the kids after school. Reluctantly she stirred her SUV to the next exit towards the bad part of town.

Driving in this area gave Krystina a nervous feeling. This part of Orlando used to be nice but now it is a wreck, dingy and dirty. The City seem to have forgotten the people who live here, neglected the area and deprived them of many benefits that are now diverted to many riched neighborhood, and often a place where drug addicts openly trade illegal drugs.

While driving on OBT she noticed an adult video store to her left with a big sign that says that they sell adult novelties and sex toys, and there was also a strip club next to it. It was in the middle of the day and there were only about four Cars Park in front. Her hands gripped the stirring wheel a little tighter and her pussy is juicing up again just from reading those immoral signs. Mrs. Krystine Sterling started to drive a little faster not because she is afraid of anything might happen to her in this place but because she is worried that bursa escort bayan she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from entering the God forbidden store.

The wife and mother of two kids finished her shopping in the mall in just two hours but anywhere she looked she can’t keep her mind in focus. She kept seeing black, black here, there and everywhere she looked, she sees visions of black cocks. Even her shopping bag would reveal that something is bothering the lovely wife because she almost bought everything with black color on it. Black thong and panties, black pants and black with white stripe Max mara bag, called as the zebra, according to the sales lady. Heck even the shopping bag provided was black. She needed to get out of here.

She could believe her luck, traffic in I-4 but is very heavy heading towards downtown, Kristina could see the same street again that she was trying to avoid earlier, even againts her own gut feeling that she should find another way. Without looking at her navigation syste, Kristina stiired to the next exit.

Driving in the same street once again made her feel so light headed and her pussy automatically started to quiver, and even the fact the her navigation system suggested a better route, she continue to drive the awful street as if she was in heaven. This place is making her so horny because street after street she could see black men with no shirt on. As if they were all available and ready to be taken home, like black meat ready to be bought, and Mandingos ready to be worshipped.

Passing the adult store again with all its lurid signs, the married Mrs. Krystine Sterling could take no more, no more she could stop the call of her own flesh. Because of her inability to control her lust, the U-turn she made would make a car chase movie look like a walk in the park. Thank God there were no cops around because her tires made a loud screeching sound as she makes her way to the adult video store.

Before stepping inside she had convinced herself that if she sees what she want, she would get it and get out. A promise that she doubt would happen. Inside, the store was nearly empty; she noticed a couple giggling over an obscene photo from a video box. Her eyes made no eye contact even to the female clerk who said hello to her. Looking around she noticed that the videos were all categorized for easy selection. She finds that as a good idea and it will make it easier for her to find what she’s looking for. Then, she noticed videos that were categorized as interracial sex, immediately she walked to them and begins her selection. If her husband could see her now, his wife in a bad part of town, pussy wet from excitement, powerless to stop the urge that was tingling between her legs.

She took a video from the middle of the shelf, examines it. It featured a white female engaging in sex with multiple partners; all were black with big black cocks. Krystina’s hands were shaking to the point that she could almost hear the box in her hand rattle aloud. Without thinking of her surroundings she accidentally bumped someone behind her and incidentally dropping the video from her hands.

Deon felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of videos he could choose from but one particular genre he likes to see is interracial sex. While he is concentrating his search, he could not stop to ask himself how many white ladies out there who would like a piece of his giant black meat. Suddenly he felt that someone bumped on him. A female voice immediately apologized.

“It’s ok.” he replied without turning his head. He taught it was the ugly clerk girl that he saw on his way in.

Krystina was beyond disbelief when she saw selections of black dildos just above the topmost video shelf. Their sizes were mesmerizing; she almost had tears in her eyes by just looking at them.

She took one on her hand, it said that it was molded from a black porn star known as the Excalibur, an 11 inches vibrator, the other one is made from Cyberskin also in black but a little shorter. The last one caught her attention, it was named as the “Perfect Pecker” black dildo and 12 inches long and round as a coke can. She tried to reach for it but it slipped off her hand and it fell, hitting the black man next to her from behind.

Deon was mad. “Fuck girl.” His reaction from the falling black dildo.

“I’m sorry sir, it fell off my hand.” reasoned the lovely wife.

Deon seeing the frightened but beautiful housewife instantly regretted his reaction. Together in unison went to pick up the black dildo that was lying on the floor. They stared in each other’s eyes. Deon knew her from somewhere but he could not make it clear as to where he had seen her before. Krystina on the other hand, was simply embarrassed by what happened. There she was a mother of two, married to a preacher and in her hands were impossible cock sizes that she is trying to take home.

“Thank you” said the lovely wife. Deon did not reply, still bursa escort trying to remember her from somewhere, but before he could ask her where they met before, she was already heading for the register. Krystina was shaken from what happened decided to purchased all what she had in her hands. She almost fumbled on her way to the clerk with two black dildo, one black vibrator and a gangbang interracial DVD. On her way out, the clerk couldn’t stop from shaking her head from the panic buying she had just witnessed.

As soon as she got into her SUV, Krystina started the engine and drove so fast to get out of there. Upon reaching her the school she couldn’t imagine what her answers will be if her two young boys will ask where their mommy had been. If they only knew what mommy had in her car with them they would probably disown her. Deon on the other hand, decide not to get anything and went home empty handed and see if Lashica would like to suck the cum out of him when he gets there. His black cock is aching for days.

That night after tucking the kids to sleep, Krystina locked her bedroom door, opened her computer and watched her newly purchased DVD. She had three hours for herself before John gets home, enough time to get herself off more than once, enough time to get herself drunk with black cocks and enough time to clean up afterwards.

She watched the DVD in detail and felt compelled to do the things to her own body; she took all her black toys off their respective cases and sucked on them one by one. She opened her jaw as wide as she can to accommodate each one of them; she was shocked to find that by just sucking on one of her dildos could give her a mini orgasm. There were moments that she tried stuffing her mouth with two of them, with a little luck.

She penetrated her pussy countless times just like the female actress in DVD. Then for finale she fucked herself with all three of them, one in her pussy, one in her ass and one in her lustful mouth, prohibiting herself from screaming. She came multiple times. She didn’t really need any lube because her pussy was constantly produced large amount of cum but her ass ached a little, maybe a bottle of KY from her local store will do the trick. She would have to get that tomorrow.

She gobbled her smallest black dildo in her mouth because she did not want her kids to hear her passion, her secret passion for big black cock. She could not believe that each one of these big cock gave her an orgasm. There sizes were not the only factor but their color as well. She can no longer deny that she is addicted to black cock.

The following day Krystina stopped at a local Walgreens after dropping her kids. Her husband John was out playing a round of golf; he is unaware of neither her new found lust nor her new toys. She was looking for a personal lubricant because she did not want the pain in her ass to happen again. She loves double penetration the most because it could make her cum multiple times.

Krystina was very reluctant to ask for help after a few minutes of walking around the store and could not find what she was looking for.

Then, she noticed a large black figure at the end of the isle and in his hand what appears to a bottle of KY. She moved towards his direction and learned that this was the same black man she met yesterday at the adult shop. Krystina stopped on her tracks, embarrassed to look at him and her pussy is giving signs that it is leaking again because she knows that the man knew her purpose of being here.

Deon recognized her the minute she stepped into his store and almost certain that she was looking for some lubricant because he did not see her buy one yesterday. Deon approached the 39 year old wife, shaking, terrified and aroused at the same time.

“Is this what you looking for?” the young black buck asked.

“Yes mister.” her reply. Upon saying that, Deon placed the bottle of KY near his crotch.

“Here take it, I know you need it.” an emphasis on the word need. She extended her right hand to catch it but the young buck was smart enough to put it even closer to his growing cock that is hidden inside his work pants.

Krystina did what she was asked; her fingers first touched the side of the bottle that was facing her and thought that was it, but the she felt his growing black muscle. It felt like a cobra waiting to be set free from its cage. Not realizing what she was doing, she found her hand voluntary caressing his hard black cock through his pants.

“Oh! hell yeah,” said Deon. “I know what you need lady and it’s not the lube.”

“Here take it and pay for it if you still want to, and wait for me in your car” there is commanding tone in his voice. Krystina grabbed the bottle of lube with her left hand and unaware that her other continued to rub his cock.

The mother of two just nod. She was more concern about the cock that is in her hand. She wanted to touch more of it, see it, kiss it and suck it.

“You driving that nice land Rover aren’t you?” asked Deon before she could even turn and do what she was told to do.


Deon stepped outside the store and immediately went to the SUV parked in the last row. Upon seeing the black kid, Krystina, unlocked the door and let him in.

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