Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 03

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She awoke to someone knocking sharply on her door. Startled and momentarily forgetful of where she was, she scrambled to find something to wear, crying out “Just a minute!”

Immediately, the door opened and Ojas entered. “You should know, Annis, that I knock to wake you, not to ask your permission to enter.” His voice was stern, but he smiled. “I have come to escort you to session.”

“Is there anything I should do? I mean, I haven’t brushed my teeth or …” Annis was still a bit panicky.

Ojas was very reassuring. “No, dear. Don’t worry about that, all of it will be taken care of in session today. Are you warm enough?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Then do not bother with your robe; follow me immediately.”

When they got out into the hall, Lamis was already standing there, waiting for them. She smiled at Annis and asked how she liked her room. “Oh, it’s marvelous!” she answered, as they got into the elevator. “It’s exactly me, if you know what I mean.”

“I feel the same way! It reminds me of being back in Lebanon — all the dark wooden windows, rugs, incense, and fires…”

“I would love to see it sometime,” answered Annis. “It sounds rather different than mine.”

At that, they resumed silence as they entered the orientation room.

“Good morning, girls,” welcomed Megan. “Please go to your sections, relax, and drink the beverage on your table.”

Annis walked to her pad, this time finding another herbal tea next to her. It was pale yellow and a little sweet and served warm. She sat there sipping, and smiled good-morning to Azra and to the other girl who was now perched on a bright yellow pad. She assumed they were waiting on the other two girls who were still missing. By the time Ojas returned with them, she had almost finished her tea. The two of them were welcomed and resumed their places.

“Well, now that we are all here,” began Etan, “let me ask you about the session yesterday. You were told to notice something about the rest of the group; who can tell me something about Kendis and her sexual preferences?” He indicated the girl right next to Annis, the one who had used the two — pronged dildo yesterday. No one offered an answer. Unsure, but wanting to please Etan, Annis raised her hand.

“Yes, Annis. Please, tell us something about Kendis.”

“I would think she likes things slow and hard, sexually.”

Ethan smiled. “Why would you think that?”

Annis looked at Kendis whose face was bright red and she was staring at the floor. “Well…Kendis only used the one dildo yesterday and she was very forceful, but took it rather slow. Actually…” she hesitated. “Go on, Annis,” prompted Megan.

“Ummmm… I don’t actually know if she came or not. Her whole session just seemed very intense. Not really xslot pleasurable.”

“Thank you Annis. That was very insightful. Anyone else?” Annis waited, but no one else offered an answer. “Too bad. Kendis, can you come up here please?”

Kendis stood and walked up to the table.

“Kendis, you will take four strikes with the rod this morning for your classmates inability.” A general out cry arose, everyone except for Annis was calling out that they could indeed say something about her experience yesterday. “I’m sorry, Kendis, but the time to hear these explanations is past. Please put your hands on either side of your head and spread your legs.”

Kendis was white as a sheet. Annis guessed that, like herself, Kendis had never experienced much sexually in public. Megan picked up a thin birch rod about three feet long and walked behind her. “Kendis,” she said, “there will be one strike for each of your classmates who had nothing to offer. Usually, regarding punishments, you will have a safe word to use in case things get too intense for you. However, no safe word is given for your first punishment, regardless of what it is. You must be strong for this. Keep your eyes open, look only at Etan, try to make no sound except I want you to count out each blow.”

Annis was waiting, fearfully, for the first strike. When it came, however, she found she was totally unprepared. Instead of striking her across the back or buttocks, Megan lowered the cane to the floor and pulled up hard and quick between Kendis’ knees. The blow landing firmly on her pussy. Kendis stepped forward and crouched down, pressing her legs together as tears filled her eyes. “One!!” But she didn’t move.

“Kendis. Stand up please. Resume the position.”

Slowly, she did. The next blow came swiftly as soon as she had gotten back to her feet. “Two.” Then the next, “Three,” sent tears streaming down her face. “Four.” Kendis stood shaking now, sobbing.

“Thank you, Kendis. Please return to your place and lay on your mat. Annis, do you have your vibrator?” asked Megan. When Annis assented, Megan said “Good. Lamis and Safa, will you go to Kendis and each hold one of her arms down?” They went to her and did as they were told, though they weren’t sure why. “Azra, will you and Rivka bend her knees and hold her legs open?” Suddenly, Annis knew what she was going to be asked to do. When Megan told her, the words were no surprise. With her hard metal vibrator, she was to bring Kendis to orgasm. Twice. When she heard this, Kendis began to cry out, trying to kick out and move out from under her classmate’s firm grip. But she could not. With sorrow, Annis turned on her vibrator. She knew this would hurt Kendis, but she also knew the orgasms themselves would bring some relief xslot Giriş to the pain inflicted by the birching. She was surprised, however, to see the red, raw marks cris-crossing over Kendis’ mons. She turned on the vibrator.

Kendis started to moan and cry out as soon as Annis placed it on her clitoris. With slow deliberation, Annis pressed down firmly, moving it in slow circles around her clit. With her other hand, she dipped into the juices that were flowing from Kendis’ vagina and smeared them across her clitoris, eliciting a further cry from Kendis. Annis soon felt her own juices start to flow down her legs, but was so focused on her task, she did nothing about it. As the vibrator moved consciously around and over her clit, Kendis became quieter and quieter. Annis soon decided that it was time for the first orgasm. Without heed to the red welts, Annis pressed down hard into Kendis’ clit. Kendis’ whole body buckled and thrashed, but Annis did not lessen the pressure nor did she move the vibrator. Kendis started to pant and shake, begging Annis to stop. But Annis couldn’t stop — Kendis needed to crest into orgasm once more. So, keeping the same pressure on her clit, Annis moved to the other side, moving the vibrator back and forth, up and down. Then, she began to scrape her fingernails across the other side of Kendis’ clit. Immediately, Kendis came again, this time showering Annis with her cum, whimpering. Annis removed the vibrator, but kept stimulating her with her fingers and Ethan had taught her — or tried to teach her — to bring her out of her orgasm.

“Thank you Annis. Thank you Kendis.” Etan’s voice was husky. Annis looked over and was stunned to see him; Kade had her face buried in his crotch. Even though his trousers were still on, she was giving him a blow job! “What is it you want now, Kendis?” he asked.

“I want… I want a big dick in my pussy! Please, don’t leave me like this! Please, please, please, please… I want a big dick in me…” Annis was stunned. How she could want any more stimulation after that was beyond her ability to comprehend. She was even more surprised, then, as Etan put his hand on Kade’s head; she stopped pleasuring him and moved away as he stood and walked over to Kendis. His penis was large, thick and red.

“Kendis, do you want me to cum inside of you?” Etan bent down over her, positioning himself between Azra and Rivka, fully clothed, but with a fully engorged penis standing out straight in front of us all.

“YES!… Please, please please please please…” It was all she could say. With no warning, Etan plunged his penis inside of her. Annis felt a wave of hot jealousy engulf her as she heard him lean over her and say “You are beautiful right now, Kendis, more beautiful than ever before.” xslot Güncel Giriş He began to pump in and out of her, as she squirmed and moaned, trying to accommodate his girth inside of her. He moved faster and faster; Kendis fought again against the rest of the group holding her down. Then, Etan roared and then became very still. “Kade,” he said, quietly after a moment, “come here and clean me.” Obediently, she came over and after he pulled out of Kendis’ gaping vagina, she took his penis again into her mouth, sucking all of the other woman’s juice and all of his spent sperm off of him. “I love you, Kade. I love only you.” While she ministered to him, he caressed her head. When she was done, he closed his pants and returned to the table.

“Thank you Kendis,” said Megan. “Girls, please return to your pallets. As you can see, it is very important that all of you–“

There was an unexpected knock at the door; Etan rose to answer it while Megan continued.

“—participate in each exercise. Let us continue.”

“Excuse me, Megan, but I need to see the panel outside momentarily, please,” said Etan, closed the door, but keeping his hand on the handle. Seeing the surprised glances of Kade, Megan, and Ojas, Annis was sure this was indeed an unusual interruption. Kade, without questioning, got up and went over to her master who opened the door and she went outside. Megan, however, said “But Etan–,”

“I’m sorry Megan,” answered Etan, “I know this is very unusual. Please come outside. Girls, while we are conferring, please think about the answers you will give for your classmates.” He reached over and turned out the lights; immediately, the room got colder.

Sharing a surprised glance, Ojas and Megan moved to the door without another word. All of the girls lay without speaking. Annis could hear Kendis; she was still breathing heavily and she occasionally let out a soft cry. After about five minutes in the dark, she began to cry.

“Kendis?” asked Annis. “Are you alright?”

“No… that was just…”

“It’s alright,” said Annis, soothingly. “Is there something I can do for you?”

“I’ll be okay, Annis, thanks. It’s just that… well, it was so intense. I feel like I’ve been looking for this for so long. I know, it sounds crazy…”

“No. No, Kendis. It doesn’t sound crazy.” Annis was thinking what she would have done if Etan had asked her if she wanted him to cum inside of her. She remembered the wave of jealousy that had washed over her when he heard him telling Kendis how beautiful she was. She sighed.

The door opened then and Ojas stepped inside. “Annis.” His voice was loud enough to cut through the darkness. “Put on the robe underneath your pallet and join us outside, please.” Going back outside, he closed the door behind him.

Annis was shaken. What in the world was going on? With nothing else to do, Annis grabbed the robe that was indeed underneath her pallet, put it on, and, stumbling, found her way to the door. She opened it, and stepped into the light.

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