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Sandy went over to visit her long time friend Lydia at her home. They’d both sent their husbands out for a guys’ night at their favorite billiards hall, while they had a ladies’ night in. The two women talked, laughed, listened to music, ate and drank wine all night as they caught up on each other’s lives for the first time in a while. Feeling silly, flushed and slightly tipsy, Lydia decided the two women needed even more entertainment. “I know, let’s play truth or dare. I got a set of truth or dare cards as a gag gift, but it might still be fun to check them out.”

Sandy giggled incessantly thinking about two grown women in their early thirties playing truth or dare like they were back in high school or college again. Trying to control her sudden fit of the giggles, Sandy managed to wag her head up and down, agreeing to play. Lydia walked over to a bookshelf and picked up a deck of cards.

She returned to her tan chenille couch and removed the cards from their small yellow cardboard covering. She shuffled the cards then asked her friend “ok, so truth or dare?”

Sandy had finally managed to get her laughter under control, though she still grinned widely. “Ummm… dare!” she finally exclaimed.

“Ok, the dare is…” Lydia began, looking down at the card at the top of the deck, “slither across the floor like you’re a slug.” Both women laughed hysterically as Sandy moved her toned, sleek, athletic 5′ 8″ body down to the floor then slid across it, facing away from Lydia. Sandy’s long cinnamon colored braids splayed over her back and her movements were very graceful. Lydia tried not to notice how round and appealing her friend’s ass suddenly looked as her black dress slowly rose over her luscious bottom the more she moved. Lydia could see Sandy was wearing a black thong, the strap teasingly drawn through her lovely caramel colored ass cheeks. Lydia flushed slightly, wondering where those thoughts had come from. The alcohol must really be getting to her…

After about 30 seconds of this activity, Sandy arose from the floor, pulling her dress back down over her butt as she walked back to the couch. Lydia put the card she’d just read from face down on her lacquered cherry wood coffee table. Both women were still giggling as Sandy seated herself again, then took the deck of cards from her friend. “Truth or dare?” Sandy’s voice questioned, sounding full of amusement.

“Truth,” Lydia said, worrying that she might not be able to manage the balance and coordination to pull off a dare at the moment.

Sandy read from a card saying “describe in detail your sexiest, wildest fantasy.” Both women smiled as more color tinged Lydia’s cheeks.

“Well… let’s see…” Lydia began. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath then continued by saying “I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with me and two guys. Of course now that I’m married, I would never even dream of telling Manuel that, but sometimes when we have sex I imagine what it would be like to suck another guy’s dick while my husband is pumping me hard and fast, aroused by me giving the other man head. I fantasize about what it would be like to get double penetrated too, with one man in my front and the other in my back door.” As Lydia spoke, both women had become entranced in her stimulating description of her ultimate fantasy.

Lydia opened her eyes again and looked over at Sandy, not wanting her gaze to linger too long on her friend’s eyes, she looked away. She was feeling flushed and a little embarrassed following her admission. “Wow, that would be so hot,” Sandy finally said breaking the silence and reassuring her nervous looking friend. Also, casino şirketleri Sandy couldn’t help but picture the scene Lydia had described in her mind.

Lydia smiled, feeling relieved that her friend hadn’t thought her fantasy was obscenely dirty or too crazy. Then she reached over to take the deck of cards from Sandy. As she was pulling her hand away that held the cards, she accidentally brushed her hand over one of her friend’s pert, lush 36D breasts. Both women outwardly ignored the brief and accidental contact, but inwardly, they both took note of its arousing effect on each of them. Lydia cleared her throat, feeling even more embarrassed. Trying to hide her feelings, she asked quickly “truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Sandy said, her voice sounding a little husky now.

Reading from another card, Lydia said “uh oh, it looks like it’s confession time,” she grinned, glancing over the card’s contents. “What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?”

“Oh… um…” Sandy thought back, gathering her thoughts for a couple of seconds. “Well, David had always had this fantasy. He wanted to watch me have sex with another man. So for his birthday last year, his best friend Ted and I got it on while David watched from a chair across from us. It got me so wet and I came so many times watching my husband jack himself off while I fucked another guy.” The remembrance of these details sent electric shocks throughout Sandy’s body, causing her pussy to tingle.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you did that,” Lydia exclaimed incredulously, but excited. “But afterwards, how was David? How did he act? I mean, did he freak out or what?”

“Actually, no. I think he appreciated that I was so willing to fulfill his fantasy in order to please him sexually. In fact, he was so hot and turned on later that we had sex three or four times a day, every day after that for weeks. We may even do it again.”

“Really?” Lydia asked wide eyed. “I wish I could be that open with Manny about my fantasies. But… I don’t know…” she said hesitantly, feeling unsure of how her husband would react to so much honesty about her secret sexual desires.

“You should try testing him out by whispering your fantasies to him while you’re doing it. See how he responds. If he seems really turned on by whatever you’re suggesting, then talk to him later when he seems like he’ll be most responsive to what you want. Just test the waters and see if he’ll go for it. After all, that’s how David ended making one of his biggest fantasies a reality.”

Lydia smiled, slowly shaking her head from side to side. “Maybe… we’ll see…”

Sandy took the deck of cards, trying to ignore the tingling between her thighs stemming from their arousing conversation. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Lydia proclaimed, feeling both bolder and steadier now.

Sandy chuckled as she read the card silently to herself before reading it aloud. “Moon all the other players.”

Feeling way more uninhibited than usual from her recent alcohol consumption, Lydia stood up and walked directly in front of her friend. She was facing away from Sandy as she unzipped her low rise blue jeans, then she pulled them along with her red hipster panties all the way down to her ankles. Next she bent at the waist and placed her hands on the coffee table in front of her. She widened her stance as much as she could with her pants slightly restricting her movement and began to wiggle her cute, round bubble butt in her friend’s face. From the position in which she was standing, Sandy not only had a spectacular view of her friend’s entire creamy beige colored ass, but also a very casino firmaları clear view of her pussy. It also didn’t escape her notice that Lydia’s pubic hair was trimmed very close and her labia were starting to look puffy and engorged. Her slit was starting to moisten slightly too.

After a few more seconds of her exposure, Lydia pulled her pants and panties back up, laughing hysterically as she re-fastened them. As she turned to sit back down on the couch, her face was a bright red. She pushed her long, straight, dark hair out of her face. “I cannot believe I just did that,” she admitted, still laughing.

Sandy shifted, repositioning herself so she could reach over and hand Lydia the deck of cards, smiling and shaking her head as she did. She could feel the wetness more prominently in her own panties as she moved. Lydia took the cards and asked “truth or dare?”

“Dare!” Sandy said eagerly, starting to feel very excited.

“Ok, let’s see…” Lydia said, looking at the truth section of the card. “Oh this is a good one,” she commented before she read, “flash all of the other players.”

With no hesitation, Sandy stood up in front of Lydia, smiling down at her. She pulled her arms out of the sleeves of her black, long sleeved dress, then pulled the top half of her dress down to her waist. She proceeded to quickly unhook her black strapless bra, then pulled it away from her body and tossed it on the couch. Her beautiful 36D caramel colored breasts were released, their medium brown colored nipples already hardened. Lydia found herself having to stifle a gasp. Her friend’s tits were awesome! Lydia had never been physically attracted to another woman and had never had any desire to touch a woman in a sexual way. Yet right now, she found herself wanting to reach up and play with her friend’s breasts. She wanted to nuzzle her face in them and rub then suck on her nipples.

Sandy grabbed both of her breasts in each of her hands and gave them both two light squeezes. She erupted in laughter at her own silliness after she did this. Then she quickly pulled her dress back up to cover her naked breasts and replaced her sleeves on her arms.

Lydia wasn’t sure what was happening to her and why she suddenly felt so flushed, hot and bothered from their little game of truth or dare. Maybe she’d had too much to drink. Her thoughts about Sandy’s breasts were making her feel uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed. As Sandy sat back down on the couch, Lydia rapidly rose, excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

Instead, however, Lydia went to her bedroom and found herself stripping down completely naked as fast as she could. She kicked off her white flip flops, tugged off her jeans and panties, then pulled her white baby t-shirt over her head and unfastened then removed her red bra that matched her panties. She threw herself back into the middle of her made-up, king sized bed. She was on her back lying atop of the pretty sage green bed spread she and Carlos had gotten as a wedding gift. She rubbed her hardening light brown nipples on her luscious creamy beige colored 36C titties with one hand and spread her legs way open. With her other hand, she rubbed her engorged clit. Her hand moved slowly at first, working her clit back and forth, but quickly she built up speed in order to get herself off.

Meanwhile, Sandy was back in the living room. The flush of excitement from how the game of truth or dare was going combined with her alcohol consumption and wearing a long sleeved dress, were all contributing to her feeling very hot suddenly. Thinking that Lydia was in the bathroom, Sandy decided to go to her güvenilir casino friend’s bedroom to see if she could find a long t-shirt to wear. As she approached the back of the house, she saw that the guest bathroom in the hallway was empty. Maybe Lydia had gone to use the one in her master bedroom. Sandy continued to the large master bedroom suite, but stopped short at the slightly ajar door at the main room’s entrance. She could hear Lydia moaning softly and heard a light, wet sloshing sound.

Unable to control her curiosity, Sandy peeked through the open door to see what her friend was doing. She saw Lydia lying on her back on a large king sized bed with her lovely trimmed pussy splayed, her legs opened wide towards the ajar door. Lydia’s eyes were closed as she masturbated, so she couldn’t see Sandy. Lydia caressed her lovely breasts and sexy, wet pussy. Sandy began rubbing one of her hands inside the top of her dress fondling her own breasts. With her other hand, she reached underneath her dress and pulled her black thong panties to the side. Then she started rubbing her clit with the natural lubricant already produced by her slick, very aroused pussy.

As she continued to watch, she could see and hear that Lydia was coming close to orgasm. Unable to control her urge to watch more closely, Sandy went into the room. The light creek of the door caused Lydia to start and look up to see Sandy walking towards her, watching her masturbate. Lydia was so aroused that she didn’t even stop touching herself. She felt like she couldn’t. She was too close to cumming. Under other circumstances, she would have died of shame and embarrassment at one of her friends walking in on her pleasuring herself. Yet her embarrassment was quickly squelched by the burning look of desire she saw in Sandy’s eyes.

Now hovering at the side of the bed, Sandy asked lustily “you need some help with that?” Lydia slowly wagged her head up and down, never removing her hands from her body. Sandy quickly pulled her dress over her head and tugged her panties free of her body. Then she slid easily onto the satiny comforter covering the bed and crawled over to her friend, before straddling Lydia’s petite, but curvaceous body. With her own legs between Lydia’s, she sat back on her knees supporting the rest of her weight on one of her arms. Then she moved her head down to suck on one of Lydia’s hard nipples, flicking it inside her mouth with her tongue. The whole time, Sandy kept her eyes locked with Lydia’s. As Lydia began moaning, Sandy caressed her body gently, teasingly running her hand over the other woman’s body.

As Lydia continued to massage her own clit, Sandy rubbed her hands over both of her friend’s inner thighs. Then, gently but firmly, she slid her middle finger into the other woman’s dripping pussy. Lydia rubbed her clit faster and Sandy matched her finger’s thrusting to the same quick pace. Lydia had never been with a woman before and suddenly the thought of exploring something so forbidden made her even more excited. Sandy slid in her index finger too, pistoning in and out of Lydia’s cunt as she switched to suck and nip on her other nipple. Within a minute or two, Lydia began to cry out in extreme ecstasy and Sandy stopped moving her fingers. Lydia came hard still rubbing her clit excitedly, her pussy gripping and convulsing on Sandy’s fingers in her orgasmic pleasure.

When Lydia had finished cumming, Sandy removed her fingers then moved her body directly atop Lydia’s and the two women started to kiss. The kiss started as light pecks on the lips and quickly moved to passionate French kissing as the two women explored each other’s mouths with their tongues. Sandy used her still wet fingers to massage each of Lydia’s nipples. As they continued kissing, Sandy rubbed her tits all over Lydia’s slick nipples. This action made both women moan, deepening their kissing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32