LadyK_6 Ch. 06

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“Secure him to the table,” Mistress K’s stern voice ordered.

I felt a leash snap onto the ring in my collar and I was tugged toward the back corner of the room. I moved on all fours the leash tautly guiding me across the smooth wooden floor. So far my nipples had been abused, my ass had been paddled, tortured with hot wax and cropped and a plug had been lodged inside it. I was afraid to think where the next round of punishment would center. I had missed my plane connection in L.A. and on a lark had called an ad in the back of an adult magazine featuring female domination. Before I really took time to think about what I was doing I had made an appointment with Mistress K. Following her instructions I had been picked up at my hotel and “prepared” for our session. Now her two assistants Miss Justice and Miss Maria were leading me around like a dog on a leash. Going from one punishment to another. The most amazing thing about it was that I had a fierce erection through the whole thing. Granted these women were beautiful and Mistress K was exquisite but my body was paying the price for my curiosity.

My mind was brought back to the present by a sharp pull on the leash. I was brought up to my knees and then to my feet in front of a leather padded table. Miss Justice walked around the table holding my leash in her hand. I couldn’t help but admire her beauty. She had changed outfits and was wearing what looked basically like a leather bra and leather shorts. She had on tall high-heeled shoes but she was still very short. Her short dark hair bounced as she walked. Miss Maria put pressure on my arm indicating I should get up on the table. She was still wearing her short leather skirt and black leather bra. She had removed the white lab coat. Her beautiful brown hair tumbled down over her shoulders and fell in front of her face covering her deep brown eyes, as she helped me up onto the table. They laid me on my back and attached padded leather cuffs first to my wrists and then to my ankles. Reaching under the edge of the table they took metal clips and clipped them to the restraints and then to eyebolts positioned at the corners on the bottom of the table and to a single bolt somewhere above my head. My legs were spread eagle with my arms stretched straight up over my head. I was totally naked except for the rope that ran around my waist and down between my legs, keeping the butt plug firmly planted in my ass. This was untied and the plug removed. It felt strange with out the plug, almost as if I was empty. The women took a step back after finishing snapping my ankles into place. Then they ran a wide leather strap around my lower chest and all the way around the table, cinching it tight. Another strap was fixed in the same way just above my cock, around my hips. From across the room Mistress K ordered them out.

I lay there as their footsteps moved away from me and the door closed behind them. I wondered what was next, shivering slightly as the sweat on my body dried. The sound of shoes on the wooden floor told me that Mistress K was approaching, slowly and deliberately. She stopped at the top of the table above my head and without saying a word she slipped a blindfold over my eyes. Walking around the table she hummed a soft tune and as if by some power of hers music began to play softly in the background. I felt her hands take firm hold of my erect cock and slide something over the end. With the blindfold on I could only guess what going on. Whatever it was was not very heavy and my erection bobbed as she released my cock. She stepped away for a second and then returned, taking my cock in her hands again and manipulating whatever was slid over the end. She set something on my stomach (it was cold and felt like a metal box) and proceeded to run something, a cord or string? from my cock to the box on my stomach. When this was finished she paused as if inspecting the strange setup.

Then she began speaking in a soft voice, “Now slave m, we are going to play a little game. I am going to give you a chance to worship my body. Before you get too excited you should know that you will pay a price. How far you proceed will be up to you not me. We shall see what you are really made of.”

With that ominous speech I heard her slowly get on the table with me. She climbed on top, straddling me. I could feel her bare legs running along my sides and back up along my arms, her heels scraping along over my elbows as she settled into position. Reaching around behind her she pushed my blindfold off my head. Our eyes met for a brief xslot instance and she smiled at me with an expression telling me she was enjoying herself. She turned and picked up the box from my stomach. In this position she had a leg on either side of my chest, her knees about half way between my navel and my nipples and her feet up just above my head. She was sitting on my chest facing away from me. Her ass was essentially bare, the leather g-string disappearing in the crack and circling her slim waist. Her blond curly hair tumbling over her shoulders and the loose leather tank top she was still wearing. She hadn’t laced it back up and I was disappointed I couldn’t see her shapely breasts from my vantage point. I could clearly feel the warmth from her legs, ass and pussy on my skin. My cock was again fiercely erect with my need for release approaching teenage proportions.

Mistress K lifted her ass off my chest and shuffled back slightly so that her ass was directly over my head.

She began to speak, “Now slave m we will get started. You may kiss my ass as much as you desire any way you desire, using your lips, tongue, sucking, nibbling, whatever. Before you begin you should be aware that each type of kiss will carry a certain cost to you. The best way for you to understand this is to begin with one kiss. You may proceed.”

Looking up at her very feminine smooth ass I wondered what the cost was going to be. I slowly raised my head to her right cheek and planted a tentative kiss on the under side of the curve. I could smell her perfume and the earthy smell that is so wonderful between a woman’s legs. At the conclusion of the kiss and just as I was about to move my lips to her other cheek I felt a sharp jolt hit the tip of my cock. Her body blocked my view but I knew that she had shocked me with some electrical device. It was not terribly painful but it caused me to jump.

“You see now what I am talking about?” There was a distinct hint of amusement in her voice. “That type of kiss carries that level of cost. You can gage all your future kisses by that. You have ten minutes, or more if you please me. Now serve your Mistress.”

With that I began to experimentally kiss her smooth ass cheeks, varying the length and position of each kiss. I found that the higher up toward her back and the lighter I kissed the less of a shock I received. Unfortunately this was not the area I wanted to spend my time on. I steeled myself and ran my tongue along the curve of the underside of her ass, inhaling her sexy scent at the same time. The pain that shot through my cock made my back arch and my eyes close tight but I fought through it and continued with my tongue, pushing into the crack of her ass till I could feel the g-string. She had the control on continuously now, the pain increasing as I ran my tongue along the string, lower and lower probing for her asshole as I went. I found it and pushed by tongue in, I could feel her pushing her ass down on my tongue even as the level of pain increased. I moaned and rolled my tongue around her little hole, my cock felt like it was being skinned and my neck was cramping with the effort to push my face farther into her crack. She let out a sigh as I let my head fall back onto the table, gasping for breath.

“Oooh very good slave m, don’t stop now,” She breathed.

She had turned the shocker off and reached down and gently caressed my cock and balls with her fingertips. I half groaned and whimpered at her touch.

She turned around looking at me with a smile, “still 6 more minutes to go and you are doing so well”.

She lowered her ass slightly and tilted her hips forward somewhat allowing me to see the beginning of the material that covered her crotch. I took a few relaxing breaths and raised my head to my Goddesses ass.

The next 6 or so minutes were a blur of pain and ecstasy. I tongued and kissed my way from the back of her ass toward that little patch of material covering her pussy. When the pain became too much I would back off and content myself with lightly kissing her nicely rounded cheeks and then once again make my way toward my goal. My body was sweating and jerking with each series of shocks. I could tell she was enjoying my efforts because she would let out soft sighs now and again. I could also smell the unmistakable scent of her excitement grow stronger. My mind became blank except for the pain coming from my tortured cock, the wonderful scent of Mistress K’s excitement and the taste and feel of her smooth skin on xslot Giriş my lips. The whole world had stopped and these 3 sensations were all that was left.

Without warning the pain in my cock stopped and she moved her ass away from my reach sitting down on my chest. The sweat was rolling off of me and I lay back in a sort of trance admiring the view of my Mistress sitting on me with her long hair falling down her back and her smooth legs pinned to my sides. I was totally exhausted but my cock was still stiff and throbbing. Mistress K reach down and removed the device from my cock, giving me a few strokes and rubs along my shaft. She swung her leg over me and got off the table moving away from me to the dresser against the wall that my feet were facing. She was in shadows in the dimly lit room but I could see her setting the shock device down and looking through one of the drawers. She hesitated for a few seconds then began to pull things out. It was too dark for me to see what she was up to so I laid my head back and stared up at the ceiling. I let my eyes close and I reviewed the whole episode to this point. From the time I first saw her add in the magazine till now, laying in a small pool of sweat daydreaming about Mistress K’s shapely ass.

I could hear Mistress moving around the room but I decided to keep my eyes closed and dwell on the wonderful scenes playing through my head. I was brought out of my reverie when I felt my right leg being unclipped from the table and lifted up. My ankle was snapped onto what looked like a trapeze, a sturdy wooden bar suspended from a nylon rope hanging from a pulley in the ceiling. My left ankle followed my right. Now my legs were pointing straight up at the ceiling, still spread apart in a wide v. She undid the strap around my hips and let it slide to the floor. Mistress K walked over to the wall and began to turn a crank. Slowly my legs began to rise until my ass was lifted off the table several inches. She returned to the table and slipped a stiff foam pad under my back. Stepping back she looked at her handy work returned to the wall for a few more cranks and then walked back over to the dresser. She stepped into something, wrapping it around her legs at the same time. She reached for something else on the dresser top and turned and walked toward me.

From the front of the harness she had put on a small stiff cock stood straight out. She was wearing rubber gloves and had a jar of lubricant in one hand.

“I don’t usually allow this honor to first time slaves so consider yourself lucky slave m.” She said as she climbed up to a kneeling position on the end of the table.

I had figured out what was about to happen and I was getting a little nervous. She must have noticed.

She smiled and said “don’t worry now slave m this is your reward.”

With that she crawled over my legs and straddled my chest. The small dildo sticking out from her crotch pointed at my face obscenely. She put the lubricant down beside me and slowly started to undo the few remaining ties that held the front of her top together all be it loosely. Opening the top she thrust her chest out slightly pushing her perfect breasts out and letting the top fall back over her shoulders and onto my body. As I observed before her breasts were not large but they were extremely well formed and had the most exquisite nipples. Those nipples were very hard and I could tell she was enjoying this. She bent over me, her hands on either side of my head. Her hair fell down around her face making a tunnel connecting her face to mine. Her breast hung there so ripe and soft and her dildo spared with my erection. She was totally naked except for the g-string and harness.

“Now slave I am going to take you. Will I be your first?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

“Yes Mistress, you will be the first.” I whispered, looking into her soft brown eyes.

Again her beauty and the wonderful scent of her perfume overcame me. She took my face in one of her hands and leaned down bringing her lips to mine. Our lips met and she kissed me softly at first and then pressed hard against me with her body pinning my cock and the dildo between us. I could feel her nipples against my chest as she forced her tongue into my mouth. It turned into a bruising kiss and as her tongue withdrew she bit down on my lip drawing blood.

“Don’t you think every little slut deserves at least one kiss before they are raped?” She asked with a wicked smile.

Reaching above my head she xslot Güncel Giriş undid my right hand, then moved back down between my legs so she was on her knees just below me. With my ass elevated the dildo was almost at a perfect height to enter me. She reached for the jar of lubricant and told me to give her my liberated hand. I held it out to her and she scooped a large glob of the lubricant onto her gloved hand and wiped it into my palm. Then she got some more onto her index finger and slid that finger into my ass slowly working it in until it was buried. She worked her finger around inside me for a little bit then put the jar down. She reached in with her other hand and scooped out a good amount of the gel into her palm. Wrapping this hand around the dildo getting it well lubricated. She removed her finger from me and guided the head of the dildo to my opening. Looking into my eyes she slowly pushed her hips forward. I groaned, feeling my ass being filled again, this time by something much bigger and longer. Once she was firmly into me she stripped off her gloves carefully wrapping one inside the other and then pulling it inside out. She dropped them on the floor and grabbed my hips pushing all the way into me until our groins met.

“How does it feel? ” she asked.

“Very full Mistress,” was all I could say.

“Good, next time we will use a bigger cock on you but this should do for your first. Now I am going to fuck you. I am going to use you for my pleasure and I want you to be a little slut and do everything you can to make it pleasurable for me. As I am fucking you, you may play with yourself but DO NOT cum until I tell you to. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress”.

“Now before we begin I want you to tell me how much you want me to fuck you. Let me hear you beg.”

My mind was spinning. My body was beaten and worn, my cock was at the bursting point and this beautiful, naked woman had a dildo strapped on and shoved in my ass. I was dying to cum but knew she would have to have her pleasure first. The only thing that would get me what I wanted worse then anything was to beg this Goddess to fuck me.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard my voice start pleading. “Oooooooooh Plllllllllleeeeeeeease Mistress K, use my ass, fuck me, take your pleasure from me. I am yours for whatever you desire. Please fuck me, please, please, please use your cock on me.”

As I spoke I thrust my hips toward her feebly trying to push her even deeper into me.

I continued, “Please fuck me, please use me, please Mistress.”

She smiled and began to move in and out of me. Holding onto my hips. She started slow and moved faster and faster, her breasts rising and falling with the effort, shaking when she thrust all the way in. I reached down and grabbed hold of my cock, covering it with the gel she had dumped in my hand. I was so close to orgasm that I had to be careful not to shoot. She continued to fuck me. Harder and harder she thrust, faster and faster. Her breathing increased and a flush spread across her white skin as she pumped me. She would push into me and grind her hips against me, then pull out and pound back in. My ass was on fire and I had to stop stroking myself to keep from cumming. Several small beads of sweat rolled down her cheeks and fell on my stomach as she continued to use me. I groaned in pleasure and pain, not sure which. My senses overloaded. She was sighing as well when she looked me in the eye.

“Are you ready to cum for me my little slut?” She asked in a husky voice.

“Oh yes Mistress Please let me cum” I pleaded.

“Begin stroking yourself in rhythm with my thrusts,” She commanded, “And don’t cum until I tell you”.

I matched my hand with her pumping motion fearful that I wouldn’t be able to last. I could feel my orgasm building. In another few seconds it would be on me.

At that instant she whispered, “Cum slave”.

I let out a groan and started shooting cum all over myself. I had never felt anything like it. The hot jets of cum ripping out of my cock. It shot in my face, on my chest, arms; everywhere and still it kept pumping out. I felt as if my insides were being drained out my cock. As my orgasm subsided Mistress K pulled her dildo out of me and got off the table.

She looked at me for a second and smiled, “You did very well slave, come visit me again soon”.

I smiled back and managed to nod my head, murmuring a thank you I will. She blew me a kiss and walked away.

Saying over her shoulder, “Miss Justice and Miss Maria will take you to a nice hot shower and call a cab to take you back to your hotel. I expect to see you the next time you travel to here.”

The door closed behind her and I let my head rest on the table. I was already thinking about my next trip to L.A.

The End

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