Last fling

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Tony was looking forward to his lads holiday. He had not been on one for quite a few years and at 32 he thought the chance had gone. He had been with his fianc?or the last three years. Sian was good looking, 5 foot 5 inches tall and a nice 34 28 36 figure, but she was a bit ordinary in bed. The sex was good, but she did not like to experiment. Mostly they spent their time in the missionary position with minimal oral and certainly nothing kinky!

His best man had organised a bachelor party away in Tenerife, in the infamous Playa de Las Americas. He was only too pleased to go and hoped that there might be some sexual opportunities before the wedding.

It was the first day and he, John, Steve and Simon had settled in to their hotel in Los Christianas. John, the bast man, had told them all to be ready for a night out and so they had showered and dressed for a night on the town.

They walked down towards the Verinicas strip of bars and clubs, stopping at a nice local restaurant on the way for a quick pizza and chips. This was washed down with a couple of beers for dutch courage.

Tony trusted his three best mates and was reasonably certain that they would not grass him up to Sian, if he were to “stray” whilst on his last major week of freedom. He was about to put this to the test as they entered the Hawaii bar, dragged in by a beautiful Sex hikayeleri young teenager who promised them two drinks for the price of one. It was quite early, so the bar was far from full and Sue (who had escorted them in to the bar) had given Tony a long lasting kiss to wish him a good stag night and gone back outside to tempt some more punters.

Tony looked around the room and soon spotted a small group of young women, probably around 20, who were laughing and giggling on the other side of the room. One was around 5 foot 3 tall and has a really low cut top on, which exposed her ample cleavage. “I wouldn’t mind a bit of that,” said Tony to his best man. At which, John went over to talk to the girls. Soon they all followed him back over towards Tony.

The girl walked straight up to Tony and flung her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply with an open mouth. Her tongue swirled around his mouth sending shock waves to his brain. Tony responded and wrapped his arms around her neck, pulling her closer to him, her ample breast pushing warmly against his chest. Meanwhile her friend Danielle approached Steve and immediately put her hand to his crotch, stroking his manhood which began to grow rapidly. Julie, a small but very attractive girl with pert breasts and a slender figure pounced on Simon and jumped up around his waist, curling Sikiş hikayeleri her legs around his middle and burying her tongue in his mouth.

By now, Tania had pulled Tony into a darkened corner and had already began work on his trousers. John, not wanting to miss out on the action, sauntered up behind her and slid his hands under her armpits to cup her breasts. She moaned as he pinched her nipples sharpely and then moved his hands under her blouse to rest on the lace of her bra.

She now had Tony’s cock in her hand and was pumping up and down his shaft with her hand. John had now pulled down her pants and was freeing his member from his trousers aiming it at her anus. By the time she realised what he was planning it was too late and she gave out a large scream as he rammed his member deep into her anus. After she relaxed from the initial shock, he began to move his cock in and out of her sphincter which became a little looser with every stroke. His cock, which was at least eight inches long was now buried 8 inches into her arse and she whimpered every time her rammed into her. Her boyfriend’s cock was not nearly as big and she reached down to try to stroke his balls as he continued his stroking action. Tony, meanwhile had laid down on the sofa seating near the wall and pulled Sian on top of him with John still firmly plugging her Erotik hikaye arse. He guided her onto his cock and entered her leading to a little scream. She was now being DP’d by two good looking guys in the middle of a night club in Tenerife. This was a fabulous turn on.

After a number of minutes, she realised that quite a crowd had gathered. Tony was slipping her blouse from her head and one girl from the crowd was moving forwards towards her. The girl roughly grabbed Sian’s nipples and twisted hard. Sian let out a little cry. The girl did it again only a bit harder this time. Siam really yelped in pain and the girl slapped her hard across the face. “Don’t make a sound” she said matter of factly and struck Siam across the face again.The gril replaced her hand with her lips and kissed Siam heavily on the lips. Siam was enjoying this sensation when the girl pulled away and slapped Siam again hard around the face. A red mark began to swell up on her cheek. The two boys were still pumping into her when when John let out a cry and exploded into her bottom. Sian felt the warm cum in her arse and liked it. The girl replaced his cock with her fingers, one at first, then two, three and four. The anus opened easily after being filled with John’s cock and soon she was pushing to get her whole hnd inside. Fibally it gave in and her hand slid fully inside the labia. She could feel, Tony’s cosk inside Sian, pushing agaisnt the wall of the anus as he continued to stoke powerfully into her cunt.

Sorry, out of time tonight. Will continue a.s.a.p….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32