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He always loved seeing her smile. Maybe that’s why today hurt so much. Watching her, looking at her, he could see the sadness deep in her eyes. As she turned towards him, a meek smile forced its way through, before she turned again, not wanting him to see the sorrow that was in her eyes. Even knowing weeks before that today would come, that this day would come, neither of them were truly ready to cope. He felt in his pocket, the stiff paper of his return ticket a sickly reminder of what must be done tomorrow.

They had been together for just over three weeks, not counting the time they spent as “just friends”. Initially they had met by chance, both in line for a hot drink at a local cafe. He had approached her spur of the moment, simply introducing himself, and then sputtering apologizes thinking he had offended her, when she was simply shy and flattered. Finally her natural timidness was overcome by an urge to laugh, and he found that he quite enjoyed hearing her laugh. They conversed over the course of an hour, and found that they shared similar interests, enough that they agreed to meet again later. One meeting became two, and soon enough they were spending significant time together, despite the fact that his visit was to be so short.

One night after having dinner together, he had asked her back to his room. They talked all through the night, and found themselves asleep in the room as the sun rose. He had woken up before her, and simply sat on the edge of the bed, glad he had gotten a room with two. Watching her, several questions came into his mind. They had barely known each other for days at that point, and yet it felt as though they knew each other for years. He had found out several things about her that she said she never told anyone else, and it made him feel good that she was so secure around him. Even more, her presence made him happy, and he wished that his stay wasn’t so short, so that he could pursue whatever relationship they might have. She woke up with him still sitting there, staring out of the window, en lost in thought. His presence was calming, a quiet reassurance. Looking back, he noticed her awake and started off the bed, only for her to grab his arm, smiling as she pulled him closer.

As he got closer and closer, he could remember protesting, reminding her that they had agreed to stay friends. Most of all, he could remember how hollow his own voice sounded, how his words carried absolutely no conviction. She had only laughed, pulling him down closer and closer, her eyes happy and reassuring. He continued leaning down, finally tasting her lips on his, his arms sliding out from under him as he laid on his side next to her. What followed was a blur, as two people consumed one another in lust. That first morning would be one of many in which they would end up in each other’s arms, oblivious to the world or to the tension they were creating.

That memory had turned bittersweet tonight, because tonight would be their very last. He had considered staying longer, even staying forever, but knew that was unrealistic. In turn, he couldn’t ask her to come with. She had been building her career for years, and it was just starting to pay off. He pulled her in closer, kissing her forehead, trying to distract himself from his own tears. He could feel her shake against him, both hoping somehow that tomorrow would never come.

He thought of all they each had in store for their individual futures. He knew his vacation ended in a week, but he wanted time to adjust after his flight home. Spending a day flying was bad enough, and he didn’t look forward to his return trip. Turning to her, well, she would be teaching a class part time at the University in a couple weeks. She had already admitted to not being ready, usually with a sly grin and a smack to the arm, telling him it was his fault. In a way it was, her time outside of work being spent with him instead of preparing a course. Of course, he couldn’t help but play Van Halen when he found out, which she had greeted with her eyes rolling.

“I want you.” she said suddenly, pulling her head back to look up at him as he emerged from his daze. He looked back quizzically, not sure what she meant. She sighed, biting her lip, rummaging in her mind for the words she wanted. “I want you to take me. I want you to use me and-and make me yours. I…I want to be yours…” She looked off in the distance, not really sure of what she had just said. He opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it, feeling his response should be less verbal.

Grabbing her hand, he pulled her along, walking pointedly along. He turned back and smiled at her, as they continued down the sidewalk towards the hotel. The sound of the waves from the beach faded as they walked inside, moving towards the elevator. Dragging her inside, he punched his floor number, knowing they’d have about half a minute before it reached their destination. As soon as the doors closed, he let go of her hands, grabbing her by the shirt and shoving her up against the back wall. She gasped at the sudden change in demeanor, reflexively tilting her head forward güvenilir bahis to cover her neck. She was immediately greeted by his hands in her hair, snapping her head back to expose it, before digging his teeth in. Almost as suddenly as it all started, he pulled away, stopping mere moments before the door opened.

She watched for a moment as he exited the platform, simply walking away without taking notice. She hesitated, and then took off running, not wanting to show any shyness anymore towards him. As he slid his door card into the lock, she caught up, gasping a little from both the sudden jog, and from his sudden aggression. As the door opened, he stepped aside, hinting at her to walk in first. She did so, and as soon as she crossed the threshold, his hand found her hair again, pushing her forward suddenly, the loud bang of the door against the jam just moments before she was pressed up against the cold wood. Her hair fell as he released it, his hand whipping down and pressing against her neck, pinning her against the solid wood, whilst he worked on unbuttoning her top. “I won’t tear your clothes,” he stated, matter of fact, “So your only momento of tonight will be your memories, and whatever bruises I leave.” She opened her mouth to speak, and he pulled from her neck, clapping his palm over it. She nodded quickly, and he returned to undressing her, the gentle care a stark contrast to being shoved into the room.

As he pushed her shirt down her arms, she felt the urge to cover herself. It was silly, seeing how many times she had been naked before him, yet it all felt different and new. She knew tonight would be different, after all. The zipper on the side of her skirt coming down brought her back to reality, and it fell over her full hips, leaving nothing but her underwear between her and his eyes. He pulled his own shirt over his head, before grabbing her again, pulling her head back to give himself better access for his lips and teeth against the tender skin on her neck. A stuttered moan passed over her lips as he made contact, even harder than in the elevator. The side of her ass stung suddenly, his hand slapping against it, before hooking a finger in her panties and yanking them down. She could tell any subtlety that had still existed was disappearing fast, and she became aware of her own excitement as the wet fabric came down her legs.

His knee came up, pushing her leg to the side. She stumbled for a moment, and he pressed his body against hers momentarily, steadying her while pressed between the door and him. As he relaxed, she parted her legs more, already aching for his touch, for his fingers to pass between her lips and tease her with the thought of his cock inside of her. Instead, his palm ran up one leg and down the other, completely avoiding any intimate touch, more of an inspection than a caress. His hand flexed in her hair, before pulling her away from the door, ending up with her front pressed against the adjacent wall. She heard a slight click, and the tension of her bra faded; had he flipped her over just to undo her bra? The thought was promptly answered by a sharp sting on her ass, much harder than he had ever spanked her before. Prior times had been more playful, or at most while he had her bent over. This time was different, the spanking was the main attraction, her ass the main event.

He paused for a moment, keeping her head against the wall, stepping back and then closer to her. His hand pressed against her pubic bone, and he pulled her head down some, pushing her ass out before, before swatting it again. Every few strikes, he would let his hand linger, and each time she could feel it sliding farther down, the fingers seeming to stretch across her skin. The thought of sitting down later drifted into her mind, quickly pushed out by another smack. He pulled her head back hard, arching her back, his fingers finally reaching far enough to slide inside of her. She almost came immediately at the entry, her entire body feeling overstimulated and already unsure of what was happening next.

He pulled her back from the wall, pressed her body against him, pinching down and pulling her nipple from her body, his fingers forcing their way back inside her wet lips. She felt his skin against hers and didn’t even realize that in the midst of everything he had gotten out of his pants. She pressed her ass against him, hoping he could feel the heat from her cheeks against his crotch. Pleasantly, she was greeted by a stiff object through his briefs, and a moan escaped her mouth as she immediately thought of him replacing his fingers with his cock. She pulled at his waistband, freeing his stiff cock. He leaned in towards her ear, and whispered, “Don’t just look for it.” before grabbing her head and pulling her to her knees, turning her around in the process. Before she could really respond, his head was past her lips, and both of his hands had settled at the back of her head, pushing himself deep before slowly sliding her lips back off. She grabbed onto his ass, pulling his briefs the rest of the way off, taking him back down to the root, resisting türkçe bahis against him pulling her back, before he finally yanked her off.

He pushed her backwards, grabbing onto her leg and flipping her over. She pushed her ass into the air, trying to guess what he was after, and his hands gripped her hips as she felt his tip press against her, before splitting her lips apart. She stumbled forward a little, and he helped her by grabbing onto her elbows and pulling her backwards, holding her up by her arms as he pounded inside her pussy. She was totally engrossed in the feeling of his cock buried inside of her, and as he released one arm her hand shot to the ground to prop herself up, the free hand being used to smack her ass again. He slowed down a little, taking the time to pull his cock fully back almost to the tip, before ramming it back home, his pubic bone smacking against her ass. Each thrust against her shapely ass shifted her legs slightly, and had he not been pulling back on her, she was sure she would be flat on the ground by now.

He slowed again and shifted his position, raising up a little behind her before resuming his pace. She let herself drop against the floor, still tilted up on her right with his grip behind her elbow. Grunting, she got her hand underneath and reached up, grinding the pads of her fingers against her clit, needing to cum badly with him pounding her pussy. He squeezed her ass hard before reaching around and pulling her arm back, denying her the pleasure she needed badly. His chest pressed against her back, his head next to hers, as his teeth dug into the back of her shoulder before bringing his mouth to her ear. “You’ll get that when I tell you you can have it.” he groaned into her ear, pulling both her arms back hard, grinding his hips into hers while buried to the root.

He released his hold on her, and she dropped to the ground, his cock slipping out of her pussy as she slumped forward. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her head around and brought it towards him. “Clean it up.” he growled, pushing it into her mouth, letting her taste herself on his shaft. She was ready this time, and gladly took him in her mouth, savoring the taste of her own juices coating his cock. She pulled back to the head, swirling her tongue against it and mixing his precum with her own flavors, enjoying the final product. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back in hard, almost having her take it to the base. She wrapped her lips around it tightly and pulled back slowly, leaving as little behind as possible.

As her lips drifted past the head again, he pulled her head off, dragging her to her feet and forcing his tongue in her mouth. They momentarily battled with their tongues, each exploring and seeking to control the other, all the while slowly making their way towards the bed. The back of her legs bumped against the edge of the bed, and he took that moment to pull his mouth off of hers, pushing her backwards on the bed. As she fell down he caught one of her legs, and then reached out and grabbed the other, pulling them apart from one another. He brought himself down, biting the inside of her thighs again, almost breaking the skin with his canines, tugging back against her skin. He backed off and kissed her skin there, the gentle touch of his lips constricting with the sharp sting. His lips and tongue alternated as he made his way up her inner thigh, until finally his tongue dove between her lips.

Her hands reflexively reached forward at this intrusion, digging them into his hair and grabbing hold. He reached up and wrapped his fingers around both her wrists, trapping them in one hand, his tongue moving with determination as he did so. She strained to grab his hair once again, but he only pulled back harder, letting her lock her elbows and simply pivoting her arms away. His teeth bit down into her lips, tugging them back, before releasing them and plunging his tongue back inside of her. His nose gently touched against her clit, and it almost felt as if he wrinkled it as he did so, intentionally or otherwise. The loud moans rang out in the room, causing her a bit of self-consciousness, not wanting others to hear her impassioned noises.

His grip on her wrists loosened slightly, and she took the opportunity to try to reach out for his hair again. Almost immediately he hand tightened again, pulling her back further away. Reaching up with his other hand, he shook his finger at her, all the while still battering her pussy with his tongue. She could feel her body beginning to ramp up, the imminent need of an orgasm fast approaching as his lips wrapped themselves around her clit. He sucked on it, and another loud gasp left her mouth as the finger that he was just shaking at her pushed its way inside of her. Any thoughts she may have had about neighboring rooms had long since vanished, her legs wrapping themselves around him, resting her heels on his back.

He loosened his grip on her arms again, and this time she simply pulled them back, away from him. Releasing her fully, she used them to grab onto the opposite side of the bed, feeling the need to güvenilir bahis siteleri balance herself despite laying down. His freed hand was placed on the backside of her knee, and he used it to spread her legs further, giving himself better access. His tongue alternated with his finger, swapping between her clit and her lips. Darting out of his mouth, it flicked again hard against her clit, as now two of his fingers buried inside of her, pressing up against her silken interior.

He turned his fingers upwards towards himself, pushing her leg further up in the process. The pads of his fingers pushed against the inside of her pelvis, massaging together, then split apart, fully exploring the textures he already knew well. She bit hard on her lip, her fingers having moved from gripping the bed to cruelly twisting her nipples, serving only to further heighten her pleasure. He let go of her leg, swinging his hand down and smacking against her hips, striking her ass where it was exposed from the bedding. Instead of the proclamation of pain she would’ve normally made, a long moan escaped her lips, her mind long lost to anything but her pleasure.

As she felt herself nearing the edge, she whimpered before finally confessing her impending need to cum to him. His mouth played with her pussy a little more, before he pulled himself away, his fingers drawing slowly from her damp recess. He brought her fingers to her mouth, and she greedily took them in, almost excited at the prospect of being able to clean his fingers of her fluids. As he leaned forward, his cock found itself resting against her lips, the head butting up against her throbbing clit. She grabbed her legs and pulled them up, better showcasing herself to him, almost pouting at her need for him to be inside of her. He shook his head slowly, drawing his fingers in and out of her mouth, staring intently at her.

Realization dawned over her face, and she became acutely aware of what he was wanting her to do, as his fingers pulled out from her mouth. Her reaction became clear to him as even with her darker complexion he could clearly see the blood rushing to her cheeks. She weighed in her head just how badly she needed to cum, and quite quickly came to the conclusion that at that moment in time, absolutely nothing else mattered. “Please Sir,” she said, carefully weighing the words in her head as she spoke them, “Please, take your cock, and-and shove it deep in my pussy. I…I need it Sir, I-I need it badly. I…,” She looked off, trailing, biting her lip, before continuing, “I need you to take your cock, and slide it in my pussy, and pound it hard, and spank my ass, and make me call out your name. I need to be yours, completely. Fully. I need to be yours, Sir.” She thought briefly about calling him Master, about fully crossing that line, but she wasn’t sure where they sat with each other, and so she decided against it.

He smirked at her nervousness, her hesitation, watching as she pleaded with him while examining herself at the same time. He knew that despite the position they were in, she wasn’t speaking merely out of the heat of the moment, and that what she was saying wasn’t going away. He licked his lips as he considered his response, the combination of dread and anticipation and hopefulness alit in her eyes. His lips parted for a moment, before he reconsidered speaking. Words weren’t important now. She had crossed…no, she had admitted what they both knew the entire time. He pulled his hips back, the head of his cock trailing down her lips, before positioning the head and pushing forward, giving her the answer she needed.

A soundless gasp came from her lips as he entered her again, and she steeled herself, not wanting to let her body lapse into orgasm until she was allowed to. Her hands found their way to his back, nails turned inward, pressing into his shoulderblades, legs wrapping around his waist. They soon fell into a rhythm, plunging forward, sliding back, each forward stroke firm, pulling back only to ready another thrust. She slowly found her voice, only to moan and cry out his name. He leaned forward and stopped her with his mouth, putting his tongue past her lips and letting it wrestle with hers once more. Even with his lips on hers, she still found herself groaning through his mouth, her entire body slowly tensing as she got closer to the edge. He stopped for a moment and adjusted himself, pulling her back from sliding forward on the bed, ending up higher and coming down sharper on her. She could feel his cock bend with the change in position, and the difference only served to excite her more as he continued to pick up speed in their rhythm.

Another gasp escaped her lips, this time intermixed with a begging plead. Thoughtless, she listened to herself beg him to let her cum. She couldn’t even recognize herself, especially not doing something that a month ago, a week ago, she would have never done. Now, more than anything else, she needed to get his permission, before she lost control of herself. She needed his approval, his control, his consent. “Please Sir,” she gasped, her voice trembling and tense, “Please let me cum all over your cock.” He continued to piston in and out of her tight folds, not slowing or easing up. “Sir, I’m going to lose it.” she pleaded, almost out of breath, “I can’t, I can’t hold on much longer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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