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After our romp, Liv and I fell asleep next to each other, still naked. She curled up next to me, her nice round ass nestled into my groin and my hand in perfect location to massage her delicious breasts. Her hair smelled wonderful.

A while later I was woken up a bit rudely by Liv shaking my shoulder.

“Jay, wake up…wake up!” She demanded.

“Huh, what time is it?….” I said groggily, trying to clear the brain fog.

“3:20 am. Doesn’t matter. I need your mouth. My breasts have filled up again to the point where they are sore and I can’t sleep.”

With that, Liv straddled my chest and pressed her right breast toward my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down the rest of the way. I eagerly latched onto her swollen breast, sucking gently. Immediately I tasted her sweet nectar.

“Oh thank you, it’s such a relief. Please keep going” Liv pleaded.

I sucked a bit harder on her incredible nipples as she got used to me being there, loving the sweet taste I got every time I drew in and she expressed more onto my tongue.

“And now the other one.” It wasn’t a question. She removed her breast from my mouth and quickly shifted to position the other one for the same treatment.

Again I drew her close to me and held her tight as I worked that sweet milk out of her left breast. My cock was rock hard because of this wonderful set of events. A beautiful woman was straddling me and feeding me her breast milk. Doesn’t get better than that.

I sucked her breast hard until I felt nothing more leaving her puffy nipple. Liv gently extracted herself from my mouth and laid down next to me.

“Thank you so much. I can sleep now”.

I rolled on my side to provide her the big spoon. She tucked her ass into my hips.

“Oh Jay, you weren’t kidding. You really love breast milk”. She said, feeling my hard cock against her ass.

“Well, it definitely helps when the breasts are attached to an amazingly beautiful woman.”

Liv ground her ass against me in response. I brushed her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck.

“Thank you Liv for agreeing to this.”

“It’s been more pleasurable than I thought it would.”

The next morning I took Liv back to her car so she could go fetch some things from her previous job. As I dropped her off I could still taste her sweet milk on my tongue.

“You’ll be back tonight?” I inquired.

“Of course” she winked at me.

The entire day I was anticipating her return, images of her beautiful breasts haunting my mind. I made up the guest bedroom as I had no expectation she would spend every night in my bed. I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and put a bottle of Cabernet in the fridge to chill.

I heard a car door open and close outside and practically leapt over furniture to get unlock my front entry. I opened the door and saw Liv’s curvaceous asyalı escort body walking towards me, a couple suitcases in tow behind. She smiled at me as she approached and the sun glinted playfully off her eyes. Liv was wearing a maroon sun dress that accentuated her perfectly, showing a decent amount of cleavage.

“Like what you see?” She asked.

I must have been staring at her bosom.

“I do indeed” I said, a bit embarrassed.

“Help me with these bags and I will gladly show you the rest. My right tit is leaking as I haven’t been able to pump today. “

I nodded and grabbed her bags, leading to the spare bedroom.

“You can have this room. It’s got a Jack and Jill suite bathroom attached, but no one will use it but you. All yours for the length of our contract”.

She seemed a little taken aback. “Do I have to use this room?”

“Of course not but I didn’t want to set expectations you weren’t comfortable with”.

She nodded. “Come on, I need help and you haven’t taken your eyes off my chest since I showed up”. Liv grabbed my hand and practically dragged me to the couch. She sat at one end and put a pillow in her lap. Following the cue I put my down on the pillow and stretched out comfortably.

Liv pulled her very swollen breast from her dress and guided it towards me. I eagerly wrapped my mouth around her nipple and sucked gently. It didn’t take much for her to start feeding me her delicious milk.

Liv moaned softly as I got into a good rhythm. I loved the way she tasted and my cock grew rock hard, pitching a good tent in my jeans.

Liv moaned louder as I sucked a bit harder on her nipple, feeling it go fully erect against my tongue. Every minute at this woman’s breasts was amazing.

To my surprise, Liv reached down and undid my pants zipper. I felt her hand go in and draw my cock out of its boxer brief prison. Liv expertly began stroking my cock, thereby encouraging me to work her breast more. I wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could with just my mouth.

“Mmmhmm” I moaned, Liv’s nipple still firmly in my mouth. She stroked a bit faster.

“Now the other one Jay” she whispered as I let her nipple go. It was quickly replaced be her other breast. I repeated the treatment on the new nipple. After a few minutes I felt like I was ready to explode. Liv sensed this and slowed down her stroking.

“Not yet big man, saving that for later” she teased.

Liv’s breast was starting to give me less on each suck and shortly she pushed me off her nipple.

“That felt so good. And now I am wet. What are you going to do about that?”

“This woman knows exactly how to get what she wants out of me” I thought. “And I am okay with that.”

I knelt down in front her and she slid her hips to the edge of the couch, pulling up her dress in the process. ayaş escort She spread her sexy, strong legs apart and I could see where her pussy soaked her panties.

She smelled intoxicating and I dove in. I managed to tear off her underwear in on swift motion before quickly burying my tongue inside her wet hole.

I used my thumb to rub her swollen clit as I tasted her.

“Oooh fuck yess Jay, don’t stop”. Liv screamed at me.

I kept up what I was doing an slid a finger into her warm pussy below my tongue.

“Ahh yess, I am cumming”. I had sent her over the edge. I used my arm to hold her hips down and kept up the action as her orgasm rocked her and she bucked her hips against my face.

“Oooh, you are amazing” she said, exasperated and soaked in sweat.

I climbed up put her dress down.

“You should go without panties from now on. Easier access.” I winked.

“I might just do that”.

I got us each some water and a glass of the Cabernet as I prepared dinner for us. Filet mignon, roast potatoes, and bacon wrapped asparagus. I watched Liv from the kitchen as she enjoyed some reality show on Netflix. She had left her breasts out and I swear I could see them swelling with her sweet nectar again (though maybe it was my imagination and wishful thinking). My balls ached from the release they didn’t get earlier.

I served dinner. Liv and I got to know each other a bit more. Our backgrounds (I’m an engineer, she was a nanny before wet nurse), favorite foods, heroes, etc…Normal stuff, as if I hadn’t spent the last two days obsessing over her breasts. It was refreshing and, outside of the obvious physical pleasure, I enjoyed Liv’s company. We got along well and talked for hours before cleaning up dinner. She was kind enough to help me with the dishes. Being Sunday, I bid her goodnight as I had to be up early for work.

I finished all the pre-bed rituals adults do and laid down when Liv knocked on my door.

“May I come in?”

I was in boxers only but she had already seen all of me more than once.

“Of course”

Liv entered the room and flipped the overhead light on. I was treated to the sight of her naked body. My cock shot rock hard in an instant. She held something tubular in one hand and something else I couldn’t see in the other.

“I realize it was kind of mean to get you all excited earlier and then not finish, especially after that great orgasm you gave me.”

She came over to the bed and straddled me across the chest. Her muscular legs holding me down pretty well.

“I want to do this my way tonight. Put your arms over you head.”

“This is kind of interesting” I thought as I lifted my arms.

In an instant the object I couldn’t make out earlier was a pair of leather lined cuffs she slapped on my wrists in a surprisingly quick move. A smaller aydınlıkevler escort third cuff clicked around one of the rails on my slotted headboard.

“Are you okay with this?” Liv asked.

“Yes” I replied nervously.

“Don’t be nervous. Just focus on me.”


Liv took my boxers off and I laid there naked, my cock stiff and wondering what next.

Liv crawled into the bed next to me and showed me the other thing. It was a flesh light.

“I picked this up on the way over here today and thought you might enjoy it. It’s modeled after some porn stars asshole…it looks fun. But I think you have to do more to earn it.”

Liv quickly presented a nipple to my mouth.

“Suck big man.”

I did as instructed. Loving the feeling of her erect nipple against my tongue and the taste of her milk.

“Ahh yess” she encouraged.

My cock throbbed as I drank her in. I knew I wouldn’t tire of this. I prayed she would stick around and keep me fed and addicted to her beautiful body and sweet milk.

Liv removed one breast and quickly fed me the other. Hardly allowing me to breath before smothering my face in her bosom.

“You are the best ever at this Jay” she cooed. My cocked throbbed at the praise and continuing taste of Liv’s nourishment.

Liv gently popped her breast out of my mouth, one last drop falling off her nipple onto my cheek.

“I think you have done enough for this now” she smiled. Liv turned around on top of me, her pussy and ass in my face just out of reach of my tongue.

I heard the lube bottle open and close. Liv placed the fleshlight on top of my swollen head and applied nice slow pressure.

“Oooh yess” I moaned as my cock popped inside. It was the tightest sleeve I had ever felt.

Liv stroked me expertly with it. Changing speeds at various intervals and working my up. I thrust my hips up involuntarily when she slid the tube up my shaft.

“Not yet” she commanded as she pressed her hips down into my face, burying me in her ass and pussy. I took the cue and licked her swollen clit as best I could from my restrained position. I must have been doing a good job because Liv sped her strokes up.

I groaned into her wet sex as my orgasm built. Liv knew I was close.

“Cum hard for me, now!”

I bucked my hips up hard, almost launching Liv off me as I climaxed.

“Mmmmm. Fuck” I exclaimed as I shot deep into that fake asshole over and over.

“Thank you Liv. That was incredible.”

“I know.” Her slight arrogance with this statement made her even sexier.

Liv unmourned me and undid the wrist restraints. “Thank you for indulging me, Jay.”

“Oh, the pleasure was most certainly mine”. I assured her.

“Have a good night big man”.

“You too beautiful”.

She left as abruptly as she entered and I heard her heading towards the spare bedroom. I laid there in post-orgasm bliss, my mind returning to Liv’s breasts once again, hoping for more time with them.

Liv was even better than I had hoped for when reaching out.

I fell asleep quickly and looked forward to more of her amazing nipples in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32