Lather , Lust Ch. 02 Pt. 01

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Stone Wallace was sitting at his desk, filling out some forms to reorder some supplies when his intercom buzzed, he answered, “Yeah!”

A soft feminine voice replied, “Sorry to bother you boss, but Heather Morgan is here, and she wanted to know if you could see her now?”

He was always happy to hear the voice of Ms. Joy Toppes, his Secretary. He replied, “Do I have any appointments before three o’ clock?”

She casually replied, “Mr. Wallace, you don’t have any other appointments today.”

“What happened to the one at three o’clock?”

“She called yesterday, while we were busy, and cancelled. I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you.”

“It’s alright joy, did she reschedule?”

“She said that she had to leave town for a while, but promise to call when she came back to make an appointment.”

“That’s fine Joy, send Heather in please.”

After a few moments the door opened and Heather walked in, he watched her walking towards his desk, thinking about how good she looked in her light red, short sleeved satin blouse. The first four buttons were unfastened, showing an ample amount of cleavage, creating a most distracting sight, so much so that he found it difficult to focus of her face, but soon his eyes locked with her light blue ones. Her lovely face was beautifully encased by her flowing golden, honey blonde hair. As she turned and closed door Stone’s eyes followed her golden mane down to her firm behind. Her ponytail hung down just below the waist line of her tight blue jeans. He eyes could not help admire how nicely the material hugged her lovely globes. His eyes wandered along her firm legs, were he noticed that she was wearing a pair of light tan sandals. She stood facing, she was maybe 5’8″, a light build, stone if asked would probably put her weight below the 150 mark.

As she turned back to face Stone he said, “Hi babe, how are you?”

“Hey darling I’m fine and you?” she answered as she leaned across the desk and gave him a kiss and a hug.

“I’m Fine also.” Was his reply after they hugged and kissed.

After they had sat down he looked at her and said, “What can I do for you today sweetheart?”

She looked thoughtful as she said, “I want you to cut my hair so that it hangs to the middle of my back next, then I want some light blonde highlights put in, I also want you to wash and style it plus I want some great sex with the works.”

“With the works, do you want your pussy shaved?”

“Wash it shave it play with it and eat it I want it all,” she replied as she rubbed her pussy, eliciting a rise from stones lower half.

“Alright,” he said as he grinned at her.

They sat there for a while then she looked at him again and said, bubbling over with joy, “You’ll never guess what happened to me a few days ago.”

“What happened?” was his reply, his brow raising as he spoke.

“As you know I live with this drop dead gorgeous roommate, Shelly Mack She’s 5’10” 155lbs. She has the dreamiest emerald green eyes too. And I just love how her dark red hair hangs below her shoulders, even though she has a tight curly perm in it. Her body is covered in the most beautiful, golden tan that I have seen in a long time. And to boot she is my age. Well I couldn’t help it, and I developed a huge crush, and have been lusting after her for the longest time. But I didn’t think anything would happen.

However the other night, as we were watching a porn movie about two lesbians, she looked at me and asked, “Have you ever thought about making love to another woman?” as she placed her hand on my leg and slowly rubbed it.

I was in heaven as I softly replied, “Yes I have.”

She didn’t miss a beat, rubbing my leg a little faster, as she sweetly prodded, “May I ask who this woman is?”

I swallowed hard and shyly timidly replied, “You. You are the woman that I have thought about making love to.”

“Me?” she asked with a surprised look on her face as she stood.

“Yes, you Shelly. Every time I’ve watched you working out in the nude in your bedroom while we talk I would have to go to the bathroom and play with myself while I fantasized about making love to you. And when ever you would have me to wash your hair I would get so horny that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself and that you had me to bleach your hair platinum blonde I got so wet that I was sure that you could smell my pussy.” I answered nervously as she stood behind me.

I sat expectantly, not quite able to follow her movements, yet very aware of her. She placed her hands softly upon my shoulders, kissed me on the top of my head, sending shivers of anticipation through my already tense body. She began playing with my hair, as she turned my head to the side, her face lay only a few inches from mine, and slowly our lips moved closer until they meet in a passionate kiss. Her hands were not idle, and soon they explored my breasts freely.

The taste of Shelly’s lips, coupled with her subtle feminine odor soon had me Samsun Escort so excited that I that I pull her over the back of the couch, she giggled as she fell on top of me, a little surprised at my boldness. I held her in my arms as we kissed her passionately. As our passionate embrace grew, I lovingly ran my hands through her silken mane. My fingers traced their way down her back, taking in the suppleness of her flesh, and sending the most invigorating shivers to my pussy.

“Eventually Shelly broke our embrace, I tried to follow her, but she motioned for me to lay still, as she slowly stripped her blouse off, exposing her lovely breasts. The she had me sit up a little as she peeled my blouse off my sweaty body. I was wearing a bra, so she quickly removed that from my body. I shivered as the cool air kissed my nipples, they stiffened instantly. Seeing this she began to place tender kisses all over my breasts. At some point, I couldn’t say when, her lips began to suckle upon my nipples in the most distraction way, slowly this drove me wild, causing me to moan uncontrollably.

An eternity seemed to pass as Shelly tongue and lips played with breast; I was so blessed out that time itself seemed to stop. I was dragged back to the real word as she coaxed me off the couch, so she could take by the hand and led me into the bedroom; I followed her reflexively, more because she wanted me to, rather than it being my choice. By that point I was too far gone, so shelly helped me out of my shorts, I didn’t have any panties one, so she quickly also got naked, we both admired each other’s naked forms before settling onto the bed.

Shelly had me lay on the end of the bed; she stood at the foot and spread my legs with hers. Soon she was starting down on my prone form, love filled her eyes as she moved her hand forward and covered my pussy. She began to rub my pussy softly; her fingers avoided the entrance to my love hole, but danced freely over my clit. It caused me to squirm and groan. After torturing me so divinely she leaned over and began to kiss and lick my enflamed mound, my hands move to her head where I reflexively rang my fingers through her hair. But as my passion grew, all the tenderness left my hands. As she licked my clit I pulled on her hair and squealed passionately.

It took little time for Shelly’s gifted to tongue to cause me to yell, “I’m going to cum!” Next thing I knew I was shoving her face tighter against my pussy, yet she never stopped licking me, she soon had me cumming hard, but that only made her redouble her efforts, as she soon had reduced me to puddle of orgasmic furor. But she didn’t stop, she kept at it and made me cum until her tongue tired, or at least I hope. It was the most intense experience of my life. I lay there blessed out my eyes unfocused, with a huge smile on my face.

As my sense returned I noticed that Shelly was vigorously rubbing her pussy. She noticed that I was looking at her, and as our eyes locked, she licked her lips and seductively said, “How did it feel to have your pussy eaten by a woman?”

I replied weakly, “You can eat and play with my pussy any time.”

As I laid there I looked at her nimble finger delving into her hairless slit, I licked my lips as she asked tenderly, “Would you like to play with my pussy?”

She was now rubbing my breasts. As I replied enthusiastically, “I would love to!” My strength had returned, and I began to rub her pussy slowly. The skin around her pussy was so soft that I felt compelled to rub it. My hands were quickly being covered in her pussy juice, and for the first time I became aware of her delicious scent. I was in my own world, but soon she began to moan softly, bringing me back to reality. I don’t what was the clinch, but I soon found myself driven to kiss her pussy.

As my lips came into contact with her overheated lips, I got my first taste of another woman, and I loved it. My lips parted, and my tongue began to explorer her body. She moved her hands to my head, and lovingly began to run her hands through my hair. Her pussy was covered with her secretions, and I felt compelled to try and lap them all up. I began to use long slow licks; this caused her to grind her hips into my face and to tighten her grip upon my head.

As I licked her pussy she stroked my hair and rubbed my shoulders lovingly. I began to bite her clit, this caused her to scream, “Bite it hard bitch!!” She also increased the speed she was grinding her pussy against my face.

The longer I bit her clit, the harder she would grind her pussy against my face. After a while she shoved my face tightly against her wet pussy and hollered, “I’m Cumming!” I continued to lick her clit with all my energy as she came. She kept rubbing her wet pussy over my face, covering me with her sweet juices. Gradually her climax faded. But I kept on licking her for few more minutes after she had stopped cumming.

In the aftermath of such a powerful orgasm she rolled off of me lay beside Samsun Escort Bayan me. I turned my face to hers, and she began to lick her own juices from my face, I was dumbfounded, but it felt so nice that just let her go. When she finished she gave me kiss, and we wrapped our arms around each other.

She smiled, and as our eyes locked I said, “I’m glad that we made love.”

She replied lovingly, “So am I?” We kissed passionately again. We spend the rest of the night together, and after a short rest we made love again. We made love almost all night, then again in the morning when we got up. We even made love in the shower. I love making love to Shelly.”

Stone turned to Heather, and asked solemnly, “Do you love her Heather?”

She replied, with a twinkle in her eye, “Yes I do, with all of my heart.”

“Dose she know that you love her?”

“No but I’m going to tell her when I meet her this afternoon at her place.”

As her voice trailed off, Heather walked around the desk. Stone moved his chair back, permitting her to unzip his pants, which she did promptly. She gracefully freed his dick from its confines, and began to stroke it. It was already half erect, and quickly growing.

Stone was used to this, but affectionately asked, “Are you sure that you want to do this Heather?”

She didn’t skip a beat, as she answered affirmatively, “Yes I want to make love to you one last time.” And as the last words escaped her lips she was already getting down, and soon she was on the floor standing on her knees, rubbing his hard cock against her face. As she passed it under her nose she placed a tentative kiss on the head.

As if it was her first time, she observed it with reverie, her eyes glazing over. Then she opened her pink lips, and took it into her hot mouth. Licking it teasingly at first, but as her desire grew she began to stick it further and further in. Locking her lips midway down the shaft, then she began to suck furiously on it. Eliciting a groan from Stone, as he moved his hands to her head, and stroked her silky soft, golden, honey blonde hair.

The hard she sucked, the louder his groans became, making her suck even harder, their passion quickly rising to a fevered level. As Heather sucked on his pole, she gently squeezed his balls, and he played with her ponytail. She kept up her ministrations for several minutes, slowly coaxing a first load from Stones mighty balls. And when he was ready to cum he placed his hands onto the back of her head then he pushed her head forward shoving his dick down her throat. Heather gagged a little on his large staff as he began to cum.

As the torrent of jism rolled down her throat, his hold on her head weakened and she began to stroke his cock, to get every drop of his cum. Unfazed by his earlier roughness she sucked him even harder, trying to squeeze every drop of cum from his stiff rod. Heather continued to lick the head of his dick for a while longer before she finally stood up, and placed a passionate kiss on his lips. Stone hands kneaded her fine ass as they kissed.

Their embrace ended, with both of them being more then slightly aroused. Heather pushed Stone back, so he found himself lying on his desk from the knees up. Stone was a little surprised by her ardour and just watched her as she removed her blouse. He licked his lips as her black lace bra came into view; she quickly shed that piece of clothing, barring her supple breast. Stone had seen them before, but realizing that it may be the last time he would get to see them for a long time, he memorized their every nuance, bump, and texture.

As he was transfixed by her glory, she quickly undid her jeans, and not even bending over, permitted them to slip from her hips. She wiggled them to help the tight fabric descend. She turned around, and lowering her panties, she freed her legs from the jeans. Stone watched her bare pussy and ass as she bend over, anxious to get his now rock hard cock into both those glorious opening.

She turned, climbed onto the desk and unceremoniously straddled his massive fuck stick. She grabbed into with her right hand, and lowered herself onto it, as soon as the tip was inside her dripping opening she withdrew her hand, and plugged into violently into her overheated love canal. Stone groaned as her tight opening hugged his penis. Seeing that she wasn’t going to be the one to start the fucking, he grabbed her by her hips and began to raise her body from his. She got the hint and started to move of her own accord.

She rocked back and forth on his dick pushing it deeper inside of her pussy; as he began thrust hips skyward, pistoning his dick in and out of her gooey pussy. As the passion in the room rose, she leaned forward and kissed him deeply. Stone took the opportunity to move his hands from her hips to her firm breasts, roughly pawing them as they fucked.

Stone quickly felt the semen once again rising in balls, so he returned his hands to her waist, Escort Samsun and holding on firmly, drove fully into her as coated her inflamed insides with his spunk. As his orgasm subsided he started to pump into her once again, she soon climaxed on his still hard staff, covering his in her juices. He continued to pistoned into her as they kissed. They keep fucking till both their orgasms had completely passed.

Heather regained a little strength, and when she felt that she could stand again, she got up and helped Stone of his desk. When he was standing beside her she leaned over the desk and reached her hands to ass cheeks as she said, “Since your still hared, let’s move on to the next hole.”

Stone smiled and he lowered his face to her ass. Spreading her orbs further apart her watched as her rosebud spread partially open. He placed a kiss on each cheek, Heathers hands moved to the desk as his lips left each orb. He blew lightly into onto her anus, causing her to shiver. Then he stuck out his tongue, and licked across her most private opening. She arched her back, lifting her breast from the desk. Her head flew back as she gasped. Stone ran his hands through her hair, and removed the elastic band from it consequentially. Sensing this she shook her head sending her hair flying.

He was now standing, so Stone positioned his cock in Heather’s ass valley; slowly he pushed forward until his cock head began spreading her rosebud open. As Heather reared back, his penis bored into her bowel. She moaned as it penetrated her further and further into tight ass. With more then half his fuck stick tickling her rectum, he began to pull back, and then pistoned back in, causing her to exhale violently as she moaned. Gradually his rhythm increased, and soon he was fucking her ass with long, slow strokes. She squirmed forcing his cock deeper up her ass.

She hollered, “Give it to me!” as she leaned her head back rubbing her soft silky hair in his face. At her request he pounded harder into ass. Heather was now standing by the desk, so he played with her firm breasts as he sodomized her. Squeezing her nipples as he pinched them between his finger and thumb. They fucked like this for what seemed to be an eternity, before Stone squeezed her nipples her, and mashed her breast again her chest as he began to cum. The torrents of sperm that he sent rushing into her bowels caused Heather to scream passionately as she also came. She rocked back and forth on his cock as they both climaxed. As her orgasm passed she leaned forwards onto his desk.

While she recovered Stone removed his cock from between her cheeks, once she was strong enough Heather got up. And they walked into his private work area. Where he sat her down in the shampoo and styling chair. He arranged the chair so her pussy was over the sink. She sat expectantly until he began to wet it. As he ran water over her pussy he rubbed it, causing her to groan. Once her pussy was thoroughly moistened, he poured some shampoo over it, and then he began latter up her bush. Once it was ready, he began to wash it very slowly, eliciting louder groans. As he washed her pussy, he rubbed her clit. She just bit her lower lip and whimpered.

Stone asked in casual tone, “How does Shelly feel about you having your pussy shaved?” He continued washing her pussy, as he waited for her response.

Heather answered, “She like’s the idea. She told me that I would love the feel of a hairless pussy, and the feeling of having someone shave it for me.”

Since she was now clean, he began to rinse her pussy. After all the lather was gone, Stone toweled it dry. Her hair was still a little damp, so he picked up the blow dryer, and finished drying her pussy. Once this was done he picked up the battery powered hair clippers and began trimming her bush. After he had finished with the buzzing tool, her pussy hair was less than an inch long, so he once again wet her pussy, this time using a spray bottle, then he picked up a can of shaving cream.

He meticulously sprayed it onto her pussy, since it was still not meshed with the fuzz, he began massaging it into the remain hair, once she was thoroughly covered, he wiped his hands on a hand towel. Then he picked up a straight razor, and carefully began shaving her pussy. It drove her wild to not move while he moved her lips from side to side to get a proper shave. Heather softly moaned with each stroke of the razor.

When her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s ass, he rinsed of the remaining foam, then spreading her pussy lips he made certain to clean the inner petals of her feminine flower. Once he was certain that she was clean he began rubbing her sex, all the while he ran warm water over her inflamed pussy. She came once before Stone turned off the hot water. He then continued rinsing her pussy with cold water causing Heather to gasp and almost jump out of the chair.

Stone then turned off the water, and began to dry her pussy with a rough terrycloth towel. She groaned loudly as it was rubbed against her sensitive clit. Once she was dry he spread her pussy once more and ran his finger along her clit. She moaned softly. He then closed her lips and felt the area he had just shaved, making certain there was no stubble; once he was satisfied he sat her back up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32