Laura, Chapter 4

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Laura, Chapter 4 — by grig314

(Nikki has invited Richie, a fellow student at school with a 9-inch cock, to fuck his highly sexed under-aged wife, Laura, knowing that she would love it. She did, and, without telling Laura, Nikki invited Richie back two days later for a repeat performance.)

Did I talk in my sleep? Did I somehow give out subtle signals? When I came back from school two days later, just in time for supper, I walked into a wonderful odor emanating from the kitchen. Laura had made a small turkey dinner, with yams, and with a delicious apple pie, just coming out of the oven. And I asked, “For what is this great feast?”

And she answered, “Just appreciation for my wonderful husband.”

As I helped her with the dishes, she set a place for a third person, and just about that time the doorbell rang, and it was Richie.

Laura ran up to him, gave him a quick hug, kissed him on the cheek, and said, “Come on in, Richie, you’re just in time for supper.”

As we sat down, I asked Laura, “How did you know he’d be here?” And she rolled her eyes in a mysterious fashion and said, “I have my ways.”

If the turkey didn’t stuff me into heaven, the apple pie at the end of the meal did. I could hardly get up. I walked over to her, planted a kiss on her lips, and said, “Sometimes I can’t figure you out. You knew Richie was coming. How did you do that?” And she answered, “We have our ways. Gentlemen, let’s get the food off the dishes into the wastebasket here, and then I think we need some exercise to work off that big meal.” And as she said the word “exercise” she wiggled her ass around, doing a hula.

It didn’t take us one second to get the hint. We went over to the trash basket in the corner and cleaned the food off the dishes into the trash basket, and then hit the sink to get the debris off the dishes. And then we practically raced into the bedroom in delicious Sex hikayeleri expectation of events to come.

Laura turned to face us. “Now, gentlemen, we have a problem. This race car is too complicated for just one driver. It really needs two drivers at the same time in order to work the best. Pulling her panties down, she flipped up her dress and pointed to her pussy saying, “One driver here,” and, turning around, she bent over, exposing her beautiful asshole, and pointed to it saying, “and one driver here. And since we are testing out a new ram-drive engine, I need both drivers to ram their cocks inside me as hard as they can. Is that understood?”

Richie and I burst out laughing and slapped each other’s hands with a high five. Clothing flew off in all directions. We weren’t particular. “Richie, fuck her cunt.” I took one look at his rapidly expanding cock, and said, “I can’t see how you can possibly get that into her asshole.”

“I’m on it, man.” With that, Richie grabbed Laura and they both fell onto the bed. Automatically, they rolled over onto their sides, exposing her asshole for me to get into for one of the most delicious experiences of my lifetime. And then he stuffed that giant shlang, I swear, it had to be a yard long, into Laura’s pussy. It took some doing. Laura simply didn’t have room for him, so she had to work at it, and finally he was inside, all of him. And I could see her making a face from the pain of jamming all of him inside, but it was mixed with sheer ecstasy. And that was what I wanted for her.

Then I got down on the bed in back of her. Trying to wiggle my cock into her ass, it seemed impossible. “Hon, you’ll need some jelly.” As if I hadn’t figured it out myself by that time. I reached for the lubricating jelly in the bed stand, and when I tried to get some into her asshole, the problem became clear. I could barely get my finger inside with lots Sikiş hikayeleri of jelly, because there was Richie’s cock jammed against her backside. It became clear to Laura that as long as Richie was Richie, two of us couldn’t possibly fit inside her.

So Laura became the director of this movie. She said, “Richie, pull out a little,” and then told me, “See how far you can get your finger in.” With lots of jelly, I could get my forefinger about halfway in before I ran into Richie’s cock. “Okay, hon, now see how far you can shove it in.” So I put a lot of jelly on my cock and started pushing. By that time I was hard. I got a little bit past the head of my cock into her asshole.

My genius wife had it all figured out in no time flat. “Okay, boys, we’re going to play seesaw. Richie, you pull out just far enough so Nikki can shove it in all the way. Then, Nikki, you pull out until Richie can shove his in all the way. And in no time flat we got a rhythm going, and everybody was getting hotter than hell.

Suddenly Laura cried out, “Stop! Too much turkey. I gotta take a shit. I can’t handle the two of you and a load of shit all at the same time. Come on boys. Everybody into the bathroom.” One thing about Laura, she had no shame. If it was a natural function she could probably do it on stage at Carnegie Hall in front of an audience of thousands. And so, right in front of the two of us, she farted and shitted and pissed into the toilet, dropping a big load. She got up and wiped for a few seconds and, pointing to the toilet, said, “Who’s next?”

Richie and I looked at each other saying, “Eww. It stinks.”

“I know, boys, but there is water shortage. Who’s next?”

To tell the truth, I was pretty full myself, and I could use a shit, so I sat down. It was a little embarrassing, but I shitted. Laura reached down and tickled the underside of my cock and said, “What? No piss?”, Erotik hikaye and I just dropped a load of piss as well. And Richie had to go through the same ritual, but he had to hold onto his cock, or it would dip into the shit- and piss- filled water. And then, Laura flushed it all down.

Without a second thought, she ran down the hall back to the bedroom saying, “Gentlemen, we’ve got work to do. Let’s fuck!” And we didn’t waste a second following her. I must say that back inside her asshole, it was definitely roomier, and when I was shoved in all the way, Richie could get his cock in about halfway. And then, with the help of a little bit of lubricating jelly, we began our seesaw act. I would jam my cock all the way into Laura’s ass, while Richie pulled his out of her cunt most of the way. Then, as he began stuffing his cock back into Laura, I would pull out most of the way. God, it was heavenly. I began throbbing in no time. I could feel Laura getting hot as a firecracker. Her rectum would squeeze down on me as I was pulling out and Richie was jamming his cock in. She was shivering and shaking. Somehow, as we got into the rhythm, Richie could get his entire cock inside her while I still managed to keep the head of my cock inside her asshole. Then, those two came together. I think she bit Richie’s nose. She was jerking around like a marionette out of control. For whatever reason, I was so hot and so hard, I managed to shove it all the way into her asshole while Richie was finishing his cum. And then I exploded inside her asshole, the way Richie exploded inside her cunt. Richie instinctively squeezed his arm around her back while I squeezed my hand around her belly and we both felt her spasms as she slowly finished her cum. And then we all lay there, wiped out.

The way that night ended, we repeated this scene twice more. And when Richie finally left for the night, he said to me, “Hey, man, how much would you sell her for? I’ll give you every penny I have in my bank.” And I said, “She’s definitely not for sale, but come back in two days. I need reinforcements.”

(There will be more.)

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