Laurie Ch. 02

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The single vibration from his phone drew his eyes away from his work and to the name on the screen. Laurie. About time, he thought with a smile, remembering the prior weekend. He had texted her a few times this week already with no response.

Picking up the phone he swiped his finger across the screen to open the message.

‘Sorry I’ve not responded. Been really busy. Wanna get lunch?’

‘Yes, where?’, he messaged back.

A few minutes passed before she responded. ‘Panera bread? 11:30?’

He sent back an okay and put his phone back down. He was sure the smile on his face was big and goofy. She had been on his mind constantly the last three days. Looking at the clock he frowned, two hours to wait seemed like an eternity.

Finally 11:15 rolled around and he quickly made his way to his trailblazer. Fifteen minutes later he walked into the restaurant and found her standing near the door. He was glad to see the smile that spread out on her face when she saw him.

His eyes traveled up and down her body. She had on a button down black blouse with a loose black skirt that came to her knees. Her legs were covered by sheer black lacy stockings that disappeared underneath the skirt. He smiled to himself as he wondered if they were truly stockings or panty hose. His eyes next went to her brown hair that barely touched her shoulders. He couldn’t help but remember the light touch of those wisps of hair on his thighs as she….. No! He couldn’t think that stuff now. He shook his head and gave her a hug.

“Why are you shaking your head?” she asked him.

“No reason,” he answered with a smile, “Just had a thought pop into my head. You been waiting long?”

“Nope. Walked in a couple minutes before you.”

He waved his arm in an open arc, “Well then after you my lady, lets eat.”

Laughing she turned around and walked to the counter. He let out a sigh as he watched her walk away, how amazing this view is he thought.

“How’s work going today? Do you always dress this nicely?” he asked after they had both ordered and sat down.

“Gosh no. It’s usually jeans and t-shirts every day. They are trying to get a new client so they wanted all the people meeting with them to look nice. So here we are. You like?”

Nodding his head he replied, “Oh yeah, you look amazing. The black top, the skirt just barely to your knees, the sheer black panty hose. You have definitely went up a few notches on the hottie scale today.”

“Shut Up!” she threw the wadded up paper from her straw at him. “I did not. Although….” she blushed a little, “I’m sure you’d think I broke the scale if I told you these were thigh high stockings and not hose…” She took a drink out of her straw with her eyes locked on his, a bit of mischievousness in them.

He nodded his head slowly and smiled, “Yeah.. that definitely raises you…” Their names over the speaker system announcing their food was ready interrupted the rest of his sentence. “Sit tight, I’ll get yours, Miss Hottie.” He stood quickly and went to the counter so he missed the smile that crossed her face. She took a deep breath and wondered what she was doing. After leaving his house Saturday night she promised herself she wouldn’t see him again, yet here she sat with her body already reacting to his presence. Her mistake had been mentioning the stockings. She wanted him to see the lace top of them and the red see-through panties she had worn. She still wasn’t sure why she had worn that pair, she just liked how the red stood out against the black. Deep down she wondered if she had known she’d ask him to lunch today.

Her plate hitting the table snapped her back to reality. He was smiling at her from across the table.

They began to eat, chit chatting between bites, talking about work and life. His mind still on Saturday night and how amazing she was. Her mind on why she was there and the Samsun Escort surprise of how good it felt to be talking and eating with him. Her heart would skip a beat every time his shoe touched hers or his leg brushed up against hers under the table.

The question came out of the blue and took her by surprise after they had taken their last bite. “So, stockings huh? Why not panty hose?”

“Ugh, I hate those things. Too confining.”

“Too confining?” he laughed, “You have nothing to confine.”

With a glare she said, “Ha ha. I just meant around the backside and just wearing them over panties. I hate it.”

“Ah, so with stockings on that means you have panties on then, hmm.”

“Hmm what?”

“Oh just wondering what they look like, you know me. I like visuals.”

“Uh huh. Dirty old man.”

“Whatever,” he replied with a laugh, “We are the same age. Plus your the one that likes me wondering.”

“Fine,” she admitted, “Maybe a little.”

“Seriously though, I had a really good time Saturday night,” he said. “Probably one of the best nights I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, me too,” she replied softly.

“Good.” He smiled and laid his hand on hers. A shock went through her body. She knew she was trapped.

“You ready to go?”

“Yeah, let me run and wash my hands quick,” she said while getting up before he saw the blush on her face. She had made her mind up about doing something daring.

When she got back to the table she sat in the chair beside him instead of across from him, her hand was balled up into a fist. “Here,” she said, “Hold out your hand.”

“Okay…,” he said slowly holding out his hand. She moved her fist over it and opened it. Bright red lace panties fell into his hand from hers. He closed his fist around them fast and put them in his jacket pocket. “What are you doing?” he whispered.

“Being daring. I’ve never gone without panties before. Thought I’d try it, plus you wanted to know what they looked liked.”

“Well I didn’t really get a good look at them, the shock of you handing them to me in public and all.” He placed his hand on her thigh and looked into her eyes. “You’re amazing though. I want to kiss you.”

“Well you can’t in here, but I’d like that too.”

He stood up and took her hand in his. “Come on.” They made their way to his truck and he opened the passenger door for her, “Get in.”

“Where we going? I have to go back to work, you can’t take me to your house.”

“I know, you’ll see. Its going to be more of a daring day for you.” He shut her door and ran around to the driver’s side. A short drive behind the restaurant and he stopped at the end of a small alley with a tall wooden fence with a gate that led to a forest on one side and the building on the other. No one was around. He got out and walked around and opened the door for her.

“I am NOT doing it in the woods like a horny teenager,” she stated flatly.

With a laugh he replied, “I know.” He opened the door to the back seat, “Get in and lay on your back.”

Backing into the trailblazer Laurie hopped up on the bench seat and laid down. Quickly he pushed her knees open and pushed her skirt up to expose her shaved pussy. His tongue went directly to her aching lips and licked the entire outside. He ended with a kiss before pushing his tongue inside her. Jolts of electricity shot through her entire body. Her hips rose against his face, wanting him to lick deeper. Her fingers ran through his hair and closed into a fist, holding his head tight against her. Struggling in the small space he managed to get a hand up to her and spread her pussy open with two fingers to allow his tongue deeper access. Over and over he lapped up and down the pink of her insides. Her taste covering his tongue with each lick. His pushed it against her clit and she gasped. With a smile he pulled away and stood.

“Make Samsun Escort Bayan room for me,” he said as he climbed in and shut the door. He licked his hand clean just before reaching out to pull her to him. Their lips met with many minutes passing by as they kissed one another. His hand left her face and rested on her thigh. Slowly he slide his hand up her right leg along the fabric of her stockings until he passed the lace top and reached bare skin. She spread her legs open, giving him easier access to the spot he had just been licking. Softly he moved his thumb back and forth across the skin of her inner thigh as his hand moved higher up her leg. It seemed like an eternity to her before his fingers finally brushed against her pussy again. Her own hand rested on his leg and began to move up his thigh until she found the hardening bulge in his jeans.

“I think he’s ready to come out,” Laurie whispered.

Using one finger he slid the tip of it up and down the middle of her pussy, barely allowing it to enter inside of her. “Yeah, it’s starting to get a little tight in my jeans.” He kissed her again as his finger slowly pushed inside her deeply. He pulled it out just as slowly and repeated the motion over and over. “I love feeling you with my hands,” he said.

Biting her lip she managed to reply, “I love you feeling me….”

His finger started going faster, his entire hand pushing against her body every few seconds. Her gasps and moans came more frequently until he pulled his finger out and began unbuckling his belt.

“Why did you stop?” Laurie asked before she noticed what he was doing. “Oh I see,” she added with a smile, “Good idea.”

He scooted to the middle of the backseat and opened up his jeans. His hard cock sprung out to stand fully erect between them as he pushed his jeans and boxers down. He put his left arm around her body, “Straddle me.”

A grin spread across her face as she rearranged her body to get her leg over his lap. She had to bend over slightly against him to accommodate the ceiling of the blazer. Her skirt fell back down around his legs, covering his cock and her thighs. Slowly she grinded her hips against his cock as she leaned in to kiss him. Their lips and tongues explored one another as his hands wrapped around her and hugged her tight before they slid down her body and underneath the skirt. He rubbed his hands up and down the outside of her thighs, around to her backside and cupped her ass in his hands. He stretched his fingers until he could feel her pussy and softly began to rub the exterior.

She finished nibbling softly on his lips and pulled away while pushing his hands wide. “Enough of that. I need to feel more than a finger inside of me.” Reaching down between them she lifted her skirt and grabbed his cock to guide him towards her more-than-ready soaked pussy. In one quick motion she lowered her body and skewered herself as deep as she could. “OHHHH God yes,” she moaned, “Much better.” She leaned into his body and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me hard,” before she began to nibble on it.

That was the only encouragement he needed as he moved his hips back and forth against her, pushing his cock deeper inside of her. His motions were slow at first until he was accustomed to the confined space of the back seat. Soon though his cock was sliding into her pussy fast and hard. Each thrust of his hips bounced her up and down, knocking her head into the ceiling as his cock went deeper and deeper inside of her. Her moans came louder as her hands wrapped around his neck and held him against her chest, “Harder…. Deeper,” she commanded him through quick breaths.

His hands wrapped around her ass and he squeezed them hard with each thrust of his cock inside her. Every so often she’d yell with surprise as the squeeze became a hard spank on each cheek.

Laurie let out Escort Samsun a loud gasp as her hips began to gyrate hard against him. He slowed down his thrusting and started kissing her neck. The front, the side, the tip of her chin, kissing any part of her skin he could reach. She sat up as straight as she could and tilted his head back so she could look into his eyes as his cock filled her. She stopped moving her body and motioned for him to stop while his hard cock was still buried deep inside her. Squirming back and forth on his lap she pushed him in deeper until she was happy with how it felt. “I want to look at your eyes while your inside me.”

“Okay?,” he replied as he stared back into her green eyes. “You have such amazing eyes. I could look into them forever,” he said.

Laurie smiled widely, loving the compliment, “You do to. I love the small flecks of brown in yours.” She sighed and slowly started grinding his cock inside her again. “I came once already, are you close?”

He nodded.

“Let me know when your are about to, I don’t want a mess today so you have to finish in my mouth.”

His hips went faster as her knees tightened around his legs. “I’m ready…..” he said after a few strokes inside her.

Quickly Laurie moved to the edge of the bench seat and pushed him to the other end. She bent over and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking the tip while pumping her hand up and down the shaft. Her tongue moved like magic as it traveled quick circles all around the bright red tip. His head laid back on the head rest, his eyes closed as her mouth moved up and down his cock. Small brown wisps of her hair bounced on his thighs and balls, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

In one quick motion he felt his entire cock become engulfed by her mouth. “I’m coming!!” His entire body tensed as she let half of him slide out before his cum began filling her mouth. Explosion after explosion filled her waiting mouth and without pause she swallowed every bit of him and kept sucking for more after he had finished.

After she was sure no more would spurt out of him she sat back up and smiled and ran her hand across her lips to make sure she hadn’t missed any. “All gone and sooo much cleaner. Especially since I still have meetings today.” With a laugh she added, “But I’m too relaxed now for those to stress me out.” She grabbed his hand and held it as she leaned her back against the seat. “That was amazing. I’m glad we had lunch today. And dessert…..”

“Me too, and you made it amazing, Miss Hottie.”

She smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder. “I’m actually starting to really like hearing you say that.”

“Good, now give me have my hand back so I can put this away and zip up my pants back up.”

“Ha. I guess you can’t drive that way, huh. Speaking of which, I’ll need my panties back now.”

He shook his head, “Nope. They are mine now, you gave them away.”

“I don’t think so. Hand them over.” She held out her hand expecting them to be placed there.

“I think so, and I also think you will be going commando the rest of the day as punishment.”

She punched him lightly on the arm, “Punishment for what?”

He thought for a second, “Hmm, good question…. I know. Not paying for my lunch.. NO wait. Not texting me back until today and ignoring me.”

She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I think you just got rewarded for my lack of texts…” she replied while pointing to his still semi hard cock now hidden by his jeans.

“Maybe, but I’m still keeping your panties.” He quickly jumped out of the back seat and jumped into the front so he could drive her back to her car. Once the truck was stopped he got out and walked to the other side to open her door for her.

Laurie climbed out with a frown on her face, obviously she still wanted her panties back. Before she could ask for them again, he kissed her. All thoughts of her panties flew from her mind as his tongue intertwined with hers. “We hanging out this weekend?” he asked her softly.

She sighed and knew what her answer would always be to that question, “Yes…. I doubt I could stay away if I wanted to…..”

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