League of His Own Ch. 06

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A/N – Hello all. Glad to read so many positive comments from the first five chapters. With so much on my plate regarding everything I’m writing for this site, I’m pretty much writing chapters for any ongoing series whenever I find inspiration. I just have so many ideas knocking around in my head that I feel the need to get them down, so while I have an idea of where story is going, with most series I’m writing, I’ll generally hit a wall and leave them for a while before returning.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter and I’ll try and get the next one started and up in a reasonable amount of time.


Opening the door, I wasn’t surprised to see Kim and Wendy arrive together. Both were dressed casually, both wearing a light-coloured blouse with a skirt to an inch or two above the knees. Kissing both of them softly, I invited them in, Aimee and Kyla in the living room already, greeting them as well. Mum called out ‘Hello’ from the kitchen, adding that she was just putting the finishing touches to our meal.

The four girls took a seat at the table as I grabbed a couple of bottles of wine from the fridge, pouring each of them and my mother a glass, while I stuck with bourbon with cola. Mum placed two large dishes in the middle of the table, one being Kim’s favourite, the other being Wendy’s. They thanked my mother, smiling at me as they knew I would have informed her what they liked, the six of us digging in and making casual conversation.

Mum had made a cheesecake for dessert, ensuring an appropriate liqueur was served alongside it. My sisters, Kim and Wendy were chatting away like old friends. With Kim, that would be true. She’d been a frequent visitor since we started primary school together at five years old. Wendy was just so nice and friendly; they would have felt they’d known her for just as long with an hour.

Retiring to the living room afterwards, I sat on the couch with Kim to my left, Wendy to my right. Taking a hand on theirs each, I cleared my throat. “There is an ulterior motive as to why you’re both here tonight. I have a confession to make. It’s a confession that might end with you leaving here tonight feeling different about not only me, but my family as well. All I ask is that you listen with an open-mind, and I’ll answer any questions you have. Okay?”

I could sense both curiosity but also nerves from both. “Okay, Danny,” Kim finally replied.

Taking a deep breath, I squeezed their hands, almost in reassurance, before I started. “Okay, so everyone here knows I dated Rachel for two years and, let’s be honest, she spent two years leading me on. I’m not saying any man or woman is obliged to have sex with their partner, but the fact she cheated on me for a year is why I say she led me on. She admitted at our end of school formal that she thought I knew and accepted it. She was obviously wrong.

The night I found her with other men at Stacy’s house obviously ended that relationship in an instant. I was rather drunk that night and don’t remember getting home. What I was told the next morning was that, when I got home, I was drunk, rather horny, and quite suggestive in regard to my sisters and mother.”

“Sexually suggestive?” Kim asked.

“Yes. I’ve always considered my mother a beautiful, mature woman. I know my father broke her heart, and she’s had little luck in finding any sort of decent man to share her life with since then. I’m sure you would agree that Aimee and Kyla are utterly gorgeous as well.”

“Of course,” Wendy said.

Taking another deep breath, I continued. “During my relationship with Rachel, we didn’t do too much what I’d call sexual. A lot of kissing, where looking back on it, and figuring where her mouth ended up a lot of the time, it does cause the occasional shudder. But apart from her allowing me to finger her, and a few half-hearted handjobs from her, there was nothing else sexual. She explained why since then, and if I looked at it from her twisted point of view, I can even understand to a degree. Doesn’t change the fact she cheated on me and was, being blunt, a massive cocktease, happily fucking anyone else but leaving me, her boyfriend, high and dry every time.”

“Why did you put up with it for so long?” Wendy wondered.

“It wasn’t love, it was infatuation. I think all of us here can agree she’s gorgeous, and she also had many moments when she was incredibly sweet. She was also a massive pain in the arse, but when you’re infatuated, and desiring someone intimately, you find yourself putting up with a lot of shit. Anyway, back to that night, I get home, I’m drunk. I’m horny. I’m practically gagging to have sex with someone, and well, I may have been rather suggestive in regard to my mother and sisters.

Waking up the next morning, Kyla took care of me as I wasn’t feeling particularly well. We showered together, mostly because she was worried about me passing out, but while in there, Mum made a joke about her sucking my cock. I thought it was just a joke, until I was told what I’d said earlier that morning. I thought nothing of it, but I’ll admit, sarışın gaziantep escort I’ve always been attracted to the three women in my life. I know you’re not supposed to be but that’s just how I’ve felt for a long time.”

“Even with Rachel?” Kim asked.

“Mum knew I was being led on. Kyla simply never liked her. Aimee generally kept her opinion to herself. Whenever Rachel was over, I noticed the looks Kyla gave her. I’m sure Kyla wasn’t aware I noticed, but while she was never outright rude, it was obvious how she felt. Anyway, they knew everything I’d been through during my relationship, so before returning to school at the beginning of the year, Mum made me an offer.”

I took another deep breath; I squeezed their hands again.

“My first sexual experience in regards to a blowjob was with Kyla. My first sexual experience in regard to eating pussy was with Aimee. My first sexual experience in regard to making love was with my mother.”

Silence before Wendy finally said, “Wow. Really?”

“Um, yeah. Mum sorted it out for me. She knew I was left frustrated with everything but didn’t want me to lose my virginity with someone it wouldn’t mean anything with. Mum knows how much I love her, so… Well, we went with something highly unusual.” Glancing at Kim, she met my eyes, a small grin on her face. “I know it’s a shock, Kim. And I understand…”

“Just processing, Danny. You’re right, it’s quite the shock.” The lack of tone in her voice immediately concerned me.

“Are you still sleeping with any of your family?” Wendy asked. Her tone suggested curiosity.

“That’s why I’m telling you both now. You and Kim accept that I’ve been with others. Obviously, telling anyone that I’m sleeping with my two sisters and mother would be quite difficult to share with anyone, let alone with the two women I love. But I couldn’t keep this a secret… No, that’s wrong. I’ve been lying about it, but… I felt, before the turn into the new year and you go off to university, I had to be honest about absolutely everything. You both accept I’ll be with others, and I’ve told you about everyone else I’ve been with. It’s got to the point…”

“I’m in love with him,” Kyla whispered from her position on the floor in front of us, “I’m in love with him and I want a child with him.”

I knew Wendy accepted immediately as she let go of my hand, sliding onto the floor and hugging my sister. No surprise Kyla burst into tears as she held onto Wendy tightly. “I guess we’ll need to talk between ourselves soon,” Wendy said softly.

“Kim?” I asked.

She met my eyes… Then she burst into tears and, before I could stop her, raced out of the house. Wendy and Kyla both stood up and readied themselves to chase her. Mum immediately raised her voice to get our attention. “She’s going to need time to process this,” she stated before looking at me, “You’ll need to talk to her at a later time, Danny.”

“I’ll talk to her too,” Wendy added.

“Why are you so okay with it?” Aimee wondered.

“I love Danny. And to be honest, the idea of him being with either of you, or your mother, is rather kinky. And, well, I’ll make my own confession. You know erotic literature online? I love reading the incest stories of love between siblings.” She took a deep breath before moving to sit next to me. “But fantasy and reality are very different beasts, Danny. I’m going to go home and process all of this.”

“That’s okay, Wendy. Just keep in touch.”

Walking Wendy out to her car, we shared a long hug. She mostly whispered her reassurance that, once I’ve talked to Kim, she’ll understand. It was just a lot of information and an unexpected confession which is why she was so upset. Watching her drive away, I couldn’t stop myself from slumping, left wondering if I’d ruined my relationship with Kim.

“Go talk to her,” Mum whispered, looping her arms around my body, “You love each other so much. There’s a way to get past this.”

Sighing to myself, I turned to give my mother a hug before heading inside to get changed. Walking outside a few minutes later, I headed straight for Kim’s house. Knocking on the front door, it was answered by her mother. “Danny,” she whispered.

“Hey, Mrs Smith. Um… Kim was rather upset when she left my place. Did she say anything?”

To my surprise, she stepped forward and hugged me. “She asked me to tell you that she just needs some time to think. Give her a day or two. Can you do that for her?”

“I can… Can you let her know how much I love her?”

“Of course, Danny. I think everyone knows how much you love her, but I’ll let her know as soon as I close the door.” She sighed before asking, “What’s upset her so much?”

“I can’t explain it right now.”

“I understand, Danny.” She leaned back and smiled. “I know how much you love each other. I’ll have a talk to her.”

“Thanks, Mrs Smith.”

Walking home, I couldn’t remember a time I’d felt so deflated. The idea that my friendship, let alone my relationship with Kim, could gaziantep sarısın escort possibly be at an end was something that near enough made me want to just collapse and cry. Walking inside, Kyla and Aimee immediately came rushing out to hug me. “I take it she didn’t want to talk?” Kyla wondered.

“I spoke to her mother. Kim said to her that she wanted a couple of days to think about things.”

“She loves you, Danny. She’ll understand and accept it,” Aimee assured me.

I was down for the rest of the day, spending most of the day by myself in my bedroom, lying back on the bed, going over everything that I’d explained that day and was left wondering if I should have been so honest about everything. But I was tired of living a lie. I knew being honest could change things, but I’d lived in hope that the two women I loved would eventually understand why I’d been intimate with my mother and sisters.

After dinner and a lazy night in front of the television, Mum took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Stating I wasn’t really in the mood, she shut her bedroom door and hugged me. “I just want to love my son,” she whispered, “We don’t have to be intimate for me to do that.”

I always slept naked, and once my mother was naked, we got into bed as she cuddled into me, and she spent most of the time we remained awake reassuring me that Kim loved me, had loved me for a long time, and that it was simply a shock to the system. Give her some space and time, and she’d want to at least talk about things.

We must have talked for a good couple of hours before she asked, “Feel better, sweetie?”

“Yeah, I do actually.”

“Good. Want to make love to your mother?” Rolling onto her back, she moaned softly as I slowly slid inside her. “That’s it, baby,” she moaned again, “Take your time. No rush tonight. I love you so much.”

“I love you, Mum.”

She was my mother, and she knew what I needed nearly all the time, and in that moment, I needed intimacy with someone I loved. Her eyes lit up as I sank my cock inside her, feeling her legs wrap around her, her hands caressing my back, as we moved in unison. I loved the sounds my mother made whenever we were making love. She wasn’t shy about how much she loved to have sex with her son.

Feeling her orgasm underneath me always helped me finish, Mum clutching me tightly as she felt my cock pulsing deep inside her. “That’s it, baby,” she cooed, “Fill your mother up again. Right into my womb.” Feeling my eyes widen, she returned a shy smile. “The idea of being knocked up by my son, even at my age…”

“Are you capable of kids still?”

“Of course, Danny. But I’m not having another child. Kyla, however? She’s definitely having your children.”

Pulling out to lie next to her, Mum kissed down my body and took my cock in her mouth to get me hard again. I couldn’t help chuckle as she lifted herself away for a moment. “Horny, Mum?”

“I am, but I’m also making sure I make my son smile again after what’s been a difficult day.”

Taking my cock back in her mouth, her head was slowly bobbing up and down, and once she had me back to full hardness, straddled my lap as I happily watched her sink down on my cock. I loved watching my mother riding me, my hands at either her hips, feeling up her breasts, or she’d lean forward, and I’d grab he arse.

“Mum,” I moaned.

“Yes, baby. I love your big cock!”

“Oh god… Mum…”

Leaning down to kiss me, her tongue sliding into my mouth, I made her squeal when I started to pump into her at the same time. She enjoyed another orgasm within a couple of minutes, my hands holding her arse firmly as I started to really fuck her. Her hands moved to my chest as she sat up, moving my hands to her hips.

“Fuck me, baby… Fuck your mother…”

“I love you, Mum.”

“I love you too, baby.”

I have no idea how long we fucked until I unloaded inside her a second time. Mum couldn’t stop smiling as she felt my cock throbbing with every spurt of cum, moving to rest on my chest once my orgasm had passed. Hugging her tightly, she sighed happily, only moving off me when suggesting we should have a quick shower before we went to sleep.

With the football pre-season fast approaching. I had a diet plan I was already following and would spend nearly every day in the gym preparing my body for what was to come. In addition to gym work, pre-season training would begin in a couple of weeks, and I was looking forward to catching up with my teammates. I was kept up to date by the club about any player movements, whether players that were let go or those that were recruited.

I didn’t hear from Kim for three days when I had to call Wendy and ask if she’d heard from her. Wendy had called me every day to make sure I was okay, and she did eventually let me know that she was also talking to Kim. However, she was sworn to secrecy except to let me know that Kim just needed some time, and despite the confession I’d given, she still loved me.

Gym work helped gaziantep sarışın escort bayan as I found myself working the bag something fierce. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t angry at Kim. She had every right to be upset with my confession. I knew what might happen when being honest. She’d accepted the fact I was with Wendy and others, but there’s a difference between that and sleeping with your mother and sister’s. Those relationships would never be accepted in society. I knew, if they were to continue, they’d always have to be in secret.

“Got something on your mind, mate?” Graham asked after we’d finished training.


“Your mind was there, Danny, but it’s obvious you are somewhat distracted when we’re not doing drills.”

Taking a seat, I couldn’t help sighing as I ran a hand over my head. “It’s Kim,” I admitted, “Our relationship has hit a bit of a rough spot and I’m not sure how to fix it.”

He took a seat next to me. I still thought I was in Billy’s position after everything. He was still around the club as an ambassador but was not showing his face in the changing rooms. He knew it was an area I would now have to influence. “Something you did? Or something she did?”

“I confessed something I knew would upset her. I was right, it did upset her and now we haven’t spoken in a week.”

“Have you tried approaching her?”

“It was suggested I don’t. I have spoken with her mother a couple of times. She told me that Kim’s just asking for space for the moment. I can’t remember the last time we didn’t speak for more than a day. Not speaking for a week is killing me, to be honest.”

“You just need to keep trying, mate. As long as she knows you love her…” He paused before leaning in closer. “You didn’t cheat on her, did you?”

“No. She knows I have other lovers because she’s doesn’t want to commit to me while she’s studying.”

He chuckled. “Youngsters today with all their weird relationships. But the point remains, mate. Just let her know you love her. I’ve seen you together and I’ve seen how she looked at you. That girl is head over heels in love with you.”

Now that I was full-time, my wage had increased significantly, and I’d already bought myself a new car. Nothing too flash, at least not yet, but it was a nice car, meant to be reliable, and came with all the mod-cons one would expect. Before I started the engine, I opened my phone and searched for the last message I sent for Kim. Taking a deep breath, I sent her a short message, simply stating how much I loved her, but more importantly, I was missing her terribly.

Arriving home, Wendy was waiting for me. It was the first time I’d seen her since the confession, though we had spoken every day on the phone at least once. Taking a seat on the couch, she immediately sat on my lap and cuddled into me. “Missed you,” she whispered, “But I was thinking you needed a little space, and after your confession, I now know that your mother and sisters will be here to care for you or provide you with pleasure.”

“You really don’t mind?”

“God no, Danny. It’s so hot. Can I admit something?”

“Of course.”

“I’d love for you to come around one night, and we can have a threesome with my mother.” She leaned up and kissed my cheek, her lips by my ear. “That way, maybe while you’re fucking me, I could go down on my mother and she could return the favour once my pussy is full of your cum.”

Leaning back, she met my eyes. “You are a kinky one, aren’t you?”

“I was well behaved at school, Danny. I wasn’t just going to openly share some of my kinkiest fantasies.”

“What other fantasies do you have?”

“Well, I now wish I had at least one older brother. I love what we share, Danny, but the idea of an older brother, and I mean significantly older, taking my virginity and making me his woman? Fuck, I read some stories like that and I’m so wet by the end.”

“You think your mother will be up for the threesome idea?”

“I don’t know if she’d go for it, but she does talk about you quite a bit. Think she’s nursing a little crush on my boyfriend.” Kissing me softly, she added, “But the first thing we need to sort out is your relationship with Kim.”

“I sent her a message earlier. Not heard anything back yet.”

“I think we need to go there in a united front.”

“Maybe you should just go there first? I really don’t want to upset her any further.”

“She’s probably desperate to see you, Danny.”

Sighing, she leaned forward to hug me, her head on my shoulder. “I’ll go see her on Saturday morning,” I finally said, “Can you stay the next couple of nights?”

“Kyla won’t mind?” she asked with humour.

“She can join us, if you want…”

She leaned back and her eyes lit up. “Can I watch you two make love? Can I watch you make love to both sister and your mother?”

“You serious?”

“It would be so totally hot, Danny.”

“I mean, if you’re totally sure… Though can I be honest about one thing? I’d rather leave it for after I’ve spoken to Kim. I think she needs to see the love I share with my family and maybe then she’ll understand.”

Wendy was waiting for her first semester at university to start so she had a lot of free time. Bringing her to training the first time certainly attracted some attention from my teammates. They knew her, of course, as my relationship with Kim and Wendy was known by them. Thankfully, the media hadn’t caught wind of my somewhat unusual situation.

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