Learning to Submit

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You don’t know how you ended up in this position- naked, chained to your bed, blindfolded.

You don’t know who is responsible for it, if its your friends having fun with you after last nights party in which you are fairly sure you passed out in the living room, on the coffee table. Or if this is the work of HIM.

You don’t know if you’re alone; you hear voices and laughter; but it could be the television; once again left on from the party.

Alone in the room, you shake. Questions fly through your head. You are vaguely aware of a light; though you more feel it than see it. Footsteps come through the room; start at the door, make their way to the foot of your bed, and stop cold.

You feel eyes gazing down upon your naked body; You shiver and feel your pussy give away your true feelings. Though you are scared; you are also excited.

“Who are you?” You whispher.

A voice, very close to your ear, though the body has not moved from the base of the bed, says, “I am your Master now.”

Chills shoot through you. It is HIM. Your nipples begin to harden as he continues. “Everything will be fine. You are under my control now. No questions; Just do as I say. Disobey me, and you will be punished. Obey me, and you will be rewarded. Do you understand?”

Too excited and scared to speak, You can only nod. Lips gently graze your neck as he kisses you softly. “Good, my pet. We will begin.”

Strong hands are resting upon your hips; thumbs caressing your skin gently. His face is resting between your breasts, alternating kisses and licks to your nipples; pullng them taut with his teeth. You moan and squirm, your pussy growing hotter, wetter by the second.

Each burst of fire is quickly cooled by a lick of the tongue; though they grow further between as he continues to bite down. Slowly, he circles each breast, stopping in certain points to break skin, to make you scream, to let blood run down your body. You are dizzy with excitement, loving each drop that falls, loving every bit of pain that shoots through your body, begging and moaning out his name, silently screaming for more….

He works his way down, following a trail of blood down your belly; down to your pussy. By now you are soaked; and the mattress below shows it. His tongue flicks out over your thighs; savoring every drop on them. You shake, unable to move as he begins to tease and torment your pussy…

That skilled tongue…Slowly, sweetly, running from top to bottom carefully, xslot pausing at your opening, dipping inside quickly; just long enough to make you moan….

The tease is torture for you; but worse still for him; as he abandons the slow licks in favor of sucking your clit straight into his mouth. Restrained, you try to arch still, moaning out his name as he holds your hips in place, you and your soaked pussy at his mercy….

Your body tightens; you can feel a powerful orgasm coming on. Your knees go weak; his tongue stays where it is, but flicks gently now over your clit, over your jewelry, a finger lightly circling your tight entrace…You’re so close to cumming, you’ve moaned his name, and suddenly he stops.

“Do not cum yet, baby…” he says to you. “Wait it out one moment….”

And thought you try to will your body into holding off, the surge is just to great; you mumble an apology, and black out as the power of your orgasm racks your body…

When you awaken, you are still chained up, but no longer blindfolded. There is a note placed on your chest, as you struggle to read:

My pet:

You did not obey; and now you will be punished. You have yet to learn that your Master comes first; and that you are here to serve and submit to Me. I hope that a little time alone will help you realize that.


With a sob, you turn your head, and wonder when he would return. How long had he been gone anyway? How long had you been out?

Once again, questions race through your mind.

And only time will bring answers…

You lie there for hours- or it feels it anyway. Your wrists and ankles ache from being held. Your body aches from the pure pleasure it went through. You hear nothing but sweet silence, see only blackness in your room, feel only still, cold air on your nude flesh. Your eyes drift shut, thinking perhaps you’ll sleep a bit before HE returns…

The door opens slowly before that idea can fully form. A burst of air tightens your nipples, creeps up your body the way you wish he would. The way he will in only moments.

“My pet.” He says, soft, low. You have yet to turn and face him. “Have we learned our lesson?”

You nod, weakly. Perhaps you’d been here a bit too long. Perhaps you are weakened by the sight of him, perhaps it was being captive for so long. Perhaps, the one thing that fuels you on- HIS DOMINANCE- Is the one thing that keeps you hostage, even if you have the freedom to leave.

“Well?” xslot Giriş He smiles, you can feel it as he steps towards you. “What is the lesson, my pet?”

You swallow. “Master comes first.” You say quietly.

“Louder.” His hand is upon the nape of your neck, inching towards your hairline. You tremble, wanting him to pull again, to prove his dominance…

“Master comes first.” You say, a bit louder. “My masters’ needs come first. His wants, desires, everything…I am only his toy, his pet, his submissive. He is everything and He shall come first.”

It must have been the right thing to say, as He now lays beside you and lightly kisses your lips. “Yes, my pet, I believe you’ve learned your lesson.”

He sits up a bit, and places a knee on either side of you. Directly in front of you is the head of his thick cock.

“Prove it.”

Slowly, you take in the head, sucking gently, feeling him get hard in your mouth. You run your tongue slowly down his cock, savoring the taste, taking half of his cock in your mouth at once. You torment him like he did you, going slowly up and down, driving his thick shaft to a full erection. He doesn’t expect what you do next- he never does. Slowly you take him all, locking eyes with your master as you do, push him further, and deepthroat his huge, thick, cock.

He groans and works a hand into your hair. Pulling your head up, you suck him harder, faster, deepthroating several more times before feeling him tighten…

He groans your name and you feel your mouth fill with his cum. You swallow carefully, thick jets of cream flying into your mouth, down your throat. He pulls out with a pop, his cock still half hard. You savor the taste of him; the salty sweetness of his cum; the way a man should taste.

With a smile, he says, “Yes, my pet, You have learned.”

You smile back at him, feeling your pussy grow damp as he stands before you. He unties your wrists and ankles; but climbs back on top of you.

“I’m not quite finished with you; but I won’t make your limbs suffer anymore.” he says, biting a nipple gently. “Sleep, or you’ll be of no use to me..”

You awake several hours later. Master had put your body through a pleasurable torment; the luxury of regaining strength became a necessity if you were to be useful to him. And so sleep you did; curled up under blankets as the restraints had been removed.

For the time being, anyhow. You had awoken to the jerk of a wrist xslot Güncel Giriş as they were fastened once more to the headboard, ankles pulled apart gently and secured to the foot of the bed.

Your eyes flew open to blackness. The blindfold was back. You are aroused; curious; and scared. You tried to call out-

Instantly, a hand covered you mouth. “Shhh, my pet.” He says, a quick nip to your ear. “Just relax…”

He bites gently at first, beginning with your ear, moving along to collarbone and neck. Teeth sink deeply into you, breaking the skin immediately. You cry out as blood flows down your body, mingling with drops from earlier. As you cry out, He simply latches onto another part of your body, sucking and biting lightly.

Your body is on fire, but it’s a different fire this time. This is a fire that won’t easily be cooled. You wish to be ravished; yes; but it’s impossible for Master to bite each of your spots all at once.

And that is what will cool this fire…

He breaks the skin in each spot, new blood rushing down the surface of your body. You continue to cry out, to push against your restraints, to need him inside of you. Your pussy is drenched, spilling out onto the bed beneath you. He bites the top of your breast and slides his thick cock inside of you.

And suddenly, your in for more than you bargained for.

Crying out as your tight pussy is stretched from his cock, your brain takes time to register two things that the blindfold does not allow you to see.

One- Master has slid inside of you, but is not lying on top of your body. In your minds’ eye you can see him between you, bone upon bone, thrusting harder inside of you, taking in the sight of your naked body covered in spots of blood from the Vampiric adventure you’ve had.

But still…

The second thing you register is that while Master cannot possibly be still biting you, you are still being ravished. There are teeth biting all over you- one atop each breast, one upon each side of your neck, and one on each wrist. All of your erotic spots are being pleasured. You are completely on fire as each break in the skin causes orgasmic bliss to overtake your body.

You scream out for Master, seeking permission to cum, to share in his orgasm. He leans down and kisses you, pulling your tongue into his mouth. He bites on your lip before shooting off hot cum inside of you. Only seconds later, you join him, screaming out his name, and going limp against the bed as the intensity of the days adventure weakens you.

He kisses you gently; removes the blindfold; and you see that the unknown biters had vanished. He unties your weak body and puts everything away…

Well, away for now…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32