Lesbian Couples Matching Club Ch. 05

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A gorgeous dark-haired lady with huge breasts has been driving on the highway for nearly five hours. Following the Lesbian Couples Matching Party in downtown Montreal, Lisa returned to her family, never revealing to her husband what truly went on that magnificent and unforgettable weekend.

A few weeks later, she decided to take a holiday for herself. However, before she goes to her dear aunt’s house for the next couple of weeks, and scheduling an impromptu secret rendezvous with her best friend Diane, she would be spending an entire weekend with Chantal, her lesbian match from that same private party.

She safely arrived at the hotel in the town next to the ocean. After checking in, she walked in the elevator, heading to the top floor. As she entered the bedroom, she was very pleased as the Concierge did everything she asked for when she made the reservations: a bottle of champagne in a bucket filled with ice and plenty of red rose petals scattered on the king size bed. She heard everything about what her date is going through right now. Lisa would make sure she felt great by taking care of everything.

Watching her lesbian lover Anne R.’s health deteriorating was hurting Chantal deeply. For some mysterious reason, Anne sensed that she did not have much time to live. Not only she gave her blessing to Chantal to attend the lesbian party in Montreal, but she also told her to look for another lover elsewhere. Anne wanted her long-time lover to be happy and whoever she would choose was fine with her. She did not have any more energy and strength to make love to Chantal.

Sitting on the couch, Chantal turned the pages of the old high school yearbook. Back in those days, Anne and Chantal were compared to the female version of Thomson and Thompson (or in French: Dupond and Dupont), a duo of clumsy and incompetent detectives, fictional characters of the cartoon series “The Adventures of Tintin.” Not only they looked like identical twins, each wearing glasses and wearing the same clothes, but they were inseparable. Regardless of the unusual comparison, Anne and Chantal were way more stunningly gorgeous than the fictional duo who wore bowler hats and carrying walking sticks.

Chantal’s smartphone vibrated on the coffee table. It was Lisa, parked outside the apartment building patiently waiting for her. After a quick reply, Chantal walked into her bedroom, sat on the bed beside Anne, holding her hand, and kissing her passionately on her dry lips. Anne smiled. She wanted her lover to be happy and to have a wonderful time.

After getting into the car, exchanging big hugs and tender kisses, both ladies were on their way to Lisa’s hotel. From the parking lot, they walked holding hands, complimenting each other about the outfits they wore: Lisa was wearing a tight white blouse exposing her huge bra-bursting boobs, a tight red skirt, with shiny beige high heels, while Chantal sported Eskort a black and blue blouse, a tight black skirt, and wearing shiny dark blue high heels.

They entered a bar called “The Flag Ship”, which got a reputation of acquiring an unusual nickname. According to several truck drivers from out of town, they nicknamed the bar “The Fag Ship” simply because they encountered a few gay men trying to pick them up. The bar owner did not care about what his clientele’s sexual orientation was. If they came there to have a good time, not causing any trouble, and more importantly filling the business’s coffers, everything was just fine.

As they walked near the dance floor, they barely recognized a sharp-dressed man accompanied by an elegant mature lady named Olga walking towards them. It was their friend from high school, now better known as Double H.

Lisa and Chantal could not believe how amazing their friend looked. Without his nerdy glasses, Double H has been taking good care of himself becoming a better person. He offered the lesbian matches to accompany him and his Russian mature lady to their VIP lounge and suite.

Double H has always been fond of his lady friends. After all, Lisa was his first love in high school and he still has Chantal’s graduation photo she gave him, holding a red rose, smiling, and with a written word on the back saying that she loves him very much.

As they were on their way to the VIP lounge, a tall man named Gautier, a chef de cuisine by trade sitting close to his gay lover, watched Double H and the three gorgeous ladies parading in front of them. He became insanely jealous simply because Double H snubbed him royally. Even though Gautier and Double H graduated in high school together, the lady’s man was angry at him and at his hysterical mother for starting rumours that he was gay. What did not help was that Double H’s overbearing mother hung out with Gautier. When Gautier’s hysterical mother was introduced to her dearest son’s gay lover, she freaked out. It happened after a high school reunion where Gautier bragged proudly to his old classmates that instead of having children, he swallowed them. Double H never went to those high school reunions, despising them immensely. He’d rather be in the company of gorgeous beautiful women… even if they were lesbians.

After drinking champagne and enjoying a great meal, Lisa and Chantal stood up, walked holding hands towards the dance floor. The deejay played a couple of slow songs, inciting Double H and Olga to join the lesbian couple, then followed byGautier and his lover.

The trumpet sounds from that jazzy song turned both women on as they held each other, kissing their burning lips and feeling their hot tongues. For Chantal, this brought back memories from her high school days when she danced the night away with her lover Anne. With Lisa, she could relive all those past excitements.

Still dancing, Lisa noticed that Chantal had quite a nice big pair of boobs. Having a huge rack herself, she pressed her breasts against her date’s chest, kissing her deeply, and grabbing her booty with her small hands. Both ladies were in their own little world while the jazzy songs were still playing over the loud speakers. Chantal smiled at Lisa, kissing her lips profoundly as the lights came on throughout the bar. Closing time.

Still snubbing off Gautier and his lover, Double H and Olga said their goodbyes to their friends. The lesbian dates were a little envious as the lady’s man and his main squeeze were heading to Quebec City for a couple of days before taking a plane for a two weeks’ holiday to Ibiza. Perhaps next time they could all go together, who knows?

Chantal and Lisa walked slowly, holding hands all the way to the hotel. They both got into the elevator, when as the door closed, Chantal pushed Lisa against the mirrored-wall, kissing her lips aggressively, gripping her huge breasts very hard. Lisa could feel Chantal wet tongue into her mouth along with her big breasts rubbing against hers.

As they heard the bell and the door slid opened, they abruptly stopped their quick embrace. They walked out of the elevator, holding hands all the way to their room. Chantal entered first, followed by Lisa. After shutting the door behind them, Lisa turned around, once again being pushed against the door following by very deep and passionate kisses by the horny and eccentric Chantal. The short stature dark-haired Lebanese decent lady could feel her date’s eager hands caressing her entire body as both women still kissed aggressively and intensely.

Impatient, Chantal led Lisa right next to the king size bed. Taking her glasses off quickly and putting them on the dresser next to the television screen, Lisa grabbed her date, pushing her right into the rose petals on the bed. Chantal realized that Lisa surprised her with this romantic touch of seduction. Suddenly, Lisa was the one taking charge.

She laid on top of Chantal, caressing her fluffy blonde hair, kissing her profoundly. She could feel Lisa’s lips kissing her entire gorgeous face down to her neck. Afterwards, Lisa stood up, helping her lover by slowly undressing her. Lisa undid every single button of Chantal’s blouse, took it off her, and gently undid her bra kissing her at the same time. Now Lisa could see how big and firm Chantal’s beautiful breasts were.

Still lying in bed, Lisa helped Chantal sliding her short skirt off her, throwing it on the floor. It was Chantal’s turn to undress Lisa. The hot blonde was enthralled by her lover’s humongous boobs. After taking off her tight skirt, Lisa pushed Chantal onto the bed, sitting on top of her naked body. Both women caressed and grabbed their huge breasts, feeling an intense bliss as they smiled at each other.

“Suck my tits really good, Baby! Oh yeah!” Lisa said as she bent down her huge boobs for Chantal to devour.

Lisa moaned as she felt her date’s lips sucking hard on her round areolas and wet tongue licking them avidly in circles. After burying her precious face into Lisa huge cleavage, Chantal kissed Lisa holding her angelic face in her hands. Once more, Lisa sat on top of Chantal, moving herself down a little bit, so that she could grab one of Chantal’s bulging legs. Using both her small hands, Lisa put Chantal’s massive calf right between her mammoth boobs. Lisa began moving her body up and down, being enthusiastically tit-fucked using Chantal’s leg. The blonde lesbian lover beamed as she saw Lisa gently kissing her high heel shoe, her ankle, her calf, still holding on tightly.

With her hard nipples fully erected, Lisa moved down near Chantal’s hot wet pussy. Holding one of her huge boobs, Lisa rubbed her hard nipple up and down against her lover’s pussy, intentionally teasing her clit. After a few minutes, Lisa directed her hard nipple right onto Chantal’s clit, forcing her to shout piercingly with intensity.

Massaging her entire huge boob on her lover’s wet twat, Lisa could feel Chantal’s love juices flowing on her flesh. Always wanting more, Lisa began sucking her date’s damp pussy until she exploded all over her face once again with a louder scream. As the excitement from the orgasms wore off, Lisa gave smoothing little kisses to Chantal’s creamy thighs. She moved on top of her lover, rubbing her huge boobs against hers, kissing her lips soothingly. Lisa put her head on Chantal’s chest, feeling her arms holding her tightly, and her forehead being kissed. Chantal enjoyed the moment.

After sipping some champagne, both ladies went to bed for a good night’s sleep. The next day, they went to a couple of “luxurious” boutiques on a shopping spree – if they can call them that way for a small city. Then they went for a nice long walk along the beach, where they held each other, kissing deeply as they smelled the ocean air.

After a romantic dinner, away from the “Flag Ship”, they made passionate lesbian love the entire night until early Sunday morning.

After breakfast, it was for both ladies to say goodbye. Lisa was on her way to her aunt’s house for two weeks, while Chantal was going back home to take care of her ailing lover. They had a terrific time together. But Chantal was worried.

Sadly, Anne’s health was not getting better. Regardless of her lover’s blessing to find another woman, Chantal was feeling guilty. She did not want to think about that day when Anne would be in a better place. They were like identical twins, best friends, lovers, and everything to each other. Only time would tell where Chantal would want to be later in her life.

As for Lisa, she sacredly kept her secrets from her husband and family. She could not wait to see her best friend Diane. For one night only, they would soon meet again, reliving the good old days.


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