Let The Games Begin

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I am actually writing this story for several members of my actual harem of anal boy toys. I wrote it for them to see themselves as if it were happening to them from their point of view as well as from the point of view of those watching with me. Is it too confusing? When they read the story they got it no problem, but then again it was about them.


Well there they were all shaven and glistening with oil. I had chosen Eldiablo, Slkstk, Aqua and DaMan for this evening’s festivity. Their cocks were hard and restrained. Their nipples were clamped and weighted. They were blind-folded and all of their asses are about to be filled with butt plugs that had plumage of the color of their host for the games.

My guests and I sit in the balcony looking down below at a maze that the sluts will run. It really is an elaborate room with traps and hazards (punishments), and rewards (pleasures) hidden along the paths. This game will take a full day to complete and the sluts will have to endure.

“Sluts assume the position.” I say.

All of you bend over with your hands on your knees and four beautiful slave girls wearing cameras insert the lubed butt plugs into your assholes. They pull them in and out several times showing your hosts your beautifully dilated assholes. We applaud which signals the girls to insert and leave the five and a half inch plugs inside of your asses.

Eldiablo has bright red (feather plumage) showing from his ass. Slkstk’s is white; Aqua’s is royal blue and DaMan’s emerald green. You are made to get on your hands and knees. Each of you is lead to a small door that you must crawl through to enter the maze.

“You are going to enter the Maze of Exquisite Pain & Pleasure. The first one to reach the end of the maze will earn the pleasure of his choice. If you make a wrong turn you find either a pleasurable experience or a painful one. You must continue on to the end. If one does not make it then you all suffer a punishment before the winner can collect. When you hear the door close behind you, remove your blindfold and begin.” With that the doors opened and you were all pushed through and a resounding click began the game.

You all removed your blind folds and took a look around. You saw doorways that had the color of your plumes above them. You all head towards your entrances at a run.

“Eldiablo really wants the pleasure prize I see. Look at him running through the maze. I fear his enthusiasm is going to lead him down a wrong path.” I say to his host.

Sure enough Eldiablo runs into what looks like a dead end. He turns to go the other way and a wall slides closed in front of him and the dead end wall behind him opens. The opening before Starzbet him is pitch black and he is hesitant to enter. He is forced forward because the wall behind him moves and takes the place of the original wall.

Eldiablo you move forward running your hands along the wall. Suddenly, large hands grab you and you’re forced down to the floor and the butt plug is yanked roughly from your ass. Swiftly and suddenly a large paddle cracks across your ass. You cry out at the shock of it and then because the blows come faster and harder across your naked ass. You receive twenty blows in all. Your ass is on fire and you feel large hands roughly spread your cheeks and insert your butt plug again. You are pushed forward and a door slides open and you are pushed into a lighted corridor.

The other sluts stopped in their tracks when the screams started. They took pause to consider the turning corridors before them. Slkstk was new to all of this and he was uncomfortable with the plug in his ass. The clamps on his nipples were driving him mad when they swung around. He did not notice that a wall slid closed behind him as he came up to a dead end. He got ready to turn around when the wall moved open.

You cautiously stepped inside the dark room and the wall behind you cuts off your escape. Slkstk you are immediately grabbed by large hands and forced down on your hands and knees. The plug is eased out of your ass and is immediately replaced with a hot wet probing tongue. You moan loudly as you feel the tongue press deeper into your gaping hot hole. You shiver as you feel it slide in and out and you feel pre-cum ooze out of the tip of your dick. You feel soft licks on your cock’s head and the restraint is removed. This person that has slid beneath you has your cock balls deep in their throat and the tongue in your ass has been joined with another and the two are dueling around and in your asshole.

You are moaning and panting, “Yes, Yes, fuck yes!” and you cum hard.

The butt plug is gently re-inserted and the cock restraint is back in place. You are pushed forward to a sliding wall and pushed into the light of a new corridor. Your head is spinning and your ass is pulsating. You did not know something like that could feel so good. You hoped that all your wrong turns would be as pleasurable.

Aqua has been making good time through the maze I see. He has not run into any dead ends yet and is the first to reach the junction for the first third of the maze.

“Oh look dear, the royal blue team is in the lead and is closely followed by DaMan for the emerald green team.” I say to their host.

“It looks like they are about to reach cock alley at the same time.”

Aqua reaches Starzbet Giriş the entrance first and the door slides shut behind him and DaMan is forced to take the other corridor. They can see each other through a clear divider between the corridors. They notice that the walls have five holes in them. Aqua’s side has them at head level and DaMan’s side has them at ass level. At the end of the each corridor there are two doors.

Suddenly a six inch cock appears at the first hole on each side and I make an announcement that only the two of them can hear.

“Well sluts you have made it to the first junction in good time. Now here is a little contest. You each will have to make five dicks cum; one of you with your mouth and the other with his ass. Each dick will be bigger and thicker as you progress. The first one to make all five dicks cum will get a shortcut to a greater lead in the maze and the other will be sent on a more treacherous path. There is a penalty if you touch your own dicks before the end. Go!”

Aqua you attack the first cock sucking for all you are worth trying to milk the cock quickly. You concentrate on the just the head. A panel opens on either side of your head and holds your head into place fucking your mouth and making you deep throat the cock before you. This causes your pace to be slower and you have to work your mouth and throat more than just being able to bob your head.

On the other side, DaMan you have pulled your plume out of your ass and you’ve backed up onto the lube covered six inch dick in the wall. Your ass is already open so, slam back onto it working your ass in a circular motion as you ride slowly then faster while you tighten your grip with your asshole. You can feel the cock in your ass starting to swell after ten minutes and you know that he is close. You are breaking out in sheen of sweat. You notice Aqua is now on cock number two as you feel hot seed spurt in your ass.

You quickly move over to dick number two and it’s thicker and seven inches, an inch longer. You slam back fucking yourself like crazy, clamping down hard to milk that cock into your ass. You are rewarded in five minutes feeling hot man juice coat your insides, but you yourself need to cum badly. You move onto the next cock and it’s thicker and eight inches.

Aqua your sucking technique starts to change. You are sucking hard on the upstroke but allowing your face and throat to be fucked on the down stroke. Just like dick number one the hands on the side of your head hold you in place forcing you to swallow the heavy load. Your jaws are starting to ache as you approach third dick and it’s thicker and longer than the last. You didn’t think you’d ever Starzbet Güncel Giriş be made to be a cum-slut but here you are sucking your third dick and it tastes even better than the first two. You want to savor the flavor but you have to beat DaMan. You can’t believe how tight his ass must be to have made that last dick cum so fast. This dick allows you to suck him off the way you want and hard and fast works as your mouth is yet again filled with hot salty sweet cum.

“You would think that sucking dick would make Aqua a winner but look at DaMan work that ass. They were almost neck and neck but he just finished off another one. Oh shit, he’s on the last cock. My goodness Mistress how big is that last cock?” DaMan’s host asked me.

“It’s twelve inches and almost three around.”

“Look at his face. Look at the beautiful lust on his face. He looks dizzy with all of that cock going into his cum filled ass. He looks like he has to cum so bad.”

“That he does. That he does.” I laugh mercilessly.

“Aqua seems to be losing momentum with that ten inch cock, the fourth one. Ah, he’s changing up and using his hands more with that one. Good for him but not good enough I suspect though.” I say to his host.

Daman you need to cum so badly that you have tears running down your face. The dick is so thick and feels so good going deep in you and you want to savor it. Suddenly two panels open on the sides of your hips. They grip your waist and slam you back harder and deeper. One hand snakes around and removes your cock restraint and jerks you off. You cum and you cum hard splattering the clear divider and milking your last dick of it’s cum. You fall forward on your hands and knees shaking and breathing hard.

“Well done green slut! Your cock hungry ass has made you the winner.”

The door on the right opens for you and Mai my thick hipped Hawaiian slave girl awaits you in a hot Jacuzzi tub. She cleans you up and out, she feeds you, and allows you to fuck her beautiful pussy before your cock restraint is reapplied and your anal plug is re-inserted. Finally, you are made to rest.

Eldiablo and Slkstk have made it to the first junction in their area without further incident. It is an oasis and there is no contest to earn it. They are each given food and rest. Leaving the oasis is another story.

Poor Aqua you finished sucking off your last dick just after DaMan screamed his orgasm. You had not expected the hand to come out from the wall and release your dick, or to jerk your dick while you deep throated the ten- inches in your mouth. When you came the dick in your mouth came with you but only seconds too late. You gathered yourself and the door on the left opened for you. You noticed that the door on the right opened for the other guy and this has you worried.

There is no food and rest for you when you enter. You can see DaMan and Mai on the other side and all you see is stretching darkness before you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32