Let Them Eat Cake

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I was talking with my friend Mick on the telephone about me and the wife’s upcoming holiday, we were off to Bermuda in a few days time and the problem we had was that we flew out from Heathrow at 5am in the morning. He kindly offered to drive us to the airport and when I said I couldn’t ask him to drive all the way to our house, as we lived over forty miles away and then double back to the airport he also offered his spare bedroom to us for the night.

It was a great solution to the dilemma and I gladly accepted his kind offer, ho told us to arrive at 7pm the night before and he would even cook for us.

As we entered Mick’s house the smell of cooking permeated the house, whatever he was cooking smelt damn good and my mouth started watering in expectation.

The meal itself was small but exceedingly tasty and I was still felt hungry when we had finished but Mick had more to come. Out of the cupboard came a large pile of cakes that he offered first to Sandy who was also still hungry as within seconds she had devoured the first one. As we sat there talking Sandy and I continued eating Mick’s cakes, we didn’t notice that he was not eating any of them until it was too late and between Sandy and I we had finished off at least a dozen cakes.

Sandy yawned and then apologised for doing so, as for me I was starting to feel very horny, but I didn’t know why.

We moved into the lounge and Mick turned the television on and we relaxed while we watched Ally McBeal, but all that did was make me hornier, she was one hell of a woman.

About half way Şanlıurfa Escort through the program I looked across at Sandy and she was fast asleep, her head resting on the back of the sofa.

“No idea why she’s fallen asleep,” I said to Mick, “it’s not as if we got up early this morning,” I continued not really understanding why I felt so randy.

“I think I might know, the cakes you two had were not ordinary cakes,” Mick said with a silly grin on his face.

“Excuse me,” I said not understanding what he meant.

“They were hash cakes,” he said with a shrug.

“No wonder she’s asleep, that stuff always puts her to sleep, if World War three broke out she still wouldn’t wake up, and that probably explains why I feel so horny. Why did you do that?” I naively asked.

“I don’t know really, just thought it would chill you two out, or something else,” Mick said.

“Something else, do you mean what I think you mean?” I questioned not sure whether to feel angry or flattered that he wanted my wife.

“Well I thought it might make both of you horny and then we could have had some fun,” he said sheepishly.

“You wanted to shag my wife, is that why you did it?” as I said it the thought caused a stir in my trousers, the thought was turning me on.

“Well, yes I wouldn’t say no if your offering,” he said with an expectant smile.

He had got me thinking, it had been a fantasy of mine to watch her with another man, but then she was asleep so what was the point in thinking about it.”

“I’ll tell you Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan what, how would you like to see her naked, she wont wake up, so a shags out of the question,” I said feeling quite excited.

“You mean you would take her clothes off for me so I could have a look?” Mick said excitedly.

“No I wouldn’t remove her clothes, but you can,” I replied, my heart beating rapidly in my chest.

Mick didn’t need to be told twice, he moved towards the sleeping beauty and gently removed her shoes and socks. I could see his hand shaking as he released the belt from her jeans undid the button and unzipped her. Gently he removed her jeans and with a little glance at me put his fingers in the waste band of her panties and with some difficulty slipped them down her legs. He was transfixed in time as he gazed at her neatly trimmed bush and ran his fingers through her pubic hair. He glanced at me again, my hand was pressing into my own crutch trying to ease the frustration I felt.

He leaned her forward and pulled her jumper over her head, one by one he undid the buttons of her blouse and guided it down her arms. She only had her bra left and with some fumbling Mick unclipped it and threw it over his shoulder.

“Is it okay to touch?” Mick said not even waiting for a reply.

He took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked it until it was hard, then did the same with the other one as he continued to play with her bush.

He spread Sandy’s legs and ran his tongue along her slit, she didn’t move an inch Escort Şanlıurfa as he sucked her clitoris.

“Are you sure she won’t wake up?” Mick said taking a break from his administrations.

“You can rest assured she wont,” I replied.

“Would you mind if just stuck my cock in her, I won’t do anything I just want to know what it would feel like inside her,” Mick pleaded.

I didn’t have to think about it, the way I was feeling right now I was beyond caring what he did.

“If you want to fuck her, do it.” I said eager to watch his cock slip into her cunt.

Mick removed his clothes and positioned himself at the entrance to her hole still wet from the licking he had given her. I watched it vanish inch by inch into her, mesmerised as he began pumping his cock in and out of her hole, as he continued to fuck her I had to release my cock and start wanking myself.

Mick was breathing very heavy and seconds later he shot his hot sperm into Sandy’s unknowing cunt, which sent me over the edge and I came too.

I now felt very guilty that I had allowed Mick to fuck her and to punish myself I knelt between Sandy’s legs to clean her up, but with my tongue. The taste of his sperm and her juices was not as bad as I thought it might be and hungrily I soon removed all evidence that she had just been fucked.

When I had finished Mick had returned with his digital camera and as I stepped back he moved in for some close up pictures of her pussy that was looking puffy from the pounding Mick had given her. He finished off the remaining snaps with pictures of her tits, he now had a souvenir of the time he fucked Sandy.

We struggled to get her bra and panties back on and carried her up to bed. The next morning Sandy was bright eyed as she entered the kitchen, Mick gave her a cup of coffee and straight after ran us to the airport.

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