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Dear Nicole,

Felecia and I crept back downstairs to try and sleep; but I was too wide awake, flying high from the awesome thing we had just done. She had shown me a whole new level of sensuality. I had no idea that sex could be that much fun because everything with my guy friends had been too weird, too rushed and too rough. The whole experience made realize that I was going to enjoy my sexuality on my own terms. Felecia had been so assertive, yet so gentle and considerate; when I thought about what she had done to me I begin getting wet all over again. I wanted more – now!

When I woke up the next day, everyone else was already up. I threw on some shorts and went upstairs. Megan, Jessi, Nikki and Felecia were sitting at the kitchen table and my mom was hovering over them with pancakes and O.J. Felecia shot me a knowing smile and I returned it as I sat next to her at the table. This time I initiated the significant happenings by lightly brushing the top of her thigh with my fingertips. She looked at me sideways. We all had a great time that morning. Felecia had bonded well with us and I knew our group of four girls had become five.

We made sure that the other three girls left first (Megan and Jessi had to work anyway) and then I turned to my mother, “Mom, Felecia and I decided to partner on our science term project, we’re going to be gone all afternoon and if it’s okay, I’m staying overnight at her house.”

“Are you saying you’re skipping your Saturday chores?”

“Well, it really would be helpful if I could do them maybe tomorrow afternoon?”

“That’ll be fine, you two girls go hang…or…well, whatever you call it.” Mom was being really cool today.

We went downstairs to change and gather our stuff and again it was me who initiated another significant happening. I took Felecia’s chin in my right hand and her ass in my left and guided her lips to mine for a soft, wet kiss. Our mouths had just a hint of maple syrup left over and the kiss was so delicious. When it was over Felecia’s eyes were glazed with lust. Since she had not gotten off last night she was clearly beside herself with desire. I looked at her for a few seconds before I spoke.

“Are you horny?” I teased.

“You must be joking! I want you right now.”

“Well…you’ll have to wait, my mother’s cleaning day is every Saturday and she’s not going anywhere. Who’s at your house?” I asked this hopefully.

“My parents both work but my sister will be there.”

“Do your parents know that you’re ‘bi’?”

“No, my dad can’t handle it, but my mom knows. She seems pretty…” All the while Felecia was saying this, my hands were creeping up under her shirt. She hadn’t put her bra on yet and I started to massage her tits. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her voice trailed away into a sigh. “Oh, wow!…Nancy, you better stop or I won’t let you stop…”

I pulled her t-shirt up over her boobs…and gasped! “Felecia… you…your breasts…those nipples are so…beautiful!”

She blushed, but they were, Nicole. Her nipples are the sexiest I’ve ever seen. The aureoles are about three inches across and the nipples themselves are fat and stick up about a ½ inch when they’re hard. And red…the nipples are so red, it’s like they’re blushing all the time. Right then and there I wanted to suck them…so I pulled her to the side of the room, so that someone at the top of the stairs couldn’t possibly see us. Spinning her around, I yanked her shirt the rest of the way off and gently began fondling her tits from behind, all the while kissing her shoulders and the back of her neck. She was moaning and every time I pinched the nips she would gasp.

After five minutes of this she spun around again and plunged her tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked as much of it into my mouth as I could. Just as I was sliding my hand down the front of her shorts toward her pussy, we heard my mother open the basement door and shout down, “Nancy, before you leave, if you have any clothes that need washing, leave them by the hamper!”

“Okay, mom.” I pushed Felecia back and looked at her, wondering if the spell was broken. My own face felt flushed and my panties were soaked.

“Don’t you want to suck these for a little bit?” Apparently she didn’t think we needed to stop yet; she grasped me by the back of the neck with her left hand and pulled me toward her right breast. “Suck my tit, Nance, quick…suck it!” She took her breast with her right hand and fed the stiff nipple into my mouth. It was fully erect and felt heavenly as I alternated flicking it with my tongue and sucking on it greedily. Felecia’s head was thrown back and I could tell she was stifling a groan.

I couldn’t help it either. I slipped my hand into her shorts, all the while still feasting on those incredible tits, and felt the slick wetness of her girl-slit. Felecia’s clit was protruding from between her labia and I lightly began rubbing from one end of her gash to the other, pausing briefly each time at that clitoris to work her hotter and hotter. She was squirming now, trying to get me to rub harder, casino şirketleri but without saying it. I sucked her nipple as hard as I could and she gasped again.

Finally…she couldn’t take it anymore; Felecia whispered in my ear, “Lick my pussy now, Nancy…Fuck me with your tongue!” I didn’t need any more urging and together we yanked her shorts down. I kept one ear open, listening for the door as I pushed her onto the floor and glued my mouth to her cunt. Felecia pulled one of my hands up to her boob so that I could play with her nipple while I sucked her off. This was my first taste of pussy and it was fantastic. After the first lick I knew that this was no mistake, that I was definitely hooked.

Felecia got to squirming again and she reached down with her hands and pulled her lips aside so that I could stick my tongue farther into her vagina. Her juices were really flowing and I stuck one of my fingers into her fuck hole alongside my tongue. She was squealing as quietly as she could and as I moved up her slit to tongue her clit again her whole body went stiff. I yanked hard on her nipple because I knew her orgasm was imminent. Flattening out my tongue, I used all of it to send her over the edge. Felecia came with a guttural sound, convulsing over and over, her body heaving with the release.

Eventually it was over and she went completely limp. I crawled up next to her and she nuzzled into my neck cooing with pleasure.

“You’re so good…Nance…how did you know how to do that?”

“I’ve thought about this so long, fantasized about it so much…I knew what I would like…and watching a little porn helped. Ya know what else, Felecia? You are so beautiful, I just want to please you as much as I can. Will you let me love you?”

“Yes,” she whispered, as she kissed my ear, “and this day is far from over.”

Felecia went to take a shower and I washed my face and put on my cutest shorts, top and sandals. We spent the whole afternoon at the mall; trying stuff on, eating lots of food and having a great time. The best part of the whole shopping day was when we went into “Victoria’s Secret”. We both bought a set of bras and panties, beautiful sexy ones. We didn’t know if we’d be able to use them that night but we sure wanted to be prepared.

When we finally got to Felecia’s house around 6:30, I was stunned because a miracle occurred. Her fifteen year-old sister, Tanya, was just on her way out the door, heading off to an unexpected party. That wasn’t the best part, though; she wouldn’t be back until midnight. But that wasn’t the best part either; neither would her parents who were detained because they had to go straighten something out at the nursing home of Felecia’s grandma, two hours away!

We watched Tanya’s ride pull away from the curb and went into the house. “What are we gonna do all night?” Felecia asked with a twinkle in her eye. “Watch T.V.?”

I practically moonwalked over to her and drew her close, “Maybe,” I teased, “but we might also have a fashion show!”

“Tell you what,” she replied, “I’m kinda hungry; let’s get pizza and watch a movie and cuddle a little.”

Little did I know what she meant when she said “movie”. We ordered the pizza, and she went upstairs while I fixed us something to drink. When she came back down, she was carrying a VHS cassette.

“What’s that?” I said, handing her a coke. The cassette was lime green, kind of an odd color for a movie.

“Oh…you’ll see.” Felecia had a little bit of a funny look but we got down to setting up the T.V. trays and stuff.

When the pizza arrived we attacked it and polished off half of it very quickly. Then Felecia walked over to the VCR, popped the cassette in, then returned and sat rather close to me, picking up another piece of pizza. The movie started and I realized immediately that it was a porn movie. The pre-movie ads were rolling and there were girls sucking cocks and jacking guys off and getting fucked in the ass.

“Where did you get this; is it yours?” I asked.

“No, it’s my dad’s, but I’ve seen it before…it’s really good!”

“It looks gross…it looks…” Just then the title of the movie appeared and I understood where Felecia was going with this. It was entitled “Tori Welles: Girl to Girl”.

“I’m telling you, it’s good,” Felecia repeated. She reached for my face with a napkin and wiped the corner of my mouth, then she leaned in and kissed me softly, with just the hint of tongue. Taking each other by the hand, we snuggled close as the first scene began.

Tori Welles is a tallish Latin looking girl, quite beautiful with a seductive smile and black hair, just like Felecia’s. She has sexy, natural breasts with nipples that point right at you. In the first scene she is taking a bath when her roommate pops into the bathroom crying. Her boyfriend had just dumped her and, as Tori was climbing out of the tub, she comforted her friend by telling her how pretty she was and how just about anyone would like to fuck her if they could.

“Anyone would love to fuck you, too!” Felecia said in my ear. “I know I would!” Tori casino firmaları Welles said, “I know I would,” at the exact same time as Felecia did. It was such good timing that we both cracked up laughing. Felecia probably had watched this one more than once.

By this time Tori and her roommate were kissing passionately, sucking on each other’s tongues and running their fingers through each others’ hair. Slowly, Tori began unbuttoning the other girl’s blouse and as she did Felecia started inching up my shirt. I squeezed her hand to encourage her. Tori’s friend had on a bra that clasped in the front but I had to lean forward so Felecia could unhook mine in the back. The roommate’s tits were smallish, probably a small “B” but when her nipples appeared, Tori began licking them immediately.

Nipple licking always makes me hot and I watched the brunette do a good job on her friend.

Felecia was kissing my ear lobe and as she did, she reached under my loosened bra and felt the straining, rigid nipples underneath. After playing with them a few moments, she lifted the bra over them and my tits fell free with a quivering plop. We both looked at them hanging there. Felecia’s breathing was becoming more and more labored. On the screen Tori was still sucking her blonde roommate’s tits but at the same time she was unfastening her jeans. Felecia lifted one of my breasts to her mouth and began licking the tip very slowly and very softly. When Tori got the blonde’s jeans down, she spun her around, bent her over and started fingering her from behind. Felecia was not in that much of a hurry.

She said, “Here, Nancy…lick this, I want to see you lick yourself.”

She lifted my breast up to my own mouth, and I was shocked to see my nipple right there in front of me. I had never considered this option before and it was pretty exciting when the realization hit me that it was possible. I licked at it slowly, just like she did and then I wrapped my lips around it and kissed it sensuously.

Felecia moaned loudly and said hoarsely, “Do that again!”

I did it again and my pussy started twitching like mad. This was an incredible feeling, knowing what I was doing to myself and to Felecia as she watched. Felecia stripped off her top and bra as I sucked myself, and hissed again, “Keep sucking that nipple; don’t stop!” Then she climbed onto my lap and straddled me. She grabbed both of her tits with her hands and then said, “Do this, Nance…” She then forced her tits out at a very erotic angle so that the nipples stuck way far out. I saw where she was going with this and my heart started beating wildly. She wanted us to rub our nipples together.

I sat up higher under her on the sofa and as I did I noticed that the women on the screen were rubbing their boobs together. With a squeal of pleasure I grabbed my size “D’s” and forced my nipples out as she did. When they touched hers for the first time, my pussy convulsed in kind of a mini-orgasm.

“Oh…Felecia…oh, god!” I was almost crying, it felt so good. Felecia was grinding her pussy up against me through her jeans as she rubbed her nips back and forth and back and forth over mine in a very erotic rhythm. My pussy was flowing freely now; I wanted us to take off the rest of our clothes but there was no way I was going to stop this electrical feeling that was racing from my nipples to my pussy. Felecia’s grinding hips were creating just enough friction on my clit. I knew if she didn’t stop I was going to cum soon and I told her so.

“Felecia…I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum…if you keep this up!”

“I know, Sweet, go…Go…Go ahead and cum for me,” and she just kept sweeping her nipples back and forth over mine.

“It’s coming, Felecia…I can’t stop it…I can’t hold…it…anymore!” Every time her hips moved, my jeans stimulated my clit a little more and every time her nipples touched mine the orgasm got a little closer. “Here it is…ooooh, Baby…here it is!” And I exploded. “UHHH…UHHH…OHHH, yeah…oh, yeah…” as wave after wave rolled over me. I opened my eyes and looked into Felecia’s. She was so into this and I wanted to do something to please her so badly.

She climbed off of me but immediately fastened her lips to my right nipple. Her hands took hold of mine and drew them to her breasts and as I fondled them I could hear her purring. Tori had finished the first scene and was now busy with two other girls on a pool table in a bar. She was eating out one of the girls lying on the table while the other girl was on all fours with her pussy in the face of the first girl.

“We need to try a threesome some time,” said Felecia as she rose off the sofa, “but for now, let’s get out of these clothes.” We stripped as fast as we could and I pushed Felecia down onto the cushion. She spread her legs as I began licking her cunt and soon she was thrashing around with her hips pushing her pussy into my mouth and elevating her body off the sofa. She was so wet that two of my fingers slid into her easily and I fucked her with them as I tongued her clit.

“Yesssss…” she hissed through clenched teeth, güvenilir casino “Fuck me with those fingers…yea…harder.” She fell back onto the sofa but arched her back. I watched her as I wrapped my lips around her clit and she pushed her tits together and held them there. It was fascinating to watch her do things I had never dreamed of before. She held her tits together with one hand and with the other she flicked one nipple with her thumb and the other nipple with her middle finger.

“Harder, Nance…suck my clit harder…I’m gonna cum soon…” I couldn’t wait to feel and taste her climax in my mouth so I sucked her off as hard as I could. “Here it is…” she shouted and her hips shot off the sofa again as the orgasm hit her. I lost the contact with my tongue, but my fingers stayed in her and pumped in and out as her body shook and shook. She soaked my hand and as I pulled the fingers out she grabbed my wrist and began licking her own cum off of them.

“Oh, Nancy…that was great! Are you through yet? I’m not!”

“No way, this is too much fun to quit now, what do you have in mind?”

“Well…my favorite part of this movie is coming up soon, and I want to try something else that these girls do.” Felecia sounded so enthusiastic about it that my curiosity was aroused. What could this be about? We laid in each others arms softly touching as Tori Welles finished up with a pretty redhead who had a gorgeous ass and small but very cute tits. “Nancy, your boobs are sooo beautiful,” cooed Felecia. “They hang just right and your nipples are so sensitive; it’s such a turn-on to play with them because of that. Your reaction is so erotic, so…passionate.”

“Well…I’ve got a great partner and…” Felecia interrupted by touching her finger to my lips.

“Wait…this is it, watch!”

Tori was sitting on a bed in her bra and panties, talking on the phone. She was giving her female boss Ashlyn some excuse for not coming in to work, but the boss wasn’t buying it. Twenty minutes later, Ashlyn was knocking on Tori’s door and threatening to fire her and Tori (still in her bra and panties) was pleading with her not to; that she would do anything if she could just keep her job. Ashlyn was ogling Tori’s beautiful body while the girl begged and when she heard that word “anything”, her eyes lit up. When they started kissing on the screen, Felecia and I started kissing again on the sofa.

After three minutes of Felecia’s fantastic tongue, my pussy was creaming again and the raven-haired beauty immediately stuck two fingers up my love hole and thumbed my clit at the same time. She was driving me wild. On the screen, Ashlyn was on all fours and Tori was eating her out from behind, stretching her tongue to reach her clit and then rimming her asshole.

Then, just as Felecia was about to get me off again, she stopped and said, “Look, Nance.”

Ashlyn was flipping the brunette onto her back and then she crawled around and began positioning her legs to scissor across Tori’s. I watched in awe and fascination as the two women worked their cunts together and then began to rhythmically move their hips and rub their pussies against each other’s. In the two or three porn movies I had seen this was never done and my heart leaped into my throat in excitement because I knew that Felecia and I were about to do this, too. A close-up on the screen showed their two clits pressing together and my pussy twitched hard in anticipation.

“Nancy, I want to do that…with you,” Felecia could only rasp out the words, her vocal cords swollen with lust. I couldn’t answer; I just grabbed her and buried my tongue as far down her throat as I could. Felecia fell back onto the sofa with me on top, grabbed my ass and pulled me into herself hard. We made out that way for about two more minutes, the cries of the women on the video spurring us on. When we heard Tori yell, “Oh, Ashlyn…I’m gonna cum! Watch me,” we broke the kiss and turned to watch. Tori came between Ashlyn’s legs in a shuddering climax, her tits jerking with each spasm. Ashlyn grabbed one of Tori’s nipples, and shouted, “Now me…OOOHHHHH” and she exploded as well.

Felecia couldn’t wait any longer. She turned me over and scooted back to get in position. I watched her hurrying, marveling at her beauty and how excited she looked. My body was on fire and it felt like a fire that would never be put out. Felecia’s thighs slid across mine as we inched closer together. They were so soft and felt so warm that it started my pussy tingling again. We took hold of each other’s knees and when my labia touched hers, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. They were so wet and squishy and as we began to move our hips to find some sort of rhythm I thought my brain was going to short circuit.

From somewhere that seemed outside of me I realized that we were screaming with joy and pleasure. When we finally hit that spot where our two cunts mated perfectly, I immediately went over the edge. I’ve had many orgasms before, Nicole, and many since, but no orgasm I’ve ever had made such an impression on my mind…because my mind blew! I felt this cum from my toes all the way to my ears. I knew I was screaming, but I couldn’t hear myself. Felecia and I kept moving together through all of this, I don’t know how, and I had another one, and then a third one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32