Libby , Van

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He wanted to take her away for the weekend. To take her off somewhere for some fun. No child, no Ryan, no Lisa. Just him and her. Van and Libby. He wanted to spoil her, indulge her inner child. Where could he take her though? He thought of her half sister, Issa. She loved Issa, and it was rare, if ever, that she got to see Issa. He didn’t mind Issa. Issa neither bothered him, nor did she do anything for him personality wise. He supposed that Issa was more attractive and more flirty than Libby, but she didn’t do anything for him. Odd how that was. He only got hard for the girls he loved emotionally. If the most attractive girl walked past him, his penis hardly noticed. He shrugged it off and figured it was one of those things that would save him hassle from any woman someday, since women he was unemotionally attached to didn’t do a single thing for him.

He grinned to himself, patting the plane tickets in his pocket. He whistled a nice tune gaily as he walked along. His stride was light, for his heart was content. Sharply turning onto her street, he smiled again to himself. The reservations were made and the plane would leave tomorrow. A whole weekend alone with Libby. And then on the way back, they could visit Issa. Yes, a pleasant idea. A very pleasant idea. Turning again sharply and walking more faster, wanting to run and jump up to her door, he still smiled sweetly to himself. Stopping just at the doorway, he cocked his head from one side…to the other. Cracking his neck, and then patting down his hair, trying to make himself look nice. Looking in the door’s glass, he saw an image that was pleasing to him, so he opened it, and knocked on the knocker, smiling confidently. He knocked once and waited. A dog across the other street barked, but he could hear nothing behind the door that he wanted to open. Soon however, he heard heavy footsteps and an impatient looking, tall giant opened the door and rolled his eyes. “Libby, Van’s here!” The giant called out to the house. He moved aside so that Van could step in. Van smiled politely his greeting to the giant (Ryan), stepping into the house and standing still, fidgeting slightly.

“You know, you look a lot more beautiful when you’re not fidgeting, or so I was once told.” Libby said with a smirk, coming down the stairs. Van turned around fast, embarrassed slightly, but more or less of still gay as he had the plane tickets and he was sure she would go on a vacation with him. She greeted him with a soft, light kiss on the lips, a hug and leaning her small frame into his average one. “Mmm, you smell good.” She moaned softly into his shoulder as she leaned into him. He rested his chin atop her head.

“I have 2 plane tickets to Cali, you know.”

“Oh really?”

“Mm-hmm. With our names on it. You could be riding Pati you know.”

She smiled, bowing her head to be between them, smelling his smell from his shirt. She was rather content to merely be in his arms, as it felt so comforting and she’d had a hard day. He smiled over her head, knowing exactly how she felt.


She hummed as she packed, her headphones around her neck, her compact disc player in her pocket. Her hair done back in mini-corn rolls, little tiny stubs that stopped an inch above her hairline, looking like a headband going across her head. Her CD player in her room playing softly as she darted about from here to there, from there to here. Then her cell phone rang. Still humming, she darted to go pick it up, turning it on and managing a breathless “Hello.” It was the gynecologist. She grinned as she heard the news, moving to pack in a negligee that she knew would send shivers up and down Van’s spine. “Thank you so much, doctor.” She grinned into the phone, hanging up. Biting her lip in anticipation, she continued grinning as she packed away 3 of her favorite pairs of socks.


“What do you have planned for this weekend?” She asked, speaking loudly to be heard above the roar of the engine. She snuggled up as close to him as she could, after she removed the armrest from between them. “Oh, nothing out of the ordinary” he said, trying to hide a smile. “Just the usual. Romantic dinner, unromantic horseback riding–“

“Romantic photo shoot.” She added and he blushed. “I knew it!” She yelled excitedly, jumping back so she could point a finger at him. “I knew you wanted to do a photo shoot!” She yelled again, her eyes dancing. He blushed and slid down in his seat, a sign of cowering. She smiled, self-satisfied. “I knew it.” She said again, her voice lower now, back to normal level…at least as normal as she could get it considering she was on a plane and all.

“Full interview and all?”

“Full interview and all.”

She thought about this for a bit, making him nervous. “Full interview and all.” She agreed. “And don’t be so afraid to ask me, Van. I don’t bite…well, not hard and not in any way that you’d disagree with.” She grinned cheekily at him.

“Oh?” He asked, and purred, rolling his tongue. “Yes” she said, capturing his mouth with hers for a quick kiss.

“Oh Bursa Escort dear God. You two kill me with cuteness.” The stewardess said, rolling her eyes jokingly. They were after all, on Van’s own private plane, yet they had needed tickets to get to it. And still, he had stewardesses on it, that he was well aquatinted with.

“Yeah, and you’re doing your job how? The service here is so lousy. Where’s my Canada Dry Ginger Ale?” He teased, playfully looking annoyed. The stewardess grinned. “It’ll be ready for you in a minute, if you would just be patient, sir.” She stuck her tongue out at him, and walked to the back of the plane to get him his soda.

“Whatever happened to me? I’m thirsty too.” Libby whined playfully at Van, relaxing against him. “You can drink out of mine.” He smiled down on her. “Oh, you’re just ever so kind. What would I do without you?” Sarcasm dripping from her voice. “Oh, just suffer endlessly, no doubt.” Van said, grinning.

“Here you are sir.” The stewardess was back, reaching over Libby to pull down Van’s tray table. Placing the drink on it, she straightened.

“Thank you Amy….what? No cup?” He asked in mock surprise. Amy giggled.

“What? No tip?” She teased back, turning around and walking away, her pants rustling as she did so.

“You should fire her you know. Good help is so hard to find.” Libby said jokingly haughty, straightening and tossing her hair back. Reaching over, she opened the can. “I even had to open it myself.” She playfully pouted. “Awww, poor baby.” Van said, cupping her chin with his hand. “Thank you” she mumbled, faking a sob. She started coughing after taking a drink, the warmth feeling weird to her stomach. He started patting her on the back. “You okey there?” he asked. “Yeah, I’m fine. It just went down the wrong way.” She said, reassuringly, regaining her breath.


Candlelight dinner, Van in a three piece tuxedo, Libby in a beautiful, sky blue evening gown.

“So, no child, no Ryan, No Lisa.” Van grinned. “Shall we toast?” He asked, flagging down the waiter to ask for wine. Libby dropped her head, fiddling with the napkin in her lap. How to avoid this one? Did she even want to avoid this one, or did she want to tell him right now? Right here? Her eyes scanned back and forth, searching the tablecloth, her lap, her napkin. She decided she did want to tell him, only how? Yeah, this would make a great story to tell the unborn baby in her belly. “I told your father about you in a fancy restaurant, instead of telling him at a hotel or home, like I wanted. I had to tell him because he ordered me wine, and I couldn’t drink it.” There’s a great story. She rolled her eyes at how stupid she was being, and raised her head to see that she had a champagne glass in front of her, filled almost to the top of champagne. Van lifted his glass to toast.

“Van. Wait, I can’t.” She said, trying to blink back the tears of embarrassment from her eyes. Humiliation seemed to sweep over her body, though she didn’t understand why. She wanted this, hadn’t she?

“What’s wrong?” He could see the tears threatening to come out of her eyes, could see her trying to hold them back, and a concerned look came across his face. He was wondering what was bothering her, wondering why she would cry. What could she tell him that would make her cry? He could see that she was turning red, and he wanted to take her in his arms and hold her.

“Why can’t you toast?” He asked, tentatively.

She took a deep breath, her breathing coming shakily. “I’mpregnant.” She said, quickly, breathing still shaky, still trying to blink back tears.

“You’’re wha?” He asked, confusedly. This was the last thing he expected her to say.

“Yeah.” She whispered, barely audible now, though he heard it anyways. She finally let the tears fall.

“Oh, sweetie, don’t cry.” Van said, recovering from shock enough to reach his thumb over to wipe away her tears. “It’s okay.” He thought about what she had said moments before. When could have this child have been conceived? There were many times when they hadn’t used protection, not because they had been trying to have a child, but more because they were so comfortable with each other, and just didn’t see a need for protection when neither one of them had any diseases.

“You’re not mad?” She asked, sniffling a little, interrupting his thoughts.

“No… I really just don’t know what to feel. I’m not mad. I’m not sad. I’m still kind of shocked. I… it’s not that I don’t want another baby, it’s just that I’m shocked that we… that we made one.” He said, his face taking on a look of awe. Libby smiled upon viewing the look on his face, feeling better.

Van and Libby had both ordered the Olive Garden’s never ending pasta bowl. Van had known people, and had pulled some strings, to get the restaurant empty except for the two of them. He even had a romantic fiddler that would come out and play the violin for them, once they gotten their food.

Libby’s redness had disappeared and her Bursa Bayan breathing had calmed back down to normal now.

She gave Van her glass of wine. “Guess I won’t be needing that now.” She half smiled and shrugged.

“I guess not,” He said, giving her a crooked smile. “I could always drink the both of them,” he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“Uh-huh. No. Let’s not and say we did.”


As Libby was getting undressed, then redressed to get undressed again in the bathroom, her thoughts drifted back to earlier that day. When they had seen her half sister, Issa. She remembered their conversation, as they walked around Issa’s huge garden.

“So how are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m doing okay. I’m pregnant again, with Van’s kid.”

“You know, you should marry the guy.”

“I..I just don’t want to. It would ruin our relationship. When I move in with him, I will pay him for rent on the house, even if he won’t accept the money. I don’t want to marry him as we’re too young. It would ruin our relationship, what with the money and stuff. We have enough time to marry when we get older. And if we choose to go our separate ways, it’s not like neither one of us wouldn’t be able to see our children. I just don’t want to marry Van right now. Let’s not even discuss your non-existent marriage.”

“That’s different.”

“Uh huh.”

“It is!”


“Fine. Don’t believe me, but it is.”

“I’m not disagreeing with you.”

“It doesn’t matter how I feel about him. I made a nice, secure position for myself.”

“Right. And the fact that you don’t even love him in that way anymore doesn’t matter.”

“I did what I had to.”

“Mm hmm. I know the story.”

“What would you have done?”

“I had the same situation. I ran away to Ryan’s, Van followed. And I’m doing what I would have done in your situation, only I’m in love with the guy”

“A great pair we both turned out to be.”

“At least you were older when you got pregnant. I was fourteen.”

“A fine pair. One of us married but not in love, the other in love but not married. Both with kids. How grand.”

“Gee, you’re so very positive and upbeat.”

“It’s just depressing how we both turned out to be.”

“Not from my point. Nellie’s the best mistake I’ve ever made. And it’s not like I didn’t enjoy making this little mistake with Van.”

“Yeah, I made love to someone I was in love with once. It was fun.”

“If you don’t love him, you should talk to him about it. You shouldn’t be in a relationship if your heart isn’t in it.”

“Bah. You’re too mature for your own age.”

Libby slipped her negligee on. She ran her fingers through her hair, glaring at her image in the mirror. Grabbing a few hairpins, she put her hair up in a messy bun. She turned to look at herself in the full view mirror. Sure, she didn’t look very sexy in her own personal opinion (there again, she never thought she was much to look at to begin with), but she knew Van would think so.


Ugh. How did this all happen? One minute, everything was nice, and gay and light, and the next… things just changed so fast. Now… Now she won’t leave her room. She just don’t want to see anyone, doesn’t want the real world to see her. She had been so happy. She’d been smiling. Carrying his child.


“I am smiling! What are you talking about.”

“How else can I get you to giggle other than being silly?”

“Haha! There’s no way! [[sticks out tongue]]”

“Oh that’s a sexy picture. Stick it out again.”

“Eww, you’re so sick.” (she stuck out her tongue again)

“Oh yeah baby, stick it in me.” (even Van laughed at that)

“I have nothing to stick in you. Maybe a poolstick.” (turning her horse around again to walk by Van, while tucking her hair behind her ears.)

“You’re beautiful.”

“Not particularly. Just a former child model. I’m nothing to look at compared to Holly Marie Combs or Sandra Bullock.”

“Yes, you are. You really should get more self confidence in yourself and realize just how beautiful you are.” (her smile dropped at this)

“What about the full interview?” (she licked her lower lip as he got his pictures in)

“How do you manage to make yourself so beautiful.”

“Haha. You’re great. You think of serious topics to make me sad.”

“No, I don’t. I really want to know.”

“Well, I mostly am pro personal hygiene and I take care of myself. And I get my nails manicured. See?” (she held up a hand for Van to take pictures of)

Locking lips with him, she moved her tongue to massage his, moving her hands up to massage his neck and his head. Seeking comfort in the familiar confines of his mouth, she leaned further into him, getting herself as close to him as possible. He on the other hand didn’t move just yet, waiting to see what she wanted. Whether she wanted just a simple kiss, a make out session or more. As he felt her hands on his neck and head, he moved his own directly to her nape, and Escort Bursa his other hand caressed her cheek. Slowly, slowly, she brought her hands down to his chest, moving them under his shirt to stroke long caresses over his muscles and to gently scrape her nails over his nipples. Bringing her hands back down, she slowly took off his shirt. When she had started to caress his chest, he moved a hand from her nape all the way down under her shirt to cup her breast. Testing it’s weight and shape and size in the palm of his hand, feeling her nipple harden, he did this to both breasts in time.

When she got his shirt up to their faces to pull it off, they separated, gasping for breath as she lifted his shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor. He did the same with her night gown, leaving her in just her boxer underwear. Him in his jeans, her in her underwear. “Are you sure this is what you want?” He whispered, his eyes dark from arousal. “I want to feel you close to me, comforting me. And your touch comforts me.” She replied, pulling him to her, leaning back so he now lay on top of her. He went in for her mouth, taking control over her, deepening the kiss, giving her tongue long and slow massaging caresses. She moaned into the kiss with want, and he started moving downwards, to the hollow of her throat. “You know” he said between kisses, “Ryan is upstairs… “

“I don’t really care right now” she gasped, feeling him now moving towards her left breast, nibbling and licking on the way. His touch sent electricity through her body, setting her on fire, making her hot, making her want him even more. The feeling of his tongue on her nipples, caressing them, nibbling at them, made her want to scream out in pleasure. Suddenly, he changed tactics and started flicking his tongue over the top of her nipple. Starting out slow and then gaining more and more speed.

“Uhnnn” She cried out. He stopped and she groaned in disappointment. “Still don’t care about Ryan being upstairs?” he asked. “Van… Van, please.” She said, her breathing heavy. He gave her a devilish grin, moving his hand on her cheek, caressing her face. Moving his thumb slightly over, close to her mouth, she then turned her head, her lips sensually brushing against his thumb. He groaned, feeling himself get harder. He’d been hard since seeing her, and as incredible and hot and sexy as it felt to him, he knew he really wanted release. And if he didn’t then his body did. Emotionally, he could hear her calling out to him, wanting to know, to feel that everything was still alright between them. Returning her call, he moved his hand from her breast down, tracing circles around her bellybutton lightly, with a soft touch. Making her giggle. Cooling down slightly from the speed they were going at, she felt herself heat up again under the teasing of his touch. Trying to calm herself, trying to listen to the house, see if Ryan was moving, or if Ryan was still upstairs on the computer without the knowledge of what was going on in her room, she concentrated on evening her breathing.

Van snickered at this. “Ah, so you are caring about Ryan being upstairs. I don’t think he’ll be moving for quite a bit. He said he was busy working on coding his site when I got here and asked to speak with you. So what exactly do you want me to do to you, my darling?” He teased, moving his hand away from her belly button to stroke her inner thighs. Her concentration broke, her breathing becoming more uneven and rapid with the thought of where his hands could go, what they could do.

“Van, please, Make love to me.” She requested, moaning as he teased her by moving his hand slightly between her legs, onto her underwear. He wasn’t unaffected from her moan or from the feeling of her soft skin beneath his hand. He was so hard now that he was starting to hurt. Taking her request into consideration, he took his hands off her long enough to unbutton and unzip his pants.

“Van?” She questioned lifting herself up to see him. He looked into her eyes, locking them, as he got himself up off the bed, letting her enjoy the show. Slowly, he started pushing his pants down, off of his hips. Then off his thighs, finally down to his shoes. Smirking, he bent down to take them off, noting that she rose up more. Finally, with his shoes now off as well as his pants, he pulled down his boxers (which were just regular green plaid) and let Libby look her full. “Van.” She simply said, opening her arms as an invitation for him to come back to bed. That was all he needed, he crawled back on top of her, kissing her again in another passionate kiss, his own blood boiling as well as hers. “Van, please take me.” She whispered into the kiss. Van would’ve brought up that Ryan was upstairs, but her hand was now on his bare chest, moving lower to his flat, tight belly. He groaned, he wanted her so bad, the thought of Ryan escaping his mind. “Libby… ” He merely gasped into her mouth, moving his hands away from her face and head, down her body, taking off her underwear. She rose up her hips to help him, opening her legs for him, and he broke the kiss to look down, groaning at the sight of her body, moving in between her legs, aiming his hardness for her soft core. He looked her in the eye, his breathing ragged, his body raging with heat and asked “Are you sure about this?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32