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Female Ejaculation

Chapter 2 – Part 4 – Driving me Crazy

“Sounds like the boy wanted to feed Sally. He latched on really good there.” Bob said jokingly as he looked down at me, taking more pictures as his cock was held in Ruth’s hand.

Sally obviously liked the attention. She sat back on her heels, the fishnet body stocking was ripped enough to allow her to cup both her breasts in her hands and jiggle them at everyone. It was a real turn on as she lifted and presented her breasts, showing them off as Bob took a couple of photos of her as well. Then, she lifted a breast to her lips and licked her nipple.

Oh wow, that was a sexy sight. More clicks of the camera. I couldn’t help tugging faster on my dicklet as I watched her play with herself. I wanted to suck on one of those gorgeous breasts. Please, I thought to myself, just bend down, let me suck one while I wank my sensitive cock. I want to cum, and sucking her breasts would be just what I needed to tip me over the edge. Please, bend down. Please, I wished.

But it didn’t happen. Damn. I jerked my dicklet faster, determined to cum as I noticed John shuffle closer to my head. I quickly looked over to Claire to see what she was doing. Everything that was happening was submerging in depravity.

I heard the camera clicking all the time as Claire held Clive’s cock, fondled him, while pushing him onto his back. She made him lay down next to me, but head to toe. I could only see his knees, and then Claire’s legs as she shuffled and straddled him. She reached between her legs obviously guiding his cock into her, and then she started to slowly ride him.

Sally meanwhile, had now grabbed John’s cock and was vigorously wanking him, pointing him at my mouth. Oh Oh, I wondered. What was she going to do? Was she going to make him cum on my face? What was I to do?

John noticed I was looking up at him, he leaned forward pushing his cock head onto my lips. The distraction of wondering what was going to happen made my mind wander from building my own orgasm.

Sally tapped his cock on my mouth, which made me react. I couldn’t help myself. I pursed my lips, so she used the opportunity and pressed his cock down on my mouth and held him for me to give him a big wet kiss.

She pulled his foreskin back, then pushed it forward again, letting the overlap of loose skin rub over my lips. Click. I stuck my tongue out and pushed it inside the folds of skin to reach his pee slit, but then Sally lifted him so that alI I could do, was lick all over his sheathed cock head. Click.

Sally saw what I was trying to do, so stopped her stroking and instead rubbed and played with John’s foreskin on my tongue and lips. Click. With each roll of loose skin on my ips, I licked, watching Sally’s face light up as if she was educating me to worship John’s cock.

I noticed the number of clicks had increased and were quite close to me now. Bob must have handed the camera to John. I looked up to see him taking pictures of me lapping and licking his all over his cock. Sally meanwhile, was making the shots look even more depraved as she played with his foreskin for each different photo.

I couldn’t help it. I had to touch myself and hold my dicklet. Oh yes. I needed this. I gave myself a couple of slow wanking strokes as I concentrated on my task, then sped up. I was determined to cum, but, hey, my hand was slapped away by someone.

Suddenly John spoke to me. “Look at the camera boy. Yes that’s it, now tongue out. Yesss. Lick it all over. Mmmmmmm. Now push your tongue inside my … Yessss.” Click.

All the time I complied, he took a picture. Funny, I didn’t feel camera shy at all now. Instead, I felt slutty. I wanted this. I was bi, but they had still put me into this degrading cock worshipping position. It felt like they were making me discover more about myself, and understand what it was going to be like as a sub.

So here I was. Made to lay naked on the floor, surrounded by everyone watching me perform for the camera. A sexy mature woman was making me lick another man’s cock, while my own hard little dicklet was on display, pointing and twitching at the ceiling.

It felt uncomfortable, but strangely, I revelled in the embarrassment. It was fast becoming something that I was accepting as normal behaviour. I wondered what the pictures looked like.

My humiliation continued as Bob joined in, saying.

“Look at your bitch girlfriend boy. Over here. That’s it, look at her.”

He stood there, a Master, with a worshipping girl kneeling by his feet. He looked so commanding and dominant. He put his hand on Ruth’s head and turned her to look down at me.

Our eyes met. That look told me everything. She was enjoying seeing me, powerless, naked and vulnerable, my little dicklet twitching, the sexual frustration and need to touch myself obvious in my face.

Bob gripped her hair and roughly pulled her head back to look at him. He bent down to look into her eyes.

“Now you can see your boyfriend… Look at him.” It was like he was spitting his words at her. He stood bahis firmaları up and proceeded to wipe the underside of his cock all over her face.

She reacted by closing her eyes, relishing in the feel of this man’s naked hard and powerful cock rub over her cheeks, eyes and mouth. He lifted his cock and pushed her face into his heavy balls, and then something happened. It looked like she couldn’t help herself. It must have been the feel of his warm loose hanging balls that turned her into a sex crazy whore. She nuzzled and wiped them over her face, hungrily sucking and kissing each ball, until he quickly pulled her hair back so that he was able to once more press his cock head to her lips.

I watched helpless as my girlfriend was totally absorbed in her love for penis and balls. She made faint moaning noises, opening her mouth, breathing in short puffs as he presented his manhood for her to worship.

Meanwhile, Bob continued with his verbal humiliation. “Yes that’s it bitch. Nurse on me. Now, use your mouth like a cunt.”

She sucked on him and moved her head back and forth in a fast fucking motion. She did as she was told and fucked her mouth on his cock, gagging herself with each thrust.

He looked at me. “Well boy, does seeing your girlfriend like this turn you on?”

Before I could say anything, Ruth stopped sucking, looked up at him and replied.

“Yes Master…”

Everyone giggled. Ruth obviously hadn’t heard properly and thought Bob was still talking to her.

He reacted by holding her head secure in both hands and thrust his cock all the way into her open mouth. She couldn’t move. Her mouth was stretched full, gagging. She was struggling to breathe.

“You stupid slut.” He growled, quickly releasing her to splutter and cough, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

He smiled at everyone. His wife, still impaled on Clive’s cock, looking at him as she made slow fucking riding movements. Sally and John kneeling by my head, nodding, and finally there was Sinsa, kneeling behind Sally sipping on a large cocktail, also nodding.

Bob gripped Ruth’s chin, his waving cock smacked her face. “Did you think I was talking to you? I was asking your cock loving boyfriend. Why did you answer?” He asked, sneering as he spoke to her.

He held her chin so tight she couldn’t speak, infact he didn’t wait for an answer because he let go of her and gripped his cock, pointing it at her mouth. Before he thrust back into her, he said.

“Wait a moment. Do you think you are the boy in your relationship?”

As he looked down at me, he rubbed his foot between her open legs, his toes touching her wet sex.

“Nope, no cock there. Just a slut’s wet cunt.”

He grabbed her head and turned her to look at me. “There is your boy friend.” He emphasised the word boy. “Just where he should be. And yes, he is a boy. See that little stick between his legs. That’s a boy’s dicklet. You must be so proud of him.”

He let Ruth stare at me for a few seconds and then added.

“Look at him. Look at your boyfriend. He can’t help himself. Look how he wants to suck on that foreskin. His shyness has definitely gone.” He patted her head, “Well done little bitch. You have chosen well.”

He then turned her head once more and pushed his cock back into her mouth.

“Now get back to worshipping a real cock. Fuck me with your mouth till I tell you to stop.”

She resumed bobbing her head along the length of his cock, all the time he didn’t move his hips at all, letting her do all the work.

I was having mixed feelings after Bob’s words, one of which was inadequacy. I really did love Ruth, but the way she looked at me and then at Bob’s cock. I was wondering if she was only loving his manhood because it was a lot bigger than mine.

Unexpectedly John joined in addressing Ruth. He spoke loud enough for Ruth to hear properly this time. “Look little bitch. Your boyfriend was born to suck.” He looked down at me and back at Ruth.

“Yes that’s it boy, mmmmmmm, oh yesss, I can feel him searching for my piss slit with his tongue…mmmmmm,…Look at the camera boy.” Click.

I did as he said, but was distracted as I looked up at Ruth. Bob held her in a tight two handed grip, her palms rested on his naked thighs as she tried to control how much cock she took into her mouth to fuck him with.

Suddenly, Sally slapped my face. It was gentle but it surprised me.

“Pay attention, you rude little boy.” She guided John’s cock over my mouth and face. Click. “Don’t worry.” She said, “Ruth can see you, and you can see her. Now. Tongue out.”

I was going crossed eyed trying to focus on the cock being presented for my worship, but I still stuck my tongue out and wet it as Sally increased her wanking Click.

Meanwhile, I heard Claire moan, “Mmmmmmm. Oh yes.” As she slowly fucked herself on Clive’s cock.

Claire turned her head to look at Sally. “Can the boy see the bitch worship my husband Sally? Can he see how much the bitch loves sucking Bob’s naked, hard, virile cock?”

Sally smiled kaçak iddaa and looked at my face, waiting for my reaction as I listened to Claire’s commentary.

“I don’t believe that cock hungry slut. She’s fucking him with her mouth. Oh yessssss, mmmmmm.” Claire bent forward to kiss Clive, then pushed on his chest to sit up again, his hands now holding her breasts as she continued to bounce on his cock.

Sally continued where Claire left off. Still looking for my reaction, “Don’t you just love watching her skull fuck herself. She wants his cum. What a cock hungry bitch she is. Bob’s fuck toy.”

Claire shouted out to her husband. “Mmmmmm. Yes hun, do it. Use her, fuck her mouth, make her milk and empty those big balls of yours. Oh yesssss. Oh. Oh. Oh, yessssss.”

I looked up to see Ruth looking like a doll in Bob’s hands. He started to move his hips and spear his cock into her mouth with each thrust. She coughed and whimpered, but accepted what he was doing to her.

With John’s cock still touching my face, Sally bent down, kissed it, then whispered to me . “Bob is making her feel every inch of that hot, thick, meat.”

She let that thought sink into my brain, then said. “Oh, he really wants to feed her. Look at him. Look at his cock … and it looks like the bitch is doing everything she can to milk him.”

Sally moved out of the way to let me see Ruth, then bent down again and continued whispering. “Don’t you think she looks like a cock hungry whore? Look at her.” Sally moved again to allow me to look back to Ruth. I noticed her sucking rhythm constant and hungry, and yes, she looked like she really did want Bob to cum for her.

Bending down again, Sally kissed John’s cock, whispering once more, “I know. Why don’t you tell her. Yes, tell your girlfriend that she is a cock whore. Tell her to suck and love that cock. Go on. Say, Ruth, you are a dirty cock whore.”

I knew Ruth loved dirty talk, and especially to be called names, so I did as Sally told me.

“Ruth.” I said, “You look so hot sucking Master Bob’s cock. You look so hungry and slutty.”

Bob stopped thrusting and released her, extracting his cock from her mouth. He turned her head to look at me as he pushed the length of his saliva covered cock against her cheek.

“Go on boy. She is listening.” Bob commanded.

Ruth looked a bit of a mess. She had flushed red cheeks, her mascara was looking messy and running a little, her face and mouth wet with saliva. She looked at me with smiling eyes and after a few puffing gasps of air, she once more blew a kiss at me.

I was about to speak again, but Sally stopped me by bending down and whispering again.

“Tell her how much you love the way she sucks Master Bob. Tell her she was born to feel a man’s penis fill her sloppy holes.”

I looked at Ruth and in a humbled voice, I repeated what Sally said.

Ruth loved it. Her eyes flickered in ecstasy as she stuck her tongue out to the side of her mouth searching for Bob’s cock. She licked it and then turned and planted a big kiss on the side of his shaft, turning back to me, making sure I was watching. Bob pulled his foreskin back, rubbing it along her cheek, his cock head now naked and bulging just to the side of her mouth.

Sally whispered once more. “Say, I want to be a cock whore like you. Watch me play with Master John’s gorgeous cock.”

I embarrassingly repeated her words again, word for word, after which Sally sat up and held John’s cock to my lips for me to kiss it. Click. She then rubbed his cock all over my face, finally resting it’s full weight on my mouth. Click. Then she pushed his foreskin forward so it bunched loosely on my lips. Click. All this time Ruth’s eyes were locked to mine.

To my side, I heard Claire gasp and moan as she got nearer to her own orgasm riding Clive.

Sally spoke louder this time. “Ask her Jim. Ask her if she will kiss you with John’s cum in your mouth.”

I quickly looked questioningly at Sally, but before I could open my mouth to say anything, I saw Sinsa move forward down by my knees and, oh wow, she grabbed my cock. She squeezed and gave me a couple of wanking strokes. Yes, I thought, this was it. I moved my hips in jerking motions because I thought she was going to help me cum. I wanted her to wank me, I wanted to cum, but OMG, she just let go of me.

Nooooo. I must have looked so stupid as I bucked my hips. It looked like I was dry fucking the air. I quickly stopped and looked at Ruth again.

Sally continued. “Go on, tell her. Tell her you want Master John to cum in your mouth.”

I thought about it and nervously looked at Ruth. I didn’t know if I wanted to say that, let alone feel another man cum in my mouth just yet. I didn’t think it was right, but I still asked. “Is it ok if he cums on me?”

Sally slapped my face. I flinched at the slap and thought, owww.

“Cums in your mouth. Tell her you want to feel him cum in your mouth. Ask her if she will still kiss her boyfriend after another man has cum in his mouth. Go on.”

Without kaçak bahis warning, Sinsa gripped and wanked me vigorously again.

Oh yess. I was getting close again. I totally focussed on cumming. This was it. Yes. Keep going. I am going to cum. And then I couldn’t help myself, I tried once more to move my cock in her hand by bucking my hips. I just wanted that wave of an orgasm, I was so close.

But then noooooo. Sinsa stopped stroking and released me. Damn. Damn. Damn. This was torture.

OMG, not again. That was it. I couldn’t help it. I reached out to touch myself, to hold my dicklet and give myself some relief, but, again, just as my hand found my cock, it was slapped away. This was just so cruel. I was being deliberately confused and kept in an edging frustrated state.

Sally continued. “Oh Oh. Looks like the boy wants to cum.” She turned to look at Bob as he nodded.

Sally, Sinsa and John then sat back and left me, laying there with my hands by my side, as I twitched my erect cock at the ceiling. As Sally sat back and knelt beside John, she fingered her pussy and lifted a breast to lick her nipple once more. John casually stroked his semi hard cock.

Now what? OMG. I was surrounded by so much sex. I was confused, obsessed with pussy and cock, crazy, hungry to play, I wanted everything that was happening to continue for ever. I was encircled by horny people, doing everything they knew that would drive a young sex mad teenager into a frenzy. And OMG, it was working.

All of a sudden, Ruth was standing over my head, her cuffed ankles touching my ears. I looked up at her sex as she knelt down, her legs squeezed my head. This was crazy. I was presented once again with a moist and gorgeous pussy as she slowly lowered herself down on my mouth. I didn’t wait to be asked. As I felt the weight of her body push and spread her pussy lips onto my nose and mouth, I started licking.

OMG what a feeling. I had always been fascinated by Ruth’s wet pussy. The soft lips, the crinkly hole that opens and squeezes when it grips my tongue and cock, and that little hood covering her engorged little clitoris. And then the wet wrinkly little bit of skin leading to her bum. Truly a lovely part of her anatomy.

Ruth pushed down, squashing and spreading her mushy wet sex on to my mouth. It was hypnotic. I was lost once more, tasting her, rubbing my face into her. I wanted to stay like this for the rest of the night, but suddenly, I felt her naked body lay on my chest as she got into a 69 position.

She lifted her pussy from my mouth, making me lift my head and stick my tongue out in a desperate struggle to maintain that delicious tongue-pussy contact. I was disappointed because all I could do now was stare at those gorgeous red wet pussy lips and slightly open vagina, now just out of reach from my tongue.

I thought this must be it. At least my girlfriend will give me a blowjob. I was going to be sucked at last. But, nooooo it didn’t happen. OMG. Please just suck my cock I nearly screamed. Please. I was going insane. All I could do was reach up, stroke and feel her soft body on mine. I stopped when I got to her breasts. I pushed my palms onto them, held and played with them as I had no other thought except my desire to jerk off.

I look up and over Ruth’s bum, and there was Bob, still looking down at me.

Then a shadow cast over my head as John knelt behind Ruth. Oh no. I watched his engorged cock head touch her pussy lips. He wiped himself all over and around her wet lips, finding her hole before he pressed into her. OMG this was happening. I was going to watch my girlfriend get fucked, and this time I was in a position where I was able to see everything up close.

John moved his hips forward, his cock pressing and sliding into her sex. Even though he had coated his cock head with her wetness, her pussy was pushed inwards a little by the thickness and dryness of his cock shaft.

Eventually, half of his cock disappeared between her lips and into the depths of her vagina. I could smell and feel the heat of both cock and pussy because they were that close to my face.

I could hear Ruth moaning and I felt her puffs of breath on my stomach. Meanwhile, I watched in fascination as her wet pussy was stretched open by John’s cock, and I wondered what she was actually feeling. Did the sensation of his hard penis sliding into her, feel the same as the plug that I had in my bum? Was she enjoying his cock more than mine?

Strangely, I loved being this close to watching what was happening to her pussy, but I was uneasy because it was a real man’s cock spread and slide into her.

He was only half the way in, when he pulled back all the way out of her. I saw how wet she was and how wet and big she had made his cock look as it wiggled over my nose, pointing at her hole. Wow she was looking so juicy and his waving cock so close to my face, was giving off so much heat.

John grabbed her hips. He positioned his cock inline to her hole and pushed more slowly back into her. This time, it was easier, and he slid inside her as far as he could. He was nearly all the way up to his balls before she gently moved her body forward a little. Then he held still, allowing me to see how much of his cock was inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32