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Amy was still feeling the afterglow of their amazing night together.

She felt Andy stirring next to her. “Good morning, my new lover.” I whisper to Andy as he rolled toward me in his sleep. I kissed him on his nose and his eyes focused on me. His eyes went wide for a second and then he smiled at me.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He whispered back. “Thank you for last night.” He said with a big smile as he leaned in for a kiss. “It was amazing. Very confusing and now I feel really guilty.”

“Why was it confusing and what exactly do you feel guilty about? If you ask me, you to have not been ever truly married from the very beginning.” I ask him.

“That is exactly the problem I am struggling with now. Maybe it all my fault because I am actually gay and never knew it. Maybe I pushed her away?” Andy said sadly.

“You are not gay, trust me. You could not rock my world like you do if you were.” I whispered with a laugh.

“Then am I bisexual or something?” Andy whispered confused.

“Why do we have to wear labels? Why cant we just enjoy each other?” I asked quietly.

“That is just it, Sarah and I have never had this.” Andy said with a sigh. “I don’t even know if she has ever had an orgasm while we made love. What if she didn’t enjoy it at all?” Andy said sadly as he circled the edge of my nipple with the tip of his finger.

“I guess I have been a terrible husband, to not notice that we were missing such an important connection? I feel like such a failure, I honestly didn’t know that it could be as great as this.” He said sadly.

“It has not always been like this you know. Jason and I have had a long time to learn what each other likes and dislikes. And I ask you, how could you have truly known? From what you have told us, Sarah has never really given you a chance to show her any affection. She simply was not interested. That is not on you, that is on her.” I told him as I caress his cheek. Renewed determination crossed his face and he quickly got out of the bed.

“I have to go home and apologize for not trying harder. I have to make her listen to reason. It isn’t too late for us, I know it. I have to try, don’t I?” I knew the last part he was asking of himself. I will see you guys later. Thank you again for the wonderful evening.” Andy said as he bent over to give me a deep goodbye kiss, I climbed out and followed him in all my naked glory.

“Andy, I just want you to think about one thing.” I said as I followed him into his bedroom. “Think about how she treats you, does she take care of you like she should, does she let you take care of her? Does she want to spend time with you, or does it seem like she acts like it is a chore to do so? Compare how she treats you, to the way Jason and I treat each other and really think about what you want.” He had stopped picking out his clothes and just stood there listening to muğla escort what I have to say.

“Ask yourself what is best for you. You have told us that you have always wanted children. Why has that never happened for you two. Take a good hard look at how your relationship has been all these years. Do you really feel down deep in your heart that she will change? Life is too short to be miserable for the rest of your life my dear friend.” I explained passionately. He still just stood there listening to me as of waiting to hear more.

“Okay, I am done with my preaching for now. I will have your laundry finished for you when you come back.” I said as I gave him a quick hug and then walked back to our bedroom before he could see me cry.

I feel so bad for him, he didn’t deserve to be treated that way by her. I hope that when he comes back, he will decide to stay for a while. Just so that he can relax and enjoy himself again like he did in the college days. He needs it.

I put on my bathrobe and headed into the kitchen to quick make him something for the road. I had a breakfast burrito ready for him as he was getting ready to leave. I handed it to him and he stared at it for a moment as if shocked. He thanked me, smiled and then went out of the door.

“Mmmm, what smells so good babe?” Jason asked as he came out of the bedroom.

“Breakfast, are you hungry?” I asked him as I gave him a kiss.

“Heck yea, after last night, you had better believe it. We were having so much fun we even missed dinner.” He said.

“Yes, we did, it was all so exhilarating wasn’t it?” I asked as I put our food on our plates and we sat down to eat. I told Jason why Andy had left so early.

“Well, it might be all for nothing. After what he told me, I do not think that they will be getting back together.” He said. Then he suddenly had a smile on his face and was looking at me sheepishly. “Can you believe what happened last night?” He asked.

“Which part are you talking about? It was all so amazing I can hardly believe that it happened at all.” I said with curiosity.

“I cannot believe that Andy kissed me and gave me a blow job! Do you think that he wants to bang me to? I am not sure how I feel about that. If he decides that he wants to continue playing with us, that might be an issue.” Jason said with a frown.

“Not necessarily, we can talk to him about it. Maybe he is only interested in being catcher and not the pitcher.” I said. Jason just stared at me open mouthed.

“Amy Rose! How do you know about such things?” He asked with a smile.

“I told you, Jane and I talked in the lounge about it.” I said simply.

“How long was this conversation?” He asked

“It has been going on for couple of months now.” I said with a laugh. “No one else eats their lunch in there at that time, so we have the whole hour to ourselves.” muş escort

We heard the sound of screeching tires coming from the driveway, so we ran to the front window to see what was happening. Andy’s truck was parked in the driveway very crooked again. We could tell that it was still running, and we could also see Andy slumped over the steering wheel.

Jason ran into the bedroom and threw on some pants and his jacket, then went straight out to Andy’s truck. He helped him out of the truck and back into the house.

“Andy! What happened?” I ask him concerned because his eyes were all puffy and bloodshot. I can tell that he had been crying again.

“You know how I went over to the house to try to talk to her? I knew that she was home because her car was in the driveway. I tried to use my key, but she had changed the locks.” He explained and then stopped to blow his nose.

“I knocked on the door and she answered. I asked her why she had done such a thing and she looked right at me with a cold look in her eye and said it was because I do not live there anymore.” He cried and then looked up at us both with anguish in his eyes.

“Can you believe that?” Andy asked shaking his head back and forth. Jason and I exchanged looks. “I told her that she is wrong, that in my heart I know that our marriage is not over yet.”

“I reminded her that she was supposed to give us another chance to work things out and that the currently living arrangements were only supposed to be temporary.” He said as he blew his nose again. “She just repeated the same thing over and over again. That I didn’t live there anymore. Finally, I asked her what she meant by that.” He told us completely exasperated.

“I told her that of course, I still live there. All of my stuff is still there for goodness sake. I tried to go past her into the house, but she blocked my path. Then she told me to meet her at the garage door and she slammed the front door in my face.” He started to cry again, and I went to his side.

Jason must have felt the same way because he came to Andy’s other side. I held on to his hand and Jason was patting him on the back. “Sarah opened the overhead garage door and reviled all of my stuff! I was completely shocked. Everything I own in the entire world was packed into boxes and stacked up on the floor.”

“Even the furniture that my mom and dad had given us for a wedding present was sitting out there in the garage in my empty parking space.” He said in a burst of aguish.

“Can you believe that? She literally erased my existence from our home. All I could do was ask her why? How could she do such a horrible thing to me?” He burst into tears again.

Jason started pacing the room as we continued to listen to Andy. I could hear him mumbled something about a “Horrible Bitch…” but I couldn’t hear the rest. Andy blew his nevşehir escort nose and then continued. “She explained that she has never loved me.” He said as he took a deep shuddering breath. I asked him if he wanted to sit down.

He shook his head no and then went on to tell us, “She said that she was forced to marry me because it was what her parents had wanted her to do. She wanted to move to a convent and serve The Lord full time like some of her girlfriends did after college.”

“I knew it!” I mumbled under my breath.

“What?” Andy asks me through sniffles.

“Never mind honey, please go on.” I said as I stroked his arm.

“She told me that her parents would not let her because they wanted grandchildren to carry on the family name.” He said sounding madder now then actually hurt. “I told her that the joke was on them then, because we never had enough sex to ever have children!” He said the last part really loudly. I feel so bad for him. I wonder why she never told him. What a terrible thing to do to someone, make them think that there is hope for a future with them when they know that there isn’t. Suddenly sadness came into in his eyes.

He apologized to us for raising his voice and said. “She called me a pig. She said that my touch discussed her and that talking about such things out loud is a sin.” He sat down on the couch in utter defeat. “What am I supposed to do now?” Andy mumbled.

“What else? You are going to stay here and live with us for a while. Heck you can stay forever if you want.” Jason offered.

“Are you sure that you don’t mind?” Andy asked Jason with a sniff.

“No, not at all, you know that. You room is already set up. Don’t make Amy go through the trouble of putting it back the way it was.” Jason looked at me at winked as he said it.

“No way, that was a pain in the ass the first time.” I said and laughed when I saw Andy’s horrified look. Then he laughed with me. “Besides, I haven’t kicked big of your asses at Asteroids yet.” I said with a smile and a wink.

“Okay, if you guys are sure that you don’t mind. Just until I get back on my feet though. I do not want to sponge off of you both forever.” Andy said firmly.

“What sponge? You are part of this family, you will have chores to do just like Jason does. I can think of a few that I will need done later today in fact.” I came up and gave him a hot kiss right on his salty lips.

“Why don’t you and Jason go over to your old house and collect your things?” I asked him.

“You can keep all of your stuff in the front living room while you unpack.” Jason told him.

“Yes, that’s a good idea, there is a lot of room in there now since we have the kids some of the furniture for their dorm rooms.” I said excitedly.

“Oh no that is okay, I can rent a storage unit or something.” Andy said.

“Nonsense, we have a big house. There is plenty of room for your furniture to find a permanent home here.” I told Andy. Jason went to our bedroom and get dressed.

“I will make us lunch while you guys are gone.” I told them as I walked them to the door and said goodbye…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32