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It had been a long day in the fields. The berry farm where we worked was overflowing with raspberries, cherries, and blueberries. All of them ripe, juicy, and needing to be plucked. We spent the morning picking and then in the afternoon we guided pick-your-own customers to the best fruit. All the while exchanging flirtatious glances, affectionate touches as we passed by each other, and an occasional stolen kiss. Twelve hours in the heat of summer, a quick dip in the river, and we were off to the pub for pizza and beer.

The pub had a little outdoor seating area that looked out over the river that ran through town. Facing west, it offered some nice sunsets and tonight was no disappointment. The sun had set below the treeline and as its golden orange fire dimmed, the last rays reached back under the growing hood of storm clouds coming in from the east. A distant rumble of thunder and the smell of rain marked their arrival. We finished our pizza and beer, paid our bill, and reached the truck as the first drops began to fall from the quickly darkening sky. By the time we drove out of the parking lot, the rain was coming down hard.

The drive back to our apartment — the lower half of a house built in the 1890s and situated on top of Black Mountain — would normally take about fifteen minutes. The first few minutes of the drive back were on paved highways. As we left town and started up Route 5, Kat made her intentions for tonight quite clear. Her mouth on the hardening bulge in my shorts distracted me so much I missed the turn I would normally have taken. But then I thought, I’d like a little more time to enjoy this, and kept driving to the alternate turnoff.

The alternate turnoff was a few more miles down the highway and required us to drive even further on the back roads to get to the house. illegal bahis The roads were class 2 dirt with no street lights — in fact there were no street lights on any of the roads on Black Mountain. As I made the turn onto the first road up the mountain, Kat worked my shorts down and took my cock into her mouth. She slowly pumped it with her mouth and used her right hand to stroke me in sync with her mouth. The bumps of the road caused my cock to slip out of her mouth or drive deeper into it. I found both equally exciting. We continued on like this up the winding dirt roads, left turn at the milkhouse, right at the cemetery. I held off from cumming but it quickly became a losing battle.

The rain was falling in buckets. Wipers on full couldn’t move enough water out of the way to see so I stopped in the middle of the road almost a mile from the house. I gently grabbed a handful of hair, pushed her head down one more time, then pulled her mouth off my cock. She wiped her lips and asked me if she did something wrong. I replied, “No! Quite the opposite. But I need to fuck you — now.” I told her to lift out of the seat and turn her body so I could slip into where she had been sitting. She did and as she pressed her ass to the dashboard she pulled off her shorts. I slid the seat back as far as it would go then climbed over the stick shift and sat down, my cock bounced as I landed. She leaned forward and climbed on top of me, her knees crammed in between the console and my hips on one side and the door armrest and hips on the other. My cock slid into her just barely until I lowered the seat back and she was able to get most of me inside. I softly murmured praise as she moved up and down.

Thunder crashed outside as we rocked together on the seat. The windows had fogged up and it became very hot illegal bahis siteleri in our little cocoon. The feel of her sliding up and down as I listened to the sound of our breathing and the rain as it beat down upon the truck was a delicious sensory overload. When the sky lit up from a lightning strike, I could see her breasts bouncing beneath her halter top, nipples poking through where there was no bra to stop them. The faint smell of lemongrass and sweat from the day filled the cab. Her hands moved about to find better purchase, on the back of the seat, my chest, the door sill and console. Her breathing was quicker now.

I could feel the sweat rolling down her back and neck as my hands roamed over her body. The salty taste of sweat as we kissed hard and bit each other’s lips. Our tongues danced and probed between heavy breaths. My thoughts were quickly overrun with a primal desire to take her from behind where I could latch onto her hips, control her, and drive my cock deep into her. I opened the door and she looked at me, a moment of confusion flashed across her face, then she smiled and jumped out into the rain.

The rain was in full flood pouring from the heavens upon us. We were both instantly soaked as the refreshing coolness enveloped us. Seeing was a challenge with so much rain coming down. I took her hand and led her toward the back of the truck. The road was lined with trees waving on both sides but not another soul would pass our way this evening. We splashed through puddles as we walked around behind the truck. And as we turned I pulled her to me, kissed her gently then pushed her up against the tailgate and kissed her hard. My hands slid down her rain-soaked top, across stiff nipples and down to the wetness between her legs. Her hands reached down and stroked me and I felt canlı bahis siteleri as though my groin would burst from the ache deep within.

I took a step back and spun her just as lightning struck not far away. The trees on both sides of the road were thrashing about in the wind and the rain came down almost sideways at times. As I bent her over she took hold of the tailgate with both hands and I took hold of her hips with my own. My cock found her wet heaven and I plunged it deep inside. I used my thighs to spread her legs wider so I could get in deeper and began to fuck her hard. With each flash of lightning I could see rain coming down upon her back as my cock disappeared into the shadows below her ass. I could almost hear the slap of my hips above the storm as they struck her ass cheeks with each thrust, little splashes of water squirting up into the air. At one point she released a hand from the tailgate and moved it down between her legs. I imagined the clit I loved to lick, how it became so hard, now beneath the skilled fingers that circled it deftly and eagerly.

We fucked like that in the rain long enough to burn an indelible memory into my mind. Me thrusting into her and her using her fingers to stroke circles of delight. Steam rose off our bodies, little streams flowed around our feet. Somewhere between the crashes of thunder and the sound of rain falling on metal I heard her orgasm rising. Her body began to quiver and the low growl quickly rose and turned into the sound of undeniable release. I could not hold out any longer and with a fresh grip on her hips, thrust a few more times and let myself explode into her as she shook.

As the soft quivers of satisfaction continued to shake us, I pulled out and she turned. We embraced and leaned against the truck, letting the rain wash away the sweat and cool us down. Soft kisses amid the diminishing storm. We stayed there till the rain left only the softest patter upon the leaves of the trees. Rumbles of thunder in the distance were fading as we climbed back into the truck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32