Lil Miss

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She was lazing on the deck, relaxed on her favourite couch. It was the place to relax when the day was done, to chill after the pressures of the day, a place to see the world around her without worrying. But she knew too that she’d opened the door just a touch, on purpose to see if he’d take the chance, to come and surprise her.

She wanted this like never before, to be daring and open, afraid of it but so aroused by the thoughts. Would he do it, would he take the opportunity to watch her, or would he take the next step …

While she was looking out to see if he had arrived, she played with her glasses. Twiddled the arm between her fingers, distracted and heart beating. She stopped, she could see him and he her. He had come as they’d hinted at each other – nothing specific – nothing real – but oh so real.

Nothing was said. He walked towards her and smiled. He extended his hand to hers as she rose, bringing her to him in one movement. His arm was around her waist, letting her feel secure and trusting, knowing that they had passed the moment of stopping. He kissed her gently, his tongue teasing her his lips, his hand reaching up behind her head and twisting his fingers in tight. He stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes, before she closed her eyes with a sigh as he pulled her head back. Their mouths met now in a rough and raw power, lips and mouths seeking each other, he bit and pulled hard on her lips – they were bruised and puffy and they had only just begun.

His hands explored her back and lower until he grabbed her ass, fingers digging in, hard and probing fingers, touching her and exploring where he desired. Her hands were over his body, touching his chest and face, before grabbing Sinop Escort at his cock. He stopped her by lifting her up and pushed her back against the wall, driving the air from her, stunned her for a moment, his hands slipped under her dress and discovered no panties bringing a moan from him.

She ripped at his shirt, tearing it open. He smiled at that, a new smile, one of confidence and heat. He had hinted that he would, that he’d now put her over his knee. He sat on the arm of the couch and pulled her over him, her hand secured behind her in his grasp. The other hand now lift her skirt to expose her bare ass, to let him see what he’d imagined, to punish what was there before him. Gently he touched, his hand stroking over one cheek and then the other, slowly awakening every nerve to what was to follow. The first spank was firm but not hard. He could sense it was not enough, so he waited a moment and opened his fingers as he spanked the other cheek. An intake of breath from her showed she had felt it, but both knew it was not enough. The third and fourth followed quickly, one on each cheek, hard and stinging. Each brought a sharp intake and small groan. He knew now, her level and started a count of 10 each hard and stinging to her. She could feel her juices starting now to leak out and down her legs, onto him.

As he rubbed and soothed her, both wanted more, desired to take each other like never before. Still holding her wrists, he lifted her again up against the wall where he turned her around, pushing her hands above her as he pulled her head back and kissed her roughly. His hand pulled the zip and pulled her dress off her, leaving her naked back to him.

He knew she had a crop, a firm leather strap Sinop Escort Bayan that would hit with perfection – he had told her to have it available for his use and he picked it up and stroked it down her back. Over her ass he gently slapped it on her raw ass, to let her feel the pain. As he stepped back half a step the crop continued the journey down her legs. A tap on the inside of the thigh told her to open up, she was exposed to him, her soft skin open to what the crop could do. He pushed her over the arm of the couch as a flick and slap, sting on the inside of her leg – she almost cried out from it as he did three more on each leg. Her back was pushed down, her ass was now red and sore raised in response.

His mouth now explored her ass, tongue and teeth over her. He bit her, just at her tattoo, hard and driven, she felt him mark her. His fingers found her wet pussy, she thought why had it taken him so long, as he felt two fingers slide in her. Curling up from behind, they pushed in deep and pulled back, each movement deeper and getting quicker. His thumb pushed up and back over her ass crack, teasing her with new pleasures. As his thumb entered her, his fingers pulled upwards and into her. Fingers and thumb forming a circle that he alternated the in/out of either fingers or thumb, one after the other.

His fingers were now three inside her, she felt stretched and full with those in her. His hands, not large but good and firm and knew what they were doing probed, pushed her wider with each movement, stretching her pussy and giving her what she loved. He now poured lube over her ass and let it drizzle over his hand, letting his hand and fingers get slippery. Each thrust now was harder than Escort Sinop the one before, she was face down as he fingered her deep and hard. His four fingers were now moving inside her in/out/twist/curl. Each different and wild, the rhythm was quick and hard, following the beat to the music that she had left on. She could feel herself getting tense, OMG I can’t cum so quickly as she screamed into the couch with her body tensing up hard.

Still quivering, he lifted her up into his arms and carried her into her room, lay her on the bed. While she watched him now undress before taking her into her arms he slowly kissed her until she was alive again. Her turn, she desired him now, she wanted to taste and feel him. Her hands and mouth explored him, his mouth, body and arms, every taste drove her more alive, wanting him inside her. He was not erect, but reasonably firm to her touch. She spat on his cock, a devilish smile, as she stroked him slowly feeling him grow and thicken, he was hard in moments, filling her hand now she couldn’t wrap her fingers around him, she lifted up and straddled him. She lowered herself on him, slowly as he filled her and he had more to go. He thrust upwards, hitting home and she groaned. She started to grind and push up/down/back/forth. Her attention completely on every moment as his hands now explored her breasts for the first time, his fingers and thumb teased and twisted, pulled and gripped firmly. Pulses of pleasure over her body, he was in pure concentration on the hot juices flowing over him, they continued for another few minutes as they looked at each other until he couldn’t hold off any longer and came deep inside her.

She wanted more, and he knew this as he smiled and looked at her. More to come, we have more time to explore a second soon and a third if we can.

Falling into his arms she felt his hands exploring her and using their cum to excite them both before he said quietly in her ear “lil Miss”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32