Lingerie Party

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I am hosting a lingerie party for some of my gal pals. After what I told you happened at the last party I attended you are intrigued but I tell you that you cannot stay as it is for ladies only! Little do I know that you set up a camera to capture all of the fun…you come home from your night out with the boys and rewind the tape and settle in to view the antics…

The ladies arrive a few at a time and you can see that we are all giddy with anticipation. The lingerie rep hushes everyone and we settle onto the couch, all of us squished together, thighs and arms touching. The hostess gives us her spiel and tells us that we can each choose an outfit to model for the rest of us and she hopes that we have all shaved our pussies because some of the outfits are pretty revealing and a shaved pussy just accentuates the outfits perfectly. We giggle but nod and we all stand up to peruse the outfits and choose the ones we want to model for the other ladies.

I choose a sheer red baby doll style outfit, there is black fur lining the collar and hem and the fabric is so see through that you can see the outline of my dark nipples as soon as I turn around. Under the sheer baby doll I have chosen a very small black g-string.

I am the first to model and I step up in front of the ladies and the hostess stands behind me and starts to go through the highlights of the outfit. She reaches around from behind me and starts to run her fingers over my nipples, she says that the outfit is the most flattering when the nipples are hard. Each nipple comes to life as soon as she touches them and I lean back against her and close my eyes. The ladies all sit forward on the couch and pay closer attention. She continues her spiel and says that panties are optional and asks me to spread my legs so she can remove the g-string for me so the ladies can see the contrast. I do so obediently and she hooks her index fingers on the fabric and starts to pull them down off of me. She flings the panties aside and as my legs are still spread she runs her hands up my thighs and brushes my already soaked pussy and an electric shock goes straight through my body.

She tells me to twirl around so the ladies can see how the fabric moves with me, I twirl and the fabric lifts up and my bare ass is Sinop Escort visible as I turn around, the ladies who were paying close attention also caught a glimpse of my bald pussy and the could not take their eyes off of me.

My friend Cathy is next and she has chosen a black bustier and garter belt and stockings. She comes and stands before us and her breasts are covered (barely) and again the hostess stands behind her. She tells us that if we are feeling daring that we can bring our breasts up slightly so the nipples are just visible, or if we are felling really naughty we can lift them out entirely, she comes around and stands in front of Cathy and puts her hands on her huge tits and lifts them out of the fabric, before she lowers the breast onto her chest she brings her tongue to the nipple and starts to suck on it until it is hard as rock, Cathy throws her head back and you hear a moan escape her lips.

By this time you have your hand on your cock and are rubbing it through the fabric of your jeans…you can hardly wait to see what happens next…

The hostess continues to show off the attributes of Cathy’s outfit, she has not worn any panties so her pussy is clearly visible, the black stockings have a lace top that highlight her creamy thighs perfectly. The hostess asks her to turn her back to us and bend over and touch her toes…she does so and she gives us a perfect shot of her also shaved pussy. Her lips part and we can see the glistening inner lips and are all drooling. The hostess has her hands on her ass and is slowly rubbing getting closer and closer to her pussy, she runs her one finger over the wet lips and comments on how wet she is…she says that is the best feature of this outfit, how sexy you feel in it. She kneels behind Cathy and with a hand on each ass cheek she spreads her cheeks to show even more of her pussy, she leans her head in and runs her tongue from her ass to her clit…Cathy lets out a gasp and bends over even farther to allow her perfect access to her starving pussy. The hostess dips her hard tongue in and out of her pussy driving Cathy almost mad and then suddenly stops.

Cathy stands up almost dazed and takes her place on the sofa, I am sitting closest to her and she takes my hand and puts it between her Sinop Escort Bayan legs, she is desperate to cum so she spreads her legs so my hands find her clit, she leans back on the sofa and starts to tug on her nipples, I stick two fingers inside her and she is so warm and wet that I cannot get enough, she leans forward and grabs me and starts to kiss me long and deep. Our tongues are tangling and I pull away and slip between her legs. I lift up her legs and drop them to the side so her glistening pussy is totally open and visible to my hungry eyes, I bend down and start to lap at her pussy in long smooth strokes, I suck on her clit and shove three fingers as deep as I can, she is moaning and rolling her head from side to side…I keep sucking faster and harder and finger fucking her until she cums all over my face…I suck all her sweet cum out of her spent pussy and sit up beside her again…

By this time you have your cock in your bare hands and you are stroking it, fascinated…I told you these parties get crazy but you had no idea…seeing me attack another woman’s pussy is more than you can stand…as I am licking and sucking her dripping pussy you are stroking faster and faster, you cannot take your eyes off of the screen and wonder if you could ever convince me to let Cathy join us…you decide to bring it up some day and see what I say, you can see how much I enjoy pleasing her so you think you have a pretty good shot!!

The last girl to model is a black girl name Lola. She has chosen a black fishnet body stocking, she steps in from of us and we can clearly see every inch of her stunning naked body through the sheer material. The hostess again is beside her and she tugs on the fabric over Lola’s tits and somehow gets her nipples to fit perfectly into the holes of the fishnet, she asks for a volunteer and another friend of mine Stacy steps up immediately and comes over to Lola. The hostess instructs her lick Lola’s nipples through the fabric. Lola’s skin is a creamy chocolate colour and her nipples are a rich dark brown colour and as soon as Stacy bends her head to them they become so hard that it looks like they will rip the fabric…she rolls her tongue all around her nipples and Lola put her hands in Stacy’s hair and is groaning with Escort Sinop pleasure. Stacy takes the lead and brings Lola to the chair and sits her down. She kneels in front of her and spreads her legs…the fishnet fabric on the bottom of the stocking is a more open weave so more of Lola’s purple pussy flesh is visible…Stacy sticks out her tongue and licks the soft flesh, she gets rougher and puts her whole mouth over her pussy and runs her tongue all over it…by some strange coincidence there is a large opening in the stocking right where the opening of her pussy is…Stack pulls the top of the fabric tighter so her hardened clit is trapped in the fabric and shoves 3 fingers deep inside her…she starts to suck her clit like a little cock and finger fucks her as she starts to scream with delight. She brings up her knees and hooks her hands under each knee so Stacy has access to every inch, she is telling Stacy how fucking good that feels and is directing her to fuck her harder and faster…she is so close to cumming…Stacy does as she is told and fucks her as hard as she can while flicking her hard tongue over her clit until Lola shudders and cums harder than you have ever seen a woman cum…her body is shaking and shuddering and she is screaming with intense pleasure. She sits up and take Stacy in her arms and they kiss passionately…

This is more than you can take and you stand up, your pants drop to the floor and you yank and stroke your rock hard cock until you cum in a long stream all over the floor…you sit down spent and suddenly realize that I have been standing behind you this whole time, watching you watch us…my pussy is dripping wet and although I came a few times tonight with my girlfriends, nothing beats the feeling of a hot throbbing cock inside my pussy…I straddle you and we kiss passionately, you can feel the heat coming off my dripping pussy and your cock cums to life again and finds the oasis it seeks deep inside my hot cunt…I put all of my weight on you and you slide even deeper inside me, I grind my hips as your mouth finds my hard nipples, you suck and bite them as I ride your cock like a mad woman!! I cum loudly, my body wracked with spasms as my orgasm rolls over my whole body, I continue to ride you fiercely until you release another huge warm load of cum deep inside of my pussy…

You whisper in my ear that you got so turned on watching me pleasure Cathy, could she join us some time…and I laugh softly and whisper in your ear…way to ruin your birthday surprise!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32