Literotica Ch. 03

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I want to thank Ashleycooper for helping me edit.

This was just a closing to my Literotica story line that was requested. I left the site for a bit trying to find an editor before completing this and my ‘outside the comfort zone’ series.


Duncan hung up his office phone and started gathering his things. The car service would be there soon and he needed to hurry. It had been nearly two months since he and Sarah had hooked up. She had remained perfectly professional and acted as if nothing had happened.

No matter how professional she was, though, Duncan could tell that everything was different. Her smile seemed fake and their conversations never carried on like they had before. She stopped asking for extra work and never stayed at the office a minute longer than necessary.

Every day when he came to work, he expected to receive her two weeks notice, but really didn’t know what to do next. He had no grounds to fire her, and she was by all accounts a good worker. The problem for him was, she had been a great worker. Their fling took away her drive and he felt like her staying would only make things worse.

He kept dreaming about her, seeing her huge green eyes staring up at him longingly although he couldn’t keep eye contact with her for long. He worked out several times every week, just to curb the hunger he felt for her. His work was suffering and there was nothing he could do about it.

“I’m headed home. Please lock up when you leave.” Duncan spoke quickly as he shut his office door and began walking out. He didn’t look at Sarah or wait for a response before heading to the exit.

“I’ll leave the paperwork for your conference tomorrow on your desk.” Sarah said just quickly enough to be heard before Duncan shut the front door.

Duncan reached the car and slid into the back seat. He let go of a breath he’d been holding, once the driver shut the car’s door. He closed his eyes and began loosening his tie. He needed a drink. Writing on Literotica was an outlet he no longer had. He was so afraid of her finding his writing that he kept it all on his personal computer and never posted it.

Being able to write out the fantasies he had helped but keeping them locked away made him even more anxious. He opened his eyes to stare out the window. He loved his car service. It was a good 40 minute drive home. He just wished they’d start serving liquor; he’d kill for a drink.

The driver was quiet and didn’t turn on any music. He liked this silence. The silence at work was deafening, but here it was calming. He took his tie off completely and relaxed, trying to keep Sarah from his thoughts.

Just 20 minutes into the drive, he had his mind on working out and maybe going to shoot some pool. His phone began to buzz and he pulled it out, praying it wasn’t important.

It was a notification. Someone had entered his office. He’d implemented this safety measure a few years back; if his cell phone wasn’t in his office it would let him know if his office door had been opened. He slid his finger over the screen. Two buttons popped—up one read “Ignore” and the other read “View Camera.”

Duncan stared at his phone, trying to decide if he wanted to see her; Sarah didn’t know about the security camera he had in his office. He didn’t have locks on most of his file cabinets so he had taken the extra step to assure client confidentiality. Because it was in his private office, rather than in the larger, shared work area, he had never thought to mention it to her.

He waited just a minute. He hadn’t received a second notification saying the door had closed. Eventually, he tapped the button and watched as his office came into view. The camera wasn’t amazing, but the picture was still fairly clear.

As he’d feared, it was Sarah. He watched her longingly as she placed the paperwork he’d need tomorrow on the desk. She didn’t stop there, though, Duncan watched as she went through his file cabinets. She sat at his desk and turned on his computer, then waited for it to boot up.

Was this why she had been so professional? Was she going to destroy him from the inside? He watched in dismay as she started searching his computer. She seemed to be really looking for something. He was mostly shocked at how hurt he felt. He never thought she would betray him in such a way. No matter what had happened he respected her more than that.

“I need to go back to my office. I left my laptop.” He actually had forgotten his laptop but ordinarily would have just planned on getting it tomorrow. The driver nodded, slowed, and reached the closest U-turn point. He was only 10 minutes from home. He should get his car but he was so upset he didn’t think he’d drive safely. This was it. Here was his chance to fire her.

“Where is it??!!” Sarah mumbled to herself. None of the files were what she sought. She got up and went to one of the file cabinets she hadn’t searched.

She glanced back at the door briefly feeling her anxiety bubble to the top. It was opened just a crack. Sinop Escort She’d locked the front door so she’d need to be able to hear if someone came knocking for some reason. Technically the office was open for another 10 minutes even if Duncan wasn’t there.

She had stayed until 5 pm on the dot every night, even though Duncan constantly left early and she ran out of things to do half way through the day. She had kept her composure and worked hard not to show him how hurt she had been.

She mostly felt naïve. The first time they’d played in the office she had felt so certain she could rein him in. The Noel described in Duncan’s stories was naïve and timid and couldn’t compare to herself, so Sarah couldn’t understand being pushed away as she had been. Maybe she was too forward or had been too confident? Maybe she wasn’t as amazing as his fantasies had been?

There were some mornings when she could almost convince herself that they had never slept together. Those days were usually filled at night with dreams about him making her cum and shake with pleasure.

She had gone to Literotica to fuel her fantasies but he had taken down all the stories that were so obviously about her and Duncan, although written with false names. It was her discovery of those stories online that had triggered their ill-fated tryst two months ago.

The sheer number and variety of those stories spoke volumes about Duncan’s passion for writing as a means of release, so she couldn’t believe that he’d stopped it entirely. Sarah was convinced he had written more, and she was determined to find it. She opened the last drawer in his office.


It was his personal laptop. She rushed to his desk, opening the laptop bag slowly; she didn’t want papers falling out. Duncan kept his office rather bare so clearing the desk to set his laptop down was easy.

She felt confident she could return everything to where it had been. It felt like the laptop took forever to turn on. Then it needed to load previously downloaded files. She just groaned and waited impatiently for it to finish.

The second the screen lit up her jaw dropped. Staring back at her from the screen was her own image; it was the photo from her business profile. She always thought she looked nice in it. For a minute she forgot what she was doing. She bit her lip and just stared at her picture.

She felt a warmth of joy flow over her. maybe he thought of her as much as she did of him. She shook her head “Don’t be stupid, Sarah.” She said it trying not to be upset about how bitter it sounded. She hadn’t seen Duncan on his laptop since they had played. He probably hadn’t been back on it, given that all his work-related software was on his desktop computer.

As much as it hurt to believe that his feelings had passed, she was excited to think that he might not have had the chance to delete the stories. She needed them. She had convinced herself that she could quit and get a job elsewhere. She just wanted the stories. They made her feel sexy and desired, feelings she desperately needed to replace the “used” feeling she had now.

It took a few minutes to comb his laptop. He had a lot of junk, and worse still, nothing was really labeled. If his office was this big a mess she’d have had a fit being his assistant. She felt her heart beat pick up pace. She’d found the folder!!

She had to read a few lines to be sure. She was going to email the stories to herself then close shop and show up tomorrow to quit. Sarah nearly growled when the cursor showed “low battery”

She rushed back to the cabinet for the power cable, feeling sick and excited. It felt good to see he hadn’t deleted it yet. She had never done something as crazy as this. It took her a minute to plug in the cable. He really needed a new one; this one barely stayed in the outlet.

She opened her email and began emailing herself each one in segments. The laptop was so slow that she didn’t want to try to send too big of a file at once. As she watched the little blue line inch away, she began to look through the rest of his laptop.

She froze when she saw a file that had been created AFTER they had played. That meant he HAD been on the laptop since then and, therefore, that her picture was still there even though he had pushed her away. Why would he leave it up?

For reasons she couldn’t understand, her hands were shaking as she went to open the file. She felt just as she had when he had posted a new story about her. She was trying hard not to get her hopes up, but her body wasn’t listening.

It was just the date on the file name. She double clicked and 30 word documents popped up. Each labeled with dates. The most recent one was just a week old.

She double clicked on the first one, dated a few days after they had played together. It was the day after they had gotten back to work.

She opened it, ignoring the fact that her file had sent and she needed to send another. Sarah rested her hands in her lap as she Sinop Escort Bayan read what Duncan had wrote. She prayed this would answer her questions.

Why wasn’t she enough? Why didn’t he want her? What did she do wrong?

What the fuck am I doing? Why did I send Sarah off like that?


When we were standing in that shower I wanted something. I wanted her to be someone she wasn’t. I wanted her to have a fit, to demand that I be hers.

Work today was pure hell. She seems so unfazed. All I’ve been able to think about is her naked body sprawled out on my sheets. My house smelled like her hours after she left. My sheets smelled like sex and her sweet scent.

I cleaned the whole damn house and I swear it’s still there, like some ghost. I went in to work today expecting a lawsuit or maybe a hard slap. I was ready for anything except for her being so composed.

I still catch myself staring at her. I can’t help but notice her shirt is now buttoned one hole higher than before. I hate that stupid bun she keeps her hair in. She has covered herself more but her body language hasn’t changed.

She doesn’t even know what she does to me. I’m a grown-ass man and I’m behaving like a child. She answers the phone with a smile. She chews her lip when she’s reading court briefings.

I am a total prick. I am aroused and pleased by how professional Sarah is, yet I let her go because she wouldn’t be childish. I think some part of me knows that if I went through with being with her she would own a part of me and I didn’t want to feel so exposed.

All I have are bullshit excuses. I fucked up and I have to deal with it until she leaves. She still has the perfume I love on. I don’t know how to focus. One waft of her perfume and I want to take her on my desk.

I’ve gotten rid of my account. Maybe if I just write to myself I’ll distract from my want. So here I go…

“Say it again Sarah” I urge her to do as I asked, as I kiss her neck softly. I bury my face against her, breathing in her scent and wrapping my arms tight around her.

“Which part? The part where I said we were going to be late or the part where I said if you didn’t stop kissing me there would be consequences?” She asks me with such playfulness I know not to take her threats seriously.

I slide my hand up the front of her, cupping one of her breasts. Pulling the fabric down in front to try to access her flesh. “The part where you begged me to fuck you like a wild animal.”

I’m blessed by her laugh. It’s like honey. Sweet and alluring, she tries to push off of me “I didn’t ask that…well at least not recently. That was like three hours ago.”

I release her but only so she will turn to face me. I don’t know how anyone could have a smile so white. She giggles as I look her over, her nose crinkling with her laughter. I grab her face and pull her in to kiss me. She’s intoxicating. She doesn’t struggle or pull away.

We had plans to go to a play but that activity, like several others, wasn’t going to happen. We kiss and I can’t help but be overwhelmed at how badly I want her. “Duncan stop!”

I’m brought back to reality as she pulls away. She crosses her arms over her chest and pouts. I’m learning her facial expressions better. I’ve mostly been going for the face that screams “Oh dear god please I can’t cum again.” I’m not sure how to read this face.

Her bottom lip juts out further and I begin to laugh. I cant control it. “Stop laughing!” she makes a soft growling sound that makes me almost start crying with my laughter.

“I’m sorry baby, it’s just…” I wipe the tears from my face “It’s just, if that’s your angry face I’m never going to take you seriously. It’s freakin adorable.”

I watch as her face goes through a row of expressions. Pouting, shock, a brief scowl and then she sticks her tongue out at me. I enjoy them all.

“I REALLY want to go to this play, Duncan, PLEASE! I promise I’ll do sex stuff after, ok??” Sarah holds out her hands. The promise of “sex stuff” is her olive branch to convince me to leave the house.

I smile and she pouts again. Maybe she can read my facial expressions. “How about a compromise?” I look down her body. I bought her three dresses already. The long silky black one was my favorite but she insisted it was too ritzy for a play.

This red one was form fitting and cut low in the front. It had a second layer over it adding a sort of skirt over a skirt look. The front was cut low and open. She had fair-sized breasts, but not enough for the cleavage cut. It wasn’t as flattering as I’d hoped but she insisted it was the best choice for tonight.

“What compromise?” Sarah asks raising her thin eyebrow, waiting for me. I play with her long dark hair. I’d taken her to get it cut. Once she told me that the deep chocolate color to her hair was natural I wouldn’t let her dye it. I loved how little she altered her appearance.

She had been my little Escort Sinop doll the last week, agreeing to let me dress her up and play with her all I wanted. I bought her pretty wrappings that I could take on and off, and pampered the gift of a body she’d given me.

I have a good sixteen years on her. I try not to think about it much but throughout the days on end we had been playing, she gave me the energy to keep up. She emanated it and I loved showing her off.

“Here’s my compromise,” I say, “we skip dinner and eat there. That should give us a good extra hour and I promise just one quickie.” I try to sound professional, yet feel like a little boy asking a girl to the prom. I’m eager and feeling her energy buzz through me.

She eyes me up and down; I feel confident in my designer suit. She has looked up at me so many times, naked and hungry, I could feel confident going to the play naked. All those hours I’ve spent working out to keep fit have paid off. She’s licked and kissed every inch of my six pack; she’s worshipped me, and I am glowing from the praise.

She slowly lifts one hand, gripping the shoulder of her dress. I stop her from pulling it down; if she gets naked I am never leaving the house. “I want your back to me. I want to see you grip those pretty heels I just bought you.”

The look I got would make little boys flee. The only reaction it gets from me is a hard on. I motion for her to turn around. My most recent discovery has been that she is much more flexible than I thought, so I watch with a smile as she dips forward slowly.

She keeps her legs locked straight and puts both hands flat on the floor, her beautiful round ass squeezed tight in the red fabric. Before she can stop me I find the side split and tear the fabric that’s preventing the view, and the access, that I want.


Sarah cusses and tries to stand but I press my hand on the small of her back. “Heels!” I bark the one word and she complies, both hands gripping her heels. “I told you I wanted the black dress.”

I ignore her mumbling as I push the torn dress up to expose her bare ass. It has a few small bruises from some of our rough play. “No panties, you know what I like.” I squeeze her ass in both hands and find myself fixated on her soft flesh.

I haven’t bought her any panties, and destroyed the one pair she brought. I think I’d burn every pair in existence if it meant I could have a view of this ass all the time. I drop to my knees and slide my hands down her legs. I grip her thighs from the back and push her legs open.

Sarah whimpers my name as I bury my face into her pussy. I feel her feet adjusting as she puts more weight on her hands. I lap at her quickly, the tip of my tongue pressing against her clit then licking up deeper into her pussy.

It’s never been so easy for me to make someone cum. I’ve also never enjoyed it so much. I have to keep reminding myself not to grip her thighs too hard. She is so wild I forget sometimes how delicate she is.

“My legs are going to buckle. Please!” Her thighs are shaking, so I know she’d not lying. I sit back onto my heels, wiping her juices from my mouth.

I look at her breathing heavy, trying to shift her weight. “Get on your back.” She lets her knees bend, and comes down to the carpet quickly.

Flipping on her back, she looks to make sure her heels don’t strike me; I can’t control myself nearly as well. The minute she’s on her back I grab her knees and pull her body to me. She doesn’t make a fuss even though I’m sure her bare ass is being scratched on the rough carpet.

I push her legs wide and they fall open for me. She knows better than to stop me, as I bring my body down. My face moves ever closer to her beautiful pussy and I listen to her take a deep breath. Her shoes are closed but I know her toes are curling in anticipation.

It’s a reaction she seems unable to control. I lay mostly on my stomach and begin to eat her out. I push my tongue deep in her and bring it up to start letting it do circles around her clit. I love the moans and whimpers I get from her.

Sarah goes limp. I close my eyes so I can enjoy all my senses more clearly. She tastes heavenly; even her smell could get me off at this point. I hear a sharp whimper, and ease off of her clit for a minute. She relaxes further.

I press two fingers in her and work them slowly, searching for the ribbed folds near the front of her pussy while I let her clit take a break. I kiss the inside of her thigh and just enjoy the sounds she is making; I can even hear her nails dragging across the carpet. I feel her pussy starting to tighten around my fingers as her hips try to pull away from me.

I still don’t know why she does it. Any time I come close to making her climax she pulls away. I stop briefly so I can get back to sitting up. Her eyes open, looking confused, and yet she doesn’t say anything. I know she wants me to keep going, although I doubt she’ll say it. Those beautiful eyes just plead for me to finish.

I’m reminded of the first time we did this. She begged me then, pleading for me not to stop. Now she knows I want it more than her. She knows she is just waiting for me to readjust. The only time I hear her plead now is when she talks dirty to get me off, or right before a climax.

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