Log Cabin Vacation

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You’re so looking forward to this vacation, you’ve had your eye on your best friend for so many months. You’re hoping that this weekend away will give you the opportunity to act out your wildest fantasy with her. Your pussy is already starting to get wet at the thought of it and it takes all your willpower to not slip two fingers inside yourself straight away.

On the first day of your vacation you make your way through the dense woodland the log cabin that you’ve rented. You don’t know whether your female friend has arrived so you approach with caution. You Open the door and see a log fire burning ferociously, your heart starts to pound at the anticipation of what’s in store.

You go searching for your friend in the kitchen, the lounge, the bedroom and the bathroom but she’s nowhere to be found. Although you’re disappointed, the excitement has already gotten your pussy wet and you slump down on the sofa in front of the fire, and slip your hand down your trousers. You finger your clit and, as the juices start to get your panties wet, your moaning gets louder and louder and you bite your bottom lip.

“Oh god where is that bitch?” You call out to yourself. “I so badly need her tongue on me, I need her to taste my juices.”

You continue to pleasure yourself for quite some time managing to hold back your orgasm. Suddenly a pair of hands reach over the sofa and clamp themselves over your mouth. Your heart pounds even quicker as a soft pair of lips touch your ear and whisper softly but erotically to you.

“Baby I’ve gotten so wet listening to you play with Ataşehir Esmer Escort yourself,” it’s your friend, she was hiding behind the sofa since you arrived.

She leaps over the back of the lounger and positions herself on her knees in front of you with a wicked look in her eye. She wastes no time in ripping your trousers off. You’re breathing quickens as she runs her tongue up the inside of your thighs. She then forces your legs apart and buries her mouth on your saturated panties.

You arch your back in ecstasy as you feel the tip of her tongue press through the material.

After several minutes of having her tongue on your panties you decide that enough is enough.

“Let’s take this to the next stage you slut!” You growl as you get up and force her onto the rug in front of the fire. You straddle her face and whip off your drenched panties. You then sink to your knees so that her mouth buries itself against your dripping pussy. You gasp sharply as you feel her tongue work its way inside you’re slippery pussy. Her tongue works it’s magic on your pussy and your clit and you know that an orgasm isn’t far away.

“I need to switch positions,” you pant. Your friend nods wearily with her mouth full of your juices.

You lift up her skirt in the classic 69 position and you’re presented with her beautifully shaved pussy which is just begging for your tongue. You waste no time getting your lips against her sweet pussy. She cries out in ecstasy as the tip of your tongue goes deep inside her. Her juices taste so sweet and you gorge yourself Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort on her heavenly hole. It seems as though she has gone into spasms and she squeezes the cheeks of your ass causing you to tongue fuck her even deeper.

Your friend then reaches behind her head and fishes a dildo out from underneath a chair. She plunges it hard and deep inside your dripping pussy causing you to scream out in pleasure. It vibrates hard inside you and then she forces the appendage between the cheeks of your ass into your tight hole.

Your whole body shudders, you’ve never known pleasure like this before. She rams the dildo harder and harder into you and before you know it, you orgasm and squirt your juices all over her face.

“Yeah give it all to me you slut,” she calls out.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!” you scream.

Suddenly the door of the cabin bursts open and a drenched hooded figure is silhouetted against the dark woodland behind.

“I’m sorry to burst in on you,” I gasp. “but I got lost in the woods and saw from your cab…”

My sentence is cut short at the sight of the two of you embroiled in YOUR carnal activities.

At first you both look a little shocked, but then you exchange glances with each other with a wicked look in your eyes. You beckon me over and I approach the pair of you in an almost trance-like state. You can already see the effect your actions have had on me.

You gleefully kneel in front of me and look up into my eyes with a smirk on your face.

“Let’s see what you’re packing,” Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort you say seductively.

You slowly unzip my flies and eagerly reach in and caress my throbbing cock with a pleasantly surprised look on your face.

“Get it out now,” your friend demands.

You get a full grip on my throbbing shaft and ease it out of my zipper. Both your eyes light up as you see the pre-cum oozing out of the tip. You both use the tips of your tongues to caress the end of my cock licking up the cum as you do.

As you continue to taste my shaft, your friend opens her a mouth and squeezes one of my balls inside it. Her wet mouth against the smooth surface of my testicle combined with your tongue and mouth caressing me, forces me into further action.

“Girls I need to see those asses in the air right now!” I demand.

The pair of you duly oblige by getting on your hands and knees pointing your sweet asses in my direction. I force my cock into your pussy and you exchange juices with your friend as I pound you from behind.

“My turn next,” your friend begs. “Stuff it hard in my ass!”

I remove my slippery member from your pussy and ease it between the cheeks of your friend’s ass into her tight hole.

As the pair of you continue to exchange kisses I fuck your friends asshole until my balls are ready to explode.

“HOLY SHIT!” I exclaim. “I’m going to cum any second!”

I retract my throbbing cock and the pair of you turn to face me. You kneel down in front of me as I stoke myself, your tongues hanging out expectantly. Moments later my spunk comes pouring out and covers your faces and also lands on your tongues.

You turn to face each other and clamp your mouths together to exchange the hot wet spunk I’ve just delivered.

I finally collapse on the sofa, exhausted.

“Stop by anytime you’re in the neighbourwood,” you quip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32