Lola and Joey Ch. 08

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He hoped his mom was awake. It was the weekend, and it was ten, so she should be awake by now. He wanted to talk to her about Lola before the girls and Lola woke up again. He was half way up the stairs to his mom’s place when Laura exited. He had never seen her dressed in street clothes. She had on a tight pair of faded jeans, a tight t-shirt, and sandals. The jeans hugged her ass nicely! His boss wasn’t bad looking for a forty-year-old although at the moment she looked a bit bleary-eyed.

“Hi, Laura. Is my mom awake?”

“Oh, ya, she’s wide awake. Your mom has more energy than ten people! Every time I see her I have to go home and sleep for hours whereas your mom is still raring to go! How are you holding up? It’s awesome the way you’re helping Lola with her girls. Rumour has it some ladies at work are quite impressed and are thinking of making a move. I can supply names if you’re curious!”

He smiled. “That’s good to hear, but I’m too tired to think about dating. Maybe I’ll take you up on your offer later.”

“Let me know when you’re ready! Have a good day Joey.”


“Change your mind, Laura?”

“No, mom. It’s me. Laura’s gone.”

“Oh! Hi, Joey. What’s up?”

Some days he wished he had NEVER seen his mom strut her stuff on the dance floor and lay almost naked on his massage table! Ninety-nine percent of the time she was just his mom and the memories of her hot body were dormant. Every once in a while though, like now, she was a voluptuous, buxom, blonde bombshell!

His mom was sitting on the couch in a short sheer black nighty that barely covered her ass. She had on her trademark red lipstick and nails. Her smooth tanned legs almost looked shiny. The sheer nighty was loosely tied around her waist exposing mucho cleavage! She had a blissful look on her face. Damn, she looked hot! He could feel the blood flooding into his cock, and he just stood there like an idiot staring at her.

She must have noticed his reaction because she excused herself and came back dressed in jeans and a blouse.

“What’s up ‘daddy’?”

He smiled! He loved the sound of ‘daddy,’ and it helped speed the flow of blood out of his cock so that he could think and speak again. Thank God his mom never said anything when he made a fool of himself!

“Mom, I don’t know if you’re aware, but Lola doesn’t function very well unless she gets eight hours sleep. How long is it going to be before the girls sleep through the night?”

Susan was quite aware of Lola’s need for a full nights sleep. Her brash, confident, energetic demeanor quickly transformed into sullen quietness when she didn’t get enough sleep.

“Joey! The girls are only three days old! Sleeping varies by child. You two slept through the night after about four months. Lola is not going to get eight hours sleep for at least several months unless you feed the babies every time they wake up which I don’t recommend. You have a full-time job as well! You’re just going to have to help her as much you can and ride it out. Sorry, I don’t have better news, but little babies are high maintenance! I’ll help as much as I can.”

“That’s what I thought, but I just wanted to check. In that case, can you show me how to use your washer and dryer so I can do the laundry? Lola will never admit she can’t handle it all, but I think we’ll be running out of clean clothes soon!”

“Don’t be silly! I’ll take over the laundry. I did it for years! Lola has spoiled me lately.”

He gave her a big hug. “Thanks, mom! I wasn’t looking forward to doing it! Lola gets cranky when I ruin her clothes, and I was starting to worry about yours!”

“You’re still going to feed me from Monday to Thursday aren’t you?” she said with a deadly serious look.

“No problem mom! I’ll keep you fed!” He was always amazed at how food seemed to be such a big thing with the women in his family, including the girls. If they didn’t get their hit of milk within minutes of waking, you heard about it!


The first few months were hell! She was exhausted, and at first, her body ached like hell down below! The girls were constantly waking up hungry. She had never been so tired in her whole life! Thank God Joey took off the first two weeks, and her mom helped out!

Her mom told her to forget about everything but the girls and to sleep when they slept. That’s what she did. The nights and days were a blur. Sometimes she wasn’t even sure what day it was, and she didn’t care!

She tried to feed both babies at the same time, but they weren’t always hungry at the same time. Catherine figured out how to latch on to her nipples quickly, but Amanda took longer. No one told her babies didn’t automatically know how to feed! One of the ladies from work lent Joey a breast pump which she used after the girls fed. At first, there wasn’t much milk left, but her breasts gradually started producing more which allowed Joey to feed them with the pumped milk. That gave her a break, but escort şişli she spent a lot of time pumping which cut into her sleep. Her breasts began producing so much milk that if she didn’t keep pumping them, they became engorged and uncomfortable. Her nipples were leaking which was supposedly a sign of good milk production, but it made a mess of her clothes. Her mom told her she was lucky she didn’t get sore nipples or any breast infections, but she had a hard time feeling grateful.

Caring for two newborns was utterly exhausting! It was way more work than studying for exams every day! How incredibly naive she had been! She had no idea how single moms coped!

She couldn’t thank her mom and Joey enough for helping out. Her mom took over the laundry, and Joey did the cleaning which allowed her to focus on the girls and sleep whenever she could.

Even bathing became a chore in her sleep deprived state. Sleep seemed so much more appealing! The lure of the bed was irresistible once the babies were fed and changed and sleeping! One day Joey dragged her to the shower, stripped her down, soaped her up, rinsed her off, toweled her dry, pulled one of his t-shirts over her body and tucked her in bed. She was out cold seconds later.


“Hi, Mom. Can I come up?”


The minute Lola entered the room Susan could tell something was different. Her daughter looked perky and had on something other than track-pants or one of Joey’s tee-shirts, and her hair looked shiny and styled. The sparkle in her eyes was back.

“What’s up, honey? You seem cheery!”

“Oh my God mom! It finally happened! Two nights ago I heard the girls crying and looked at the clock, and it was seven. SEVEN! They had their last feeding at eleven. They finally slept through the evening! I got eight hours sleep for the first time in forever! I couldn’t believe it! It felt great! It happened again last night! I think they’re finally sleeping through!”


“Ya, it’s fantastic, and I was wondering if you could do me a big favor? Are you going to be home this Saturday night?”


“Would you be able to babysit the girls for a few hours?”

“Sure, no problem. Got something planned?”

“Ya, it’s payback time for Joey!”

“Payback time? Did Joey do something wrong?”

“Oh ya, big time!” she said with a serious look then broke out laughing. “No mom! I mean payback in a positive way for how great he’s treated me since I was pregnant and since the girls have been born! I couldn’t have asked for a better husband!”


Lola’s looked a little sheepish. “I know we’re not married, and it sounds weird, but that’s how I like to think of him now. I know he’s my brother, but if I think of him as my husband, I feel better and treat him better.”


“I took me a long time, but I finally realized that because Joey was always there for me no matter how badly I treated him, that I took him for granted. I ignored him in high school except when I needed something like a ride and looking back; I feel guilty. Unfortunately, I still find myself slipping back into old habits when I think of him as my brother. I keep asking him to do things I shouldn’t because I know he will. But, if I imagine him as a stranger I met and married and then think about all the things he does for me, it blows me away that someone would love me and want to take care of me that much! I feel like a Princess and feel incredibly lucky and grateful, and in turn, I treat him better!”

Susan was glad she was sitting down because she would have fallen over if she wasn’t! It was the first time she’d ever heard her daughter admit how she felt about Joey and she was amazed and impressed with the maturity of Lola’s ‘husband’ strategy. It had always bothered her the way Lola treated Joey, and she had mentioned it several times when they were growing up, but Lola always brushed her off with the excuse ‘I asked him mom, and he agreed.’ It was a welcome sign of emotional maturity to hear Lola acknowledge that her brother would do anything for her no matter what and she needed to be careful not to take advantage of him.

“I”m glad to hear you say that because you do have a very special husband. I quite like him and am excited to have him in the family, and I’m happy that you realize how lucky you are! So, what is this ‘payback’ plan of yours?”

“Well, my doctor told me I could safely have sex a while ago, but I’ve been too tired to even think about sex until last night. Last night I had a SCORCHER of a dream, and when I woke up I felt energized the way I typically do after a great night of you know what! So, I was hoping to surprise Joey with a romantic meal and evening!”

“You’re going to make a romantic meal?”

“No. I was going to order Chinese from our favorite restaurant. Their food is great, and it has special meaning. It’s where Joey got the food the first night we were together! nişantaşı escort I have a great costume that always gets Joey all riled up! Would you like to see it? Don’t worry; it’s nothing indecent!”

Susan tried to decline, but Lola had already bounded to the bathroom with a little clothing bag that Susan hadn’t even noticed before. A few minutes later Lola re-entered with her outfit. It was a classic ‘school girl’ outfit. Lola’s hair was in ponytails. She was wearing neon pink lipstick with a white blouse tied under the breasts, a very short plaid skirt, and white knee socks. The cleavage of her larger milk filled breasts was prominently displayed.

“Well, what do you think?” Lola asked excitedly. Then she noticed her mom crinkle her nose. It was what her mom always did when she didn’t like something. “You don’t like it? You don’t think Joey will like it?”

Susan could see that Lola was disappointed, but she had something better in mind. “I think your outfit is splendid and I’m sure your brother would like it, but I have another idea that I think both of you will like even better! Instead of picking up the girls later tonight, why don’t you let the girls have a sleepover with me, and you can go out, and I’ll see you tomorrow? What do you think of that?”

“Really?” Lola said incredulously. “You don’t mind watching them all that time?”

“Honey, it’s not like I haven’t done it before and if they’re sleeping through the night, it won’t be a big deal.”

“Fantastic! Thanks, mom, but what about my outfit?”

“It’s okay, but like I said, I have something better in mind which I know your brother will like a lot!”

Fifteen minutes later Susan let Lola look in the mirror. She had dressed her up in her 1920s flapper style outfit.

“Oh my God mom! I look fantastic! I can wear this?”

“Of course you can! Just don’t ruin it! I want to wear it again!”

“Thanks, mom! I can’t wait to surprise Joey! He’s going to love it!”


Joey noticed that Lola seemed like her old self the last few days. She was extra perky today.

“Guess what stud man?”

A flicker of excitement shot through him. Lola hadn’t called him ‘stud man’ in a while. “What?”

“Mom is going to babysit the girls tonight, and we don’t have to pick them up until tomorrow! Mom said I can drop them off around four. We can go out and eat and have a night on the town! What do you think of that?”

“Wow! That’s fantastic! It’s been a long time since we had a night to ourselves.”

“I even have a fancy dress to wear, but you can’t see it until later!”

“That sounds exciting! I can’t wait to take it off! So does this mean you’re feeling okay to do you know what?”

“You better eat your Wheaties buddy because you’re going to need your energy tonight!”

He instantly felt a warmth spreading throughout his groin! His body must have been accumulating sexual energy during the months of abstinence because it felt like blood was gushing into his cock! It had been over seven months since they did it last. His mom had sternly warned him after the girls were born not to bother Lola sexually under any circumstances! His mom said Lola would let him know when she was ready. He was exhausted most of the time from work and the babies, so it wasn’t a big deal, but there was a big deal between his legs now! Woo-hoo!

He tried to focus on other tasks for the rest of the day, but it was useless! He couldn’t get Lola out of his mind! She was almost back to her original figure except for a small tummy curve which was totally overshadowed by her milk engorged boobs. He’d been noticing her body more and more lately. He watched her glistening wet body as she exited the shower. He watched her pendulous breasts as she fed the babies. He hung back with the stroller when walking with Lola and his mom so that he could check out Lola’s ass! Lola was distracting him everywhere today! Fuck! He needed to touch her! He didn’t think she’d mind if he gave her a little hug! He walked up behind her and slowly pulled her tight. It was supposed to be a little hug, but when he felt her soft body, it turned into a big one! It felt great to touch her!

“Mmm! That feels nice!” she purred. “Can I take that someone is excited about tonight? There seems to be something hard against my butt!”

“Sorry Lola, but I can hardly stand it! I can’t wait for us to get together! It feels like it’s been forever!”

“That’s because it has! Feel my panties. Feel how wet I am!”

‘Wow! You’re soaked!”

“I may not have a bulge in my shorts, but I’m just as excited as you are! My nipples are so hard they almost hurt! Perhaps you could help me with something. I haven’t had a haircut down below for a long time, and I’m kind of bushy. I don’t want you getting hairs in your mouth tonight! Would you like to give me a trim?”

He jumped up right away! “I’ll get my supplies and meet you in the bedroom!”

By the time he fatih escort got back, Lola was lying naked on the bed with her back against the headboard and her legs spread wide open with a big smile on her face.

“Look at this dear brother! I couldn’t do this before!” She reached down and cupped one of her pendulous milk-engorged breasts, and flicked her nipple with her tongue and then enclosed her lips around it. “Do you like that Joey? I can suck my nipples! Watch what happens when I give them a little squeeze!” She squeezed her nipple, and a drop of milk oozed out.

“Fuck! That’s so hot Lola!”

“It is, isn’t it! Would you like to lick it up? Put your head down Joey and lick it up! Don’t waste it!”

“Tastes sweet and light. I like it!”

“Good! Maybe I’ll feed you tonight! I’ve got lots pumped for the girls besides they have to learn to share sometime! I’m ready for my shave if you think you can hold the razor steady.”

“I can handle it!”

“Take off your pants so I can look at your cock!”

She wasn’t sure what turned her on more, his bobbing cock or the attentive serious look on his face. He was so careful and deliberate and wiped her clean regularly to check his work. She felt like grabbing his dick, but she didn’t want him jerking and cutting her! He gave her a mirror so she could inspect the finished job. It was perfect! There wasn’t a hair in sight! She ran her hand between her legs. It was smooth as the girl’s little butts and very wet!

“Perfect! Would you like to stick your cock in me as payment for the cut and a preview of tonight? I’ve missed your fat cock. I’ve missed it a lot! Just stick it in for a bit. I need to feel it. I need to feel my brother inside me again.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice! He gently rubbed his head against her wet opening, and it effortlessly slipped in. He slowly pressed down waiting for a signal to stop, but there was none, and he quickly bottomed out in her. They were together again. God, it felt good! It wasn’t just the physical pleasure. It was the act of being inside his sister, of being joined with her. “Fuck, I’ve missed this!”

“Me too! Move him a bit but don’t come! Wait until tonight.”

He slowly started to slide in and out.

“Oh God Joey! That feels so good!” She luxuriated in the pleasure from his slow, smooth strokes until out of nowhere an orgasm began to surge. “OUT! GET OUT!”

He pulled out quickly and looked concerned. “What’s wrong?”

“Phew! That was close! Don’t worry! Nothing to do with you! Pussy tried to pull a fast one on me! Bad girl!”


“Joey! What are you doing! You’re supposed to be getting dressed, not staring at me!” He already had his shower and was supposed to be getting dressed while she showered, but he was standing in the bathroom doorway in his underpants ogling her! She usually loved being the object of his attention but not tonight! She’d made a reservation at a restaurant, and they needed to get going!

He continued to stare at her silently with a serene look on his face.

“Joey! We need to go!”

At that moment, he couldn’t think of any place he’d rather be! His sister was completely naked except for the waist bracelet he’d bought her which perfectly accentuated the supple curve of her hips. Her skin was flawless, and her shaved legs looked perfectly smooth. Her long hair tousled wildly about her head as she dried it. His eyes slowly followed the beautiful curve of her butt down her legs past her ankle to her bright red toenails. He watched her breasts gently bounce as she dried her hair.

“Nope. I don’t want to go,” he said definitively.

“Joey! Why? Don’t you want to take advantage of mom’s offer?”

“I do, but not by going out. We’ll be gone for hours. I don’t want to wait hours. I’ve been waiting for months. I’ve been waiting all day. I’m tired of waiting!”

“What about supper? I’m getting hungry.”

“Me too, but we can get delivery from our favorite Chinese place.”

“What about my dress? Don’t you want to see it? You’re going to love it!”

“I can’t imagine anything looking nicer than what I see now! You look beautiful! You can show me the dress another day.”

He started to move towards her. Chinese sounded delicious, and the way he’d been devouring her with his eyes all day and his romantic comments were already causing a flutter in her body on multiple levels. Any resolve she had was quickly melting. She knew if he touched her she was a goner!

“Joey, don’t …” Too late! He pressed his hard cock against her back, wrapped his arms under her breasts, nuzzled his face in her wet hair and inhaled deeply. Her body decided. They weren’t going anywhere!


The Chinese food was delicious but eating on the bed was a mistake! Joey was not a careful eater. The fallen rice was easy to clean up, but Joey dropped a chicken ball covered in sweet and sour sauce on the bed. He wiped it up as best he could, but there was a big red stain on the bed. She wasn’t too concerned though. She figured the sheets would need to be washed after tonight! It was good that she had resumed doing the laundry. Her mom didn’t need to see the sheets!

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