Lonely Julie

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Lonely Julie
Julie was 29, pretty with dark brown hair to her shoulders- and married! Her husband Roger was a workaholic and was constantly too tired for sex –he said ! That morning Julie and all but raped him and he still rushed to pack and leave on a four months assignment overseas.
In their flat there was a toilet and shower “en suite with the big bedroom and when the sliding door was open – and it always was – the toilet was immediately opposite the big double bed and barely 5 feet from the end of the bed. Earlier that morning Julie had swung out of bed wearing one of Rogers T shirts finishing just above her dark brown bush of pubic hair.
Roger sat up and watched her as she turned to sit on the lavatory. He rolled the duvet to the side and she could look straight at him sitting up, knees bent and his penis hanging gently. Julie widened her lags and began to urinate. As she peed his cock began to twitch and then grow and her hopes of being fucked before he left, began to rise.
She stroked her own vagina when the pee stopped and then, realising she had to do more, she put her right hand over her cunt and started to pull up to help her dung to move. It worked ! And she felt a solid turd pushing out of her anus. She leaned back a little so Roger could clearly see her shit coming out and he began to rub his hand up and down his cock.
Julie pushed out three more blocks of shit and watched as Rogers hand masturbated harder and the she realized it was too late to get to him – his face contorted and a powerful stream of semen shot out of his cock onto his leg and then onto the bed sheet.
“Fuck” they both said simultaneously. Roger as he came with more spurts – and Julie out of frustration that she would have to masturbate herself later to get relief. Roger watched as she reached behind with the loo paper to wipe her bum and then wiped her pussy – still wet from pee and her juice.
An hour leter Her husband had gone. Away for four months and leaving Julie frustrated Silivri Escort and angry at his lack of care for her.
Julie was the matron at a small boarding school of 25 pupils between 8 and 11 years old. There were 15 girls and ten boys and the staff kept a close watch on the contacts between them !.
School had broken up the day before and technically the staff were now on vacation. So Juli was surprised when she answered the telephone to find the headmistress on the line.
“Julie I hope you can help. We’ve just had a call from Timmy Hale’s parents to say they are in South America and can’t get back for another four weeks because they’ve had some huge problems apparently. They want to know if we can look after Timmy for the summer. I’m just leaving for Spain and no one else is here – could you look after him while your husband is away??”
“Yes of course I” ll come and pick him up now shall I ?
“Thanks Julie that’s wonderful”
Timmy Hale was just 11 and a little shy compared to some of the other pupils. Julie knew him well as matron and had the feeling that he had a bit of a crush on her so things should fine she thought
She picked Timmy up and took him home and gave him the small second bedroom in her flat. He was very tired and went straight to bed. She went in to tuck him in and kissed his forehead to say goodnight. Then she went to bed early herself. She masturbated under the sheets and came quietly just to ease her frustration. It was only as she began to drift off to sleep that she realised that she had orgasmed thinking not of her husband but of 11 year old Timmy who in her fantasy had a man’s penis thrusting in to her.
In the morning Julie woke at 6 30 and walked across to her toilet to pee. The doors between the rooms were open and she wondered if Timmy could hear her pissing and what effect it would have on him.
But when she walked through to his bedside he was still sound asleep under the duvet.
She pulled the curtains and as light flooded Escort Bayan into the room said “Come on sleepy head time to wake up” and flipped the duvet off him. Then she saw the tell tale damp stain on his cotton pyjamas just at th end of the bump of his penis. Timmy had had a wet dream !
She laughed and in a light hearted voice said “ Had a little accident in the night Timmy – that’s ok its perfectly normal and I can give them a quick rinse in a mo.
“Sorry matron it just sort of happened “ Timmy said “I couldn’t help it”
“I know Timmy dear – it’s called ‘cumming’ and all boys do it at your age and then they do it into a tissue or handkerchief when they get a bit older. It happens to girls sometimes too and then we all need to cum as we grow up”
“What – everybody Miss”
“Everybody Timmy “ and before she could stop herself she said “ Me Too”.
“Cor – does it feel good for you too matron ?”
“Yes Timmy it does but right now lets get those Jammies off and I’ll wash them”
“I Really need to do a big one miss” Timmy said “ Its almost coming”
“That’s fine Timmy you can sit on the loo while I wash them – come on”
Julie took the trousers into her bathroom and in the mirror saw Timmy just behind her as he sat on the toilet. She saw his urine begin to come out of his cock and almost lost her concentration on washing the pyjamas. She felt a wetness between her legs and realised that Timmy was looking straight at her bottom – not covered by the T shirt – and from about 3 feet away !

Timmy leant back on the lavatory and she could suddenly see his little anus clearly as the first piece of his dung pushed out – surprisingly thick for such a small boy she thought. Timmy’s shit was three more turds and a fart ! Julie could not pretend any more.
“I fart too Timmy” she said, “almost `every time I poo” Timmy took some toilet paper and reached back to wipe his bottom. He held up his cock in his left hand and reached past it to wipe with his right istanbul Escort hand.
Julie’s sex juice was beginning to creep down from her cunt onto her thigh. She was looking straight at Timmy who was now facing her dark brown bush of hair just 3 feet away from him.
Suddenly Julie realised she was committed. She had to cum and she had to watch Timmy cum.
“Timmy don’t flush the loo” she said “we have to save water and I have to go now too so I can just poo on top of yours”
Timmy stood up and had a hard penis sticking straight out in front of him. It was unstoppable. He stood to one side as Julie moved around him and looked down into the lavatory. She saw Timmy’s shit and the loo paper with specks of dung on it. Timmy’s eyes were glued to her crotch as she sat on the toilet and gently opened her legs to urinate.
It came in a rush and Timmy watched spellbound as her pee gushed out – his stiff penis jerking a little uncontrollably. The Julie pushed and she began to shit. Timmy saw the first piece emerging from her anus – thick, dark brown and almost 8 inches long before in broke and flopped on top of Timmy’s poo.
When her second turd came out, Julie watched the penis just inches from her face and knew Timmy was going to cun.
And cum he did. With a loud grunt a white stream of semen shot out of his prick some going onto Julie’s T shirt and a second stream spirting down onto the bush of hair between her open legs.
He started to apologise but Julie put her fingers to his lips and said ”It’s OK sweety and actually I have to cum too so will you just stand here with me while I do it?”
She pulled his head to her breast looking down so that he could see her hand going between her legs and masturbating. It took only 30 seconds before a shattering orgasm hit her and her body went stiff and then pushed out another involuntary turd and a fart.
Julie held him for a moment and then said “Well Timmy, now you know what a woman looks like when shw cums don’t you – but this must be our total secret OK ???
Timmy could only nod and clung to her body – her bum unwiped and her juices still flowing.

“I think this just might be a great summer” Julie thought.
___ end ___

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