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“… is still waiting on the final approval. Anyway, that’s enough about work. On a personal level, have I told you recently how much I love you? Your emails are getting kinkier and kinkier, I love it. The only thing more vivid would be a video tape, but I guess I will just have to use my imagination, (don’t worry, my imagination is plenty vivid) Well, I have to go, I’ll call you tomorrow night…”

Carol re-read the email for the umpteenth time. Sitting at her computer, reading his latest letter, she sighed again in longing. Two months apart, and one still left. She leaned back in her chair and gazed around the room. The whole house felt emptier with her husband gone. She maintained her routine of work and school, but at night his familiar comforting presence was sorely missed.

Almost finished with college, she reflected on her new marriage. They had only dated fourteen months before getting married, a surprise to all their friends and family. Their wedding had been rushed, followed by a simple and loving honeymoon, and then one month of solid bliss, before his work had assigned him to teach a training course across the country.

Their sex life had been growing incrementally since their engagement, a surprise to both of them. Almost every week they had continued to experiment, and push the boundaries farther. The week before he left they had been fucking almost constantly during mutual free time. Carol reflected on their passion with a desolate longing. She wanted her husband, and she wanted him now.

The latest email had caught her attention. The use of the word ‘video camera’ had taken her completely by surprise. Since reading it, her mind had focused entirely on the idea of making a tape for him. Several days had passed, and her reluctance to display her wild side had begun to ebb, replaced by a fascinated desire.

She borrowed a video camera from her mother the next day. Once she had the video camera in her possession her thoughts began to spiral sexually. She kept imagining how pleased and excited she could make him, by exposing herself on camera for him.

Earlier in the afternoon she had worked out the best angle. She had aimed the camera at the bed, atop the tripod, slightly zoomed in. After testing the clarity, she had succumbed to nervousness and retreated from the bedroom for the rest of the night. Now that it was nearing her usual bedtime, her thoughts began to dwell on the possibilities.

She was finishing her dinner when she decided to drink a glass of wine. As she poured the dark red wine, she wondered what she was doing. She quickly drank the wine, poured another, and finished the second as quickly as the first. After fortifying herself with a third glass, Carol marched into the bedroom.

She was about to begin her video letter when she was struck with a wave of self-conscious doubt. She looked down at her clothes, old jeans and a light sweatshirt. She ran a hand through her hair and frowned as it felt rumpled and disheveled. She stripped out of her clothes and hopped in the shower. After the shower she rummaged through her closet, wondering what outfit she should choose.

She found a tight black miniskirt towards the very back of her closet. She smiled in amusement; it had been worn only once, timidly and awkwardly. No prude, she merely lacked confidence in her body to wear the eight inch black fabric with any semblance of pride. She impulsively pulled it on, choosing to go bare underneath. She put on a lacy bra, and completed the outfit with a tight red tank top. The bra covered more of her breasts than the tank top, but when she looked at herself in the mirror, she found she quite liked the slutty image she was presenting.

She went into the bathroom and began to apply make-up. She put on a dark red lipstick and heavy black eyeliner, with the thought that it would look better on camera than in person. She teased her hair up, using hairspray and gel, to create a wavy appearance that she hoped would please her husband. Once she was finished, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself. She was putting way too much effort into appearing sexy for a simple video letter.

She walked to the camera and turned it on. She walked slowly back to the bed, swaying her hips slightly. She sat down demurely, and crossed her legs carefully. She smiled into the camera and began to talk.

She talked easily at first, telling him about mundane life details. She talked about his letters, and about how much she missed him. She felt a little silly, because she was all alone, but she forged ahead, knowing that he would be viewing the video later. When she had run out of topics to talk about, she sat quietly for a minute. She jumped up walked to the camera. She stood in front of the camera for a moment, fear and embarrassment ruling her emotions, until she made a fierce resolution, and walked away from the camera. She approached Sefaköy escort the bed slowly, and turned to look at the camera.

“The nights have been very lonely,” she said softly. She lifted her left hand to her stomach, and gently rubbed it.

“I dressed slutty for you, hoping it would turn you on,” she smiled, and she turned around, giving him a long view of her from every angle. She looked at the camera for a few more seconds, and then walked out of the view. She walked hurriedly to the stereo they had in their bedroom, and put in a slow jazz C.D.

She walked back into the camera’s range. She began to sway slightly, her hands moved up to her hair, and she ran them through, in what she hoped was a seductive manner. She turned to the side and bent down, running one hand up her legs. She looked into the camera and grabbed the base of her shirt. She slowly began lifting it up, exposing her stomach slightly dancing to the music.

She lifted the shirt higher, exposing the bottom of her lacy bra. She pulled the shirt off completely and stared at the camera with innocence. She tried to remember every sexy move she had ever seen on TV or in the movies. She ran her hands over her breasts slowly, tracing the delicate outline of her bra. She turned around and ran her hands over her butt. She pulled the black skirt tight against her ass, accenting the curves, and she twisted forward and to the side.

She turned back to the camera and swayed provocatively. She ran her hands along every portion of her body, and imagined him watching her. Carol was growing excited and the nervous feeling welling up in her stomach started to fade.

She bent forward and pressed her breasts together. The strained against the bra, and she slowly pulled back. She rubbed her breasts longer, feeling the nipples press against the thin material. She smiled at the camera and turned away. Back towards the camera, she reached up and unclasped her bra. She pulled the straps off, and held the bra in front of her chest, still covering her nipples. She turned back towards the camera and let the bra slowly fall away.

She stood still for a moment, feeling her nipples harden in the air, picturing her husband staring at them. She smiled, and brought her hands up to run slowly along the sides of her breasts. She moved forward and pushed her chest forward, giving the camera a closer view of them. Her hands strayed towards the nipples, and she gently brushed them with the tips of her fingers.

She closed her eyes and stepped back, she began rolling her right nipple gently between her fingers. Her left hand continued to explore other parts of her body, moving from stomach to hair to neck, and back to her chest again. She switched hands, and worked on her left nipple, tweaking it to full arousal. She looked straight into the camera again, and wondered how far she should go.

Carol was growing very excited with her own strip show. The idea of making her husband horny was still the whole point, but she could feel her own excitement growing as she softly played with herself. Her nipples were completely stiff, and aching for more attention. She continued to play with them as she stared into the camera. She glanced back at the bed and came to a decision.

“I think about you, and about touching you at night,” she said to the camera.

“I’m imagining you, wanting me, wanting to hold me, wanting to fuck me, wanting to play with me, and it gets me hot,” she said, slightly awkwardly. She blushed, her words feeling dirtier than the show she was giving him.

“I think about what you want me to do, and I wonder if you want to watch me, watch what I do when I think about you,” she said quietly.

“I want you to see me, I want you to watch me, I want you to imagine yourself here, with me,” she continued.

She brought her hands down to her waist, her thumbs hooking inside of her skirt. She eased it slightly lower, and then farther. She pushed it down until she exposed the first patch of pubic hair. Neatly trimmed, she pushed the skirt farther, exposing her entire line of short pubes. She traced the patch slowly with her fingers, and ran her fingers along the top of her groin.

She pushed the skirt down all the way, and spread her legs slightly apart. She moved her hands around her body, working her breasts again for a few minutes, and teasing other parts of her body gently. She brought one hand down to cup her sex, and she held the hand there, slightly rotating, feeling the heat already. She smiled into the camera and closed her eyes. She stood facing the camera, completely naked, and she let out a soft sigh.

“I haven’t touched myself much,” she said, “but when I do, I think about you being here, about you watching me, and now you can.”

She eased her middle finger against her slit and slowly began to press with it. She traced Escort Yenibosna the delicate cleft with her middle finger, her finger gently brushing against her clit and lips. She brought her hand to her mouth, and slowly sucked on two of her fingers. She brought them down to her crotch, and began to rub them against her lips slightly harder. She felt her folds opening up, and she pressed farther down, until her two fingers were eased against her entrance. She toyed with it slowly, not inserting the fingers, but teasing. She glanced at the camera again.

“I can feel your eyes on me, even though you won’t see this for a week. I can feel you growing excited, and feel you wanting me,” she whispered.

She quickly moved back to the bed and sat on its edge. She spread her legs, and faced the camera deliberately. She placed her hand directly over her crotch and began rubbing carefully. She stared into the camera while she slowly masturbated for him. She felt a relief release inside of her, she was glad to be doing this, for him, and for herself. She picked up the pace as her fingers pressed harder against her lips.

“This feels great, I haven’t touched myself in a while. I’ve wanted to do it, but I would rather be with you,” she spoke quietly, “this way it’s kind of like being with you, to have you watch me like this.”

She spread her legs farther apart, and lowered her hand. She pressed a finger between her folds, and inserted it into the second digit. She teased the finger, slowly pulling it out and pushing it back in again carefully. She eased a second finger inside of herself and stared at the camera.

“I’m fucking myself with my fingers now,” she said raggedly. “I wish it was you, I wish you had your fingers inside of me.”

She picked up the pace and began rubbing her clit with her thumb, the hard nub of flesh sending tingles to her spine. She wanted to lay down, but was intent on giving the camera the best angle. Sitting on the edge of the bed, there was only so much leverage she could apply to herself. She compromised by sinking back onto one elbow, and raising one leg up to the bed. She carefully angled herself with her crotch directly aimed at the camera.

“I wish you could feel how wet I am,” she whispered, and then repeated herself loud enough for the camera to pick it up. “I wish I could suck on your dick right now.”

She tossed her head back, and pushed her hips against her hand, trying to capture the simulation of fucking. She fingered herself in silence for a few more minutes, until she felt her body start to respond, a wave of warmth and anticipation began building.

Carol decided to go farther, and slowly sat up. She slowed her fingers, and then withdrew them from herself. She felt tension as her body pulled away from the impending orgasm, but she forced herself to stop. She looked at the camera and lifted her hand to her mouth. She gently licked her moist fingers, knowing how much it would turn him on. She made a show of it, inserting both fingers into her mouth, slowly and seductively.

She walked quickly to her dresser and rummaged until she found it. She pulled out the six inch realistic dildo that her husband had bought for her, and moved back into the line of video. She held up the sex toy and grinned into the camera.

“I’ve already gone this far, why not right?” she grinned. “Your cock would be better, but this will have to do.”

She sat down again on the edge of the bed and took a deep breath. She held the rubber cock out in front of her, her hands slowly tracing its length. She held the toy in one hand, her other hand working on her tight nipples again. She slid the toy along her thigh, and then teased her left nipple with it.

“It’s not warm, like yours would be, but I can imagine right?” she looked at the dildo, and then back at the camera, “I can’t suck on you, but I can suck on this….”

She brought the sex toy to her mouth, and brought the head to her lips. She pressed it into her mouth, closed her eyes, and began sucking on the sex toy. She imagined her husband in the room with her, being turned on by her exhibitionism. She imagined the sex toy was him, and she took the sex toy deep into her mouth. She licked up and down it’s length, turning to smile at the camera. After a few minutes of this, she turned to speak to the camera again.

“I like sucking on yours better. I like tasting your cum, as you try to hold off. I like hearing you moan when I squeeze your balls, I like feeling you twitch,” she grinned into the camera.

She moved her hand back down to her crotch, rubbing her puffy lips and looking at the camera with longing. She inserted her fingers again, and gauged her wet slit. She decided that with her saliva and excitement that she wouldn’t need to get additional lube. She brought the dildo down to her lap and held it against Halkalı escort bayan her slit for a minute.

“I’m imagining that you’re the one holding this dildo. I’m imagining you, pressing it against me, teasing me, when you know I’m already so hot. I can picture myself begging for it, as you slowly push it inside, working me up. After you’ve fucked me with it for a while, you pull it out, and I beg for it, but then you replace it with your cock, and I cry out in ecstasy.”

Carol pressed the dildo against her entrance, and she pushed, sinking the head in one inch. She gasped and held it still, as she adjusted to the welcome invasion. She stared at the camera as she pressed it farther, feeling her sleek walls adjust and grip the dildo tightly.

She twisted it inside of herself, rolling it, feeling intense pleasure tingle through her crotch. After adjusting to the size, she pushed harder, and began to rock it back and forth. She lay back again on one elbow, lifting one leg up to the bed. She slowly fucked herself with the dildo, watching the camera, knowing that her husband would watch it.

“I want you here, to fuck me, I want you inside of me,” she said loudly, her breath coming in shorter quick gulps, “I want you grunting, fucking me hard, pinching my tits.”

Sweat gleaned on her chest and across her forehead, she cried out into the quiet bedroom with an inarticulate moan.

“Your cock keeps flashing in my mind, I can feel you entering me, pushing deep inside, or forcing it into my mouth, making me take it all, I wish you were here, I would take it all, do anything you wanted, just so I could please you, and make you cum for me.”

She increased her pace, the dildo sliding in and out of her with ease as she pushed it harder. She brought her other hand down and began gently rubbing her clit. She lay back on the bed, knowing her face was now out of view, but that her crotch was still taking center stage.

“I’m so hot right now, I just want to cum for you, and feel you cumming with me, to taste your cum, or to have you cum on me,” she panted, fucking herself harder.

She felt the orgasm approaching, and she pinched her tits hard, causing the pain to mingle with the pleasure. She felt the raw sexuality burning her body, and she moaned loudly with her eyes closed.

“I want you to fuck me, I just want you to take me, as you fuck me, as you pull my hair back, listening to me cry out, begging for more,” she gasped, as she pushed the dildo entirely into herself, “please cum with me, I can feel myself there, I’m about to cum for you!”

She rubbed her clit harder as the orgasm neared, the dildo sliding into her as fast as she could take it. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. She whimpered into the empty bedroom as her orgasm began.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum for you,” she moaned into the air, and then her words trailed off into loud whimpering as she twitched on the bed.

Her whole body shook once, as she buried the dildo inside of herself. Her clit burned and she cried out again, a wordless expression of pleasure. Her body burned, pleasure shocked through every nerve ending, warmth enveloped her, her face red with exertion and her body glowing with a faint sheen of perspiration.

After long minutes of rippled aftereffects her body began to return to normal. She continued easing the dildo inside of herself, as she slowly came back to awareness. She still felt the burning passion, but it was being replaced with contentment. She pulled the dildo out of herself and gently massaged her outer lips as she sat up. She felt flushed and sweaty, and she smiled self-consciously into the camera.

She brought the dildo to her lips again, and sucked at the toy carefully. She blushed, once again nervous at her exhibitionism, but knowing that he was always incredibly turned on whenever she tasted herself. She set the dildo down, and looked into the camera.

“I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did,” she said quietly. “I wish I could give you a hug or something, it feels so weird to just say goodbye now,” she shrugged helplessly, “but I’m going to turn the camera off now. I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to see you again,” she paused and stared into the camera for another minute of longing.

“I love you.”

She stood up shakily and walked to the camera. She checked the readouts, it was still recording perfectly, and she found the small stop button. She visited the bathroom, and returned to the empty bedroom feeling extremely tired. She crawled under the covers and fell asleep almost immediately.

The next afternoon she watched the entire tape to check its quality. She found herself fascinated by it, and didn’t cringe in self-conscious embarrassment until she heard her clear voice begging for his cock. After the tape finished, she gathered her nerve and sent the tape off, before she could change her mind. That night before she went to sleep, she glanced at the video camera in the corner. She grinned to herself, impressed with her own bold actions. As she began to doze, she tried to imagine how he would react. She fell asleep smiling.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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